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    Alan rushes in right on schedule as part of the R'ster's bucket brigade

    I think that is a bit unfair. It is one thing for those who believe Rossi based on blind faith, but quite another for those insiders like Alan to believe, who do the lab work, and have first hand knowledge about Rossi, or even know him personally. They have an informed opinion at least, and I respect that. I just wish we could know what science basis that informed opinion comes from?

    That said, many others with even better access than Alan (infinite Energy Magazine for one) have turned their backs on Rossi.

    Max, Yes, he was accused of being the gang leader of a criminal smuggling ring that brought gold/silver into Italy. To be fair, I believe that charge was dropped.

    Alan, True, the prosecutor was corrupt himself, but Rossi is still on record claiming his waste treatment produced gold/silver, along with oil, biofuel, and solvents. Can you do that with your new aluminum recycling process? :)


    I would agree about the having fun part. We do need more of that, However, we have to keep in mind that there are some who have been hurt by Rossi, and others who think he is bad for the field they have worked so hard to build, who understandably may not be so willing to lighten up on him.

    I myself, after reading the court documents, find it hard to go easy on the guy, but try I do.

    What is interesting Rossi refers to the face that ENI is now using his fuel from waste teck for which he has been accused in fraud.

    To be objective, let's admit it is a + for Rossi's credibility.


    I have always heard that his old waste conversion patent from PetrolDragon was being used, but I have never been able to prove that. If so, I agree, that would be a plus for him. One problem though, is that he has said in writing, that the process also produced Gold/silver, which from biological waste, would be quite a feat. And as you may recall, the prosecutor accused him of being the leader of a criminal gang which smuggled....

    Yep, gold and silver. What a coincidence! :)

    a question, If we now see similar phenomena. How do we communicate this to them? (SAFIRE team)


    That is an interesting proposition. Will opening up communications with LENR help, or hurt them? Kind of like a catch 22 IMO; open communications/collaborations, and that may help them understand what they are seeing, but hurt them because their colleagues may then shun them for being associated with CF.


    In your dealings with the LENR field, can you tell whether Dr. Duncan is still at it?

    I ask, because he just seems to have gone quiet since he received that $5 million (possibly from Gates), for his LENR research via his newly formed Seahorse Research LLC. There was even some rumor he was working together with Violante at ENEA, and SKINR. We just do not hear anything from him anymore.

    Did their SEM guy joke saying if you look long enough in SEM you will find everything.

    Yb spectrum was doubted as overlap. BTW Bob saw Yb too. Software bug?

    Isotopic change analisys is flawed and easy to debunk. Before there is a widely accepted method measure compete in and out change endless debadw will continue.

    Few month ago biological transmutations were reported by Russian dude from Kazan.

    He showed x Ray spectorgraphy test results with virually entire periodic table.


    Yes, Paul Anderson did joke that if you look long enough in SEM, you will find anything. I do not know what to make of that. Maybe what he saw was so "out there" from what he expected to see, he had doubts about it himself. Can not blame him if so. It is a natural human tendency when seeing something extraordinary, and unexpected, as many LENR researchers can attest to. But then he went right into how the LENR community has found the same thing in their SEM analysis.

    And maybe I am wrong, but have not the Russians been reporting both biological, and LENR transmutations for years?

    Well, getting back to presentation; the thing that struck me the most were the unexplained transmutations, which just so happen to bear some similarities to what LENR researchers have found.

    As my dad used to say: a SEM is a SEM, is a SEM. It is what it is, and no flashy presentation can change what the analysis concludes. And Dr. Anderson...a SEM expert, said the probe has some elements on it that can not be explained away by way of contamination, and that the LENR community has found the same type transmutations.

    Another is the vaporizing of the Tungsten Probe, from only a 184 W fed plasma.

    I will let you scientists take it from here, and get back to what I am paid the big bucks for...trashing Rossi. :)

    Well said also, but when you start off saying "outcast system of thought" when referring to SAFIRE, are you not admitting some bias before even delving into the data? Or maybe you are just playing devils advocate?

    By that measure (outcast thought), some of the greatest (not all) scientists were outcasts. Without their contributions, and fortitude in the face of their colleagues ostracisms, we would not be nearly so advanced as we are today. Hopefully, one day we can add the likes of FPs to that list.

    And may I ask if a "flashy presentation" has any bearing on the underlying points being made? Would it be more believable if the presentation were not flashy? By means of comparison, FPs were very crude, and decidedly boring, nothing fancy about them at all, yet they were clobbered anyways.

    And I agree, maybe it is time to focus on the specifics of the conference.

    Take care

    Any explanation to why plasma oragnizes into layers?


    I do not think the plasma "organized into layers" as you say. It was the Tungsten in the Langmuir temp probe, that was inserted into the plasma, that first vaporized. Then, after the probe was thickened, and ceramic coated (reinforced), to prevent vaporization, it (probe) melted, and fractured "into layers". This was from only 184 Ws input. Tungsten melts at 3600C, and boils at 6600C?

    It at first vaporized though, so whatever it was that happened, took it well over 6600C, as was said at the conference.

    Even better Eric, is to stick to the empirical data presented. SAFIRE, to their credit, gave plenty of that. Little of which, as I said, involved LENR, or anything exotic. When they mentioned LENR, it was with some hesitation, but with a sense it had to be said.

    Their overall message was simple, and non-controversial: "we set out to prove one thing, and instead discovered some effects we never us to understand". Or that is how I read it.

    Ha, what a bummer..."Physics cranks", is how "rational"wiki describes SAFIRE. Where have I read that before? Oh yeah, that is how they describe the LENR community.

    Point is that SAFIRE set out to prove "electricity plays a role in the suns processes", and got side tracked by some very unexpected observations. They did not plan it that way. It just so happened that they found transmutations, and architectural changes in the Languir Tungsten probe, which they associate, "possibly", to what the LENR community has been reporting now for 29 years.

    They were very scientific about it. Downplayed it actually. Guess they learned from FP's?

    This is captivating. If you have read from "minute 52.52" as I recommended, let me suggest you now start from the 35 minute mark, where the lead up to LENR begins. Before that point, it is equally informative, but more so for those of THH's interests.

    Very nice find Axil! I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that this gives a big boost to LENR research. Look from minute 52:52. Dr. Paul Anderson (SEM/EDS expert), after methodically listing the unexpected, unaccounted for, elements found in concentrations near the center of the melted, and fractured Tungsten Languir probe, mentions that some of the same results are being seen by the LENR community.

    As usual, for the skeptics in the audience, he had to say: "take it at face value", but went on to say that those like Mitsubishi are seeing transmutations, and while small..."they are real". Is this what it will take to crack the door open to academia? Soften them up a little bit to the idea that LENR was, and is still on to something?

    Very interesting video. Still have the Q&A to go.

    Very bright, and witty man. I thought his one comment: "excess heat, uncorrelated without any nuclear measurements, gives us very little (understanding) about the underlying processes" got to the heart of the matter. I think Abd has been saying about the same thing. He came across to me as being amazed that this has not been done yet.

    Overall, I would say he came across as upbeat, but very frustrated with the state of the LENR field, as most are. Anyone get another impression? A couple of things I wish were asked of him:

    "What is it that makes you so loyal to LENR?"

    "What one experience did you have, that made you a life long advocate?"

    Again, I would like to thank Ruby. She is my hero. These interviews serve such an important purpose to carry on the tradition. Smart lady to have thought them up!

    And to be honest, I never heard of Bill Collis before this, and now since I have heard him speak, I will not forget him. How many more *relative* unknowns like him, are out there?

    We're alive and well

    Thx Dewey. That will make the Rossi fans happy. Without IH around to blame, they would be left with no one else to blame other than Rossi himself.

    Agree about the great news from the Japanese. If you talk with them, make sure to tell them that H-G says what they did is impossible.

    Not at all, but when after years of development they remain below possible artifacts, they should perhaps note that.

    In this case there is quite a bit of work to do when COP is 20% and they have not checked for Q-waves altering low-level TC readings, nor for Q-wave power mismeasurement.

    The setup here is a false positive paradise and so extra work is needed before it is taken seriously by skeptics. If they can quantify those two errors and still have 5W discrepancy I'd think it more interesting. Perhaps they will.

    Looks like a stalemate then; LENR is going to keep on reporting 20-100% overunity...with the occasional near runaway, for years to come, and established science will continue to ignore them because it is within the noise range. If you go back and read the earliest official CF conferences, they talked of the same thing: We have to make our calorimetry even better, or we won't be believed. They think they have achieved that level where their results should be worthy of attempted replication, yet mainstream science still disagrees.

    Maybe, as has been said many times, it will take a product making it to market, before it will be believed? Like the proverbial slap-upside-the-head wake up call. Although, IMO, if someone like NASA made a breakthrough, that may break the stalemate.

    Yeah, David first linked to Businesswire, but I did not count them. They are business oriented, and doubtful they understand the implications involved, and what exactly distinguishes this from any other report from SRI, Boeing, MS etc. Probably just another investment opportunity to them. Same thing for their intended readership...a bunch of business people. Yes, it is a start, but IMO we need the science orgs to pick up the story.

    Hope this helps Greg,

    -Robert Godes Establishes Brillouin Energy and retains the services of MCM Group, Inc. and Grosvenor Financial Partners, LLC for investment banking and consulting management services and Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP for patent services In exchange for Founders Stock – January 2009

    -Robert Godes publishes “The Quantum Fusion Hypothesis” advocating that the reaction must involve electron capture as a natural energy reduction mechanism of the lattice – November 2008

    -On behalf of Profusion Energy Robert Godes initiated a first US Provisional Patent Application which has served as a Priority Document for a number of subsequent filings – December 2005

    I woke up this morning excited to read about this. I go to bed wondering what it will take to catch the attention of the science establishment? Not your mainstream academic types...they will never get on board until a product is out, but any of the science news feeds. Not a thing reported so far though.

    Sites like "Science Daily" will link to almost any science report, no matter how "exotic". I just can not understand why they shun this. SRI is a reputable institution. Tanzella has gone up against the likes of Garwin and Lewis, and came away with his reputation intact. This is follows an earlier successful test. It had tighter calorimetry, is repeatable, transportable, reliable and overunity. They brought in a third party...What am I missing?

    Oh well, maybe I will wake up tomorrow, and see it all over the news.