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    For this realisation we can thank Rossi, who whatever you think of him has raised the profile of LENR and brought in new younger workers and also new funders ( new = nothing to do with IH). For this reason alone, I think (and expect/hope) we might see some interesting developments before 2020.

    I do not recall ever seeing a young face pictured at any of the ICCF's. Just a bunch of old farts like... well, most of us here. :) It would be comforting to see some of those that have the courage to face the obstacles they are sure to encounter.

    The rest ("we might see some interesting developments before 2020")...I won't hold you to. If I did, I might expose myself to another disappointment.

    And while at it...what is up with Gluck? Kind of worried about him.

    I have no doubt Rossi would decline the challenge, or at best say yes, and weasel out later. He would have to, as it was a bogus test, and there was no upstairs heat exchanger. So not going to happen I guess, but it would be a dramatic gesture a jury could not miss the significance of, were Rossi to flat out say no. Plus, since the Big Frankie's were loaded with rust at the beginning of the Doral test, no telling how bad a shape they are in now. Is their such a thing as rusty steam? :)

    No more Perry Mason reruns for me.


    The question first asked when Rossi filed suit, was: "well why don't they go back to Doral, unlock the 1MW, fire that baby up with all sides represented, and resolve this thing once and for all?". No doubt the jury will wonder the same. Makes sense after all, so why not. And actually something like that almost happened, as about a month after the plant was shuttered, Rossi told IH he wanted to start it back up, as he claimed the customer needed the energy (this was before IH knew for certain JMP was a ruse). IH suspected this as some kind of ploy, called his "bluff", agreed, and that they would be there too. Rossi backed down.

    It seems certain it is beyond the judges authority to order such a thing during trial. But is there anything preventing JD from presenting an offer to Rossi in front of the jury, that IH would pay the $89 mil if he would promise then and there to jointly start the 1MW back up, with whomever IH wishes to attend, participate in the setting up, and operations, and all parties agreed it showed overunity? Sounds kind of Perry Masonish I know, but just curious if JD could do something like that.


    There is no animus towards Swartz, and certainly not for McKubre. Instead I think there is a frustration with those like Swartz, Larsen, Piantelli and the like who have been on the LENR scene for many years, claiming to have it all figured out, yet nothing ever comes of it. At the least, those like Jet Energy predicting a product in x amount of time, that does not materialize, should at least offer an explanation as to why. Don't you think?

    I could also add BEC in there too, although they only have to answer to their investors from here on out. BrLP...well, they of all have been around in some form or another the longest (1991), promised the most and so far delivered nothing, but at least Mills gives reasons for the delay's. No one else does though.

    And what about Duncan's "Seashore LLC", and his TT venture with SKINR/ENEA? Of all, Duncan is the one we most want to hear from -good or bad, but nothing at all from him. Biberian too...who is this German firm he is partnering with to commercialize LENR? Why all these secrets.

    Like I one is angry so much as frustrated with the lack of communication, and follow-up. Most of these guys/girl, look willing to take their knowhow, and knowledge to the LENR RV park up there in the great beyond.

    So Cherokee has learned 2 very valuable lessons now: Don't buy polluted land in California and expect things to go as planned, and do not invest in ornery, mercurial, overunity inventors with a checkered past, without doing a true DD.

    An experimental procedure reliably exhibiting milliwatts of excess heat (e.g., in a PdD system) with no commercial prospects would be very interesting. (1) Skeptical labs could run the experiment and see it with their own eyes. (2) You would be able iterate on the experiment with different controls and variables until the mechanism is isolated

    Swartz has supposedly mastered the mW range, and said he would sell lab kits for years now. Still has not done so though. He is getting up there in age too. Be ashamed if he retired to the "LENR Old Folks Home" bringing his secrets with him, without ever having sold a single kit. Oh well, at least he can tell Alan his trade secrets at the LOFH bar...I hear they have a great happy hour. :)


    You participate as a mod on LF (LENR central), and you run yeah, I'm guessing they whisper sweet nothings in your ear because they want it out. Discretely that is. McKubre said something like "we are all keeping the same secrets from each other", and encouraged more openness. MFMP was formed in large part because of the tight lipped nature of the field, and frustration with it's lack of progress. Surely it won't hurt LENR if more insiders speak up...rumors, hopes, dreams, gossip, observations and all.

    Most of these researchers are getting up there in age also, and have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by having their experiences put in the public record. At least that way, if LENR goes back underground, or is buried, some future aspiring scientist can dig it up and build on it.

    • "I suppose you'll be offering better odds than WoodWorker? You can track a man's "conclusions" by the odds he is asking"


    I am not a betting man. Just read the court documents, starting where I said. After that, get off your high horse and then we can talk.


    Actually I do think "they" want their information, gossip, rumor or whatever out there. Not with their name linked to it obviously, but I do believe they realize the field has somehow retarded it's growth with this pervasive secrecy, and hope their barroom accounts somehow make it out as an "end around".

    Or if you do not buy that; LENR seems stuck in neutral, little advanced since FPs, and maybe the way to get it moving again is some good old fashioned gossip. :)

    Rossi is not obliged to talk about customers in his deposition.

    But he did "talk about customers" in his depo, and said under oath there are NO customers, and never have been. Nor does he have factories in the US, or Sweden, or plans for one in the near future. Yet, on his JONP he has stated many times just the opposite.

    Note: After the depo, he started calling the Doral facility he rents his factory.


    I have to agree with OG; studying the court documents should come first, coming to conclusions second. It does not work well when you reverse that order! :) I suggest a good place to dig in (court documents), would be Rossi in his own words/depositions. Well, let me clarify that a bit as Rossi played 3 roles, or wore 3 hats as some describe. As such, he was deposed 3 times: Rossi as Leonardo (194-03), Rossi as Andrea (194-07), and lastly Rossi as JMP. Note how effortlessly he switches between roles. At times acting as if the 3 are totally different people.

    Enjoy. And BTW, GPT has been heavily used, argued about, and referenced since the very beginning.


    I had hoped to hear a little more from you about the conference. If anything, maybe the scuttlebut, or rumors that fly about during the intermissions and dinners? Any truth to the SKINR rumor, about them achieving (again) excess heat? What about word from the Swedes and their Lugano replication attempts? Piantelli? And surely some talked about Rossi? Whatever juicy stuff you have...let us hear it. :)

    Other than that; anyone say how Peter Gluck is doing, and when/if he will be blogging again?

    Why then did they do the one thing that would for sure set Rossi off: begin supporting Rossi's competitors and, in Rossi' mind, possibly sharing his know-how with them? Had IH not been like that, Rossi probably would have been entirely willing to help Murray get his modified reactor to work. Instead, Rossi had lost trust in IH, and said he had to focus on completing the 1 MW year long test.


    I seemed to have missed where on the Term Sheet, it says: "if I (Rossi) start suspecting IH of "possibly sharing my know how" with my competitors, I will not allow anyone from IH into the 1MW plant"? :)


    This article: http://richmondconfidential.or…y-lot-still-a-toxic-stew/ covers the story up until 2009. The story hardly mentions them as they were not the ones who polluted the site. Cherokee bought the property in 2002, well after Zeneca's remediation started in 1997. The remediation was deemed unsatisfactory, and it looks like Cherokee got stuck with a worthless land investment as a result.

    Don't know what happened after that...maybe you could fill in the rest? Whatever though, this looks like Mr. Sockpuppet is trying to dirty up TD's image for the trial. :)

    What I think does not matter in the least. Rossi's future actions will decide what is true and what is false.


    That is a bit weird...don't you think. It makes Rossi out like some sort of oracle, and you a disciple. You are too smart for that. Look, just consider that Rossi first made his LENR+ presence 10 years ago at the UOB, and to this day has not proven his product in any convincing way. Some smoke early on I agree, but that is as far as Rossi has ever gone...smoke.

    Speaking of smoke (and mirrors) try and think objectively about his QuarkX. It is 2 years now after he introduced it. 2 years! How many times has he reset that damn "Sigma 5" clock? And why did he abandon the Ecat, with it's much more robust output? Well, on second thought...maybe it best you not answer that. :)

    It seems some of the diehards here (IHFB, and Nigel) are staging to jump, or have already jumped off the sinking SS Rossi, yet you stay on board. Do not understand those like yourself and Zephir. Rossi is so obviously a fraud.

    The lawsuit will end in a short time and if it will be positive for Rossi, he will have enough money to finance any new product.


    I am sure he has the condos picked out already. :)

    IH should pay, he didn't and it started with evasions, so that Rossi sued him - what is irrational about it?


    If only it were that simple! A few little matters do complicate the picture somewhat... don't you think? Like maybe the fake company Rossi misrepresented to IH, his stripping off the steam trap before the test started, rusty Big Frankies, leaking plumbing, heat cables, hidden pump, Rossi denying Murray entry to the test area, raw data corruption and deletion, mystery of the mezzazine heat exchanger, spoliation galore, Fabiani fleeing to Russia, and Penon refusing to enter the US. Probably missed a dozen or so, but I think those are the major items. :)

    All things considered, I think the better question is: would it have been rational under those circumstances for IH to pay?

    LENR now shares the same space in my mind as the Philosopher's Stone, Bigfoot, and the IC engine that runs on water. Phantasmagoria, followed by dedicated deniers of reality, but which fade and vanish when solid evidence is demanded.


    I share your frustration, but only with the NiH side of LENR. They are the ones who promised the most and delivered the least. Of course, we all know about Rossi, but in addition to BEC you mentioned, Piantelli has also been a disappointment. His Nichenergy refreshed their website 2 years ago, almost reached a deal with MFMP, and we have not heard a peep out of them since.

    Not sure how GEC fits in, but they were the only LENR based company to have almost sold a product, and since have dropped off the radar. How can that happen?

    On the bright side, the FPs/PdD branch of the field seems solid, and looks to be on to something.


    After following this almost 7 years now, one thing I have learned is that scientific peer review is a knock down, drag out affair. Jeds comments here, IMO would be considered normal elsewhere, and expected considering the extraordinary claims made by me, followed by the disappointing outcome MFMP experienced. As Jed said, NiH LENR+ has historically had "lax standards". Maybe tightening them up a bit, will weed out the wheat from the chaff?

    As an open source team though, MFMP no doubt abides by different standards than mainstream science, choosing diplomacy instead as the better means to their end...a good outcome. And perhaps in this case, their diplomacy calls for silence while letting a surrogate do the talking? Also, diplomacy prohibits saying anything bad, but it does not prevent saying something good, or supportive.

    This is much ado about nothing. I'm not going to dig it up again, but Woodford and the Chinese were willing to invest $150 mil, and $200 mil more (respectively) had Rossi proven his tech. Plus, IH had 2 big (unnamed) companies ready to roll. It is ridiculous to argue that IH went into the partnership with the sinister intent to steal the (working) IP, all because they did not have the financial backing to purchase it outright.

    Eric, is there some way we can hook up some electrodes to Ele and SSC's keyboard, so we can zap them if they keep on about this money thing? :)

    I get the impression Jed talked with MFMP after me356's test, and they share his sentiments. MFMP is here on LF, and they could say something in me's defense if they wanted. So far though, not a peep out of them going on 8 days now.

    BTW, me356 gave the team some fuel ash samples to run...anyone know when will we hear the results?

    I do hope Abd goes, although it would be better to have someone with a little less slant on their analysis.


    Abd may not have been a fan of Rossi, but he, like me, Jed, most here, and everyone on ECW :) , at one time believed Rossi may have had something. So just because you have hung on longer to the dream, does not give you the moral authority to accuse any of us of being "slanted".

    Abd would do just fine. Plus he needs a tan, and what better place than Miami?

    Interesting to see your interest in this test. Makes one think of the genuine will to get results that must have motivated you at the beginning of the Rossi/IH honeymoon. And it is frankly surprising that you don't dismiss this Rossi-inspired researcher as another deluded amateur, after what you have experienced.


    I agree. This shows a sensitive side of Dewey we have not seen before. Under all those insults apparently lies a tender, vulnerable person who just wants to save the planet like us. It almost brings tears to my eyes. Should go over well with the jury. :)