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    how space & time can emerge from QM entanglement

    I'm not even required to read about it, because I can immediately spot a circular reasoning: quantum entanglement cannot establish itself without time and space.


    use quantum entanglement as the basic mechanism from which Lorentzian metric curved spacetime is derived: with gravity naturally falling out from the curvature is on GR

    Quantum entanglement occurs within space - it cannot be used for explanation of space, after then. In addition, entanglement is low-distance quantum effect, gravity exactly the opposite one. Entanglement occurs between photons, which are massless, etc.

    Similarly to blue haze of atmosphere induced by thermal fluctuations of it, both Brownian noise of water surface, both the quantum noise of vaccum would introduce observable macroscopic net effects for us. For example, if we would introduce splash at the water surface, then the surface would get deformed. We couldn't observe this deform directly, because surface ripples could spread across this deform freely - nevertheless the deformed surface is expanded (it has larger specific area) so that it would delay and slow down the spreading of surface ripples a bit. This trivial effect immediately introduces both quantum mechanics, both general relativity theories into description of water surface loaded with energy density.

    In general relativity the deformed space-time also exhibits lensing and it has its energy density assigned by Einstein's field equations. The delay of light propagation across deformed water surface would manifest itself by lensing phenomena in similar way, like for deformed space-time in general relativity. The curved undulating water surface would behave like lens for surface ripples passing through it and it would deform it even more.

    At small distance scales the energy introduced into surface would also manifest itself by lensing, but in this case the lensing would be observed by surface ripples from outside like effect, which increases probability of occurrence of objects observed there. This is essentially what the Schrodinger equation of quantum mechanics tells for us: the introduction of energy into space increases the probability function of massive objects residing there. It's essentially description of the same lensing effect - just from perspective of massive objects propagation instead of light propagation, because at the case of quantum lensing the size of lensing is much smaller than wavelength of ripples which would observe it.

    The behavior of vacuum thus doesn't differ from behavior of water surface at all, once we would observe this behavior strictly and consequentially by its surface ripples only.

    Einstein could be easily correct and wrong at the same moment. I think that people just lack a bit of imagination for to realize it in full depth. In dense aether model the 2D water surface represents an analogy of 3D foamy space-time, which we are living in. If we would live at the water surface and used its surface ripples as the only source/mean of observations we would experience pretty much the same things, which we can observe with empty space by now.

    First of all, this water surface would get unobservable for us. Simply because for waves of every environment this environment remains unobservable by its very definition of "environment" concept. If they could somehow interact with it, it would be an obstacle - not an environment anymore. Such an obstacles can indeed exist both at the water surface, both in cosmic space - but we call them a particles, not space anymore.

    At second, this surface would looks inhomogeneous and blurry for us at both small, both large scales. This is because the water surface exhibits thermally induced inhomogeneities - so called Brownian noise - which are much smaller than the surface ripples, so that they can be observed with them neither. But these inhomogeneities would blur all images mediated by surface ripples at small distance scales for us. The Brownian noise of water surface therefore serves as a material analogy of quantum uncertainty for objects observed through layer of undulating vacuum filled by quantum noise.


    But, unlike in Paris, the fire crews who rushed to the city centre from across North Yorkshire managed to control the flames within a few hours and the majority of the Minster was saved.

    IMO it's evident, that everything what could burn at the roof of Notre Dame did actually burn or it has fallen down. Neither fire prevention systems, neither equipment of Paris firemen were prepared to this situation. I also don't believe any assurances about "accidental origin" of the fire - the more, they were issued suspiciously fast without any investigation. Once someone says something like this, he must by lying - or he knows actual party at fault.


    These are Russian patent trolls covered by Czech white horse lawyer. We already discussed this group here - it's the same people. Their patents are extensive, but they don't contain anything which isn't already publicly known, as they never did any cold fusion experiment. Their intention is to embrace future LENR business in East Europe, so that these countries will remain dependent of Russian fossil fuels. Maybe they're backed by FSB.


    Did the team of researchers rediscovered ether/aether/charge field after more than a century since it was abandoned?

    They actually found nothing instead, axions in particular. There are two models of aether corresponding duality of transverse and longitudinal waves. The first model considers that aether forms sparse thin gas FILLING the space (which thus must be formed by something else or assumed ad hoc). This aether model has been disproved by Michelson-Morley experiment before years and axion field - which would correspond it - was just disproved as well.

    But I'm proponent of luminiferous aether model, which is FORMING the space - not filling it. Such an aether behaves like water surface mediating surface ripples - and this model wasn't disproved by both Michelson-Morley experiment, both by lack of axions observations. This is because dark matter in this model doesn't form any distinct particles which could be detected by peak at energy spectrum - instead of it they represents merely continuous noise background of such an observations.


    Two electrons as seen in 4-He (3-He) do a spin pairing - something STDM cannot explain

    Because electrons are fermions, the Pauli exclusion principle forbids these particles from having exactly the same quantum numbers. Therefore, the only way to occupy the same orbital, i.e. have the same orbital quantum numbers, is to differ in the spin quantum number. This limits the number of electrons in the same orbital to exactly two. Which other theory explains, that electrons in orbitals must come in pairs (link)?

    Article further links the forbidden electron transitions with anomalous electron screening of three body system:

    Extraordinary observations in cross section measurements of dd reactions in deuterated metal targets made in low energy accelerator physics which can not be explained by electron screening are named anomalous screening. Systematic survey of anomalous screening effect was made by Huke & all a decade ago, however the full theoretical explanation of the effect is still missing...

    The basic article idea as I understood it is, if two electrons forming spherically symmetric orbitals (like the d(d, n) 3He2) cannot leave the orbital and to excite to higher energy state easily, they're forced to resonate inside their orbital in such a way, both electrons occasionally emerge between proton nuclei, thus shielding their repulsive force, so that their cold fusion can happen. Authors of article attempted to calculate the probability of this situation and cross-section of fusion from quantum equations of two electron and one proton state.

    The article is intriguingly linked to Zitterbewegung Model for Ultra-Dense Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions presented recently at Vesela Nikolova's blog. The connecting point here is, if the electrons are constrained in doing normal electron transitions, they refrain to anomalous oscillations called quantum zitterbewegung, which - as authors believe - may promote both establishing of subquantum states of hydrogen, both their LENRs. In scientific literature the German term Zitterbewegung is used to indicate very fast swing / rotation of a quantum particle constrained in its free motion as Dirac has said in 1931: "It is found that an electron which seems to us to be moving slowly, must actually have a very high frequency oscillatory motion of small amplitude superposed on the regular motion which appears to us. As result of this oscillatory the velocity of the electron at any time equals the velocity of light".


    Woo, not easy. Could someone explains in more clear terms?

    Forbidden transitions are these ones prohibited by Gauss nonradiating condition. Spherial antennae cannot radiate - only elongated dipoles. The electrons therefore cannot jump between spherical concentric orbitals and their energy transitions are thus "forbidden"- it manifests itself by missing or very weak spectral lines.

    Experience in atomic physics indicates that in case of forbidden transitions the second order process may play an important role. As e.g. in the case of the hydrogen 2s1/2 −1s1/2 transition, which is a forbidden electric dipole transition, the largest transition rate comes from a two photonic process [11] in which the sum of the energies of the simultaneously emitted photons equals the difference between the energies of states 2s1/2 and 1s1/2. The mean life time 1/7 s of the 2s1/2 state due to the two photonic process is much longer than the lifetime 1.6× 10−9 s of state 2p1/2 for which electric dipole transition is allowed. Thus one can conclude that a second order process from the point of view of perturbation calculation can result small but finite transition rate. In the second order process the state is changed in first order and states, which can produce allowed electric dipole transition rate, are mixed with small amplitude to the initial 2s1/2 state meanwhile two particles are emitted.

    Similarly an essential change of the initial eigenstate of ε = 0 may happen due to any perturbation since it can mix states of ε 6 = 0 with small but finite amplitude to the initial state resulting much smaller (compared to neutron absorption) but finite rate of the nuclear reaction originally forbidden in the ε → 0 limit. Consequently, cross section and rate of processes to be considered should be calculated by the rules of standard perturbation calculation of quantum mechanics. Our statement applies to every nuclear process for which σ (ε) has the form of (1) and limε→0 σ (ε) = 0 holds, and as such it concerns low energy nuclear physics with charged participants in general.

    If nothing else, labeling cold fusion as pseudoscience is ungrateful and even rude for dozens of scientists, who already dedicated their lives its research. At any case, the cold fusion has way more robust experimental ground, than let say string theory or supersymmetry - and I even think - at least at later case - this ground can be even common.

    The reversion of thermodynamic time arrow is subject of live research by mainstream science (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). But there is the catch: only the research, which enforces another hypes (like the quantum computers - 1, 2, 3, 4) gets promoted - not the research of devices of practically significant usage, like the overunity (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...) and antigravity (1, 2, 3) devices. Because scientists - you know - are supposed to help the people, I mean their people.

    The four stages of the actual experiment on a quantum computer mirror the stages of the thought experiment involving an electron in space and the imaginary analogy with billiard balls. Each of the three systems initially evolves from order toward chaos, but then a perfectly timed external disturbance reverses this process

    Similar processes routinely happen in the nature at many scales, they're just ignored or not labeled/recognized so. Galaxies and stars condense and after then evaporate, living organism grow and decay, quantum particles (like the neutrinos) oscillate, elastic balls are jumping and so on. The contemporary science has notion of entropy confused: all phenomena which are followed by condensation and/or collapse are actually negentropic ones. Whereas black holes are considered as an objects of highest possible entropy: the entropic paradox ensues...

    At the quantum scale the objects undergo so-called quantum zitterbewegung, when they spontaneously expand and collapse in similar way, like the electron in the above study. Which is actually quite uncontroversial, because this state is typical for Dirac/Majorana/Weyl fermions in condensed phase physics, namely superconductors, graphene and topological insulators. The particles within these materials have motion in spatial dimensions constrained, so that they're moving across temporal dimension:

    time arrow reversal in spatially constrained systems

    time reversal at quantum computer

    This effect is not limited to quantum mechanical systems though: the mutually entangled systems of many particles (like magnetic domains within ferromagnetics) are moving in unison, which opens opportunity for exploiting the reversal of time arrow in practical macroscopical systems even at room temperature. But I'm pretty sure, just this application will be considered at the very end.