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    I am digging into this. Corresponding with him right now, and insists the website is legitimate, and that there must be some misunderstanding. It is always best to give someone the benefit of the doubt IMO while the facts are being sorted out.

    We shall see though. Everyone stand by.

    Nope. By coincidence, the pandemic happened to hit New York first, before the doctors and public health experts learned how to deal with it.

    I have never been into pointing fingers at people getting infected, and shaming them because they happen to live in a blue state, or red state. Most of those dying are old and feeble, and under the care of others.They could not help it. So it has nothing to do with red/blue, or politics...but all about the virus to me.

    I was only trying to make that point to Zeus.

    Those of us convinced this is a scam, discussed last year how Rossi would finish this up. One of the ideas was he would do "the slow fade". Keep dragging it out, and most of his followers would slowly, and quietly fade away. The few hard core who hang on, will keep his name, and story alive when he disappears.

    Looks like that is what he is doing.

    This is statistics, people are quite satisfied with the car in general although they have these build problems if you ask them. The interesting thing about tesla is the technology, I am following the FSD beta program and are amazed by the technology they will reach level 4 capacity quite soon with the speed they improve. Also it is evident that they will produce a car that is much safer than a normal driver in the end. The new battery technology is really cool as we are within a couple of years to cut the cost of batteries per kWh by around 50% also less energy to produce the batteries and much cleaner, if that happens you EV's will take over as they are then much more cost effective and clean than ICE cars.

    Just bought a new car with my insurance settlement, after my last was totaled. Looked at hybrids, and EV's, but settled instead on a 39 MPG ICE. The way I drive, I am getting 42, so that is as efficient as the lower end hybrids...without the hassle/worry about battery life.

    EV's to me, are just not practical yet because I like to take long road trips without having to plan my trip to accomadate charging stations.

    For my type driving, ICE's are still best, and probably easier on the planet's resources. Not knocking this transition period to fully EV, but right now high MPG ICE is better.

    Now would you mind replacing my post please? I think I've covered everything controversial. Yes, I made up the part about being nervous to cross the borders, as, as far as I can tell, everything is legal (as long as they only sell to accredited investors). I'm just not convinced by the risk reward ratio on offer, or that they will find many punters.

    No, I will not. They are operating within the law, and that is as far as this discussion will go. He is not here to solicit investors, but only to participate in discussing other topics. If he steps over that line, we will deal with it then. Until then, we would be at legal risk by allowing it to go any further. You have been here long enough to understand that.

    Now let it go, and let's keep this COVID related.

    I do not see anything different with the website Mizunotech. Last time we talked about this in May, I checked with Mizuno's business manager, and he said they did the bare minimum on it. Their priority was on patents, research and investors. The one reactor photo was genuine, while the others were from stock, so competitors would not see their equipment.

    Of the 849 people in South Dakota who died so far from Covid -- what percentage tested positive and died, vs actually had a live virus. People do die.

    No matter, they were mostly very old, and in some kind of assisted care. All would have died within a short time...pandemic, or not. Such is life. You will die also, and unfortunately I well before you. Even the youngest member here will follow us.

    I understand what you say about the true false positive stats. Those are legitimate concerns, but in this political climate will not be sorted out until well after the dust settles.

    Engineers (me included) would politely beg to disagree. Historically we have used practical effects to get things done without a shred of a theory (many examples, but take for a classical example the use of explosives like powder, it was being used very effectively for centuries without anything but empirical knowledge), of course when a good theory arises any empirical knowledge can be greatly improved. The first practical usable LENR device to get to market will probably be there with a very weak theory, but no one paying less for energy will care.

    Now all that said, I agree that a strong advance in the field requires a sound theory, but also, a good research budget, that currently, no one seems to have in this field.

    But he claims with LENR, that theory is required first, because of the patent issue. That the market will never allow a product that tests safe, but has no plausible theory to support it. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    Getting back to the topic, I do not think Miles new publication will gain any traction. There have been many like his over the last 30 years, and none have raised an eyebrow (attracted interest) within the mainstream. And yes, that is taking into consideration he is one of the highly regarded "old guard", with impeccable credentials. So is Storms, and where did that get him?

    Maybe I am becoming a pessimist, but what will it take? Yes, I know...a working prototype. But one of the old guard recently became active here and he disagrees. Asserts instead, that it will first take a theory, then it be proven 100% experimentally.

    The thing is though, there’s a definite pattern formed by all these ‘foolish people’:

    The majority of those dying in the red states now are in nursing homes, or under the care of their families who bring the virus home. Are they "foolish"?

    Misleading chart BTW. It is from June 1 until 24 Nov. Had we done a chart earlier in the pandemic, it would have colored blue. Then we could have mocked them. Same "old" people are dying everywhere,, only thing that matters is what color their state is on the map.

    Looking at how the virus is resurging everywhere here in the US; give it few months and we can show how foolish those New Yorkers are...again. :)

    It appears these results are the same Miles discussed at ICCF21. Here is an excerpt from that conference:

    "Last year (2017), this same Pd-B cathode was tested again using a different calorimeter at Ridgecrest,

    California (R/C). Excess power was observed, although the effect was considerably smaller than found at

    the NHE laboratory in 1998. Nevertheless, the excess power of 70 mW was clearly above the experimental

    calorimetric error of ±3 mW.

    In summary, 9 out of 10 of my experiments using NRL Pd-B cathodes have produced excess power in six

    different calorimeters. Selected examples are shown in Table 1. The calorimetric results for all ten Pd-B

    experiments will be presented, and possible important properties of these Pd-B materials will be discussed.

    The effects of boron added to the palladium include a much greater hardness of the metal, a much slower

    rate of deuterium escaping from the cathode, the fact that boron acts as an oxygen getter, and that the Pd-B

    is a two-phase material."

    I believe he was also trying to get these newest results from Ridgeway, Ca. published in a major journal.

    I cannot make sense of the stats. How does China have such a small number of deaths/million compared to most other countries? Are the numbers real? Perhaps there is a less virulent strain that was produced there and is give immunity? what is going on?

    It seems all the eastern Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, etc. have very low deaths/million like China. At first I was thinking like you...that their numbers can't be believed. But maybe based on their neighbors having equally low deaths, their numbers are good?

    And if they are, one has to ask why?

    Everyone is at equal risk of contracting the virus. Some people are at much lower risk of severe illness or death. For example, my nephew is young, in his 20s. He contracted the virus, but the only symptom was swollen, red toes. He definitely had it. Here's the thing: He was as contagious as anyone. He could have infected me, or anyone else, almost as easily a person dying from the disease would have. (Except he was not coughing much.) To put it another way, low risk people can be more dangerous to others, because they are likely to be asymptomatic. They do not know they are sick, so they accidentally infect others.

    So, everyone has to take the same precautions. Low risk people more than high risk people. Without that we will remain in this mess.

    Ideally, young people would want to take precautions to prevent infecting us old farts. In the real world I live in though, that is just not happening. That leaves two options; forced compliance which has caused social unrest, or leave it to Jed and Shane to protect themselves.

    So yes, your nephew could have infected you, but could he have done so if you wore a mask, and maintained a safe distance?

    According to some, dissociation of H and O from water and using this mixture directly as fuel can be done with a COP>1

    That would help lower the cost :):

    "Hydrogen is also projected to meet a quarter of the world’s energy needs by 2050, providing the industry is supported with $11tn spending on infrastructure and a $150bn subsidy kick-start, according to research organisation BloombergNEF."

    For arguments sake...if all those in the high risk groups take the recommended precautions, would we still be in this mess? Is it necessary for those with little, to no risk, to be forced to take the same precautions?

    Of course, that does not include those who can not care for themselves, who obviously need our help for protection.

    While reading I could not help wondering if the field has progressed any since the days of Malove, and CF Magazine? Lots of promising developments back then, as there are now.

    If you stripped away the dates, it would be hard to tell which era you were reading from. The experiments, and results were basically the same. The theory of whether it is some type if nuclear effect, or chemical is still up for debate. Hardly anything has changed it seems.

    You could even make the argument that because of Mallove's talented writing skills, Nobel winner Schwinger running interference with mainstream science , and FP's still active in the lab, that era was more if they were on the cusp of THE breakthrough.