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    Good question. Many were/are also part of the other group, so they must have established some "rules of engagement" to break down barriers built around entrenched thinking, while keeping it civil? Then there are always a few in a group as large as this is projected to be, who know how to encourage open, and frank discussion without ruffling too many feathers. I already see a few names on the list who have the experience, and leadership qualities to fill the position. Eventually a group leader/s will emerge to guide the process along. Like a High School dance, it will be awkward and quiet at first, but by the end of the night everyone will be dancing and having a good old time.

    Main thing is to leave ego behind when engaging in the thread. If you have authored a theory, or have advocated for a particular one; embrace being challenged on every point, every word, every equation...without taking it personal. It is only in that way can the merits be determined. After all, there are many theories, and not all can be right, which means most are wrong.

    Hopefully, in the end the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and we can bake a cake. Oh, and never forget to have a little fun while at it.

    It may not seem like much but it's a harbinger of future development that may make things a lot easier. I think.…ion-and-ignition-systems/

    You forgot to mention this was a brand new (Sept. 20) video. The last one came out yesterday (19th), so they are pumping them out at a fast rate now:


    A slanted-electrodes, photovoltaic-window design SunCell® with one electromagnetic pump injector electrode and a pedestal counter electrode with a connecting jumper cable between them. The molten metal injector comprising an DC-type electromagnetic pump, pumped a Galinstan stream that connected with the pedestal counter electrode to close a current loop comprising the stream, the EM pump reservoir, and the jumper cable connected at each end to the corresponding electrode bus bar and passing through a 60 Hz transformer primary. The loop served as a shorted secondary to the 60 Hz transformer primary. The induced current in the secondary maintained a plasma in atmospheric air comprising some water vapor at low power consumption

    Seriously. BLP has always relied on investor money to stay afloat. With the money comes restrictions. They do not have the luxury of playing open science, so that everyone can copy them. Under the circumstances, it would be understandable if they were to remain totally silent. Instead, to their credit, they have gone through the effort of publishing their many validations over the years.

    And I dare any of you to commission as many independent studies of your experiment, or pet theory, as BLP, and have all, if not most conclude the theory and results are legitimate. Or maintain a highly experienced team for years...all of whom could easily get another job at better salary elsewhere, while peddling a fake science, and fake technology.

    With the submerged Suncell in the water tank we could roughly deduce the energy output. But we weren't informed of the energy input, or the hydrogen gas input.

    With this quartz container iteration, we don't know input and we don't know output

    The numbers I have, are that a little went in, and a lot came out. Hope that helps. :)

    I am very optimistic about this new groups formation. Trevithick asked me once why I was doing what I do. My response was "to get all you smart people together, so you can solve this puzzle. Using the forums tools, we can float ideas here in a matter of weeks, instead of the years it takes via conferences".

    When Alan presented his offer at a special meeting of the AHG at ICCF22, it was for the same selfless get the smartest people together to solve this riddle. They took a vote and decided it was a good idea, and came up with the NSRG title.

    Many hurdles yet to overcome before they become a cohesive, coordinated think tank, but I think the pieces are falling in place. It may take a few weeks/months, but it is happening, and all for a very good cause. Once the teams roster is filled out and working together for the common goal, I expect some good things of them.

    I do not believe they have a marketing department any longer. Navid can correct me if wrong, but I believe they had a marketing team in the summer/fall of 2017, in preparation for commercial launch of the PVC Suncell. Then Columbia Tech was unable to make it work, so they had to let them go.

    Celani has been around so long we tend to take him for granted, but judging by his new presentation, maybe we should pay more attention? Quietly he has developed his constantan from the early crude designs, into today's slick looking, sophisticated reactor. Amazing all the science going into some wires, and not all by Edisonian methods either.

    I would also like to know more about this Metallurgy company in northern Italy, that has been funding and helping him since 2011? It almost seems as if an industry has quietly sprung up around Celani, and his team. Something tells me there is an interesting story in this.

    New video:

    Two molten metal injectors, each comprising an induction-type electromagnetic pump, pumped Galinstan streams such that they intersected to create a triangular current loop comprising the streams, two Galinstan reservoirs, and a cross channel at the base of the reservoirs. The loop served as a shorted secondary to a 1000 Hz transformer primary. The induced current in the secondary maintained a plasma in atmospheric air at low power consumption. The induction system is enabling of a silver-based-working-fluid-SunCell® - magnetohydrodynamic power generator of unsurpassed power density and efficiency.

    The new space is visible on the left side of the portal screen, under Forum List/General Talks/NSRG though mobile phone users might see it differently. When you get to the new space a click on 'General Talks will show you the current threads, and you will be able to create new ones or post in existing ones- or indeed you can post in the public threads.

    Looks as if anther portal opened up since I last checked. Under left side "Forum List"/The Nuclear Structure Research Group (Private)/General Talk. Gets group participants to the same General Talk page as the more direct route. Just mentioning this so there is no confusion when the NSRG group sees it. Working out the kinks, but once everything is set, this is going to be a very nice addition to the forum.

    Thanks go to Alan/Barty for putting this together, and those LENR theoreticians for joining.

    Interesting. In reading the comments of the new Safire video, I saw Structured Atom Model (SAM) mentioned as an explanation for the transmutations. Monty Childs wrote in response, that he is in contact with them (Edo is one of the founders). Here is the SAM website:…documentation/our-mission

    At ICCF22, Edwin Kaal gave a presentation on SAM. Here is what Ruby reported on about that:

    "Nuclear Transmutation and Mass Defect explained with the Structured Atom Model (SAM) by Kaal, Etheral Matters LLC

    I am just getting in and having a coffee, and this is super heavy theory at 8AM. Woah. He will have these files on his website and you can download the presentation there.

    He is talking about the "cycle of 8". The title of the slide is "SAM linked to the properties of the elements."

    SAM is the next step in the evolution of nuclear model structure. This fellow has a very interesting model on how the elements build from H through the periodic table. It is the 150th anniversary of the periodic table being organized and he is happy to bring this model out during this year.

    I am sorry but I must have another coffee. I'll be back for the next talk."

    So it appears there is some communication between principals of Safire, SAM, and some LENR theoreticians. Small world. Wish we could have the great minds of the "Golden Age of Physics" back again to look at this growing body of evidence supporting low energy transmutations. But then again, one of them (Bohr) warned Langumir away from reporting his own LENR results, so maybe they would have been as disbelieving as today's mainstream.

    I think is great that they are testing the electric sun and finding stuff that is LENR related.

    From the video, I get the strong impression Safire does not want to be identified with Thunderbolt's electric sun theory. in other words; when someone talks about the EST, they do not want people to automatically think of Safire. That project is over, and now on to getting the funding to track down where these transmutations are taking place. As of now, they are not sure if it is in the electrode, or the environment surrounding.

    Lots of talk about nuclear waste remediation being the most obvious application when, not if, developed. But according to Monte, that will have to involve partnering up with the government because of the restrictive regulations involved with anything nuclear. IMO, that is the same reason Larry Forsley's GEC is now working with NASA to develop their hybrid fission/LENR reactor. I believe he even mentioned that in one of his presentations?

    Since a government lab has already validated Safire's results, I would think they would be a likely partner. But then there are the AHE events Safire reported at this summers Bathe conference, which can be developed without being under the governments umbrella. If Anthropocene is reading, hopefully they jump on this. Actually, any of the others like IH or CP should be interested. Even Google, since the Berkely Lab component of the team already observed an exciting nuclear effect.


    Thanks for providing. Very good video. Fills in some missing pieces, such as Safire is not part of, or affiliated with Thunderbolt. They were contracted by the International Science Foundation to test the electric sun theory back in 2011. Took the assignment because the sun does not emit gammas, which means "the physics of the sun is broken". Something that was new to me.

    During that research they discovered the transmutations, which after replicating the results themselves, and then validated independently through a government lab..."who found other things as well", they now confirm is real. Pursuing that now, but of course need money to do so.

    This could be the team that finally attracts serious attention from the mainstream. Certainly hard to ignore.

    It's not my intention to chase JR. However, IMO, the discussion can continue in a fair and respectful way by addressing the specific issues on the table and proposing understandable solutions, shareable by everyone, as LENR Calender did with the format of the numbers in the spreadsheets.

    You always say that, but then it "always" devolves into accusations/insinuations! Enough of that. We will rely on THH to be our resident skeptic. As smart as you are, you need to learn politics. That rules the world more so than science...unfortunately my friend.

    I was awaiting 1 more :thumbup:from the other Mods to wrap this one up, but it's late in Europe so will use Ascoli's post as an opportunity to "unofficially" close this thread. This topic has been beaten to death, going around in circles, and other than create disharmony accomplishing nothing. Jed not only deserves a break, but kudos for being so open and honest. This peer review stuff is tough...especially so when one of the reviewers sees shades of conspiracy in almost everything, so my hat is off to him for being so tolerant.

    Until further developments warrant looking into this in more detail, we shall now take a wait and see attitude. Jed can have the last word if he likes, then I ask everyone to voluntarily refrain from comment.

    If you were one of those to support me, I'll be sending out thank you's in October, once my work schedule calms down.

    If you will, ease your workload and skip the individual thank yous. No one will mind. You have done more than enough as is, and there is still more for you have left to do. If anything, we owe you the thanks for all you have done. Plus, you missed 5 days salary, paid for the excess baggage (gear/T-shirts), and covered incidental expenses, so we owe you full expenses paid for the next conference you attend, as "LENR-Forum Journalist".

    In the meanwhile, it was asked tous le monde to replicate these experiments. Why, on earth, someone should do so, if the authors of the original test deleted the more reliable data recorded during the original tests?

    I believe they were asking everyone to try and replicate their newest R20 experiment, and not the May 2016? If so, what they did, or did not do, with the old data from the "original test", is up to them. Regarding the R20 ; what more do you think could have done to help others replicate?

    It appears to me they have been as upfront as possible. A recipe, with pictures was published. Rothwell has been here most days tirelessly answering questions. Mizuno is hosting visitors to check his work, and feeding Jed answers to our questions here. All this only a short time after Mizuno saw these remarkable results.

    No matter how this ends, maybe we should give them credit for getting this out to the community as quickly as they did? If it turns out to be an error, then at least we will not have gone through the all too familiar process; make a big claim, then disappear to leave us wondering what happened.

    One thing good about LF, is that we can take these experiments, and ideas and vet them in a matter of weeks, so we do not waste much time. Not the years it takes via the conferences. As proof, we are now only a few months into the R20 vetting, and we are near the truth.

    But putting 50kg of gallium into the reactor as "a heat sink" tells me, that they have problems controlling the reaction. They are artificially increasing the termal time constant of the system - probably because the time constant of their control possibilities is too large for such an "explosive" reaction. They still have much work to do.

    Yes...the latest videos show they still have much work left. From my understanding, they feel the reaction is ironclad. With the low cost to build, it would be revolutionary...if they could get it to work 7/24/365. That will be an expensive R/D project, and will soon court new investors so they can finish the job.

    Lots of excitement on the team after these latest tests. They seem genuinely frustrated, that few outside BLP are as excited as they are.


    Seven of Twenty had it right with his cartoon. It is just an old joke, because NDA's are a common excuse used in the field. One in particular is the man from Italy. To be clear; I have no NDA with BLP.