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    The money that I.H. referred to, that was used for the research in the paper I linked to, came from the Japanese government. From NEDO, as I recall. It came after years of negotiation. It was described in many official documents that are on line. It was not sponsored by Nissan. It was not $30 million, either, although this was only one program in a larger energy-related grant. The total might have been $30 million.

    The Takahashi group collaboration, was funded by NEDO as you say: January 2018 Nikkei article about cold fusion

    NEDO is a government program also:…_Development_Organization

    at the time I just thought he wanted to get me off his case, perhaps he did - but 6 months later they set up Clean Planet as a quasi-private company, that led to the Tohaku et al collaboration.

    My guess is that they gave him the impression that they were listening to him, and that he had influence.

    Which is exactly what Alan thought too. Notice where he said "perhaps he did"? Now, like I closed. Enough of this nonsense. We simply can not afford to have you two at each others throats like this. Bad for the field.

    As I said, I think that money ran out at the end of 2017, but perhaps the grant was renewed. I hope it was. People asked the Japanese participants at ICCF-21 but they did not answer.

    Like I alluded to, you both were speaking about different things. There was the earlier Japanese government funding he spoke of, but no longer any funding that you speak of. An honest misunderstanding, that is now resolved? Now the sparrow no longer has tears..whatever the hell that means.


    It all seems so simple to us spectators. Make great discovery that will save the planet, with the Nobel, fame, and fortune soon to follow. Somehow in LENR though, it does not work out that way. Something happens after the great discovery, and they decide instead it is better to take their secret to the grave. Why?...I have yet to figure that out.

    Makes me wonder about BEC. What if they can not get enough funding to make it to market...what will Godes do with the tech? He is right there at Berkely, so you would think he would gift it to humanity.

    Shane D.

    If NASA is resuming LENR research, someone should be able to find that in documentation. NASA has to release its plans and programs to the public in detail unless they are classified. Often, that's done with a program-specific portion of their web site. Who are you citing who allegedly said that, anyway? An unnamed source?

    Indeed, IH's Rossi investment is a fine example for others to follow.

    LOLs. You really do not read anything. For one; we have a dedicated thread here with plans, and "program-specific" NASA documents, released to the public showing they are funding LENR, with GEC as their partner. For two; I did provide the source of the just neglected to read it was IH.



    This is my post #87, to which Alan replied. The email is from IH to Woodford Capital, sent in 2016 with a list of promising developments. One of which is Japan government funding of $31 million for LENR researchers. Alan said he may have played a role in triggering the funding, when he cornered the Minister. That is where the $20 mil figure came from.

    IMO, there followed some mixed signals, maybe a wrong claim or two, leading to an unfortunate escalation.


    Speaking of boxing into a corner, you have just done exactly that with Alan S. The two of you are at the top of the LENR hierarchy, where reputation is very important. To suggest he is, or might be, exaggerating is a serious accusation, and not something I expected to see from you. Especially with someone who has worked equally hard as you over the years to keep LENR on life support.

    FYI, I have gotten to know Alan quite well through our back channel correspondence. He is very well connected in Europe, and I would not question his claiming to be well connected in Japan. In fact, he quietly slipped off to Tokoyo a few months ago for a one week stay. I know he does not go there for the sushi only.

    I would ask you to do the right thing, and amend your comments to Alan so as to be less offensive.

    Oh poor us, an interest for a Report containing noticeable errors and never written by him.

    Penon signed it, but we only found out years later it was not his doing. That was most likely Rossi's handiwork, which explains the many errors. He told everyone it was an independent report, and it was not of course. It was also probably the first time he discovered the wonders of manipulating the E value of his new toy...the Optris Thermal Camera.

    Another one of those examples of the Rossi duality, where he exists in the science world as an inventor with an overunity Ecat, at the same time he exists in the criminal world as a con man. I never know which Rossi I will see, until I log onto LF.

    I agree that the story is captivating. But I don’t actually think Rossi himself is that interesting. His scam is increasingly clumsy and preposterous. He isn’t even trying hard to be convincing. What is amazing is that people still believe him. That is astonishing .

    It is astonishing, but I hear what I hear. If it turns out he has even a little something, his would have to be one of the more crazy science stories ever. If not, and it is eventually found out he is a total fraud and had nothing, it will be something future historians will have to figure out.

    Many thanks to Wytennbach for volunteering his time yet again. He has spent many hours in the Essex lab, and travel time to get there, to sort out data, and answer to his theoretical counterparts. As I suspect, experiment/theory are still matching up. That is as good as it gets in LENR land. Many trials to come though. Crossing my fingers everything holds up to the scrutiny.

    Shane, if Rossi had not opted to hitch his scam to LENR but instead had said it was some entirely new phenomenon that he stumbled upon, would those little voices still be calling you?

    I will have to ask those little voices talking to me about that. They have a personality of their own at times, which is...yes, I know, a sign of a schizophrenia. Guilty. But hey, that is why I am a Moderator.

    And yes, I agree the progression of Ecats, along with so many other things, makes this even more ridiculous. I guess that is why this story is so captivating?

    I see (in the court docket clip above) the mention of the Japanese government LENR program.

    For those interested, here are all the court documents:…Ktdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk

    That "docket clip" is from #214-35. It has many more interesting tidbits along with that one. In fact, the documents are loaded with good information. Some even a good Rossi fan could use. Speaking of...where are you IH Fanboy?

    Why would you think that

    I do not want to believe it, but I keep hearing these voices in my head telling me to believe. :) No seriously, there has always been the scenario I mentioned, so I did not say anything new. The voices though seem to be speaking louder as we near the demo.

    You are right...the demo will not tell us anything, as most everyone, including Director agree. Unless we hear from a customer, we are but spectators at Rossi's latest magic show.

    What really makes me shake my head is how many of you still hold out hope that Rossi has actually invented something of value.

    You have every right to believe he has nothing at all. Not trying to play devils advocate, or putting out click bait as Hunter seems to think, but there are actually some credible accounts of working Ecats...with a name behind one I recently heard about, circulating around the inner sanctum. Another source close to Rossi, recently said it definitely works, with no radiations emitted, except occasionally on shut-down. Lots of buzz out there. Is it the "phone tree effect"?...I do not know, but even the smartest of people are capable of fooling themselves.

    IMO, these mostly anecdotal stories, seem to back the theory he has something, but not the exaggerated numbers he claims. Hopefully soon, we shall see if there is anything to this other than a con man at work.

    Here again are all the IH/Rossi court depositions, of all the players in the saga, courtesy of Abd:

    Each and every one is an interesting (sometimes fascinating) read, even if you are only slightly familiar with all the names. Rossi's depos are simply hilarious...unless you are Dewey. Since he wore 3 different hats (Leonardo/JM Products/Rossi) in his attempted heist of $89 million at Doral, they do different depos for each role. Worth a read for bedtime. Makes you want to shake your head at the audacity of what he tried to pull off.

    I've read over Cassarino's deposition. I have the same impression as you that Rossi appears in a bad light. In particular, Cassarino says that IH tried but failed to replicate Rossi's results.

    All I could think of, was she saw the parts where Cassarino is asked if he thinks Rossi is honest, and he says "yes". Cassarino and Rossi go back to 1996, and they partnered on that miserably failed DOD thermoelectric contract (SOT will come along to fill us on it I am sure :) ). He (Cassa) does come across as one those very honest people, who will tell you the truth, even if it makes him look bad. So if he says he thinks Rossi is a good man, I have no doubt he believes that.

    But other than that, that deposition does not paint a flattering picture of Rossi, so it probably does not help Vessy's purpose to reference it. Maybe her English not so good? Then the other depositions show without a shadow of a doubt, what a sneaky, dishonest person he is.…ue-presentation-e-cat-sk/

    Vessy Nikolova, author of "Ecat The New Fire", put this out the other day about the upcoming demo. At the end, she links to the Cassarino deposition (Rossi's AmpEnergo partner) from the court documents, and asks you to read it. IMO, it makes Rossi look bad, so I am curious why she would ask for anyone to read it. She obviously admires the man. She must think it makes Rossi look good, and IH bad. Anyone else read it, and see it her way?

    Ah. But I wonder if he has this on better authority than I do, or others do. Perhaps he has only heard the rumor. Also, I thought McKubre retired. I don't think he was lured away.

    I do not know, however, McKubre is a member of BEC's "Techincal Advisory Board". And yes, they spell "Technical" the way I put it. :) Hopefully SOT does not notice the misspelling, or everytime we talk Brillouin, he will go on and on about it. Back to McKub.... with him being part of BEC, I would think what Godes says is likely not a rumor. No guarantees though.

    There is another bit of proof Gates is funding LENR. It is in the IH/Rossi court documents, but I forgot where. Hate when that happens. Darden is talking about other investments in LENR, and mentions Gates, and I believe how much he put into Duncan. I believe Darden and Gates know each other personally.

    Add everything up, and I am comfortable saying Gates is funding Duncan and Texas Tech LENR research.

    Mr Rossi has been working overtime to instill a lot of unjustified assumptions in his followers. Among them are that since Jan 31 is intended as a sales event, the ECats as a whole must have passed the verification stage with flying colours

    I noticed how Lewan played down the radiation hazard aspect that Rossi himself raised, with his story about getting radiation sickness. Passing verification, or certification without that in play, would I think, be no different than any resistance heater. If harmful radiations are introduced into the process though, all bets are off as Jed has detailed. So does it, or does it not, produce harmful radiation? From what Lewan does not, so maybe he did get some certification for it.