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    Yes life is complicated and no doubt new discoveries that decrease mans dependence on fossil fuels will be made. They already have, and companies like Ballard Power, with their Hydrogen cells are but one example. Unproven claims of potential endless energy and disrespect of skeptics by advocates of LENR or CECR serve no purpose except to suggest that the evidence is so clear that no further proof is required. That is a simply an unrealistic expectation.
    One can be certain that governments would be all over this opportunity if it was only a matter of now tweaking a few parameters. No conspiracy theory could ever stop the inherent economic advantages derived from such technology, forget about the initial disruptive impacts. As I understand the patent granted to Brillouin Energy Corporation is for for a device capable of heating water efficiently using a proprietary Hydrogen Nickel catalyst. I suggest working with a well established and respected company like Ballard Power that has the manufacturing facilities, hydrogen experience and existing customers to bring the technology to market fastest, not distracting from development by feeding into a media story line about government resistance based on conspiracy theories.
    How is hypothesizing over the bright new clean world going to change the timeline to commercialization ? Mankind and all governments are fully aware of the current global warming and pollution challenges so painting anyone not ready to just accept current progress as a fait accompli but instead as some devious conspiracy against possible solutions will continue to bring a negative view to all working hard on this potentially awesome technology.
    Keep up the great work, but lose the conspiracy theories.