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    Tom Whipple has this new article out. Unfortunately, Rossi is mentioned also. In his comparisons, Tom at least presents Mills more favorably due his openness over the sharp contrast to Rossi. Still though, Mills can not be too happy seeing his name right next to Rossi! Not very comforting for a potential OEM, or investor to read....both of which BLP is actively courting.

    Mills has his troubles, and has often made promises he never kept, but one thing you can not fault him for is his openness, validations, and most importantly to me...his loyal team. You can fool yourself, and others, but fooling a smart team is not so easy. Of the approximately 25 remaining employees, many, if not most are engineers, and scientists. All remain loyal to the man, the technology, and many the Hydrino science.

    Even his Product Management Team assembled last fall to find customers for the Suncell PV, which Mills was forced to lay off after the CT disappointment, has maintained their respect, and loyalty. That tells me a lot.

    In comparison, Rossi has no team we know of. No brick and mortar building, after having quietly moved out of the Doral warehouse shortly after the settlement. No comparison between he and Mills in any way.

    Anybody knows for what reason might this clause have been included in the last purchase:

    “No person(s) other than those described above [Andrea Rossi] shall temporarly or permanently reside in the Condominium without prior written approval of the Association.”


    Many HOA's prohibit short term rentals. Those are the vacationers, and they party hard. In a popular area like mine, some of the condos can command $3,000/week rent. Long term renters, are "permanent residents", and have to be accepted by law I think. Long term rents are much lower though, so the owner might be tempted to cheat. Hence the condition where the owner has to get prior written approval.

    So could "energetic materials" convince the US military this October at BrLP's open house, to partner up? Mills claims he can produce 10X's more energy than TNT. If he can prove that, he may have a deal. We shall see. I think he needs this, as nothing else is panning far. Will the military bring their bomb calorimetry experts along, or only the top brass to feel Mills out?

    Stepanov is a good example of how frustrating it is to get follow up information out of Russia. I think Parkhomov is still doing R/D, but we only get an occasional tidbit about him. I have asked our Russian members here to try and find out what is happening, but nothing ever came of it.

    Same goes for the Ni-H Research Group in China. Sonsheng Jiang made a big splash a few years ago that got everyone excited. Then he was replicated by another Chinese engineer, more excitement, and that was the last I heard from either of them. We also had some good reports out of India last year about confirmed transmutations/XH, but nothing since then. Swedes...oh never mind. :) We need everyone to keep us abreast of their developments (the good and the bad), if we are going to save the planet.

    I give credit to the Japanese as they are relatively open. Same goes for the likes of Storms and Miles.

    But it did provide you with the opportunity to list all his real and imagined failings for the 106th time

    I was that obvious?...Losing my touch I guess. I did say something positive though, when I mentioned his tenacity after getting caught in one scam, then going on so quickly to another.

    Other than the entertainment value to this thread, I like to think it also serves to inform any potential Rossi investors of what they are getting into. Just think what he could have gotten away with after Doral, had we not shed some light on what the documents showed about the man.

    Even as it is....with all our effort, somehow the sneak is up to something again. Just too much smoke coming from JONP IMO, for there not to be any fire. Whatever one thinks about Rossi, you have to admire his tenacity. Most respectful scammers would have retired after getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar like he did at Doral. But here he is...still at it. He just never stops. And if this one is anything close to the 40MW setting he claims, it will be his biggest yet. He defies reason. As Adrain has pointed out; why not retire? He has his real estate, comfortable lifestyle thanks to IH.

    I think LENR land, and the public expects us to keep on top of whatever it is he is up to, and keep them informed every step of the way. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it...and why not have a little fun in the process. :)

    Instant classic! :thumbup:

    Technically Piantelli is not taking it to the grave, because from what we heard he plans on leaving whatever he has to his children. That to me, is little better than taking it to the grave. I read somewhere recently, how difficult it is to replicate another researchers work by following written instructions only. The inventor often has to be there to teach the little techniques that make it work, or explain what this or that lab note means.

    Too bad Piantelli decided not to take MFMP under his wing when they came to him for help. He could have taught them the magic touch. and by doing so ensure his work would live on.

    I have a different view of the situation. From what I've read of Bob Greenyer's comments on Piantelli, he is an extremely cautious, conservative scientist with an extreme distaste for risk -- experiments which could potentially come with a safety hazard. To put this simply, he isn't a researcher who would work to scale up their output rapidly to make their technology industrially useful and economically viable. My opinion is that once someone through practice and trial and error becomes adequately skilled in the art to achieve the Ni-H results Piantelli and Focardi achieved, pushing beyond is fairly strait forward. Actually, there are a series of routes that can be chosen from that, in my opinion, all will eventually lead to plasma-enhanced reactors.

    Me356 studied Piantelli's and Focardi's work in detail before he made any claims of anomalous results. Later, he claimed that studying these results and following the guidelines provided in their papers and test reports were critical to laying a foundation that could be built upon (not exactly these words). The problem is that even performing a series of tests to replicate Piantelli and Focardi's experiments would be too much work, take too much time, and cost too much (relatively speaking) for most researchers.

    Piantelli is set to take his technology to the grave, and Rossi is an outright fraud. Debating who deserves credit for Ni-H LENR, seems as productive as the Titanic crew arguing over the deck chair arrangements as the ship went down. Throwing me356 into the mix, just adds to the irony.

    I think LENR is better than this.

    Why not a sign of dishonesty? Long-standing self-delusion and/or dishonesty? Why do some people have such a hard time considering those when discussing putative new sources of energy? As often as not, that's all there is to claims for novel sources of energy that seem to violate established physics, whatever that is.


    Last year I started pointing out examples of Mills saying things that he had to have known were not correct. One in particular was an interview he did 15 months ago, where he said in 2 months he would have the Suncell PVC out. Is that "dishonest"? It may be to those like yourself, but others may consider it a case of over-optimism. So far, as far as I am concerned Mills behavior has not risen to the flagrant deceitfulness of a Rossi, or Defkalion. The day it does, is the day I will start using stronger words about him.

    Mills has come under heavy fire after the 3rd quarter update, and the investor report leaked out from the April meeting. Someone asked him this on Yahoo:

    "I also suggested BrLP partner with heavy industry...but that's not on their agenda either. Why not?"

    This was his answer:

    "We spent millions on business development. We go it alone because we have to. This technology would not exist, but for one company fighting for it alone. Worse yet it had to fight against many adversaries to survive to invent the hydrino power source. We have had patents pulled, articles pulled even at the printing stage, harassment and blackballing from government, media, and the power industry."

    While some of that may be true, BrLP/BLP 's history shows power companies, and investors representing big industries, have been some of their major source of funding over the years. Even the government in the way of NASA, has worked with him. Seems to me he is playing the David vs Goliath card, which IMO is a lame excuse for where he is now. It may also be a sign of desperation.

    Obviously, with his, and Columbia Tech's inability to get the Suncell running, he can not use it to go knocking on GE's doors asking to partner up. But if the older CIHT technology worked as well, and dependably as he claimed it did; why not pull it out of moth balls, and use it to attract a partner?

    Good grief. why do you always favor the negative side?

    It would be very simple to measure the electricity sup;ied to Rossi;s plant, and the heat the came from it if you didn't believe the customer

    Go I have to explain that one could tell from that whether it was energy from LENR?.


    This is a bit confusing. Yes, any measurement of input vs output, especially electricity in/heat out, would be simple. From there it would also be easy to figure out LENR, or not. Got that. Problem as we have seen from his history, is that we can not trust the set-up, not trust the measurements, not trust the data, and certainly not the customer. Last customer was fake BTW.

    Could you tell me how it is then that: "it would be simple to measure the electricity to Rossi's plant, and the heat that came from it if I don't believe the customer"? If we don't get the numbers from the customer, we get it from Rossi, and then it is Rossisays...right?

    For this to have any credibility, it seems to me there has to be a real customer, with the electricity provided by him, input/output records provided by him, and his backing it in some public way. Few will trust measurements made, and data provided by Rossi, but you seem to think there is another what do you have in mind?


    Thank you for the behind the scenes account. Interesting, and good to know, but the reason I put your post under this thread, was more so for the content of Ragheb's article...not the politics. But then again, LENR is equal parts politics, science, so maybe this is a good place for it.

    My main concern is for the author. Understandably some alumni, and your *friend* would take exception with adding the passage on Rossi's Ecat. I would also in their shoes. Maybe not forcefully, but fill him in on what the Doral court documents revealed about Rossi's integrity, then leave it up to him to edit out what he wanted. Without knowing the politics behind however, the average reader would not make much of what he put in his report about the Ecat. They would glance over it, see he dismissed it, and that would be the end of it. The authors integrity intact. I would hope those now informed of the "rest of the story" would not prejudice him , after having read your inside scoop.

    On to Brillouin (BEC); I think it unfair to lump them in with in with the likes of Rossi, and Defkalion. Totally different creatures. Robert Godes has twice now, had one of the finest research institutions in the country (SRI) do an independent validation of his Q-Pulse system. Both times they succeeded not only in replicating, but in doing so in their own lab, and multiple times. That to me puts them in their own category. That does not mean they are perfect as you will no doubt point out, but they have at least checked some blocks Rossi never has, nor ever will check.

    Taking that into account, Ragheb would have been negligent by not including them in his article. Same goes for the others. Someone needs to brave the critics, and sometime the alumni, and talk about all those doing the research.

    If there are other developments, please keep us informed.

    I, for one, hate to see criminals enriched by their crimes and even respected for them. Rossi has bamboozled many people peripheral to LENR with detrimental results. For example, there is this paper linked below which prominently includes his work (pp 29-31) and thereby places all the rest of the content in doubt. Rossi was originally cited by name in that paper. Several U of I alumni objected and the author edited out Rossi's name. But he still left in the drivel about "energy catalyzer" and ecat and Rossi's lame photos of his early ecats, complete with their chintzy insulation and huge electrical heaters.…%20condensed%20matter.pdf


    The author (Ragheb), did not display Rossi's early energy catalyzer "prominently". It was one of the last of the experiments he reviewed, and seems to write it off as a HO fuel cell. If anything, he downplays it. Maybe because of the peer pressure from UI alumni, as you claim...I would not know.

    Besides that, it was a good read. It is a new paper (dated 8/1/2018), but reads mostly like the majority was written years ago. Ragheb has been on the LENR for a long time, so that would not be surprising. He writes mostly about the older experiments/theories, of Patterson/SPAWAR/BEC/Widom. He does include Safire however, which happened last year, so maybe this triggered an update.


    If he does prove beyond doubt he has something this time, then yes he will have vindicated his earlier work at Doral. Not his behavior mind you...which was deceitful. I do not see how though, this time around will prove a thing. He is only offering a 20% savings, which is hardly anything nowadays. That is also strange considering his SK's supposedly operate in the 1000's of COP, and could deliver the heat much cheaper. It would make a real statement if he offered it at 90% savings, but then again, doing so would make it far more difficult for Rossi to cheat.

    That combined with his making them buy 40MW's, whether they need it or not, could easily account for the 20%. I just do not see a clear ending to this , which is usually the way the old Rossi operates. Of course he will claim it was clear, but it will not be...just like Doral.

    Shane, if it were not for the Adrians and Sams of the world who inexplicably still think Rossi is for real, would you really care what his latest nonsense is? Seriously?

    Good question like always. You remind me of that great Soj....oh never mind. :) Quick answer; I do not know. All I can say is that if they carried the story, I am grateful to them. It has been fun, and there is still a long way to go to the end. We know the ending, mystery is how the plot will unfold. I have my buttered popcorn, and ready for the show.

    I think Mills is feeling the pressure after having to lay off key employees, put his lab up for sale, and reach into the secondary funding market for liquidity:

    "Ceramics, induction systems, resistive heater, reversible insulation, chemistry control systems, MHD, and other design innovations have solved the foreseeable problems with high T, electricity system.

    Gallium, time-static cathode, heat exchanger, other design innovations have solved the foreseeable problems for a thermal product. Theory equations and results are being meticulously validated by an outside physics professor.Hydrino in a bottle settles the issue of the issue of the existence of hydrinos and the basis of our power source for good. It also vanquishes quantum theory and all modern pure mathematical based theories."

    But this last one is really lame, and desperate IMO, considering he is hosting an open house this Oct for the government:

    "The government worked hard to put Brilliant Light Power out."

    Shane, that makes mo sense. Rossi is 68. He has, or had, enough money before he started this new venture to retire.

    Why on earth would someone waste the last years of their life and money on a scam?


    No, it does not make sense at all. But Doral also seemed so sensible when reading JONP, and then the court documents were made public.

    But Sam! We're not following Rossi any more. We're following you!

    Speak for yourself SOT. I am curious about Rossi, and I suspect you are too. The man knows the challenge his history presents. He knows what we say, and think about him. He knows what he admitted/confessed in the Doral documents, yet here he is well into another scam. Right out in the open for all to plain sight some would say. It is as if Madoff were let out of jail tomorrow, and tried to do it again with the world watching. But in this case, we....not the world, are watching.

    I want to see what he has in store, so I am very interested.


    Yes, I agree that a real customer would/should never accept this offer. Because of his history, and terms, it would be crazy to accept. But something is going to happen IMO. I can smell it, based on following the little sneak now for 7 years. He has to have a customer to make it happen though. That does not mean what he is up to, or his customer is legitimate, but only that he is up to something, and that something I think is what Grafiker suggested.

    ECW crowd? Oy vey, not going to talk about them. Sad, so sad. So much potential, but like I more about them.


    I think you nailed it. This may be Rossi's "trick". You have 7 likes, so obviously others agree. We shall see.

    You are probably right Rose. Unfortunately, that takes money, acceptance, and mainstream participation to accomplish quickly. Neither of which the field has had, so guess we will continue on the slow road.

    Roseland, and Adrian.

    Probably some of our non-US members, and guests are a bit confused about "Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe". They may see "Dewey", and think we are referring to our very own Dewey Weaver (where have you been BTW?), but we are not. This goes way back in US literature, as a joke about lawyers. Linguistically, English speakers would pronounce this as "Do we cheat them, and how?". Not bashing lawyers, but simply trying to give our friends some background.

    Jed, and many others are missing a very important point about replication.

    “IF” the experiment does not get the same results EVERYTIME, then it has not been replicated.

    Something changed, this is science,

    there is an answer, find it.

    Nothing is ever that simple in LENR Roseland! :) Did you read McKubre's article I linked to? He and Jed make some very good points. In LENR, things do change, and there are so many unknowns. There are replications BTW, by every meaning of the definition. Read on.

    I have not heard that. Who is trying to do that? Fleischmann and I tried many years ago, as described in the Fleischmann - Miles letters. I don't think anyone has tried since then. Mike McKubre mentioned that he got some of the old material and tried it, and it worked pretty well.

    I was hoping you would not ask that. :) I thought it was Miles in his CFN's podcast whom mentioned about trying to persuade JM to make another batch, but the cost to ramp up a line for such a small amount was too high. Or maybe it was FP's from your letters? I could not find a reference though. There has been talk here though, about those special batches of Pd:

    Uploaded Letters from Martin Fleischmann to Melvin Miles


    Of course, we know about JM, but in the one thread you mention Violante at the ENEA making productive Pd, which was interesting. I will look, as I recall also the Japanese saying something similar about their supplier.