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    Any project to send people to Mars that takes more than a few days and cost more than $1 billion is premature in my opinion. We are (in the States) at 105% debt to GDP after all.

    If the U.S. stopped stupidly wasting a trillion dollars every year on military adventures then it could establish self-sustaining settlements on Luna and Mars in 10 to 20 years.

    Jim Willie spoke about “cold fusion” applications during a recent interview. See

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    beginning at the time “1:01:10”.

    According to Willie, the decline in the price of oil is being driven in part by the anticipated introduction of LENR technologies.

    In the past year, the price of crude oil has dropped from a high of $101.33 to a low of $44.20. I believe that this price reduction has been engineered by the Saudis and that this price reduction is a capitulation. The Saudis know that LENR-based power systems will be implemented soon so they are trying to keep their product competitive.

    The current (lower) crude oil prices will allow LENR to be implemented in a way that does NOT cause chaos in financial and commodity markets. The Saudis appear to be acting in a sensible and responsible way.

    The melting point of iron is 1,538 °C (2,800 °F). If iron is involved in the LENR transmutation process (rather than just providing a foundation for the development of nickel whiskers) then perhaps an E-Cat could operate at a temperature in excess of the melting point of nickel. But Rossi has reported that if the nickel melts then the LENR process stops. So I think that the iron is probably playing a supporting role in the LENR process, rather than a central role. These roles will have to be investigated by additional research. I wonder if titanium or tungsten, which have higher melting temperatures, could play supporting roles and allow an E-Cat to operate at higher temperatures.

    The most recent test of the E-Cat reports that the E-Cat was operated at a temperature of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius. An E-Cat contains nickel as fuel. Nickel melts at 1,455 °C (2,651 °F). So it appears that there is not very much room for error in the operation of the E-Cat. Trying to make an E-Cat operate at 1,440 °C might induce fluctuations in the operating temperature that can cause the nickel fuel to melt, thereby causing the reactor to stop operating.

    Making an E-Cat operate at a higher temperature and therefore at a higher coefficient of performance appears to be a difficult task. This task will probably require a very responsive control system that can take the nickel fuel near to its melting point without allowing the fuel to reach that point.

    The 2014 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 4, 2014. The independent report on the E-Cat will not be published until after that election.

    When the E-Cat is proven to operate as a nuclear fusion reactor, people will then realize that their investments in coal and oil and natural gas will eventually lose most of their money value. The “petrodollar” standard (using U.S. dollars to purchase oil on international markets) will be abandoned and the foreign holders of U.S. dollars will scramble to turn their dollars into hard assets, such as land, gold, silver, platinum and the shares of companies that produce essential consumer products.

    The trillions of U.S. dollars that are being held by foreigners will flood back into the U.S. to buy hard assets. That flood of dollars will cause extreme monetary inflation (hyperinflation) and that will impoverish many millions of Americans. The powers that be do not want this socially destabilizing process to start until after the congressional election. So the independent report on the E-Cat will not be published before November 4, 2014.

    The September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon provided the United States with a pretext to launch its “Global War on Terror”. The United States now claims the right to invade each and every country on Earth in an effort to kill persons whom the United States designates as “terrorists”. The United States is now on the verge of invading Syria, allegedly to kill terrorists who are collectively known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

    The United States Government wants us to believe that it is trying to protect us. The real reason for the Global War is that the United States wants to control the sale and delivery of oil. Any country that sells its oil for a currency other than the U.S. Dollar will be targeted for destruction. Any country that threatens the operation of oil delivery vessels will be targeted for destruction.

    The Global War on Terror is really about oil. The proliferation of LENR technologies will gradually make the use of oil obsolete. When oil becomes obsolete, the War on Terror will end. And then it would be appropriate for us to nominate Dr. Andrea Rossi to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    LENR technologies could have been introduced more than 2 decades ago but “cold fusion” implementation was blocked by the United States Government. The USG is allowing the introduction of LENR technologies now because the U.S. Federal Reserve System has painted itself into a corner. The Fed has lowered interest rates to nearly zero and other nations (e.g., BRICS) are abandoning the use of the U.S. Dollar. Since the U.S. can no longer print unlimited quantities of Federal Reserve Notes and use those Notes to fund the Global War on Terror, the U.S. will stop printing, stop the war, and allow the introduction of LENR technologies, thereby making oil obsolete.

    MIST Energy Systems has reported that it’s Molecular Impact Steam Technology (MIST) produces ten times more energy than it consumes.

    “The excess energy (10.185 - 1.1759 = 9.0091 Btu) comes from [liberating] the Hydrogen Bond Energy [that holds water molecules together]". http://www.mistenergysystems.c…/195878/Overview/Overview

    Audio report:

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    The discovery of the remains of a natural nuclear fission reactor at the Oklo mine in Gabon, and the well-documented fact that Jupiter emits twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun, and the fact that certain helium isotopes are emitted by Hawaiian volcanoes, support Marvin Herndon’s “Nuclear Planet Hypothesis”, the proposition that most of the uranium in a heavenly body sinks to its center during the formation of the body, thereby forming a natural nuclear reactor.

    The sun is powered by a natural uranium reactor at its core. The Sun’s surface is composed of calcium ferrite. The assertion by hot fusionists that the core of the Sun is made of hydrogen is just wrong, wrong, totally wrong!

    The Sun and other stars are LENR reactors powered by natural uranium reactors. The tens of billions of dollars that are being spent on “hot fusion” research is a total waste of money. The hot fusionists know that they are operating a scientific scam and that is why they have been so vicious in suppressing LENR research and technology.

    The hot fusionists are a gang of fascist goons, may they rot in Hell!

    Long live Andrea Rossi, who has had the courage to stand up to the Energy Mafia twice!

    God bless Dr. Rossi.

    “This visible neon plasma layer that we call the photosphere, and a thicker, more dense atmospheric layer composed of silicon plasma, entirely covers the actual rocky, calcium ferrite surface layer of the sun.”

    If the Sun does have a solid surface made of calcium ferrite then maybe the Sun is a LENR reactor, and maybe calcium is Rossi’s secret catalyst.

    Earthquakes generate sound waves that “make the Earth ring like a bell for days afterwards”.

    “Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core”…hs-core.html#.U6GJHBZYyuc

    I wonder if those sound waves can enter the base of an artificial pyramid and be reflected to a central point in the pyramid, causing the disassociation of water molecules and thereby causing the dehydration and preservation of a pharaoh’s corpse.

    “Crystals + sound + water = clean hydrogen fuel”

    Yes, the green fascists who prefer the "Malthusian" solution (millions of humans starving to death) are opposed to LENR and to the E-Cat. The power provided by LENR technology will allow us to put hundreds of millions of new people into the wastelands of Nevada, and to house them in beautiful domed cities, with all of the modern conveniences, and those lucky new people will have as many children as they want to have.

    So screw the green fascist Malthusians. If they want Earth's human population to be reduced then they can start that process today by blowing their own brains out. And good riddance to them. We LENRites will not miss them one iota.

    James Patterson cited the Fleischmann and Pons "cold fusion" patent in his own patent application for his "Patterson Power Cell". Patterson's application also asserted that his device could transmute dangerous radioactive atoms into harmless atoms. I suspect that this was occurring because his device was producing oxygen/hydrogen bubbles by electrolysis and those bubbles were igniting/burning/imploding (due to pulsed electrical stimulation) and forming reentrant jets that smashed the radioactive atoms into the nickel-plated plastic spheres in Patterson's device. After a while, the nickel plating became so damaged that it would flake off of the plastic spheres.

    Given the capability of Patterson's device to transmute elements, I believe that LeClair's device can do that too. LeClair's device is probably producing lots of dangerous radiation because the perforated aluminum sheet that he uses in his reactor contains 5 to 10 percent boron and those boron atoms are being split, producing large quantities of very dangerous nuclear particles.

    During the second part of an interview with Paul Sandhu (May 20, 2014), Jim Willie ( said, “What Washington and New York are essentially doing is telling the Russians, ‘Please kill the dollar global reserve standard so that we don’t have to’”.

    “INTERVIEW WITH PAUL SANDHU ON[TARIO] (IN TORONTO)”; at the time mark “1:00:45”.

    The U.S. spent $5,000,000,000 laying a foundation for the overthrow of the government of Ukraine. They are obviously implementing a long-range plan. I believe that Jim Willie has correctly deduced the ultimate purpose of that plan. The U.S. dollar is toast and that is exactly what Obama wants.

    We are on the verge of a very difficult and probably dangerous transition.

    Barack Obama and his crew have engineered the bloody mess in Ukraine. They engineered that mess so that they could justify placing economic sanctions on Russia. They intended to force Russia to discontinue using the US dollar in transactions involving the sale of Russian oil and gas. They know that when Russia stops using the US dollar for such transactions the international exchange value of the dollar will decrease by 30 to 40 percent. That decrease in the value of the dollar will crash the US economic system, but the impending introduction of LENR technologies will greatly reduce manufacturing costs in the US, making US exports much more competitive in international markets.

    We could have had LENR technologies 20 years ago but the elites would not allow that. It is now to their advantage to scuttle the dollar and introduce LENR technologies. They have positioned themselves to profit from the dollar’s crash and they will also be the prime beneficiaries of the introduction of LENR technologies.

    While the elites are profiting from the bloody events that they have engineered, most Americans will become impoverished. The elites will call this result "social justice".
    And who could disagree with that?

    See “De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar”

    Is the E-Cat based on technology devised by Mark LeClair?

    In a recent audio interview, Mark LeClair, the President of NanoSpire, Inc. (, states that “Rossi and crew have taken my technology.” Stated at 1 hour and 35 minutes into the interview. “Cavitation - The Missing Link to Cold Fusion...and more!” May 5, 2014.…nk-to-cold-fusionand-more

    LeClair’s technology creates cavitation bubbles in water, and when those bubbles collapse they generate excess energy and every element and isotope from helium to californium.