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    I'm not trying to buy more time to believe. This is not a situation where if IH is wrong, then Rossi is right or vice versa. Both sides appear to be behaving like slippery snakes, as I stated in my first post in this thread. The only side I'm on is promoting LENR for the betterment of our world and the easing of human suffering. And that's not what I see here on either side on the basis of these documents. Yet I still naively cling to the hope that at some point in the future I will be surprised by Rossi or IH or both. But I won't hold my breath.


    I am just confused as to what this smearing of IH accomplishes? You, and the few remaining Rossi supporters seem to be on an all out attack of Darden/Vaughn's character. Even going so far as to blame IH for letting Rossi screw them, as if that reflects negatively on them -makes them the bad guys, instead of Rossi. Just a head scratcher to me.

    I have read most of the testimony, and to be honest TD/Vaughn come across as very forthright. Can you say the same about Rossi? :) They knew Rossi was difficult to deal with before they made contact with him. Studied his very colorful (being generous) past, yet still thought it worth the risk to see if he really had something. They took on the venture mostly for humanitarian reasons, and secondly for making money if it panned out. Anything wrong with that BTW? And may I add, Rossi chose them also, but IMO for a totally different reason...

    He (Rossi) had turned down previous joint venture offers from ENEL, NI (according to Cures), and rejected Elon Musk's overtures according to Lewan. There were probably others, but the fact is, Rossi finally accepted a deal with a technically naïve real estate VC (IH), that really made no sense, unless he considered them the gullible marks he had been waiting for.

    So you seem upset IH is gullible, and incompetent, but that is why Rossi chose them.


    By your logic, the bank should be held accountable for being robbed, or maybe a better analogy would be you, IHFB, and the other two that post here are just "shooting the messenger". IH being the messenger that Rossi is a crook, and deceiver.

    With all the documentation now available, you can cherry pick enough to paint even JesusC as corrupt, or Einstein stupid, so taking TD down a notch or two with a snip here, a snip there...everwhere a snip snip, :) is a cakewalk.

    Doing so though, may make you feel good and buy you a little more time to believe, but will not make Rossi/Johnson/Fabiani/Penon/Bass honest men, change the 1MW data, or bring back all that piping Rossi repurposed.


    Yes he did say there was steam, but not high pressure steam. I'd be careful with that, because that may be the "serpentine pipes" with "heating strips" on them, that Bass helped put up.

    Anyways here is what Stokes says about the JMP side:

    Q. You're almost done. Come on.
    2 A. One megawatt is one million watts. That
    3 is the equivalent of 10,000 100 watt light bulbs.
    4 Try to visualize 10,000 100 watt light bulbs and know
    5 there was nothing on the other side of that gray wall
    6 that would have consumed that much energy.
    7 Q. How about half of that much energy?
    8 MR. ANNESSER: Objection to form.
    9 MR. NUNEZ: Object to the form.
    10 THE WITNESS: Not at the time I was
    11 there.
    12 BY MR. PACE:
    13 Q. How about a quarter of that much energy?
    14 A. Not at the time I was there.
    15 Q. How about a tenth of that much energy?
    16 MR. ANNESSER: Objection to form.
    17 THE WITNESS: Possibly.

    I checked, and everything else I said is in 207-52. Looks like I still have a clean, no FUD, record.


    Keep reading, everything I said is in there.

    Speaking of which, kind of slick of you to mention he noted the container, and piping in there. No one has ever doubted that, but I can see how you interpreted what I said. When asked, he (Stokes) noted that the heavy equipment normally expected in, or around, a manufacturing area, was not there, but some small tools I said.

    Getting late, but if needed, will deal with this tomorrow.

    Forget the roof Wyttenbach. Everyone who examined the small warehouse, even Rossi's own supposed expert (Dr. Wong), said they saw nothing there that could exhaust 1MW thermal. Only reason Dr. Wong thinks it plausible, is because he swallowed what Rossi said...that he (Rossi), with the help of some day laborers built a heat dissipation system from JMP's area, out through the second story. A system he never took pictures of, and no one noticed.

    Tell me, if you had a wooden housed piping running through your house, exhausting 1MW thermal out your bathroom window...would you need a hairdryer? ;)


    You are wound up too tight. Relax. The more I go through all the documents, the more confident I am that IH will win. Even with a second rate law firm...which JD is not, and the dumbest of jurors, the evidence is just so overwhelming.

    Just finished the James Stokes deposition; 207-52...yes I am slow. :) He is a Florida state radiation inspector, and inspected Doral accompanied by 2 detectives. He was followed around by Fabiani -the guy who thought Russia was more suitable for his lifestyle than Miami Beach after IH counter-sued, although the place is so small, Fabiani could be at the other end, and still appear like he was following. Anyways, Stokes has plenty of experience in manufacturing worksites, and of steam.

    Nothing in the JMP area he testified, other than small tools. No equipment one would associate with manufacturing. He was well aware of what 1MW was, and said no way there was that, nor 1/4 that taking place. Admitted it could have been 1/10th that. Steam coming out of one pipe was "pressurized steam", and not "high pressure".

    Odd he did not mention stumbling over Rossi's heat dissipation contraption running along the floor, up the steps, and out a window, or two, over the one office. Oh, and the office appeared totally unused.

    No problem though, because iHFB, and Just Another Troll living up to his name, have assured me Tesla did all this stuff too.


    Sounds like you need some cheering up:

    A. Mikhail

    March 25, 2017 at 4:28 PM

    Interesting: IH figured the 1 MW plant test had failed because it started late, so they didn’t have to pay him (Rossi)** “But they never told him this”. And … Woodward’s $50 million only bought 5% of IH’s shares, when IH had only the IP of Andrea Rossi in its portfolio (eventually they bought toilet paper pretending it is IP from Rossi’s competitors, to be able to say to their investors that they still have an IP even if they have no more the IP of Rossi.

    Andrea Rossi

    March 25, 2017 at 5:16 PM

    A.Mikhail: The more you read the discovery documents, the more you understand why we are satisfied of our position in the litigation. Warm Regards,



    Of course I agree that Rossi is FOS here. Some though may interpret this passage differently...that Rossi DID advise IH he would direct, or run JMP, when he says he would direct, or run the "plant" for the first year, so I would like to clarify this a bit.

    The license agreement between Rossi/IH names the 1MW container, "the plant". It thereafter was referred to in communications as the plant. IH would always look at that term, and think it was about their 1MW container. So Rossi tries to pull a fast one here, by pretending the plant means JMP's operation, but what he really said was that he would direct the 1MW.

    Also noted in his own words, is that this will be a 3 year lease, which indicates yet again, that Rossi did not sell this to IH as the GPT.

    Lesson for the day: If Rossi ever pats you on your back, check your wallet. :)

    I recommend that you watch the National Geographic American Genius series of documentaries. It is a fascinating watch filled with brilliant inventors of the past. Much intrigue, deception, court battles, triumph, and failure. And these things seemed to consistently accompany the narrative of about every world-changing technology. It is due human frailties: greed, power, fear, dishonesty, and the like. The Rossi / IH affair is in no way unique, and is actually about what I would expect if the underlying technology was real.

    Dang, I was afraid you would come up with something like that! :) So now, I have to not only read the rest of the case documents, now I have to watch a series of documentaries that will make Rossi appear the norm?

    They will be coming to take me away aha, oho, ahee, to the funny farm, where I belong, they are coming to take me away.....


    I have always loved to read about science history. I have read of a very few, most of whom were very honest, a small handful not, that fell into trouble for their passions -bankruptcy and the sort. Most of them were very hard to deal with like Rossi, but honestly, I can not think of a one that had claimed such a world changing invention as the Ecat, who resorted to Rossi's deceptions, and then were proven right.

    Taking a break from going over all the documents. If for anything, I think my family may intervene, and ship me off to a rehab center if I don't, but mainly because there is so much to digest. So many answers though, finally, after years of questions, and speculations, it is just hard to stop reading!

    Do you realize just how much deception is being revealed? Incredible. As I said earlier, and Jed shortened a bit, there is just so much, it makes your head spin! Take JMP as just one example. The amount of deceit is astounding with that one alone. Totally fabricated, and misrepresented to IH by Rossi, Johnson, and others.

    Someone mentioned the movie "The Sting" earlier, but honestly, I think that the comparison does not do this one justice.

    Anyone notice in 207-47 the exchange between Rossi and Bass, where Rossi wants him (Bass) to come up with a transformer that converts 5-20 watts, to 5 million Vs?

    Bass expands a bit on that, in 207-48, pg 130.

    Can someone point me to the document talking about the "heating strips" on the outlet pipe?


    Actually, after finding it again, it is a "heat strip on the serpentine pipe". Go to James Bass deposition (207-48, pg 73) for that.

    Then go back to pg 40, where the term "serpentine" originates from. There Bass explains he helped put those pipes up, and that they already had "something charged in them"...when he put them up. Wording surrounding this is a bit confusing, but I gather from it that Bass was lead to believe the pipe. or pipes, had Pt sponge in it (charged) for processing.

    One thing is clear from multiple depos; there was never any Pt sponge bought, or brought to Doral. Nor graphene.


    I would have to dig into the mountain of documents again (still not done yet too), but somewhere in there is Vaughn I think talking about how haphazardly Rossi used his thermal camera. Said something like: "he usually set the e at 1, but sometimes to .5".

    In that light, I can see how in the months following Rossi's arrival in NC, those early results did not hold up later on after they themselves started testing. I will say though, that one can make a case that there were some interesting things happening. Enough so that it kept IH very tolerant of Rossi until the end, but nothing close to the claims Rossi sold them on.

    I disagree with some that say there is not enough information yet to come to a conclusion. Doing so shows a preconceived notion, a bias. That is crazy, there is more than enough released already -especially the past few days worth of documents, to form a strong opinion about this case. Especially so for former fanboys and LENR supporters as most of us are, who have closely followed the Rossi story since the beginning. In fact, at this point, with so much available to us, I would consider it strange to have NOT come to a decision of right/wrong as to Rossi, or IH.

    That said, Dewey expressed his bewilderment that this much proof of "spoilation" JD submitted to the court, did not result in the judge granting their JS. Others pointed out she may have rejected more on the procedural grounds, so we shall see. And the amount of spoliation of evidence, is indeed massive. Enough to have any case tossed when presented to the court.

    Rossi dismantled plumbing, and "repurposed" them. That should have been the end of Rossi, but so far not. Same with the fantastical heat dissipation is all gone now, never to be seen. That too should be the end. If that were not enough, and so far it is not; there is Penon, Rossi, Fabiani deleting all their emails to each other, the day after the test was over. Then suspiciously Fabiani moving to Russia, Penon refusing to come onto US soil for his deposition.

    In reading, in some odd way, I think JDs biggest challenge is that there is simply too much damning evidence against Rossi. Where to start? If they start on the multiple examples of spoilation alone, they deemphasize Rossi's many lies about JMP, customer, products. Focus on the JMP Rossi lies, and forget that the conditions of the GPT were not even contractually met. Concentrate on that, and the many problems with the 1MW set-up are shoved to the background. But they have to dig in somewhere, and when they do, everyone will laser in on that and forget the rest. Tough problem as we see even here. Just think in front of a jurt.

    Speaking of the set-up; meter placement, plumbing, heat dissipation etc. I would think if the heat dissipation thing Rossi concocted would not lead to granting a JS, the revelation of the "heating strip" alone would be another case killer. Even here, that has been buried under the avalanche of damning facts. Like I said, I think there is just too much here. So why would he put a heating strip on the outtake line I think it was?

    207-35 , page 2: an email form Darden from July 3 2014 seems to imply that he knew that when Rossi's proposal to have the plant run in Florida was a test.

    So what was the point of IH denying that they knew it was going to be a test? Seems like a waste of everyone's energy.

    207-44: Rossi wanting to buy 10 kg platinum sponge on behalf of the "customer".

    Was Rossi running a process on the "customer" side?


    Agree with the first, but your word *imply* has to be balanced out with IH's contractually convincing argument, that the GPT could not be legal for a number of reasons. One being that *all* parties had to sign the amended GPT conditions to become effective, and some purposely did not do so...for their their own reasons. Rossi elsewhere admits in an email that AEG (his old friends that were selling their shares to IH) would not sign that amendment either, contacted them about that but to no avail. So all parties seemed to purposely avoid putting their names on that new agreement, Rossi knew that, lobbied to change opinions and was unsuccessful. So he knew the gamble of going forward pretending Doral to be a legally sanctioned GPT.

    As to the 10kg Pt sponge stuff; he said a lot about all that, and much more, nothing of which he had proof most of his testimony, but in the end he was his own customer (he was JMP), and claimed later to have used his own Pt he brought over from Italy, because Matthey charged too much for theirs. Probably lied about all that too.

    I think the best approach to this whole case is to assume everything Rossi says is a lie, with a few little truths (greatly exaggerated) mixed in. He does not deserve any benefit of the doubt.

    The Judge's quick rejection of the Spoliation filing is a head-scratcher. Powerful evidence of destroyed emails and system hardware in the doc. Perhaps she has made up her mind and doesn't intend to waste time on anything else now that the SJ filings are in the docket.


    I have felt for some time that this judge is too swamped with complicated scientific/engineering Information, too little time, coupled with a heavy case load, to sort it all out, so decided to take the safe path bureaucratic path by passing the buck to a jury.

    She, or her clerk, started out in the very beginning, with a very impressive ruling that even Abd was wowed over, but since then has been behind the curve IMO. To be honest, she has never impressed me as she has others.

    Too bad, as this would set a very bad precedent that such an obvious hustler as Rossi, and his band of clowns, were to make it to court where it becomes a crap shoot. Too risky unfortunately for IH, and force them to settle. To be honest, I think this has been Rossi's, and his lawyers, strategy all along.

    And the hidden heat exchanger story! Now there was a second story room where a large heat exchanger was placed to dissipate the 1MW of heat. Strangely enough, it immediately went missing and is no where to be found! Scrap metal prices must have been high for Rossi to want to get rid of it so quickly!

    Yes, that one was a riot. Rossi has no pictures of it, and somehow none of the people going in and out of the building over the 350 days, noticed 100 meters of steel pipe, enveloped in a wood housing running from the plant, zig-zagging along the 1st floor, up the stairs to the second floor, to a window he claims to have knocked the glass out of with the help of day laborers he has no record of paying, over the front door where people enter and leave, with two big fans blowing the 1MW heat out the window!

    Then he took it all down the day after the test ended, recycled it all like you said, and oh yeah, repaired the window after he took over the building from JMP (himself), with the help of more day laborers he has no record of.

    Someone has to sell this script to Hollywood!

    The Rossi story may still have some legs to it, as he may have held onto the secret sauce afterall. In his deposition, the IH lawyers asked why only he fueled the 4 "Big Frankies" in the primary Doral 1MW, and let the IH people fuel the older, smaller units composing the back-up 1MW at Doral. The old one never worked when needed. He kind of did not answer that one.

    IMO, IH's wording in their request to have Rossi's charges dismissed, is such that they hold out for the possibility that there may be a little something to the Rossi Effect.

    Started reading 9;30 this morning and could not stop. Even called off my golf game, and I still have some more reading to go. We do not need a trial to get to the bottom of this anymore. It is all right there, and reads like a great novel. JD did a bang up job literally dismantling Rossi's case. It would be a travesty for something so frivolous be allowed to go to a jury.

    I actually think Rossi has a split personality. In his depositions, they were constantly having to establish which hat he was wearing, and he seamlessly answered in whatever role was called for. And when I say split, I mean not just two! He slips between Leonardo/Rossi/JMP Director and acts like Penon and Fabiani are just some strangers he never met.

    He is such a good liar too...and by that I do not mean it is hard to tell when he is lying, but how comfortable he is in telling an obvious lie. He makes stuff up as he goes also, and does not miss a beat doing it. Bet he could commit murder in front of 10 people, and pass a lie detector test.

    BTW Jed has been right all along...the data is that corrupted. I think an apology or two, may be in order?

    Judging from the experts comments here, and even on ECW, this report has no scientific value. Honestly, after I read it, that was apparent, but just wanted to give it some time for the pros to comment...just in case.

    Only thing different I could see between the past and now, is that before, Rossi found seasoned scientists with credentials to sign on, and now he is having to stoop so low as to have a young PhD aspirant do so.

    So does anyone know how this:

    J.M. Products, Inc

    "Advanced Derivatives of Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges"

    7861 NW 46th St.

    Doral, Fl. 33139

    Became this?:



    Address of the site: 7861 NW 46th St., Doral, Florida, 33139 USA

    Could this be an attempt to influence something???

    Why would Rossi need to influence something else? He has already proven he sweated away much of what little weight he has...of which just yesterday he reminded us of yet again :) , while dedicating himself 16 hours a day, in a small warehouse housed next to a mini-nuclear reactor, in a semi-tropical zone.

    Any jury will surely note his sacrifices, especially so when he explains to them it was all for the children with cancer...and a condo, or two or 13, on Miami Beach.


    Love your enthusiasm. Mine was starting to wane just a bit, after my long addiction to this cursed thing after the "60 Minutes" CF segment, and you gave me a little boost. Thx.

    Good on you for your substantial MFMP donation too! I contributed at the beginning, but nothing like what you did. BG mentioned Carl Page (Brillouin Energy advisor) has so far contributed the bulk for this India trip, but I bet you came close to him. And $1,000 for someone in your financial position is huge.

    As BG also pointed out; if this comes to fruition due your commitment, you will have done more to "Save the Planet", than 99% of humanity.

    Take care.

    I remember that guy now. I said something about him a while back:

    Ultrasonic Fuel Treatment

    Always worth checking claims such as his out, and I can not think of a better group to do that than MFMP. Who else is ready on a whim to jump on the next plane out of town, with the internet savvy to rally support for the airfare and lodging, and the expertise to rapidly gauge the legitimacy of the claim when they get there, as them?

    They kind of remind me of the Ghost Busters. :)