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    I doubt you can make it into becoming one of the top hundred electrochemists by reporting ridiculous results. But we might actually get to the bottom of how much Helium gets trapped in a cell, so it might be a worthwhile experiment.

    The simple fact is, running an experiment like that for a year or two would be very expensive and you probably couldn't keep up the lie after a while. It's better to just explain that it's a double blind experiment and there's a possibility they could be looking at the control or the actual subject.

    Price, nor the lie is important, since this is a hypothetical. But your point about "double blind" is good, so let us say that. Take 100 control electrochemists and give them a regular heater, but tell them it is a special heater. Take another 100 and tell them the truth...that it is a regular heater. Let both groups run the tests for 2 years, and see what they report.


    I'm with the LENR is real crowd, but will break ranks just to say your post was funny. I sometimes wonder, and maybe you can take a wag at it: Say we take 100 of the worlds 8,000 Electrochemists, give them a standard resistance heater. Lie and tell them it is a special heater, that may go nuclear on them. Have them run it for a year or two, measuring every conceivable parameter, then make a report.

    Would you expect some to report seeing excess heat, or radiation, or Tritium, He, HAD, or even have a few blow up, along with the occasional melt down?

    Yes, BrLP could be a scam. Many of us have certainly learned from Rossi, that one can not be wary enough when dealing with these freeenergy claims. BrLP does have some things going for them however, that make it hard to rule them out:

    -They have a large (22 fulltime/8 consultants), highly skilled workforce working with Mills. Were this a scam, it makes it all the harder to carry out when you have to deceive your team working alongside. Even more difficult to try and enlist them in the scheme.

    -They have had many validations from credible, independent (some were paid, not all) experts. Those validators are known, not anonymous, and have stood by their reports.

    -BrLP has a very qualified board. These guys are no dummies, and again, were this a fraud, Mills would have to fool them, along with his scientific team. No, not all BODS are scientists, but the ones that are not, are the types that can smell if something is not right.

    -BrLP has attracted considerable investment over a 20 year period. I would call that a minor strength, as there are so many examples (Steorn/Rossi/Madoff) where investors were suckered. But in a general sense, IMO, the more investors you have kicking the tires so to speak, the more unlikely it is a scam.

    -BrLP is doing considerable outsourcing for the Suncells accessories, engineering and design. In this update, they report joining forces with TMI Climate Solutions, and are ironing out contracts with 3 companies for the Si PV cells, and Concentrated Solar. Now, I do not know what an established company would say, or think, were someone like Mills to approach them and want to do business. I know in their shoes, first I would search the web like crazy to learn as much as I could about them. Then I would have to have some assurance that the product works as claimed, and that the specs were legit, so that I could fulfill my part of the contract without blowing something up. So I take it as a plus that these companies are willing to do business with Mills.

    -The Suncell itself looks like it means business. Even to a layperson, that thing looks like a lot of thought, and honest engineering went into it. Not some oddball collection of parts made to look impressive, but built around a concept which so happens to look impressive.

    -Lastly, a FWIW; if they go through with their "foundation for National Labs experiments and conclusive proof better than fire energy source", that would quickly lay aside any doubt once the first lab replicated, or not.

    In comparison, Rossi had no team, although he told us he did to gain our trust. No credible validations. No BODs...well maybe his wife, and Johnson his lawyer/JMP President. Only company he worked with was himself, as JMP. He did not even have a brick and mortar building all these years, until he rented the Doral warehouse. Not even his own website, as his "" is hosted by his licensee Hydrofusion.

    BrLP is looking good to me, but then again...I said that about Rossi once.

    To tell the truth, it seems to me that Rossi's detractors are the ones who spend their days looking for flaws in E-Cat technology and Doral's test.

    I hate posting on AF's dedicated thread, but....


    Rossi detractors have the easiest jobs in the world. They do not "spend days looking for flaws". They do not need to. as Rossi serves his flaws, and bad science, on a silver platter to them almost every day. Biggest decision for them is which one to focus on.

    Maybe in Ferrera, I don't know because I don't bother to keep track of where the silly tests are run. But the first to test a hot cat was Penon. Remember Penon?


    Remember, I have a PhD in Bologna, and minors in Ferrara and Lugano. :) You are almost correct. Yes, the first Hotcat (HT) test was not Levi's, yet the real 1st test by Penon you refer to, was only *signed* by him. Lewan reported last year, that he had learned from Rossisays, that Penon was not the one who did the test. Now that brings up the question of who did that first test?...well, that is another mystery. Rossi had said his "Colonel" would "sign off" on the final report, yet when it bled out in the fall 2012, Penon made his first appearance in this saga with his signature.

    What I was referring to was the first Levi HT test in Ferrara, and considering the complex circumstances, you are forgiven for mixing them up.


    Gosh, I agree with most of what you say. The one exception is the "arrangement of JONP's BOD's not being in chronological order", and your assigning some significance to that. I doubt there is any meaning there, other than Rossi is as sloppy creating a website, as he is in his demos. And I surely do not think any on JONP's BODs had anything to do with Rossi's scam. Or the fact that some are affiliated with the government, means there is some conspiracy. In fact, as you already know, Melich's (JONP BOD, and government affiliated scientist) wife wrote that article in her Infinite Energy Magazine when the lawsuit story broke, that "Rossi, enjoyed your company, nice guy, but you are not good for LENR and do not let the door hit you in the ass on your way out".

    Another minor note: I agree with what you said about Levi being the author of the first HT report in Ferrara. Although Ferrara has survived scrutiny so far as I said, that does not in my mind dismiss the fact that Levi was it's main author, and his role in this affair is still very much in the air.

    Forgot to mention that when he first appeared on ECN's, GW said he was a Physicist, and did his own LENR work, considering Rossi a competitor. They liked him there (ECNs), until he mentioned the part where he believed in LENR. Not trying to make a linkage, but anyone know about this RLittle, who posts occasionally on ECW? This is his latest:

    RLittle4 days ago

    I know that most will not properly credit me., but still my theory is beautiful and in 2005 there was not only my theory but my beautiful experiment with my results using state of the art analytic equipment. The power that be only wants to minimize me by stating oh he just gave a hypothesis. But in addition to my broad theory I also gave an experiment using top research equipment in the world at NHMFL!

    But this is not going to be stressed to you all and lies will continue to be told, one lie after another. But based on the comprehensiveness of my theory which later embraces both Piantelli 2007 and Rossi 2007 work I thought I would unify. A great theory should be able to unify lose ends of Rossi and Piantelli. Some people wonder why Ni is necessary and Ti and V yield different results yet Rossi seems not to use Ti and V but still get results.

    Well my prior theory which supports explain the later works of both Rossi and Piantelli can explain both under broad powerful umbrella! It was noted below that Ni is essential and works best for 'spring board' for accelerating protons for the transmuting of V {which I noted and observed in 2005 and published in 2005)! Why?

    Well RBL already explained this before 2005. My 2000 theory explains as the so called charge cluster (hydride) is formed magnetically as I proposed over 14 years ago and the hydride of my theory is explained to get embedded within the core of electronic shells of transition metals by magnetic process under mild heat. It is on this basis as presented by RBL before 2005 that Fe, Co, and Ni being ferromagnetic accelerated the process.

    It is also on this basis that I explained the cold fusion much better and gave the new foundation in the new century for accelerating and reproducing unconventional nuclear processes. In the prior century Piantelli, in 1990s shifted from Pd of Fleischmann and Pons to Ni because He said 'Ni is cheaper ' (not the magnetism) (but Piantelli's motivation was the cheaper nature of Ni and this was published and stated in the 1990s by him , this is what I read from him) But in 2000 RBL reasoned Ni in a scientific rather than economic way and RBL reason and developed a new theory based on magnetism and therefore involved Ni as well as Fe and Co.

    Many people will refuse to accept this from RBL but it just is. The facts are the facts. So based on the magnetism a new route for theory was give by RBL in the new century. In this new theory of RBL that ferrometals by their strong magnetism magnetically entrain the hydrides (charge clusters) by Little Effect o{f strong magnetism altering the orbitals of the charge clusters (hydrides) among orbitals of different angular momenta as well as inside the valence shells so the hydrides can have core shell penetrations!} { and this was given by RBL many years before Piantelli later included in his patent in 2007-08} .

    Powerful beautiful and likely later overlooked and/or stolen from RBL. So among the ferrometals listed by RBL in 2005 (Fe, Co and Ni), Ni is of weaker magnetization so by RBL's theory, Ni is less able to deeply embedded the hydride charge clusters although Ni embedds the hydride but not as deeply as Fe and Co, so Ni more weakly holds the hydride embedded within its core shells, so tiny perturbations can cause the hydrides (as RBL noted in 2005) to fling off electrons as the hydrides are perturbed deeper toward the nucleus of Ni and the thermal perturbations can even cause the hydrides to disintegrate completely with electrons and protons pieces ballistically propelled from the Ni electronic core shells

    This is why by RBL theory from over 14 years ago, Ni is a better spring board for protons!!! Note this explains totally by RBL prior theory from before 2005, the later 2017 CAB researcher given in this video although RBL should have been mentioned for his theory and data from 2005 in this video. So now even more so the RBL theory from before 2005 is broad and powerful as it embraces Rossi's later work also as Fe and Co having stronger magnetism and Fe and Co are less propelling of e- and p+ fragments of hydrides so the hydrides in Fe and Co can penetrate more deeply inside electronic core shells of Fe and Co and acquire more huge energies approaching nuclear energies as RBL previously presented in his great theory over 14 years ago (very powerful science of RBL) so that the deeply embedded hydrides (in pyconomedia of the ferrometal lattices) can couple to 'target nuclei' of smaller atomic numbers like He, Li, Be, C, N and catalyze alterations of these nuclei by exchanging p+, e-, n with these nuclei and by such processes the prior great theory and data of RBL from 2005 embraces also Rossi and his later work.

    You may note Rossi included Fe in some of his starting and this may be why. This is great work science of RBL. But many of you are full of hate and rather than appreciate me for great work and energy over many years. Many of you will just be hateful.

    For Krivit?

    No way. We talked that out years ago, and there really are few similarities, other than both are dogged, and go for the jugular.

    And to be honest, I do not see RBO as Levi either. GW said that as you know, and I have no idea where he came up with it. He is a very thorough researcher, but he has been wrong many a time, Unlike other good detectives though, when reaching a dead end, he does not back up and try another alley, but tends to get creative instead.

    Hope that does not get me another lawsuit threat. Am I covered by LF's liability policy? :)

    Sorry, but I'm not interested in the debate pro/cons Rossi, especially with respect to IH. The recent RvD litigation led to the polarization of the LENR debate around this diatribe, but it looks to me a pantomime, because both parts are supporting, one way or another, the validity of LENR, whereas, IMO, the real debate should be about the reality of CF/LENR as a whole.


    Good points. However, try as we may to put Rossi behind us, I think he is going to be the center of attention for a long time to come. Not because of Doral, as that was an obvious ruse, but because questions still remain as to his early years with Focardi. Also, the first Hotcat test in Ferrara has so far stood up against the critiques. And one can not help but wonder if IH did get a little something in a few of their attempts. After all, even Dameron told the Boeing guy (Childress) that he saw something interesting.

    Then there are the possible replications of the Hotcat by AP and Songsheng, and both are still actively refining, and reporting. Every time they report, Rossi comes back into focus. And me356's Hotcat type reactor, while a bust, did provide fuel ash samples that may help MFMP unravel a piece of the puzzle. And let us not forget MFMP, which formed to replicate Rossi's Hotcat. As long as they are at it, Rossi is in the picture.

    Got to admit that Rossi has spawned many offspring ...and yet he still has not proven a damn thing! The guy is that good. So yeah, we can talk about whether or not LENR is real, but Rossi is not going anywhere. By the time we are done with him, he will be a legend...if not already. Just the way he wants it. :)

    Really? Really??


    I am just deferring to higher authorities when I say that. And there are few higher authorities on LENR's history, than super critic JC, yet even he tipped his hat to those early researchers. Unfortunately, as Jed keeps reminding us....most are dead, or living in the LENR Full Care Villa's. They laid the path for the next generations, however most that followed chose to go down a different path.

    Good summary. Not sure if this was intended to convince anyone of LENR, but if so, I doubt it will. Like Louis Reed often complains about; it is mostly "old stuff". Not that that makes it any less compelling, but even I would have to agree that more emphasis on recent times would be more motivating. Hopefully that omission is not due to a lack of anything worthy to report on?

    Joshua Cude was also very critical of LENR, but did have a lot of good things to say about the professionalism of the early LENR pioneer researchers covered in Nagel's report. These guys knew their calorimetry, and it is to their credit that the field has continued on, largely due the respect, and trust for the work they did some 20-30 years ago. Hopefully somewhere, someone has since built upon their results, and moved the field a little further? If so, it would be nice to have a report on them.

    Hah, so GW is back! Always liked the guy until he threatened to sue me. Great summation he has for the freshmen, but for us Rossi Univ. post-grads -nothing new. Can Randombito really be Levi? If so, I would guess Alan will intervene pretty quickly. :)

    And trust me, if GW says Rossi can still be brought up on criminal charges as he does, that means he has already notified the authorities. GW reported Rossi to both the Florida, and North Carolina Radiation Agencies for running a "nuclear reactor" on his premises.


    This Larry Forsley turns up everywhere in LENR land it seems. With Pam Boss-Mossier formerly with SPAWAR, JKW, Global Energy Corp. (Genie Hybrid Reactor), and now NASA GRC. I wonder if this ties in with the NASA rumor that Alan started? So many dots, and no one in the know willing to connect them. I am sure Forsley could...were he so inclined.

    Makes you wonder about what they see regarding LENR? There appears to be this dedicated insider some secret society, that keeps popping up on the LENR radar screen, and they have been at it for years. There must be something they are seeing that keeps them going.


    Yes, I read the Zeneca case. Hazardous waste sites are like quick sand that suck under the best of intentions. Especially so in hyper regulated, very liberal, California. This one Cherokee franchisee saw an opportunity to make money, after first committing to cleaning up the site that had been polluted long before, by another company. Then some local residents complained they were not doing enough, or making it worse, which attracted the attention of the environmental activist organizations, which brought in the state's regulatory agencies. It became politicized, and once that happens, nothing Cherokee could do, or no matter how much they would be willing to spend...would ever be enough to satisfy the various governmental, activist, and resident concerns.

    At that point they did the only thing they could...file bankruptcy, and let the government deal with it. I really can not believe anyone would be so crazy to invest in brown fields. Hell, Rossi seems like a safe investment compared to that. Some of them must work out though, because they seem to have done quite a few.

    Bruce H - I seem to recall that R claimed to "refuel" the plant the day before the inspection.

    Wonder how Planet Rossi is going to reconcile that one?

    And Bruce H.'s Rossisays quote also calls into question the fuel ash that Rossi gave the Swedes in May 2016. The sample was reported to be from Doral, but how Rossi got it when the 1MW was padlocked...well let the believers reconcile that one also:…-from-uppsala-university/

    RIP David Jones who died a few days ago and had fun showing how gullible scientists can be.

    Thx ZOE, that was funny. Could have sworn he was talking specifically about Rossi and others:

    "But their main feature is an abundance of false clues. Jones explains that, as with any conjuring trick, ''the secret is not to conceal, but to confuse.'' So he complicates his machines with what he describes as ''a number of cunning distractions, each designed to lead the scientific mind along one or other of several false trails.''

    "Jones says his main conclusion from the attempts of scientists and engineers to understand his machine is that these professionals ''are remarkably gullible, and easily taken in by conjuring tricks.''

    Jones observes that ''such honest individuals clearly found it hard to conceive of a machine of which large sections serve no useful purpose, and struggled to dream up mechanisms that incorporated all my decorations.''"

    Without the two Levi HT reports (Ferrara/Lugano), it is very unlikley Rossi would have carried this as far as he did. Both reports served to placate IH at critical decision points. However, while there is some smoke, there is no fire that would implicate Levi, so he should be afforded the benefit of doubt.

    However, IMO his scientific reputation will always have an * next to it, because of his close association with Rossi. About the only way I can see him getting rid of that *, is to either redeem himself with

    a replication, come up with some proof that his Lugano results were good, or hope like hell Rossi comes through for him.

    I am pretty impressed with TD's comments Abd so kindly provided. He sounds sincere, and truly committed to the humanitarian first, money second aspect in his search for a working LENR tech. Definitely at odds with the unflattering picture IH haters here painted. By their depiction, the "greedy bastard" should have pulled his money out of LENR by now, and gone back to real estate. Instead, he is continuing on with his LENR quest. Good on him!

    After reading though, one thing that is no longer clear to me regarding the settlement: Rossi makes it very clear in his Lewan interview that he has his IP back. Yet, he is much less clear as to whether or not IH still has the North America Licence.

    Have you ever read any scientific article in which the author indicated the number of hours he had been in the lab? The authors considered it useful to point out that they had control of the test and that Rossi only intervened on some occasions (though in their presence) when it was obviously impossible for them to act alone as they did not know the object they were testing.


    The first HT (Hotcat) test the Levi team did was in Ferrara (TPR1). It created a storm of controversy, because of Rossi's participation. Levi was well aware of this, and understood that when he led the Lugano (TPR2) team, accounting fully for Rossi's role would determine the reports acceptance by the science community. If Rossi was lightly involved, and seldom present, then the report would be more respected, than if Rossi was there all, or most of the time, as the documents show was the case.

    Kind of an unusual situation, but then again, with anything usually is. His being there as he was, along with his side-kick Fabiani -whom Levi neglected to note being there at all, alone invalidates the report in any meaningfully scientific way. Plus, it was published on the UOBs internal site. Even Arvix would not accept it.

    LENR is a strange phenomenon that has defied the more conventional scientific discovery process for 28 years, so maybe it will take BG's/MFMP's unorthodox methods to uncover it's core secrets? If so, it will sure make for an interesting chapter in the annals of science history. Especially if it pans out as MFMP hopes, that a semi-meltdown on a trip to India, followed by a failed test in Eastern Europe (me356), padlocked door in India (Suhas), and the supposedly good ash samples collected from those forays, along with Piantelli's results and advice to them about Ti at a lunch in Italy, lead to the key piece of the puzzle!

    MFMP seems to be stirring up, and galvanizing the LENR field. Fostering cooperation, and IMO encouraging some "thinking outside of the box", and chasing leads no one else will. That may be what it takes...who knows. I wish them the best of luck. They have my support, and no matter where their instincts take them from now on, I will never be critical of them again.

    The authors clearly say that they have monitored his interventions and have also decided at least some of them ("... power level requested by us"), maybe all of them. Rossi's presence during the test is understandable, considering that he had to protect his discovery and legitimate secrets. No one would ever lose sight of an object that may be worth a fortune, especially if it is placed in a room that is not necessarily safe (they were in a Swiss premises .... not quite a safe deposit box). As for his interventions, it seems that they are limited to essential things, according to the Professors, who agreed to make that kind of test and signed the article. I think they would never have done it if they had felt themselves at the mercy of Rossi.


    Why are we still talking about Rossi, when rumor has it that NASA secretly built a station on the dark side of the moon using LENR tech? :)

    Just joking, and about your comment: If one reads the Lugano report, and compare it with the court documents, they tell different stories as to Rossi's, and the Swede's involvement. In his report, Levi describes Rossi as an occasional participant, never mentions Fabiani, and never addresses how often the Swedes were there, leaving us to assume all the time. The documents paint a much different picture, with Rossi AND Fabiani there most, if not all the time, while the Swedes flew in on occasion.

    Levi clearly understood Rossi's role would be under the microscope, and negatively affect the acceptance of the results were he to be too involved. It is not a good reflection on him IMO, that he then downplayed Rossi's presence, never mentioned Fabiani, nor the Swedes.

    We better be careful about this NASA rumor. It has the hallmarks of the "Telephone/Chinese Whisper" game. We have someone saying NASA is trying to replicate another government lab with Pd/electrolysis cells, and towards the end of the whisper rumor line is Alan, with his "large LENR reactor".

    I think we need better confirmation before I start yelling at passer-bys from the street corner. So anyone holding out? If so, step forward and tell us what you have heard. If there is something, we can not let it just slip back into the darkness as so much of this does. Got to get some light on it, and keep it there.

    Shane - I believe that the good news is coming. I've seen a snapshot of a related reaction - its encouraging and is being conducted by accountable grown-ups. The small reactor works well enough for next steps.

    Expecting broader progress in the coming months.


    I made a sign back in 2011 that says: "The world is saved, LENR is here", that I have been waiting for good news to put to use. Heading out to the street corner now with it, to spread the gospel. If I need bail money, could you help me out? :)

    Seriously, that is good to hear.