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    Most of the samples are wire, though there is some powder. We do not have a description of what each sample started out as, however, they are marked with things like "Ni" and "W H+" so there are good clues there. In reality, the data should give support to the notion that "Ni" might be referring to nickel and "W" to tungsten.

    OK, at least some progress and info. It's also evident, that the reactor operates at very high temperatures, which would also explain its radioactivity (at high temperatures the neutrons were observed even during ECat runaways). H+ would indicate the bombardment with hydrogen ions, so that the reactor may work sorta like hydrogen filled light bulb with directly heated tungsten cathode in form of spiral. At the case of Ni+Li+H the traces of corrosion of Ni with molten lithium are apparent, the samples were apparently washed with HOH i.e. water.



    Then Zeph included a favorite figure used by McKubre

    Just because at the case of another LENR systems the reproducibility is not so good for to construct such a graph. Once you find another one - for example with platinum - I'll link it as an evidence of LENR reliability as well.


    So the McK figure is a pretty graphic used to promote a pet idea, which under scrutiny involving the whole field, just doesn’t hold up

    This curve has been confirmed many experiments. On palladium without optimal hydrogenation the LENR doesn't run well.


    So McK’s plot is only applicable to Pd chemistry at best

    Which is why I didn't talk about platinum or whatever else less reproducible LENR catalyst.


    If i have well understood, more layers means higher critical temperature?

    Yes, this relation is known already like so-called Roeser's equation valid for wide spectrum of superconductors.


    4 π kme(2 x)2n-2/3 = h2/ Tc where k is Boltzmann's constant, h is Planck's constant, me is the electron mass, x is the doping distance of the crystal and n is the number of supra-conducting layers in the crystal. It is usually 1, 2, or 3 - but Joe Eck struggles to prepare much larger structures with Damascus steel technique.

    Nickelates share many similarities with cuprates (in history the nickel ores were often confused with these copper ones), but we should keep on mind, it's just a proposal and the nickel compounds tested aren't actually superconductive. The layered perowskite structure isn't everything for superconductivity - the presence of hole atoms (highly oxidized atoms within structure attracting electrons) is also important there. With compare to copper(3+) oxidation state the nickel(4+) state is way less potent in making holes stripes and it attracts electrons in lower extent. We can see, that trilayer structure is not sufficiently negentropic, the working superconductors have way more layers between hole planes The physicists should learn how to do it from people, who already produce room temperature superconductors (1, 2) rather than to reinvent wheel.


    Pd-D has been a great experimental tool, for sure - but it will never sort out the problems we currently face - and neither will hot fusion

    Yep, due to high price of palladium this reaction cannot serve as an economically feasible source of energy by now. But the modern scientists don't care if something is usefull or not until their money are going and from the same reason they also don't research anything, until they're not perfectly sure by its reproducibility (so that they can see the perspective of future grants) . From this perspective the palladium-deuterium fusion is still one of model examples worth of renewal of interest about cold fusion in mainstream physics.


    You can read the original manuscript version of my first paper here (Possible Calorimetric Error in Heavy Water Electrolysis on Platinum).

    Results with palladium are way more reliable. In addition, you cannot fake the thermal artifacts chemically. Bellow is Fleischmann-Pons electrolytic cell ruined and partially molten by heat evolved during thermal runaway, despite it's electrodes are made of massive palladium rod.


    For me the only advantage of conferences are its proceedings, i.e. the concentrated source of LENR research articles, which you can download and study as a single file. Most of people at the conferences have nothing to say anyway: with respect to work of Alan or Bob Greenyer - did they found something interesting if not substantial for cold fusion during their life? They may play role of social catalyst in some areas, but the original source of LENR information and the driving force of progress are the reports of succesfull experiments - nothing else. After all, like in all other areas of scientific research.


    Some esoteric process is causing the proton to decay in LENR. This process is the root source for the production of energy and sub atomic particles in LENR.

    The proton doesn't decay during LENR and some LENR's have their energy source identified already (i.e. Lipinski fusion of deuterons on molten lithium) - so we can be perfectly sure, that the proton decay isn't "root source for the production of energy and sub atomic particles in LENR". But you cannot beat the human stupidity.


    From the old Physics viewpoint you can't understand Mills logic.

    Yes you can - the Mills logic is actually based on very reductionist old Physics - the Maxwell's theory in particular - something like the Alphens's Plasma Universe model for astrophysics. Unfortunately the Mills theory is rather analogy of geocentric model of modern physics - i.e. the progress turned on its head. Such an outcome has its meaning in time reversal geometry of dense aether model, but it's important to understand its limits.


    This was an excellent conference, both in the quality of presentation and also the informal discussions

    I see, old chaps just need the feeling, they still matter in some community..:-) I can understand it - but I don't need such a feeling for my work personally. Try to imagine, how the world would look like, if every profession (lawyers, programmers, street cleaners) would organize such a conferences. Why these people don't need any conferences for their effective work and the scientists just do? Because they're not payed for their own money - that's the whole secret of conferences.

    You blame the victim for the crime. A German woman I knew many decades ago claimed that Poland was a much responsible for starting World War II as Germany was. What you say makes just about as much sense as that.

    This is indeed a nonsense - but Poland was actually the first country, which signed pact with Germany (Pilsudski-Hitler pact) in very similar way, like the Russia did later (Molotov-Ribentrop pact) and it invaded and annexed part of Czechoslovakia in 1938 on the basis of this pact in similar way, like the Russian invaded the Poland latter (1, 2, 3, 4). This was actually the very first military action of WWW II, which the western historians prefer not to talk about. So that with respect to Czechia the Poland did behave like "small Russia" and it was deadly punished for their avarice by both Russia, both Hitler later. So we could say, that the WWW II has started like the domino pile of conflicts and the Poland aggression was just first cube in this avalanche.

    Albert Einstein: "The devil is in details. You should make the reality as simple as possible, but not simpler".

    Edit: This post indeed doesn't belong here - but it would be great, if it would be moved together with another off-topic posts, which it cites and reflects for not to lose context - as it did already happen here.


    Moved from this thread. Eric


    I believe Holmlid does great work, albeit many seem to hate hime

    I don't hate neither Holmlid, neither Mills. And I don't even think, prof. Holmlid does wrong work - it's just Axill, who misinterprets his own proclamation systematically on behalf of his ad-hoced (and mostly confused) speculations. Prof. Holmlid is quite realistic about his research with compare to Axil and he doesn't pretend, he develops cold fusion.


    The proton decay idea cannot be impossible because there has be $billions spent for projects looking for it

    This is the silliest argument I even heard here. Mainstream physics keeps many such a similar billion projects - failed indeed. At any case, the decay of proton cannot serve as a source of heat for LENR from multiple reasons. You're just collecting all esoteric stuff which you don't understand and promoting it as a theory of cold fusion.


    Two protons correspond to a mass of 1.88 GeV while three kaons correspond to 1.49 GeV. Thus, the transition 2 p → 3 K is downhill in internal energy and releases 390 MeV.

    This is nonsense at so many levels, it has no even meaning to argue it. The protons cannot decay to kaons without production of many other particles (and violation of baryon and lepton number conservation). At any case, these processes have nowhere to take place in normal cold fusion, just under highly focused and transient laser pulses, which are supplying the energy required.

    Klimov poster, older work of Klimov: Vortex Plasmoids Created by High-Frequency Discharges (PDF)

    Klimov of Russia showed excellent work with plasmoids. They obtained COPs of 2 to 10 with excesses greater than 3kW! On the electrodes they measured transmutations showing formation in particular of potassium, lithium and zinc. This experience shows a great progress of the Russians in this kind of work. Apparently a collaboration is going on with Germans to commercialize the process, although apparently it is difficult.

    This is all nonsense, there are many other way less stable particles which could decay during LENR, like the neutron. And the decay of proton is endothermic reaction: it doesn't produce energy but it consumes it - which is also the reason, why the protons are so stable and the Universe doesn't disappear before our eyes. Axill should finally learn some physics and also logical thinking...


    If Rossi's technology actually did work, why would IH break a contract that, if in force, would net them billions

    It didn't break the contract - it didn't pay after finishing one year test in time according to agreement.

    On the contrary, IH wants to keep E-Cat technology obstinately (why he should want to do it if it doesn't work) and he even issued a few new patents about it (which is one of reasons, why Rossi sued him).

    Don't affraid, IH knows wery well, that the E-Cat technology works.

    Researchers at Arizona State University recently published in Nature the first true images of atomic orbitals in Cu2O, a crystal called cuprite. Said lead author J.M. Zuo: "It's direct, experimental proof of the quantum model." S-Dz2, an orbital hybridization predicted to look like a dumbbell, surrounded by a doughnut and petals, shows up as exactly that in the first-ever images of orbitals.

    000D0A0C-36CC-1C75-9B81809EC588EF21_arch1.gif 000D0A0C-36CC-1C75-9B81809EC588EF21_arch2.jpg

    This observation doesn't necessarily imply that Mills calculations are wrong, because even the geocentric model provided correct predictions in some cases - despite it was based on physically irrelevant model.