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    The initial feasibility period of the AEC project has resulted in a new fundamental understanding made by the Contractor of processes critical to NASA's mission and national security and welfare. The project is now entering a critical accelerated validation and development period, and the continuing support by the Contractor on all theoretical matters related to successfully guiding experiments and device construction is paramount for successful accomplishment of the program objectives as stated by NASA HQ and other Government agencies.

    Wow! It would be an understatement to say that NASA values this Dr. Pine. Those are some strong words. Maybe they should put a security detail around him? And I am only half joking when I say that.

    Thx Max,

    So another one takes his secret to the grave. Lot of good it does Norris there. There is a lesson there for the others to consider, but they never learn it seems. They get the lust for the riches that never come, and go down the same dead end path leading to the cemetery.

    That BTW, was a very boring interview. BG trying multiple times to get Norris to commit to some arrangement, but he always dances away. BG asked for some ash, and he claims the last 3 times he gave some out to be analyzed, he never saw, or heard from them again. I think even BG had a hard time swallowing that one. After listening to the interview, and reading his website, I would not trust this guy further than I could throw him.

    Interesting fellow this Norris Perry. Surprising we never heard anything about him when alive. LENR guy all the way. Also had a salesman side to him:

    "For those persons or groups, who understand the reality of the common Hydrogen Fusion System presentation herein, Hydrogen Fusion Systems, LLC will potentially become, the most successful investment they could ever make during their life time or at any time throughout all of history.

    No greater or more important discovery has been made since the discovery of fire, and no greater discovery of an energy source can be made at any time into the future, clearly the science and physics behind this amazing nuclear fusion process guarantees this is the case.

    By simply examining the obvious future prospects of Hydrogen Fusion Systems, LLC, it can be seen, the company will eventually replace all of those companies that are now producing and developing hydrocarbons which essentially supply the motive power for every means of transportation throughout the world, other than those primitive societies which still rely on animal power for their propulsion systems."

    What I was really pointing out was that Jed was hyping stuff AS USUAL and saying misleading things.

    Other than claiming Fox News viewers are crazy, I have not seen him hyping anything. Actually, IMO, to his credit, it seems he understates "stuff" when it comes to LENR.

    I will say though, that you bring up some other good questions in your post, begging for an answer.


    Good of you to actually research something, but that said I think you are splitting hairs. For a high level research chemist to be re-tasked to inventory control is a demotion however you look at it. Even if it is temporary. It would be like a Chief Pilot telling one of his line pilots to go be a Flight Attendant for a day. Quite the insult, and that pilot would forever be marked for it.

    I am sure Miles is still stinging from the rebuke. Unfortunately, his is just one of the many stories of government scientists taking a professional beating for their interest in LENR.

    Scattered around in the court documents, was one comment about Hagelstein flying down to NC to teach IH how best to H load their reactors. In another part, there was something about Swartz finally getting an independent MIT analysis done on his Nanor. Those two generally collaborate, so maybe the "preliminary results" Hagelstein will provide at the lecture, will include something about that.

    R. James Woolsey – Former Director of the CIA under President Bill Clinton

    This must be new? That is, James Woosley is now part of the BrLP team. Or at least, it just appeared on Yahoo.

    If so, that appears a "huge" development, but do not get too excited. JWK/GEC also was/is loaded with Washington DC. insiders, and they have yet to make themselves into a force for environmental change. Brillouin Energy Corp, also has a high powered, politically connected line up, yet are still a nobody.

    Interesting though, like everything LENR.


    Your defense of Rossi is lackluster compared to your old spirited self. Nothing at all like your "2 broken window panes, and a steam plume reflection" days, when you were full of fire, and, well, some other stuff. :) It is as if you are just going through the motions now.

    That may actually be good, as it could be a sign of the onset of first stage "Rossi awareness". I will give it a little more time, but you may soon be ripe for conversion therapy. If you notice the Penon Report looks strange all of a may be that time.

    Just noticed that your number of posts is nearly equal to my number of likes received, and my number of posts is nearly equal to your number of likes received. Strange that.

    Yep...very observant you are! There is a reason for that, and for the life of me I can not understand what that reason is. When I first came here to LF, I was very unpopular. Now, well...go figure.

    All I can say is, look objectively at the facts, and the "likes will be with you". :)

    I get the best gossip.

    Do you have anything on SKINR to second Jed's...ahem, gossip? They (SKINR) actually reported their own open, and closed cell positive results at ICCF18, but a recent confirmation would be encouraging.

    Anyone else tuned into the same Missouri freq?

    Omg it only produced 500kW which a COP of 80
    LENR is finished time to close this forum boys : /

    Right Roger, and it is no longer for sale. Even at a measly 500kw/COP80, buyers would flock to Doral with billions in hand to buy. Instead, Rossi decided it best to dismantle the prototype answer to the worlds energy needs, and take the LT technology off the market...all because his customers now prefer a 20W blue LED light. Yeah.


    Well, by golly, if it is a fight you want, then a fight you will get! :) Good to see you back. Except for the snooty one, no one here tries to defend Rossi anymore. Can't blame them I guess.

    I will agree with you that there were some interesting tidbits coming out of the suit testimonies, that may leave open the slim possibility IH saw something smallish...on the order of what MFMP and maybe a few others have seen. I am still baffled why TD did not give the Boeing engineer the real fuel? Strange. And Dameron did tell him (Boeing) late in the game that he saw something interesting. So there is some smoke as you say IMO.

    What I was referring too when I implied IH found nothing, was the 1MW Doral plant. That is firm. It did not produce 1MW. The whole Doral thing was a sting operation from the start. After Rossi took possession of the plant deeded him in the settlement, he could not dismantle it fast enough. Probably worried some buyer would come knocking on the door wanting to buy it after doing a DD.

    For fun, I even considered dressing up as a buyer come Holloween, knock on his door, show him $1.5 million (fake) and ask to buy it. But I am afraid I might give him a heart nah.

    Yikes Shane! If it had been successful, why in the world would they not say so immediately and do a preliminary publication? It might even have affected Rossi's lawsuit favorably. Probably would have.

    The only reason I think it possible the Swedes were successful this time around, is because Alansays so. He was correct on the NASA rumor, so maybe he is on this.


    Absolutely agree with you. What I do find of interest this time around, compared to the 28 Pct 2011 demo, is that Rossi no longer has the benefit of the doubt as he did 6 years ago. Anyone attending this demo will probably have either read the court documents that clearly show Rossi to be blatantly deceitful, or read enough on LF to know.

    Remember that last time Rossi had just come off one of his more believable demos that took place 6 Oct 2011. Focardi was still alive, and Kullander was lending him some credibility, so it was hard not to be open to the possibility that Rossi was legitimate. Now it is the other way one trusts the guy except some on ECW. So whomever attends, or watches, will be on their utmost guard for his trickery. Not that that will make it impossible for Rossi to fake it, but much harder than the last time.

    Anyway you look at it, even if the demo appears honest and authentic, there will always be doubt until a truly independent evaluation happens. Last that happened, we know what IH found. Big question mark now is....did Rossi actually round up another investor? Hard to believe he could have with all that has happened recently, but it would not surprise me if he did. Especially with these persistent rumors of the Swedes having replicated their own Lugano results.

    The Swedes are are largely responsible for IH's hanging with Rossi so long as they did, and they may be a factor with any new investor now. If so, and they get ripped off, all I can say is do not expect any sympathy from me.

    Between Alan' sources, BG having seen the calorimetry set-up a while ago, the persistent rumors going back 2 or more years, I myself conclude the Swedes did in fact attempt to replicate Lugano. It remains to be known how long ago this took place, if it was successful or not, and when/if, they will publish?

    My guess is that they started shortly before Fabiani's arrival, which I believe was this past spring, or winter. I do not know why they would bring him in, unless it was for that purpose. Interesting anyway you look at it, yet very frustrating that they would let leak out so much, yet remain so publicly silent.

    If they were successful as Alan has heard, it obviously has yet to be peer reviewed.

    I doubt they would, very much.

    "I doubt they would, very much"...break their silence if Rossi made this up is what you mean to say, and that is a bit hard for me to believe. It is like you are saying they will not defend their honor. But then again, they refused to defend themselves, and their scientific credentials after Lugano (will give Hoistad a break as he tried), so I would not put anything past them.

    I know in their shoes I would be very vocal, but that is me.

    There is a side of me that hopes that if this NiH LENR turns out to be true, every one of those holding onto their secrets with NDAs and such, with the hope of making a fortune, make nothing. Serve them right for their shortsightedness. Look at Piantelli as a good example. He has been at this 20 years now and look what his secrets have brought him...nothing! He will probably go to his grave without the satisfaction of knowing his technology helped humanity one iota.

    And for poetic justice, let those like Mizuno, McKubre, Celani, Nagel, MFMP, whom have readily shared their knowledge, enjoy the riches and accolades.

    Yes, I know I am starting to sound like GeorgeHants from ECW, but this is getting ridiculous, and very frustrating.

    Some here are in contact with the Swedes, so if Rossi made this up, I would think it would get back to them. At that point, maybe they would break their silence to comment?

    If there is some truth to this, it would probably be in line with what many of us have speculated on in the past -that Rossi may have stumbled onto the same small, fleeting effect others like MFMP, BEC, Piantelli, and possibly IH/Parkomov have seen. If so,and the Swedes go public, it may attract some attention among the LENR crowd, but unlikely to make a dent in the mainstreams perception. If they choose to stay quiet instead, then it did not happen.

    Full of "fire and brimstone"...hmmm? That said THH, pretty good.

    Isn't it obvious the article has nothing to do with a particular tech or company? It is all about the glorious past Russians live in. I am pretty sure we should expect something big from Russians by 2025 or 2027 the annivesary it Great Victory and Revolution respectively.


    At the end of the article they write this:

    "Nowadays, from other scientific groups we can single out the “SynthesTech” team, who were not only able to repeat and comprehend all the previous scientific achievements of LENR, but also went further. They have developed their own “know-how”, thanks to which in the nearest future medicine, environmental cleaning, pharmacology and production industry will make a huge step forward. They will accomplish what the whole world community could only dream of 5–10 years ago."

    which is a bit odd that they single themselves out as an up and comer, as they wrote the article in the first place. Self promotion disguised as journalism...who knows? Whisper in my ear and I will follow them anywhere. :)

    They did have someone present at the 24th Russian CF Conference they report on, so that is good:

    "R. Karabanov, head of the Research Department of the Scientific Research Center "Synthestech", also presented his paper at the conference."

    Unfortunately it looks like a children party here.

    I wish you a good luck!


    That is ridiculous. You have gotten a lot of positive attention on LF. You have many of your own dedicated threads starting from 1 1/2 years ago. The vast majority of the comments were supportive, informative, and interactive. I just went through the longest thread (me356 reactor parameters), and you were treated very well, with many offering their educated and sound advise.

    That was all before the MFMP visit when everyone gave you the benefit of the doubt. Now, after the visit there is understandably doubt, and you want to pack your bags up and go home! So who is acting the child?

    Why don't you calm down, tell the qualified members here what it is you expect of them, what it is you need from them, and where you want to take this.