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    Forty Two,

    Good catch. Here is Rossi's active REFC Corporation:…state-corp/137192381.aspx

    President: Henry Johnson...hmmm, where have I seen that name before?

    CEO: Rossi

    Director: Rossi's wife

    They bought some more property in June 2018 as you called attention to. Wonder if that coincided with some new partnership? For the newbies; in 2013 Rossi bought 15 condos (2 in 2014) scattered around Miami with his IH money.

    I guess donating to the children with cancer comes after he has made his fortune in real estate. :) Also, this may be the answer for those who ask why he keeps on with the scam if he does not have anything...maybe because it brings in the money for more real estate?

    I highly recommend taking the 30 minutes to listen to Dr. Storms Friday presentation from Ruby's website. Interesting account of the early years post FP's, and how they first detected Tritium. What then caused them to go underground, right under the noses of the "bureaucrats" at Los Alamos Labs.

    More importantly, and fascinating, is what he has to say about the science. His being given some very active Pd by Takahashi, which reminded me of the JM Type A story. How even samples from the same batch can be morphologically different, affecting the XH gain. And how the Pd grows in volume (shortens, but widens) with loading, and how that relates to the robustness of the XH.

    Of particular note, starting at 30:00, he talks about seeing low energy photons, and energetic deuterons, but then talks about something of "strange characteristics" he has never seen. He thinks it is very important, and said he has been "loath to publish", but asked the audience to study it, and that he was open to whatever explanation they could think of. In his opinion, this strange radiation could "reveal something very unusual, and important" about the type of nuclear reaction taking place on the surface material.

    Cold Fusion:Physics/Applications/Measurement -Jean Paul Biberian - leading physics professor international cold fusion researcher- International conference presentation: latest cold fusion physics- updates, measurements, commercialization- As professsor Jean Paul notes- near the end- he has also considerable expertise in Biological Transmutations. Film courtesy conference co-host Roger Green


    Co-host Roger Green of "Breakthru-Technologies" ....

    was/is? one of Rossi's licensees. I see he is still advertising "Ecat Australia", and the Ecat technology on his Breakthru-Tech website. Interesting he is still in the picture. Looks like he has branched off in new directions also.

    Finished reading Ruby Carat's Thursday recap, and listened to some of Robert Elleson's audio of the presentations. Thank you both for chronicling this for future generations! Good things are happening in LENR land. The field seems to be zeroing in on how best to trigger. Reporting neutrons, gammas, and XH...much of it correlated.

    Not sure that renaming LENR to QUeen (Quantum Effect ENergy), is a good idea though. :)

    Recently someone, a 'professional' quipped, to put it nicely, about amateurs vs. professionals in this field. I have for 50 years worked as a professional in science, inside and outside institutions and government ministries, and in my experience I don't find the binomial classification of people into 'professionals' and 'amateurs' is either useful or appropriate. I classify people into 'those who can do' and 'those who cannot'. Sadly the population of 'those who can' do is a tiny slice of those who try, not unexpectedly that slice of 'those who can do' is many times greater amongst the population of so called 'amateurs' than is found amongst the 'professionals.'


    That may be the case from your own perspective, but keep in mind that all members here are "professionals" in their own special field. We are "doers" also. Accomplished. Few decided to pursue LENR, or Ocean Iron seeding like you, but we pursued our own dreams. No reason IMO then to denigrate them, and all the reason to embrace their opinions.

    .... some weeks ago I met a guy that participated to an eCat test, with a piece remained in Italy after A was already in USA. Well he said me these things: The eCat was powered for some seconds, then stopped, after some more seconds new power and then stop again...this for several time since the reaction started and the steam happened ...In the meantime all the electronic around stooped to run,...And after the reactor power was stopped definitively the reactor continued to give steam for 15 minutes more...


    Rossi moved to the US in 1996. First to New Hampshire, and later on to Miami Beach. His Ecat years started in 2007. Do you have a time period when this person in the email heard of this? I ask because there were many anecdotal stories floating around in LENR land, up until IH became involved in 2013. This could just be another.

    Yet, if this is more recent, it may be of interest. Not too much though, as the description of the effect in the email sounds unreliable, and anemic compared to what Rossi claimed at Doral.

    We are now 10 days past ICCF 21.Thanks to Jed, the presentations are filtering in, which is good. Abstracts have been available for some time. We have some good feedback here from attendees.

    I expected though to read Ruby's wrap up by now, and Abd has not said a word yet. They will have the reporters account of what they saw, and what they were told during the breaks, and after hours. The good stuff. Anyone know when we will hear more from them?

    Nagel usually does a thorough follow up report, but that can take months to compile. Will be looking forward to that. Others attending like BG, will probably slowly bleed off-the-record details out over time.


    That Grimshaw/UOT White Paper you link to, is intended to be the "underpinning" for another report we do not see, that covers LENR. All this one does is identify the many, many, overlapping, Federal agencies, and Congressional Committees that have a role in energy, that would be interested in the LENR report.

    Do we know where that report is, or even if it has ever been released? They refer to Nagel as the author, and I know he has written a number of summations about the ICCF's, so maybe they are referring to one of those?

    Russ George's highly provocative post has been deleted, and all references to it also. There simply will be no more of that tolerated here. If you want to take it further Russ, I suggest you do so elsewhere. IMO, LF would be better off without. Your choice.


    . IMHO there are a number of unresolved issues which indicate that Rossi MIGHT have something.


    There were a few interesting tidbits revealed in the court documents that might, as you say, indicate Rossi might have something. What I saw though was from IH's facility in NC -not Doral, but nothing there that would suggest Rossi had more than some little, unreliable effect on the order of what many others have reported for many years.

    I saw nothing at all from the Doral documents that even hinted he may have anything other than a rusty, leaky heater. What they did clearly reveal, was that the man is as corrupt as they come. No doubt about that.

    We have been told that this exceptional interest was suddenly triggered by 3 phone calls received in a short time, but even if they are at the basis of the largest single funding in LENR history, nothing more is publicly known: not the date, nor the callers, nor the specific scope and the arguments that have turned out to be so convincing.


    So are you suggesting that Jed made those 3 phone calls to Darden, to drum up some investment $ for Rossi? That is what it sounds like to me at least. You already tried to make the case that Jed was a big fan of Rossi at the time, there was little funding flowing into the field, so his calling Darden fits right into the conspiracy you are so laboriously trying to build.

    As to the amount of IH's was really $10 million for the technology, and $1.5 for buying the 1MW plant. The other $89 million would only come if the GPT were successful. Had it been, the $89 would have been a bargain. Even at $10 mil, it was a rather large amount for the field at the time, which seemed to be making little progress.


    You said on another thread: "I had confirmed my findings of heat and helium in my cold fusion experiments in my own Palo Alto garage as well as at SRI, Rockwell Labs, Los Alamos, Pacific Northwest National Lab, the NRL, a major helium lab in Canada, and by being invited to work with the famous Arata San in his personal lab in Osaka where he had a 3He/4He mass spec vastly superior to my own."

    Are the results you are seeing now comparable to your prior ones, or more robust, predictable and promising? And if what you are seeing is more promising, may I ask what it is that changed from before...technique, setup, fuel composition, all, or some?


    I am too lazy to look it up, but somewhere buried in the story is that Darden used $10 million of his own money. If so, that probably would have been the escrow money paid after the "successful" Validation Test on 1 May 2013.

    And you make some good points about IH forming, then signing on Leonardo/Rossi the same month (Oct 2012), and Darden claiming he made 2 other LENR investments prior to that. Suppose though, Darden has his timeline wrong and Rossi was his/IH's 1st would that matter?


    I was reading the Darden deposition (207-09) the other day:…Ktdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk and came across this interesting comment from Darden (pg199) about Lugano:

    "I think the tests that were done by the professors were not thoroughly instrumented as an example, the one in Switzerland. There was a thermocouple in the device, but they didn't give the information from the thermocouple to the professors. So the professors were only allowed to put a thermal camera on the device, not in addition put a -run a thermocouple the whole time"

    Before this comment he was explaining how he confronted Rossi about the blank fuel "successful" run, and how Rossi started ranting about the Russians.

    Something for Russ to keep in mind when he goes knocking on Rossi's door to offer his help.

    In a reply to me on ECW (, LION says he intends to send a prebuilt reactor to Alan Smith ... possibly before October.

    If it can be managed I would suggest that it should be a reactor that LION has already fired up at least once and found to work.

    Dang it, now we are his hostages until October. We can't ask too many questions, and those asked have to be supportive, or he will punish us by not sending the reactor. Even if we behave, it still may not be sent...with no explanation provided.

    There must be a playbook somewhere, because I have seen this before.


    By facts I mean what Darden said, which was that Rossi was his 3rd LENR investment. We can speculate all day long, but in the end I have to go by what he says. He has always come across to me as trustworthy, and I see no benefit to his lying on such a minor matter.

    As to what I said in 2016; that was a period where we only had some of the picture. Keep in mind that Rossi stopped the GPT (Guaranteed Performance Test) February 2016, with his suit against IH soon to follow. The suit was settled only 11 months ago (how time flies!).

    With each new court document released, the picture became clearer, but was not fully -still some missing gaps, complete until spring of 2017. That did not stop us from using educated guesses to "fill in the blanks". As you can see from my 2016 quote you keep referencing, I used some "Deweysays", or educated guesses myself.

    That is what Collis said, and he is well respected in LENR. If you want to hear it for yourself, start from 5:15. It was a short interview.

    So in the case of his experiments this separation makes it clear(er) that the so-called fuel is truly the hydrogen and not the catalyst, which doesn't even necessarily require exposure to high temperatures.

    That reminded me of a comment from Cold Fusion Now! podcast with ISCMNS Chief Exec William Collis

    Ruby had asked him what theory should to be tested in response to his criticism the field needed a testable theory. At 5;45 "a system study of the fuel and ash would confirm or refute these models" and that it frustrated him that no one had yet "demonstrated H fuel is consumed".


    The facts show that Rossi was not IH's first LENR investment, and Woodford told Darden in an email that the *main*, not only, reason for their investing was Rossi.

    I agree; "prove it works", and what it means, is in the eye of the beholder. That was about the time the USPTO anti-LENR SAWS program was exposed, and ended, so they almost had to say something like that.

    Interesting question as to what it would take to prove something LENR works? Surely excess heat, but what about "gammas", tritium, dead lab assistants? Maybe David French would have the answer to that.

    I am not trying to say amateurs cannot accomplish anything, but if they come on line and make claims, they should follow legitimate protocol. The actions we have seen from ME356 and LION are quite puzzling. A group like MFMP who has no commercial agenda and these guys "stiff arm" them for lack of a better term!?! What gives. Very puzzling indeed. This conduct will not enhance their credibility any.


    I would add Suhas to that group. Maybe Rossi, although he took it much further by ripping IH off. Plus, he also has the early LENR history with Focardi, which still puzzles many of us, so I put him in his own special category. Parkomov...who knows?

    As you say, amateurs can accomplish things, so they should not be discounted outright. Certainly though, what these 3 did...stiff arm, take us for a ride, yank our chain, or whatever, will make it all the more difficult for any other amateurs who venture forward with great claims, to attract serious attention.

    Your post also reminded me of me356's interview last Sept. 2017. That was several months after the BG/Egely visit where the Aura did not work. His comments are funny in hindsight. It was like he took a page out of Rossi's playbook; if you get caught in a lie, tell a bigger lie!…owards-commercialization/

    What are you focusing on in your work with LENR these days?

    I am trying to simplify manufacturing process in the way that the most work can be done by machining, at least semi-automatically. This will minimize possible deviations from required model to achieve same results across the units. Initially everything was done by hand, especially welding, where the most errors can be made.

    What is the scale of your operations with LENR — how many people working with you on it?

    If we count also workers in external companies it could reach at least one hundred people that are directly involved with the reactors.

    The Japanese have it all figured out:

    January 2018 Nikkei article about cold fusion

    "The cold fusion method announced by researchers in the United States about 30 years ago was to electrolyze heavy water with palladium electrodes. Although this method has been attempted extensively abroad, the research group such as Technova has concentrated on the method of permeating deuterium (or hydrogen) gas into the metal rather than the electrolysis method, because they consider it more promising.

    Based on these experiments, the conditions under which an exothermic reaction occurs have been clarified. First of all, it is necessary to combine two kinds of metal such as palladium and nickel, rather than using a single type of metal. Moreover, when the ratio of palladium and copper was decreased to palladium 1: nickel 7 or copper 1: nickel 7, the generation of heat was enhanced.

    "A specimen made at an appropriate ratio has a clearance structure smaller than a nanometer (one-billionth of a meter) on the surface, and hydrogen seems to enter into this space and a reaction occurs." Professor Emeritus of Osaka University explains Prof. Akito Takahashi, who is a senior adviser to the research group and Technova.

    If the proportion of palladium or copper is high, these metals surround the specimen around the specimen tightly, and it is impossible to create "places" where hydrogen react with each other. "Heat is generated in experiments by electrolysis, probably because these nanostructures were made by accident on the metal electrode surface," said Prof. Takahashi. It is also clear that exothermic reaction occurs even when the species of hydrogen gas injected is not deuterium gas but normal hydrogen gas. Also, when injecting gas, when the temperature inside the device was raised to 200 to 400 degrees Celsius, it was found that the exothermic reaction did not stop within a short time, but rather continued for several weeks."

    There's a nice transcript of Tom Darden's speech at the opening of ICCF-19 linked here. It might possibly help to read it.…speech-on-lenr-at-iccf19/

    Thanks Alan. That should lay the matter to rest:

    "One day I received a random call about cold fusion. I didn’t give it much credence because I remembered in detail the disclosure about Fleischmann and Pons years before, and I believed the subject was dead. Then thirty days later I received another unrelated inquiry from a different group, so we began to do some research, and then thirty days later, I received a call from another group. We had invested in 100 startup companies and I had never gotten an inquiry about fusion or about LENR: three within 30 day intervals. We funded two of these groups, and then later, as many of you know, we licensed Andrea Rossi’s technology. Since then we’ve made grants to university groups exploring research in this space, and we continue to fund additional teams. We envision an ecosystem of collaboration with great scientists who work together to develop the many systems and technologies society will need to shift away from polluting fossil fuels."

    Just so we are all on the same page: This thread started out as Lionsays he replicated himself with even better results. He provided no proof except for a melted reactor lining I believe. He then promised to send both Alan/MFMP one of his fuel tubes 2 months ago (April), so they could replicate. He never did. While they waited, they prepared their own Lion fuel by following his recipe. The results using that fuel were negative.

    Now, I think we are talking about Alan's own separate experiment that has nothing to do with Lion...correct?


    Personally, I have never shared all Axil's delusions, however, he puts sentences in front of his drawings. Also, in regards this reasoning, I wonder what Franco Malgarini, does here?

    I was hoping one day he would tell us what he does here.