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    Hum, I rather see the violent square very rich in harmonics, but their focus on "dead time" rather looks like the phenomenon exploit the step and some delays; rather than harmonics and phase...HHT is playing tennis, not music.

    Yes Alan, have always said frequency content of control power steps drives LENR reaction! As well as with Rossi at least until self sustaining mode kicked in!

    I would be quite happy just to see you wriggle out from this forum.

    On another subject. Just working with grandson on Bluetooth autonomous toy Car. Had some trouble with stepper motor board LN 298 & had idea that this would be very easy way for you to get both forward & reverse currents thru your fuel elements heater coils. Its a pulse width device with control of pulse height (power), width (freq content exploration) etc. Rossi just mentioned in his patent that EM frequency content is part of his, my guess, initiation, growth & control of LENR process sites in the fuel element from which he extracts his power. Just an idea FreeThinker, also talked to me356 & Dennis about this possibility of control for replicators. Publishing fuel composition by Rossi in new patent was also a plus. Jim

    Thanks all for the feedback. I am in vacation mode today, so I will have to get back to you all on the different items. I managed to scribble a wire diagram to explain where I measure


    Think you should consider modification to power supply to get forward as well as reverse currents through the coil like Rossi & Parkhomov do. Think this may be necessary to stimulate, grow & control (ssm) LENR areas in the fuel element. Also look at PCE 380 picture in lugano report as it shows forward & reverse current pulses used by Rossi. He has stated that AC currents are necessary on his blog.

    Heat-pressure behaviour in NiH system could be explained by Rydberg matter formation instead of H absorption/desorption in Ni? <img src="http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/wcf/images/smilies/confused.png" alt="?(" />

    Many NiH papers I read describes pressure behavior with absorption/desorption, for example:
    <a href="http://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/FocardiSlargeexces.pdf" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>…

    With H ions traversing conduction electron & H ions electrons at metal surface & B field stimulating local alternation fluctuations in electron clouds thermal neutrons could be induced with H ions / electron collisions providing observed Ni isotopes etc.

    I to was impressed with UGC & their data & mentioned it to Robert who said he was not & pointed out at least one concern he had which I don't recall but can look up if anyone is interested further. It would be nice to have a Godes replication effort set up to provide data lacking so far elsewhere. Think I'll send these comments to UGC to see if we can get them to respond.

    Quote from David Nygren: “One question to Erwin Lalik, is there a planning to do this?

    Quote from Gerard McEk: “I just scanned the document, but it is clear to me that this peer reviewed report contributes to the high pile of documents showing that…

    My friend Robert Godes had this to say after reviewing your document in an emai yesterday, thought this might be helpful. ". These speeds are notoriously running in fits and
    starts. It could very well be LENR reactions taking place but under those
    conditions they should use a high res amu 1 to 6 mass spec to look for helium
    to see if there is LENR occurring. It would also be very interesting to run
    highrise icp-ms on the catalytic beads before and after the apparent
    observation of excess heat. If they find silicon after that is a good
    indication of aluminum absorbing a neutron.

    The explosion at Sri that killed a researcher was due to the temperamental
    nature of these recombination beads. I also lost at least 12 rupture discs
    before solving the problem of the temperamental nature of these beads."
    Jim Rovnak

    http://kb.e-catworld.com/index…_energy_nuclear_reactions https://petitions.whitehouse.g…ion-lenr-power-generation It's up to you to build support for petitions you care about and gather more signatures. A petition must get 150 signatures in order to be publicly searchable on WhiteHouse.gov. Over time, we may need to adjust the petition signature thresholds, but we'll always let you know what the thresholds are.

    James Rovnak
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.June 29th, 2015 at 11:09 PM
    IMHO let me try again to educate myself in where the neutrons come from that make the Hot E-Cat power generation possible? Does Santilli also know Andrea?

    “Where do Rossi’s neutrons come from to make his reaction & Hot E-Cat power, does Santilli know? https://twitter.com/JAROVNAK/status/615719301186744321

    Jim Still trying to discuss the subject, at least I do know they are necessary!

    Have a nice evening, everything very quite at MFMP

    “Dear friends, we are pleased to announce the newly formed partnership between Open Power and Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, in the spirit of open science and the sharing of results that animates us both. “


    Obvious Gerard McEk • 2 days agoThis argument is valid in most respects, IMO.

    What I haven't seen, and is certainly complex to calculate, is the effect of the specular reflection and selective emissivity of the interior (fuel) metals. Although the alumina filters some of it selectively, and diffuses some of it, it also passes the metallic peak emission portion transparently, and mostly invisibly to the camera, and increasingly with rising temperature (albeit strongly dependent on thickness/diffusivity). This includes both direct reflection of the wires back out, dispersed absorption and re-emission back out from the wires, and reflection of the dispersed transmitted IR light from incandescent alumina. This is a consideration in addition to direct emission from the wires, and not including direct heat from a reaction heating the interior (if it even does that). It is possible that this will increase the emissivity factor approximation (used for output calculations) significantly, since the emissivity of the alumina will not be representative of the total band emissivity due to the simultaneous metallic (Al-Li-Ni) spectral emissivity profile, and therefore the temperature dependent emissivity factor will need to be increased because a large portion of the energy emitted is at unmeasured and unaccounted-for (shorter) wavelengths.

    The MFMP test with the camera and original Dog Bone came closest to

    Obvious, what is you take on asymmetric glow noticed in fuel element. Noticeably in GS3 test I think. i think the micro burst are not necessarily centered but take place about anywhere in fuel element. Some of Rossi's glows were really off center also. DId you notice any of this? Also me356 had TC & IR was any info gleaned from that experiment & would he know something useful?

    :beer: Nicely stated. Thank you.


    Do you use watts up meter just before pulses going to your fuel element? Can you get a picture of current shape or frequency content like PCE 830 picture in Lugano report? Please let me know when you run test with fuel inside, almost ruined my eyesight looking for (ssm) in last temperature plot, which I think you said was with an un-fueled element just checking out large input pulses from computer code to look for (ssm) when fueled, No? Sure i'm seeing things that couldn't be there unless we are getting a load of action at a distance physics! Jim Good luck!

    What's your background mary or are you even a women? Some say you are a man hiding there? I watched you sprout off about fraud for years now & never answered you but ponder this with all the micro burst in the literature NOW!

    Just think of it this way, fast neutrons gave us the Bomb, thermalized in media such as water they gave us current nuclear reactors, now sub thermalized by surface plasmon politrons (SPP) of Widom & Larsen simplified thinking – electron collides with hydrogen ions at metal surfaces stimulated by EM frequency or frequencies ( Ni / Li) give us sub thermal neutron which can’t travel very far & make almost immediate isotopes such as Ni58 > Ni59 & so on up the isotope chain giving us tremendous power Rossi has tamed in Hot E-Cats, it’s that simple folks – no great mystery just a lot of hard engineering work IMHO! Jim

    Please put some technical input behind what you say so I can ponder something different about you & your thoughts. Have you ever worked in a lab, nuclear project, are you retired? I just don't see your facts up front & probably never will, has been my take of you for a long time now. I like the guys that question Lugano with calculations, but even they lead me to wonder what their positive accomplishments are to give me some more bite into what they say.
    I'll try not to question your authority further, but it's going to be hard, but I am a patient man who has long waited for truly clean nuclear process having worked with & been disappointed in the first two nuclear products.
    Your friend & devoted follower still trying to figure you & yours out. My simple take above makes more sense to me than you or yours but I still admire your spunk!

    jrovnakJune 25, 2015 at 6:14 PM
    Peter of general interest to us!
    Some information from Wizkid replication attempts shared with Rossi Blog just now.
    talk with Wizkid
    “wizkid James Andrew Rovnak • 9 hours ago
    Hello James. Sharp temperature spikes were inserted to find LENR, but NO LENR FOUND yet . Source uses ardruino controller with custom software, optical a/c solid state switching and a full wave 10A bridge rectifier to produce DC that is used to drive the coil load.”

    Interesting set up, but I think he needs more TRIAC like freq content to stimulate Lady LENR into more dramatic presence like GS3 test, etc!

    We all wait for further testing & a final report with more details to learn more & maybe help Wizkid with ideas & comment of group think, just maybe!

    Have a nice day Andrea, just wanted to share this info from Wizkid with the Blog participants.

    Some people are already spreading disinformation that this works and shows SSM.
    Who needs skeptics when we have such blind believers. :thumbdown:

    Good luck to the new replicator. Keep sharing your progress. :thumbup:

    Liked his power meter. Note all meters have high sample rate DACs to analyze current/voltage inputs for real & imaginary power present, even for TRIAC type noisy spectrum's & that spectrum's harmonics & current trace are fundamental to exciting (ssm) LENR of that I am sure tarun, & every bit of information publicly displayed should be discussed here to further our understanding & offer help & verbal support to those who undertake these arduous experiments, No? The World cries out for this New Fire & the lenrforum supports that cry with reasoned discussion by all - dissenters, critics, do-ers, interested followers, experimenters etc.


    I believe in the E-Cat

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    Looks interesting but the graphs require more explanation. I'll look forward seing his report.

    Think Magic could have used a good watts meter on GS3 test. Sanjeev's scatter plots of TRIAC voltage across resistor makes good resistor power estimates vary difficult, if not impossible to obtain. I think the PCE 830 in Lugano report was probably right & have mentioned before gave a nice actual current wave shape & spectrum content which i still believe to be of much significance in developing (ssm) LENR, not sure how EM gets thru tube though but it has to influence formation of Ultra Low Momentum neutron necessary to start & maintain the (ssm) process of that I am sure with my long take on current Nuclear Plants kinetics, control & protection function. Finally we are on the threshold of a new, clean form of LENR to replace the less desirable one.
    Since Henry has made me frequency content crazy I like the even higher response Clarke-hess someone mentioned who review Lugano report - https://twitter.com/JAROVNAK/status/613821034635096064
    Await your response on power meters?
    PS Just maybe my friend Henry will respond also!

    JAROVNAK I repeat again these are your useless fantasy and speculation.
    You like to speak of nothing but on JONP you will meet many fans can love your daily hoax.

    Easy for you to criticize, cost you little, now do something, just maybe? I had a chance when I was younger & did many things, some worked out very well, others not, but I was never a good critic like you of others. I have always enjoyed doing something positive, don't you? Your friend Jim I've even walked away & said nothing when I new there was a problem that my harsh comment in truth could not fix.

    I can not say who is right for my mind is not that good, but his pictures appeal to me for some time.


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