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    /* I did wonder if there was some kind of link between your Hyd and H(0) */

    What Randall Mills is often saying, the subquantum hydrino states are stabilized by spherical orbitals, which cannot radiate easily - i.e. in similar way, like the alleged Rydberg states of Holmlid (see the note above).

    This is commonly known stuff: the spherical antennae/orbitals are poor radiators and their energy transitions are therefore difficult "forbidden".

    The conditions of Holmlid experiments are also more close to Randal Mill's ones, rather than other cold fusion experiments (as Holmlid once admitted himself). The infrared lasers which Holmlid is using are often used as a source of far ultraviolet (XUL) radiation - i.e. this one, on which Randal Mills based the original name of his BlackLight company: his hydrino states allegedly manifest itself by far ultraviolet spectra. IMO these two research routes converge each other - for many physicists the idea of Rydberg states would be more palatable, than the hydrino hypothesis based on existence of subquantum states. It would confirm my long term suspicion, that the Randall Mills experiments are actually cold fusion experiments with Rydberg states of matter. My greatest problem with hydrino hypothesis is, if its formation releases so much of energy, then most of hydrogen in the universe should be already converted into a hydrino. Which we don't observe.

    The reason, why the electrons don't fall into subquantum states more close to atom nuclei are the omnipresent quantum density fluctuations of vacuum, which keep them in motion. The fundamental quantum states aren't therefore metastable with respect to subquantum ones, but fully equillibrial: if the electrons would accidentally fall more close to atom nuclei, then it would be kicked out of here back again by turbulent vacuum. Therefore the subquantum energy states may exist as a metastable states - but could they produce a surplus of energy? I seriously doubt it: there is no good both physical, both experimental reason for it.

    /* after 25 pages of posts,do we know how to replicate this? */

    Just put the HF discharge from solid state Tesla coil to nickel sample in hydrogen atmosphere at elevated temperature and pressure (few bars are enough). The AC voltage should be superposed with DC voltage while having nickel as a cathode. When lithium vapors are also present, you can get much higher yield but also neutrons.

    /* How do you make free protons with a microwave oven? The microwave oven photons have an energy of around 10-5 eV each. Dissociation of one H2 molecule requires 4.25 eV. Ionization of on H atom requires 13.6 eV. How do you synchronize 1360000 photons to ionize one hydrogen atom? */

    This is the right question. John Kanzius managed to disociate the water molecules (which requires 1.45 eV) with 14 MHz radiowaves (5.10E-8 eV). Therefore the surplus of energy required here is similar to this one of cold fusion (in relative numbers). IMO these two processes have many things in common. The point is, you don't have to synchronize 1360000 photons: the 200 hydrogen atoms is enough.


    /* According to Holmlid et al., Rydberg Matter requires (at the very least, as it's not the only prerequisite) the formation of such states */

    I don't understand why it should do it. In addition, the Rydberg states are traditionally connected with low energy levels, whereas just the Holmlid fusion runs at quite substantial energy density, non typical for cold fusion approach...

    /* Why not try e.g. the 2.45 GHz found in almost every kitchen inside a micro-wave oven ? No idea if this frequency is better or worse than any other proposition. */

    It depends on character of signal. Common induction heaters generate high enough portion of higher harmonics, despite they operate at 25 kHz frequency only. Rossi once noted, that the ECat doesn't start, until it's not powered with 220 V AC and thyristor/triak regulation is not used. So that even common AC current may work well for LENR, if it gets chopped fast enough.

    The emission and catalysis of LENR by EM waves has most quantitative support in Frank Znidarsic theory of cold fusion, according to which both atom nuclei, both the orbitals behave like the elastic bodies across which longitudinal and transverse waves resonate mutually. Frank derived the characteristic frequency of this resonance at the case of so-called impedance matching: under such a condition the orbitals undulate heavily together with atom nuclei in standing waves, which would enable the merging of atom nuclei by selective resonance tunneling. I presume, multiple atom orbitals could undulate at the same moment being entangled - so that Znidarscic's predictions of resonance frequencies are substantially higher, than these experimentally observed - nevertheless the principle remains the same.

    /* A microwave has already been shown to produce the LENR reaction in experiments by Egely. */

    It hasn't - Egely just demonstrated the paramagnetism of pyrolitic graphite, which is rather commonly known stuff.…5/n11/full/nphys1399.html

    /* See, now you're questioning his motives, which you just said people in this thread weren't doing */

    Me356's motives are clear enough for me. He already explicitly wrote that:

    "As I have written previously, I plan to make a real devices that can be used by anyone. If possible, we can sell the devices - if everything will be without any problem. Of course with respecting all the patents, safety issues, etc. I believe that this way is the best one to help mankind."

    Of course he just wants to monetize his work - who wouldn't want to do it here? The embargoing experimental details for fear of radiation? Oh, come on - this is just a silly evasion: exactly the opposite must be done, if we want to protect the further experimenters.

    /* me356 may stop voluntarily participating in the discussion if you continuously question his motives. Let's report those posts as harassment */

    LOL, you just inverted the meaning of this thread... :-) The posts in question are just calling for better specification of me356's reactor parameters.
    Without it the posts of me356 can be considered as an OT spam here, instead (no matter how relevant they could be for another threads)...
    Not to say, just these posts were heavily upvoted at the beginning - now they're downvoted, despite their motivation remained the very same.

    /* me356 may stop voluntarily participating in the discussion */

    The question is, if we should expect something else by now...;-) I just perceive here the similar pattern in behavior, like with another researchers. For example the Roman Karnauchov (Akula) was very active at most overunity forums and he soaked the information and feedback of his peers as a sponge. Once he finally reached first success and he sold his know how to Belgian company, he suddenly became very secretive.

    Lets the readers judge it.

    To be honest, I don't quite understand, why me356 remains so shy regarding basic demonstration of his effect - it's for example possible to show the glowing portion of reactor behind mirror together with particle detector and to demonstrate, how the radiation correlates with temperature of reactor. Such a demo video would not expose any know-how about actual setup (or at least no more, than the existing photos already did) - nevertheless it would remain convincing evidence of nuclear reaction running there.

    The one thing is to keep know-how secret, the other thing is unwillingness to demonstrate the point.

    /* Are you adding the Mössbauer resonance to the recipe? */

    IMO the cold fusion is the result of synergy of many effects: from purely mechanical to quantum ones. But the low-dimensional collisions are dominant cause (they're presented at most LENRs, from low energy over LeClair's to Holmlid's one), the quantum tunneling and orbital resonance are second effect and the electron shielding third one. We cannot explain the LENR once we omit two or more effects from the whole picture. The Mössbauer resonance is sorta weak Astroblaster effect, when low number of atoms are involved, but the principle remains the same (the conservation of momentum during multiparticle lattice collisions).

    /* 80[keV] are not 2[MeV] */

    The ionization energies of last electrons inside the large atoms get even higher, than 80 keV


    In essence it's easier to strip the nucleons from large atom nuclei, than to remove all electrons from them, which renders the atom as an energetic continuum rather than separated layers from this perspective... Please note, this applies only to large atoms with many electrons around them, the ionization energies of lightweight atoms are completely negligible in comparison to nuclear forces - which is the reason, why they evaded the attention of hot fusion theorists completely.

    /* About you comment on John S. Kanzius, let me say that I am not convinced */

    And what? Most physicists aren't convinced even about cold fusion which you're trying to explain here - with such an attitude we would finish already at the very beginning of this thread... ;-) The skepticism without arguments is just a plain negativism: i.e. nothing very new at the LENR scene... To be honest, I don't care what the people feel at all: I do care only about what they can argue.

    The electron shielding is actually the reason, why cold fusion runs preferably with elements, which form metal hydrides (palladium, lithium, nickel, titanium etc..) Inside these atoms the hydrogen ions (i.e. protons) get dragged beneath the outer orbitals, which gives them relatively negative charge - the hydrogen forms negative ions in these hydrides.

    /* Nickel nuclei never collide, at least in LENR experiments. For that kind of event you need a monstrous amount of energy. */

    I don't think so and I even explained, where this energy comes from - it's Mossabuer/Astroblaster toy effect occurring at long lines of atom nuclei collisions…_replicating_cold/cvtkz14

    /* their shielding can not be very effective up to the small distances where the nuclear force starts to be felt: about 2-3 [fm] from the nucleus surface */

    IMO not, just because the electrons get heavily delocalized at this confined space around atom nuclei. Just try to apply your own "theory" there... ;-)…kraine_and_russia/czg89hy

    Another recent experiment demonstrating this delocalization:…ate-of-the-water-molecule

    /* the binding energy of electron orbitals grows to tens of [keV] for inner orbitals of heavy atoms */

    Yes and the binding energy of neutron is just 2 MeV for in deuterium - these energies become comparable quantitatively.

    /* that electron could be very helpful in overcoming Coulomb barrier for LENR */

    And it really is, but it's not the only help which the LENR requires...

    First of all, we can imagine the electrons like the lightweight but still inertial objects flying around atom nuclei. When hydrogen atom nuclei collide during hot fusion, the situation is rather simple, because the energy of collisions is much higher, than the ionization energy of single electron, so that the electrons can be peeled with impact as easily, as the flesh of cherry from its stone. The presence of electrons therefore isn't important during hot fusion at all.

    At the case of cold fusion within the nickel lattice the nickel atoms contain lotta electrons with compare to hydrogen. The stripping of few first electrons is as easy, as the stripping of electron from proton in hydrogen atom, but with increasing number of electrons the ionization energy rises steadily. The last dozen of electrons require as high energy, as the nuclear transition inside of nuclei itself, which essentially means, there is not sharp energy boundary between bottom electrons and surface of atom nuclei. Their excitation and peeling proceeds with difficulty like the peeling of flesh from mango, which is nearly impossible to do perfectly.

    In this case the inertia of remaining electrons must be considered, as these residual electrons represent an effective shielding of Coulomb force from atom nuclei and when the nickel atoms collide, then the residual electrons must also move aside from the place of collision - or they get involved in the nuclear reaction. This lateral motion must proceed very fast, so that even the subtle inertia of electron is important here.

    /* Interesting observation today - To start the secondary reaction (Cat), Lithium should be in contact with Nickel or in "a direct visibility". If there is some material, that will block products of the Mouse process, it will not work or it can be significantly throttled. */

    There exists theoretical explanation for it - what reacts there is a thin surface layer of condensed Lithium, which is oriented by surface tension forces.

    /* The key component in the Ni/H reactor LENR reaction is the production of topological polaritons */

    Or antiparticles, worm holes, strange matter, boson condensate, knots, magnetic monopoles... The very last idea is always the "key".
    Why not to admit, you're just a tireless collector of stones under hope, some of them will occasionally turn into a diamond?…orce-of-nature-axil-axil/…stals-and-lenr-axil-axil/…ough-monopoles-axil-axil/…ght-be-strange-axil-axil/

    AxilAxil essentially follows the attitude of mainstream physicists, who dismissed the cold fusion for many years for fear of lost of grants and money distributed in mainstream research. But at the moment, when the physicists decide, that there is no other option we will face the hype and huge explosion of interest about cold fusion research. But this research will be motivated by natural tendency of scientists to develop and sell their own ideas and theories - not to help with actual implementation of cold fusion the people, who are actually paying this research. The scientists will just follow their own agenda, well - again..

    /* First comes the completion and acceptance of a valid theory, then comes the deployment of the technology */

    This is nonsense, we are using HT superconductors or turbulence without having working theory of them for years. The risk of radiation is what would delay the implementation of cold fusion.

    Cloud chamber is only qualitative tool, it's quite uncomfortable and nonselective. Also muons are artifact of Holmlid fusion, which runs at high density energies of infrared laser pulses only. It has no meaningful usage at me356's experiments

    The reality is that LENR products wouldn't be released onto the market until they are certified safe so enough of the scare-mongering already

    The E-CAT X / QUARK-X or similar reactors could be hacked by amateurs for to boost the production of neutrons, even if they would be certified as harmless. I'm pretty sure, all opponents of distributed energy sources would utilize it as an argument. But everyone can build a fusor in his kitchen too. The important here is, if the boosted reaction cannot lead into flux of neutrons, which could be weaponized or runaway in uncontrolled way.…-detection-and-the-e-cat/

    To be more precise, you can receive 10mSv in a few minutes. It is not fun anymore

    IMO the escapement of neutrons is just a matter of higher activation energies: at low voltage/frequency the LENR would be safe, as the neutrons are able to thermalize itself along the fusion sites. Therefore the risk of neutrons probably depends on experimental arrangement. Did you pass discharge directly through the sample (i.e. you used it as a cathode) or just around it?

    testing a pure discharge without modulation and then testing modulated plasma with partially visible balmer series.

    "Modulated" = DC discharge with AC component superposed?

    During the excess heat plasma is looking really cool - not possible to describe with a words. Separated into a thin slices (chunks).

    This could be manifestation of Townsends plasma avalanches - the escaping particles make the plasma more ionized and as such conductive.
    It's an analogy of Gunn effect, i.e. solid state avalanches.…nn-effect/gunn-effect.htm