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    Progress with my reactors is on the good way. Now it is not that easy to melt it and even if it happen, the outer shell will survive.

    I have also found new directions where to go. Observed phenomenons are so strange that I can't understand, how…

    I was about to like your post until I read your last sentence.

    You definitely can't see nuclear transmutations optically. There is no way to optically distinguish if heat is coming from chemical or nuclear reactions.
    You will have to observe higher energy photons (x-ray or gammas) for this.

    The TOF SIMS analysis of the ashes of the Padua Cell that MFMP and the Danish University performed clearly show that there are
    no nuclear transmutations occuring in the Padua cell. Thus the power it yields is of chemical origin.

    You will have to conduct or let somebody conduct an own TOF/SIMS ICP-MS Analysis, like MFMP did, if you want the appreciation
    of real scientists. And you will need this approval, even if you think you don't, if you want to have any
    impact with your inventions.

    You won't earn the Euros you are longing for so much, if you don't do this.

    I think it is much simpler Walker.

    Rossi has expended so much effort that he is in a situation of "giving up is not an option". So he is deceiving himself dismissing the obvious fact that the concept does not work. I am stressing this because we finally have to focus on other concepts like Holmlids and forget about Rossi. The energy problem is too serious too waste
    time with Rossis unscientific work.


    While I definitely understand your will to fight for the end of the fossil age, I share this will, I do not understand your sympathy for Rossi.

    Explain to me the following:

    His investor is now fighting against him, the only reason for this is either Rossi's device does not work, which for a moment
    let us discard as a possibility, or second that his device works, but IH was given order not to support Rossi anymore.

    If Rossis device worked as expected IH surely would not act as they did now. Because this would then have been the investion of their lifetime.

    Thus we must conclude that, if the device does actually work. Rossi would be in the situation that, no matter what he will do
    there are people much powerful than him, that are so powerful that they can control what IH is doing.

    So why, explain to me why does not he finally understands that in order to let this technology finally change the world for better,
    he has to give his knowledge to the scientific community?!

    Simple answer:

    The contract between Rossi and IH prescribed that IH had to let Rossi carry out the test and in case of a positive result they would have had to pay the 89 Million $.

    IH however realized during the test that Rossi had become crazy and was (still is) deceiving himself thinking his device works, while it does not.

    They wanted to ransom themselves out of the contract and avoid an exhausting legal fight (the one that is now going on) , thinking that If they offer Rossi a certain amount he would accept.

    Im getting even more off-topic now than this has already become but who cares

    @magicsound and @sveinol

    I asked myself if you two + Holmlid could not join forces and prepare a replication
    of the Holmlid-style setup instead of trying to replicate Rossi?

    If you need funds for this, maybe the forum could organize something like this for you?

    Sorry if I insult Rossi fans but his work is and has been unscientific crap.

    The Holmlid concept is the only real scientific one that is worth to be pursued.

    Hi Alan

    1. The internet based work you propose has obviously failed since years. What you praise as the freedom of own washing up
    is unfortunately the reason for this failure

    Scientists out there who would like to investigate new unconventional ideas, have to do their "own washing up" and work
    in a field determined by the scientific community at best or by ministry of science and industrial investors at worst in order
    to earn their living
    . In this way, they are kept from examining new unconventional ideas that are really important
    contrary to the "research" that is considered important by industrialists that are greedy for short-term profit and do not think about the
    long term wealth and peace of humanity.

    2. Did I say that the envisioned community should enter isolation? I did not. I envision a community which sustains itself but should and has to be open to the global market, because it will have to supply itself with the necessary experimental equipment.

    I am envisioning.

    A self-containing, autarkic community of a few 1000 to 10000 people, with the aim to carry out experiments that were not done and won't be done
    by the scientific community being considered redundant and unnecessary as predicted by the standard model of physics.

    Right now in Australia there is a 100.000 km² property being offered for sale.

    Quote from marjorana: “Their feature which distinguishes them from previous technologies is their ability to kill all mankind.”

    It is true that nuclear bombs could in principle kill all mankind. But not nuclear reactors.

    Your last statement only holds considering our present situation. You forgot to take into account that if hypothetical LENR-based energy infrastructure would be realized as we imagine it now, namely as being decentralized, and then due to some safety issues (c.f. Tschernobyll) a large number of decentralized reactors would become instable, vast regions could be radioactively polluted. Think about what would happen if every village or even every household would have the conceived devices.

    Even if this would not kill all mankind immediately, it would make vast regions uninhabitable.
    This ain't much better than killing all mankind immediately.

    By the way, would you like to have an ionizing radiation emitting reactor in your basement with your grandchildren going there every once in a while to play? Receiving some 10 to 100 mSv per year?

    Any jerk can figure out how to make things worse.
    You can build houses with wood and nails, or stick a big nail in a board and clobber people with it. You can save a village with a new well, or throw people in it.
    Amonia can make a nasty gas, or bring an agricultural revolution.
    The list is endless.
    One more way to save life or diminish it will make no difference. They are each a side of the same coin.

    Wrong. Your analogy is not appropriate.

    Nuclear technologies can't be compared with any prior technologies, because of their new dimension.
    Their feature which distinguishes them from previous technologies is their ability
    to kill all mankind. Quite obvious and I wonder that I even have to mention this.

    Mankind can wait right? It's not like we're destroying the planet or anything.

    I agree, that we do have to find an energy miracle (as Gates is putting it) in a tight timeline.

    However, me measured considerable radiation emitted from his reactor. If this is true - in contrast to what we thought before about the low temperature phenomenon - then we seriously have to think about abandoning the idea.

    I also want to appeal to @me356 : If you - like you said - measured significant signs of ionizing radiation (i.e. more than a few µSv per hour) and if you have a family with kids, stop working on this boy. It's not worth it. Have you seen photos of how thin Rossi has become, and how he looks like now?

    In many european countries strong radiation emitting nuclear reactors are being abandoned. And rightly so.

    It is simply awesome that you are not only finding such success, but seem (like MFMP) to be committed to open sourcing your results.

    Please do not be offended by this, but .. FOR GOODNESS SAKE publish instructions, a recipe a quidebook AS SOON AS…

    It would be great if you could help by funding
    an isotope analysis of me's fuel once the reactor has run long enough so enough nuclii have transmuted.

    Are there sufficiently resoluted IR satellite images available to the public.

    I don't think one could ever convince a Rossi believer of the plants unoperability or a pathoskeptic of it's operability. Rossi took care for this by never releasing enough information for a such a definite conclusion.

    He continues to do so by the announcement of his very important next customer, instead of telling us a name so we can ask this person ourselves.