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    That's great, just focus to calorimetry first. Without heat production the plasmoids are interesting but useless.
    Even mantis shrimp can manage them and he/it is not cold fusion researcher...

    A) Just consider, I've no problems at ecat-world forum (not a single post deleted so far, not to say about ban) and B) I'm not the only one (1, 2, 3, 4), who has permanent problem with this very forum. These people who objected you have no problem with ecat-world accordingly. So it's still matter of question, who actually makes people upset here. You may indeed still believe in your innocence - but the body of evidence is growing against you.


    I just hope Dr. Smith will replace you, before you will do more damage here.

    During recent time the Russians often publish patents on LENR technolology - but these patents have no factual basis in any foreseeable business plan, the scientific research the less. They merely act like greedy patent trolls or mafia, which is trying to embrace the potential LENR business across European Union in the name of protection of interests of Russian Federation, because Russia struggles to embrace energetic business in all countries of its influence.

    President Putin against energy conservation and green technologies (Download)

    Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 13, 2017 No. 208 "On the Strategy for Economic Security of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030" Section II "Challenges and threats to economic security"

    1. To the main challenges and threats to economic security relate:

    6) the change in the structure of global demand for energy resources and Structure of their consumption, development of energy-saving technologies and reduction of material intensity, development of "green technologies"

    Nuff said...

    The more surprising is diligent and long arm activity of your admins, Walker in particular: sometimes less is more. For me it's just symptomatic, that just the posts critical to hot fusion were removed. If you want to build a new anti-LENR site from your forum, you're doing it systematically and well.


    What the team are trying to do is to keep things vaguely on topic.

    What do you consider in my posts off topic? (If we ignore, that the whole Wendelstein thread is off topic in this LENR forum).


    Even moderators posts get moved if merely adding 'clutter'.

    The moving posts between threads isn't cluttering of discussion by itself? Moving them into a cesspool isn't censorship?


    True but there got to be something in hot fusion which makes scientist to love it

    Job, stable job for whole decades. Jeez, what else could it be? The bigger project, the more stable job it promises. And for supporting companies as well.


    Thus the only people that are interested in ITER/Wendelstein etc. are the old, egg head military Chauvinists, that believe in spin-off weapon technology.

    Then they should be excited from LENR. ITER is useless from this perspective,


    My sources tell me that NASA has made big advances in compact lightweight fission reactors too

    This would explain the motivation of NASA regarding LENR, The lightweight fission reactors are apparently designed for cosmic flights and for spreading the nuclear pollution across whole atmosphere at the case of their crash (or enemy attack). But you can't teach an old dog the new tricks.


    I can make a much better argument that NASA has been one of the few scientific institutions to have kept it on life support all these years

    Oh, in which way? The only public feedback of NASA about LENR we got during last eighty years was Zawodny patent and few general slides - i.e. no publication. which could help its further progress. They're just doing exactly what Hank Mills and Sterling assumed.

    BTW Why my posts were moved from here (well again)? This forum is about LENR not HENR. Not to say, this imbecile form of "moderation" makes discussion nonsensical, because my objections were still cited by lenrisnotreal in full extent. What is the purpose all of it if not plain censorship?


    $100's of millions of current dollars have been spent to verify CF/LENR over the past 29 years

    It could be easily way more - but it's still just one thousand of total cost of hot fusion research, which counts in billions instead of millions.


    Here's the link where they say W7x is up to around 40Million C ion temperature:

    Which ions? Positively or negatively charged ones? Anyway, the tokamaks reached 5.2 x 108°C temperature already

    I'd have no problem with cost of hot fusion research, if only the validation of cold fusion research wouldn't take a fraction of this cost. Once we aren't still doing it, then one question arises: who is responsible for it? We shouldn't keep quiet about how research grant money is really spent. Why a Lot of Important Research Is Not Being Done. Research perversions are spreading. What we witness here is a failure of science to self-correct. Science is broken, at least by any useful definition of the word. Self-correction doesn’t always happen, and science journalists mustn’t be afraid to spell that out.

    This article therefore concludes:

    "Don’t let scientists decide for themselves what research is interesting, but force them to solve problems defined by others. In the future, the most valuable science institutions […] will link research agendas to the quest for improved solutions — often technological ones — rather than to understanding for its own sake. The science they produce will be of higher quality, because it will have to be.


    IH and Coolescense spent millions of dollars attempting replications of what were deemed the top LENR experiments

    Too bad they forget to inform the public about their results...;-) I'd say instead, they spend these dollars just for controlling and stopping the cold fusion proliferation. But the hot fusion research is billions dollars industry already. Just the NIF project did cost ten billions of dollars already and it drains anther billion each year - enough to attract much bigger frauds, than Andrea Rossi would even think about. The ITER is forty billions dollars project and so on.. If we would spend the same money for cold fusion research, then we all would have cold fusion reactors in our cars and kitchen already.


    W7x has recently achieved plasma temperatures of ~40 to 50 million C +.

    plasma electron temperatures reached 100 MK, while ion temperatures reached 10 MK

    Do you think I'm stupid and lazy enough not to verify it? You need hot ions for fusion, not electrons.

    I'm getting increasing suspicion that the EVO's stuff is intended to derail interest of cold fusion community from actual experiments which work. You already got into my focus due to remarks about astroturfing of Sifferkol and unusally high concentration of anti-lenr trolls here.


    I also get weird excess lighting when I apply a 12V “stimulation signal”

    The difference is in spectrum of your radiation and Me356 radiation. It's not difficult to get excess lighting at five lines of light spectrum, but to shine with black body radiation you would need a kilowatt-range electricity source. Note also that pipe of Me356 glows OUTSIDE the supply wire.

    Once someone named "LENR Is Not Real" posts that Wendelstein generates 25 second of plasma using "only passive cooling", then one doesn't need to be a lone genius for to realize, we are facing the troll of hot fusion lobby. The Wendelstein is optimized to sustainable plasma design - but the sad truth is, it cannot achieve even ten times lower plasma temperatures than the tokamaks, which are working in pulse regimes (and which are still not able to ignite the hot fusion reaction).

    The Wendelstein constructors must try their stuffs much harder. One just must ask, how much the German governement is willing to spend into hot fusion research while ignoring the replications of thousands-time cheaper cold fusion experiments. Which invisible power drives this apparent controversy?

    Ironically this article is about monopoles, which were once also considered a typical crackpot science - just because of their apparent connection to Tesla scalar physics and free energy. It illustrates, that there's actually no such thing as 'settled science' The easiest way to undermine good science is to demand that it be made "sound." ("Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence").

    Put a magnetic dipole somewhere, and guide a magnetic monopole in a closed loop along one of the dipole's magnetic field lines. Since at all times the monopole will be moving in the direction of the force it will gain an energy. Consider the following variation of the original situation. We run a current through an infinitely long straight wire to set up a magnetic field that circles around the wire. Now we place a ring of magnetic monopoles around the wire. The ring of monopoles will start rotating with the magnetic field. This rotating ring of magnetic monopoles constitutes a loop of magnetic current. Just as a loop of electric current generates a magnetic field, the loop of magnetic current generates an electric field. The original electric current points opposite this new electric field and so additional work has to be done to maintain the original electric current. This additional work is exactly equal to the energy gained by the accelerating ring of monopoles.

    We can also consider the monopole continuously threading through the superconducting loop. Depending on the relative sense of circulation, either the monopole gains energy at the expense of the supercurrent, or vice versa. Regardless of whether circulating monopole gains or loses energy in following along the lines of B generated by the supercurrent, the supercurrent itself will do squat. One either accepts that energy-momentum conservation would dramatically fail, or take the scenario as proof that a stable monopole cannot exist.

    Most widespread source of monopoles is dark matter, which is manifestation of quantum fluctuations of vacuum. At the moment, when these fluctuations emerge and disappear faster, than the light wave is able to pass through them, then the Poincare / Lorentz symmetry breaking follows and the orthogonal SO(2) symmetry group is not preserved anymore (you may imagine that the wave is forced to leak out before its full period finishes). Therefore the dark matter exhibits degenerated monopole character, i.e. the anapole behavior. The uncompensated magnetic charge of magnetic monopoles doesn't differ too much from charge of charged bodies. Once the CMBR photons get anapole character, then they will start to behave like less or more cohesive charged bodies which are repelling at distance, they get polarization and also inertial character (they get dragged with neighboring massive bodies, collide and annihilate mutually). Which are all properties typical for dark matter observed around galaxies and galactic centers.

    The similar effect can be observed for boson condensates, inside of which the speed of light waves gets greatly reduced by entanglement of atom orbitals. Their fluctuations are indeed slower, but the speed of light is also much lower there, so we can observe the formation of magnetic monopoles inside them. So that every system, which manages to move faster than the speed of electromagnetic wave propagation is prime candidate for both monopole, both free energy release. Note that speed of light in vacuum plays no role here - only the speed of electromagnetic wave in an environment given - which may be indeed way lower. Boson condensates are typical systems, where the speed of light gets slowed down to a few meters per second or eventually stopped completely. Such a condensate systems are therefore most perspective with respect to free energy generation.

    According the recent observations the graphene can be made magnetic and it can also host magnetic monopoles. Therefore it's not so surprising to read, that graphite has been utilized both for free energy generation both for recoiless drive effects. This is an illustration of correspondence principle: once you violate one theory (Maxwell equations), then another theory based on energy conservation could get violated too (Newton laws). The primary mechanism aren't monopole though - but presence of time-reversed Dirac electrons, which enable both the charge and magnetic flux leaking, both interaction with vacuum fluctuations. Note that many overunity magnetic motors are based on magnets or bucking coils in repulsive arrangement: an artificial monopole.

    There is anecdotal evidence, that magnets glued in repulsive (artificial monopole) arrangement are falling more slowly (1, 2, 3). The similar effect could apply to charged capacitors, superconductors (Tajmar/Podkletnov effect) and similar systems, where the electrons are constrained in their motion, so that they're forced to interact with vacuum fluctuations more (they cannot "avoid" them so easily). The Tajmar effect could also ruin famous Gravity B experiment, which utilized spherical quartz gyroscopes covered by neodymium superconductor inside large Deward flask (superconductor is supposed to interact strongly with vacuum fluctuations). Contrary to expectations, these poor balls changed their orientation wildly and despite all preliminary measures they also did react to Sun storms and stellar wind, which rendered the experimental results nearly unusable. The Earth also appears to be moving at 627±22 km/s relative to the reference frame of the CMB radiation, so that the vacuum around us should exhibit drag for magnets in repulsive arrangement. This experiment was also already done with positive result by David L. Cameron and it should be consistent with DAMA/LIBRA observations. But I don't think he will get Nobel prize in foreseeable time..

    Because magnetic monopoles arise from boson condensates, which are present in superconductors (BEC theory), it shouldn't also surprise us, that graphite was found occasionally superconductive (1, 2). These findings were all bravely ignored by mainstream physics - despite they all play well together and graphene is even currently in center of mainstream research. What could we learn from all these connections? This is all trivial consequence of correspondence principle: once you violate one theory, then another theory which is based on the first one must get violated too. The Maxwell's equations are all based on conservation of energy in electrodynamic - and just its violation enables to violate them too.

    A hard-boiled egg that's reheated in the microwave could explode when you bite into it or prick it with your fork, and a new study shows that this may happen up to a third of the time. But from perspective of entropic time arrow the local time waits inside such an eggs, thus becoming relative. In my theory of overunity, this is just the moment, where the negentropic phenomena may apply. For example vacuum fluctuations can force the egg to overcome activation barrier and to burst spontaneously. The energy of vacuum fluctuations exerted into it will remain added value of the whole process, once we fully recycle the energy of egg burst in another heating cycle.

    The cooking of eggs in microwave oven is apparently rather impractical way of vacuum energy utilization. But for example the utilization of hidden boil during cavitation can be considered a conceptually very similar process and it runs repeatedly many times. The bubble formation isn't fully spontaneous, because of activation barrier of surface tension required for nucleation of bubble. This is just the moment where the vacuum energy can assist the external energy. Once the bubble gets finally formed, the pressure will be released so that the bubble will collapse again and the external energy introduced into bubble formation can get recycled. The energy introduced by vacuum fluctuations into bubble formation will represent the pure yield of the cavitation cycle. The cavitation heaters gain interest because of their claimed overunity.

    This animation illustrates the above phenomenon by so-called stochastic resonance. Stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon where a signal that is normally too weak to be detected by a sensor, can be boosted by adding white noise to the signal, which contains a wide spectrum of frequencies. An overdamped particle in a periodically oscillating double-well potential is subjected to Gaussian white noise, which induces transitions between the potential wells. We again have cyclic process which has activation barrier assisted by random noise. Further, the added white noise can be filtered out of signal to effectively detect the original, previously undetectable signal. This phenomenon extends to many other systems - whether electromagnetic, physical or biological - and is an area of intense research.



    I'm presenting my opinion as to why claims of low power/ energy LENR can't be scaled up: the low level measurement error does not scale up

    This is nonsense, as this opinion considers, that all cold fusion technologies presented so far are bogus. But these technologies also presented additional effects, which couldn't be explained in other way. For example Lipinski observed the cumulation of charge due to formation of alpha particles. Japanesereplicated cold fusion with 100% reliability and so on.


    as it seems, LENR, doesn't seem to scale well

    Given the fact, that nobody bothers to replicate even the LENR experiments, which are described well (Lipinski fusion, for example), I'd say we still have too few data for reliably judging the scalability of LENR reactions. For example, if the Rossi Quark-X reactor would work as announced, what would prohibit its scalability? Each Quark-X unit could have its own microcontroller for its regulation - in the times of IoT this wouldn't increase the cost of technology too much.

    EOqLkBZm.jpgI also have my own explanation, why Orbo Cube failed, despite some devices generated voltage long time after they were withdrawn from customers. McCarthy feared the lost of IP, so that he casted his circuits into an epoxy resin without further testing, so that they couldn't withstand higher load due to poor cooling. Therefore the failure of OrboCube device did arise from untested cheap Chinese circuits casted into epoxy - not from Orbo power cells directly.

    Of course for dumb pathoskeptics who don't know about all above details the failure of business model immediately means the failure of technology.


    In case you didn't notice, Steorn is dead, belly up, never made anything that worked

    The same like Fleischman & Pons... BTW Steorn's McCarthy refused to give his IP to his main creditor - but why he did it, if he could wipe-out most of his debts with it? He apparently hopes, his know-how could bring him more money than these debts in future. And his device - Orbo Cube - is pretty similar to this one. So I've my suspicions and indicia - and you indeed also have yours one... :-)


    verdict that probably 97%+ of scientists have come to that these claims are inconclusive at best

    Of course these claims aren't conclusive and they even cannot be conclusive given the volume of experimental replication evidence we have.

    But from the same reason - i.e. lack of replications - we cannot say, they're wrong. They cannot be trusted, neither distrusted.

    If scientists feel uneasy with it, nobody prohibits them to do their own replications - this is the standard way, in which science works.

    Otherwise they're expected to remain quiet.


    Eventually I will study Lipiniski. I have studied these others and I know for sure that Rossi is fake

    Once Lipinski works, then also Me356 and Quark-X can work. Their replication may be as simple as heating the mixture of Ni and LiH or LiAlH4 in closed test tube with microwave owen. Parkhomov did provide composition of mixture and temperature - no additional information is actually necessary for his replication, as his experiment consisted of simple heating this mixture without access of air. I dunno what the hearing Parkhomov in person may be useful for, once we have this information written explicitly in his report. Your arguments are nonsensical and as such overskeptical.