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    If you invented the Ecat, and it worked as Rossi describes, would you sell the IP for only $10 mil? And would you chose a business partner with no experience in the energy field, opting instead to partner with a real estate VC?

    Now put another way: If you created the Ecat, and know it does not $10 mil now a good price for the IP, and a naive VC firm the best partner?

    With it being known now that Fabiani (Ecat control box expert) is working with the Swedes, along with Deweys revealing today the "tricked out control box" in NC, and combining the two into Alan's rumor that the Swedes are now having some "positive results" replicating Lugano...

    Hopefully it was not FF's magic box that brought them success?

    Alan - The entire rig was a trick by Rossi and Fulvio. We insisted that they isolate the reactors for individual measurement and that is how we caught them. The reality is that all of the cars on Planet Rossi get 3mpg while the sales sticker claims 27mpg. TD out-tricked the tricksters. In a separate previous incident that I witnessed, R was showing 450C or so for a reactor test on his control box when a temp gun showed something like 275C. I was close enough to sense the heat, had my doubts and put a temp gun on the device out of curiosity. R saw me do this, flipped a couple of switches and claimed possible runaway then emptied the room. He then told T Barker to "keep those lawyers out of here" which I, as a polite civilian and not a lawyer, was happy to oblige.


    That is interesting. That all would have taken place in the fall of 2013. After catching Rossi/FF with their hands in the cookie jar so to speak, Rossi called his old friends (the professors) for a helping hand, and the profs obliged with Lugano...which took place during March 2014. IH built the reactor for that test and shipped it to Lugano. You (IH) even improved on the earlier Hotcat from Ferrara, according to the report.

    I am curious; did you guys take steps after seeing the Rossi/FF "tricks" in NC, to make sure they could not do the same thing in Switzerland? TD informed us in his depo that Rossi/FF were there most, if not the whole 32 days, so I would think that after NC, he would have been very suspicious with those two characters being so heavily involved? Yet, in reading the depos's, all of IH appeared to be impressed by the Lugano results...or were they? I would even go so far as to say that were it not for Lugano, TD never would have signed the Term Sheet allowing Doral.

    But just for clarification I'm pretty sure 'he' (the author of 303) is 'she', as in Judge Altonaga, or if it's not written by her, then it's 'he or she'.

    Understand Sig. I went by the assumption that judges are too busy to research and write up these complex decisions? Could be wrong, but I thought they had clerks, interns, law students etc who do the heavy lifting, and they review, and sign off on.

    Anyways; whomever -whatever sex they may be, that wrote 303...good job!

    303 is well written, and researched. It addresses each sides attempts to disallow, or limit the other's expert testimony. Both Smith and Murray passed muster, but Wong not so much. Here are Wong's 4 opinions the court considered:

    (1) the coefficient of performance is a suitable criterion to gauge the

    E-Cat’s performance;

    (2) there are logical explanations for the inverse relationship between the

    power input into a device and its coefficient of performance;

    (3) it was possible for one

    megawatt of heat energy to be expelled without rendering the Doral facility an unsafe working

    environment; and

    (4) it was possible to expel one megawatt of heat energy from the Doral

    facility consistent with the Penon Report.

    The court determined that Wong will not be allowed to testify on 1 and 2...which pretty much knocks out the Penon report. He is allowed however, to testify on 3&4...both concerning the upstairs heat exchanger. What a lucky guy! :) I bet he is wondering how the hell his reputation became hostage to a Rossisays. Would not want to be in his shoes.

    It was very clear from my reading, that the author of 303 understood, that Wong's opinion being based on a Rossisays, makes 3 and 4 opinion borderline excludable. He concludes though by playing it safe, and deciding that a jury is best suited to judge whether Rossi is being truthful.

    Rossi will be hammered on the stand about this. His story sounds just like...well, a story. No pics, no documentation, fathom day laborers, no one else noticed, windows intact, etc....hard to find 6 jurors who could believe him on this. His foreign accent, little guy (David) appearance, IH's big guy (Goliath) look, and Rossi's bringing his spittoon to the stand (he can not swallow), won't save him from the insincerity of his testimony.

    Take out the HE, and the case is all but over. As 303 notes, even Wong admits that without it (HE), there was no 1MW.

    With all this talk about the Optris camera again, a few weeks back I recall seeing that Optris is supporting MFMP. It was at the bottom of some document. Did a shallow search, but could not find it. Anyone remember seeing that?

    Which is exactly the argument I used in an earlier post in defense of Rossi's actions. Both government and big business seem to adhere to a different set of ethics than most individuals are held to. I believe that everything that Rossi did, good or bad, was simply trying emulate and play the so-called game by the same rules as IH held itself to. Only as an individual he gets tagged as scammer, fraud, liar, schemer and charlatan, while IH acting through its myriad shell companies is just behaving normally, as any good business would.


    You are taking this much further than what I said. To be clear; I said government is inherently corrupt. Businesses like as to survive, have held their noses and adjusted to deal with that. I never mentioned Rossi, nor was I even thinking of him when I said that, but since you weave him into the narrative...he (Rossi) takes corruption to a level even the govt. would be envious of. :)

    Unfortunately for him, govt. can get away with it, but he can not...hopefully.

    Rossi presented his witness list to the court, and the Lugano profs are labeled as a "might present"... or something like that, on his behalf. If any of the Swedes ( way) do actually travel to Miami and take the stand (testify) in defense of Rossi -which I doubt, it would be a sad reflection on their professionalism, that they are more willing to face a jury of laypeople to defend their findings in a court of law, rather than a jury of their scientific peers in the court of scientific opinion.


    I do not hold it against the businesses themselves. Few can survive without dealing with govt. That is where most of the money is. Not their fault they have to get their hands dirty. It is the corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, and public unions that leave them no choice, that are to blame.

    If it makes you feel better about them...most hold their noses when having to do what they have to do.

    Nice material . I think that a full read of the proposed links will be quite interesting.

    I read all that when when it came out. Only thing interesting about it was the corruption of the politicians involved. Well, acvtually even that was not all that interesting, as govt. corruption is the norm, rather than the exception.

    Any business that wants to do business with government, soon finds out...and trust me on this, that if you are not willing to "pay to play", do not waste your time. The corruption is seldom a direct cash payment nowadays, and usually involves a ,more indirect route. A good example being...donate to my charity, "sponsor" free dinners and drinks at our annual government get together in Miami, etc.

    Cherokee did what they had to do.

    Most forget that the QuarkX was first unveiled in July 2015 (22 months ago), at almost the exact same time Rossi refused Murray entrance to the 1MW in Doral. Odd timing no doubt, and could easily be seen as Rossi's attempt to divert IH away from their growing suspicions about Doral.

    He first called it the "new Hotcat", then changed it to Mme. Curie, and finally settled on QX. The R/D for it was supposedly done "in the control room"...which was the air conditioned module next to the Doral 1MW plant.

    Surprised Fabiani was not questioned about the QX in his depo, as the control room was his hang-out. Especially so after his interview with Lewan in the fall of 2015, where he claimed seeing incredible things.

    Anyways, early claims of QX performance were fantastical -electricity, light, and heat, all at once! Nowadays, not so much...just heat. This past Feb, Rossi had promised a demo, then backed out in Jan. , claiming pressures from the law suit, and re-set (started over) his march to whatever his definition of Sigma 5 is.

    As Bob points out; here we are almost 2 years later, with absolutely no proof the thing works, talking about it, and not the Ecat. Another win for Rossi.

    As an obviously intelligent person you must be aware of the problems with proving a negative.


    I am not that "intelligent person" to who you refer, but no argument from anyone here that: "proving a negative" is a big problem for IH. Rossi knows that very well, and he has positioned his defense with that in mind.

    What is so wrong about leaving some wiggle room? Seems like the most common unsolicited advice I get from the IH camp is to hedge more. I think I hedge my words nearly all the time.

    In any case, there is an email, and it looks to me like an order was placed, and it is on the list of evidence to be presented at trial, so not sure why you are nitpicking this one.

    Oh, so you are angry! About Pt Sponges nonetheless. LOLs..what a poor choice of battle.

    Tell you what IHFB, go re-read first... the Bass deposition, then Johnson's (JMP), and lastly Rossi's 1 of 3 depos's, but the one where he has his "Director of JMP's" hat on. Then prove your case that there were any Pt sponges involved. You are wasting your time if you ask me, but go ahead and knock yourself out.

    Oh, and I am no engineer as I have confessed to many times, but can you tell me how much Pt Sponge would be required to absorb 1MW thermal, 24/7, for 365 days? And could that amount fit into those measly few "serpentine pipes" within the misnomer "black box" on the JMP side"?

    Take for example, Darden's claim that he knew it didn't work in January of 2014 because the dummy reactor allegedly gave the same performance as a fueled reactor, but then would go on to raise tens of millions of outside investment based on Rossi's technology. Darden isn't playing straight. Something is amiss.

    Good point. Obviously Rossi feels, along with his remaining 7 supporters, :) that this is significant in some way, as he has said that repeatedly in his filings to the court, and on JONP. I have never really understood how that will help him win $89 you?

    It is a curiosity no doubt, but I only see it as a distraction at this point, that we can set aside to discuss after Rossi is in jail, ;) Unless, of course, the investors themselves file suit against IH tomorrow, or file a friend of the court appeal on Rossi;s behalf. Not going to happen I suspect.

    At one time or another, most familiar with this case have asked the same rhetorical question: "why did Rossi sue?". The implication being that those who initiate a law suit, are generally the victim, not the perpetrator...and not the other way around! It is so crazy that it takes you aback, and there is the natural tendency to then place the burden of proof on the defendant (IH), and give the benefit of the doubt to the accuser (Rossi).

    I would not be surprised in the least if the two judges are wondering about, and asking themselves this same question also. As a result, maybe accounting for their lenient handling of the case? That would explain why they have allowed the suit to continue on with so much damning evidence piling up against Rossi and team. And if this goes to trial, and it probably will, IMO the jury will be wondering, and asking, the same thing. We are all human afterall, Rossi a master exploiter of that, and this is a very perplexing question...why did Rossi sue, if he is the scammer? Then like us, hopefully, as the facts are revealed to them in court, they reconcile their initial tendency to side with Rossi as the accuser, accept the facts as presented, and let themselves come to see instead Rossi the guilty.

    Come to think of it, Rossi filing suit first, may be the only strength he has going for him into trial....unless one considers Rossisays, Penonsays, Fabianisays as strengths. :) All that said, I have grappled with this question myself, along with others here. I still have no answer. All I can do is follow the facts, and let them lead me to the truth. And there are more than enough facts available for me to easily conclude that Rossi is guilty of fraud.

    If you take the reading that "1MW plant"= e-cat and "plant"= JMP, then do we have to also understand that the control system will be mounted on the JMP operation?

    Seriously, you can't use the word plant 4 times in an e-mail and have the second use of the word be different from the rest.


    Very Rossiesque of him, I would say. :)

    With Doc 299, IH has filled in the last piece for making a strong, almost bullet proof case against Rossi and team. Before, I always felt their weakest argument was the 1MW data. Not that this was their fault, as Fabiani, Penon, and Rossi have purposely made the discovery process difficult, as each gave inconsistent testimony regarding each others data collection roles, admitted destroying emails, fled the country in the case of Fabiani, and made disappear the underlying raw data necessary to evaluate the true performance of the 1MW at Doral.

    In the depos, it was obvious IH's lawyers were struggling to piece it all together. We all were. Understandable, as it is a very difficult task to sort out the truth, when dealing with subjects who have little, or no regards towards the truth. Now they seem to have brought it all together, and have made a very persuasive argument, that what was turned over was purposely selective to mask the real performance. That without all the underlying *raw data*... most, if not all, of which was either destroyed, or hidden from them, there is simply no way to ever know if the 1MW performed as Rossi claims.

    Combined with their solid arguments proving JMP to be fake, Doral not the GPT, spoliation,I think this will be a hard one to lose. I see also from this latest batch, that the request for spoliation is still to be decided on by Altonaga. So there is still a chance this will not make it to a trial.

    The fact that he was hired as a 'researcher' through the analytical chemistry wing of the chemistry dept. probably indicates that this is where they were able to find money to hire Fulvio. One presumes he is there to assist whatever ongoing research they are doing into LENR, rather than doing his own research. Universities are very bureaucratic, and I imagine Swedish universities are even more so. In this case, they may have had money allocated to hire a researcher, and that is the designation they gave him. Alternatively, they had to hire him as a researcher to satisfy the pay scale he demanded. Or, maybe he's not being paid and this is just a courtesy appointment.


    After reading Andrea's link to UU, I would have to agree with you. It does appear that our Fabiani is now affiliated as a researcher with UU's Chemistry Dept. A department headed by one of the Lugano testers. This is a story that keeps on giving. :)

    As UG says; it begs the question of why he is there? I can not help but think that Fabiani is the one expert on the Ecat's control system, and it is rumored the 7 Swedes are trying to replicate their results from Lugano. Putting 2 and 2 together, I would say they brought him there to help out.


    That last post was a bit wandering.

    On another matter, I responded to you today regarding your other post about Fabiani/employed/chemist/Upssala. You did not respond...yet again. Troubling pattern. You raise something, I answer, I respond, you do not. Seems almost common among Rossi supporters...IHFB being an exception, although his exceptions are sometimes a stretch. :)

    So, is our Fulvio Fabiani, the same Fabiani that is the employed Analytical Chemist at UU, as Ahlfors suggests?

    Stating that LENR is a hoax is a much different than stating Rossi is a fraud or scammer. There are many comments on ECW which express doubts in Rossi's veracity. I find the bias here in favor of IH much more troubling than that.

    So how much longer will you go on complaining of bias here against Rossi, without ever addressing the things he has done that have made us biased? Sig had a very good post today, where he laid out a few of Rossi's documented deceits against IH, all of which were uncontested by Rossi's lawyers. It is not hearsay, as it is in the court docket and thereby facts. Lots more where that came from BTW, but we will stick to just those.

    How about reviewing that one post, and give us your opinion as to whether we are being too harsh on Rossi .

    Well, if the European contingent finds calling Rossi a scammer, or criminally minded, undignified after all the dishonest things he has done...I can see why your cultures are in such trouble. Rossi is a special case. Other than MY, the same people like myself calling Rossi out for what he is, have been very proper, and forgiving when discussing others.

    Rossi evokes an intense response from most, for very obvious reasons, and sugar coating his actions by addressing him more neutrally would not feel right. Sometimes, as in this case, you just have to call a person for what he is, and damn what others think.


    I don't know--just seems unnecessary. Mods are free to have opinions too, and I don't think they need to announce that.

    Even more unnecessary for a mod to allude to libel, against anyone that thinks Rossi is a criminal. IMO, LF took a big hit today because of Rends comments. Worse is that in this case his is an empty threat, but nonetheless the damage is done, and there will be those who will refrain from commenting as a result. Especially those that go by their real name. Shameful really.

    Can a mod be blocked?

    The domain is registered in the US (San Francisco CA.) maybe that there is another law, but I would prefer that no person, cooperation, or organisation is accused here as long as there is no judicial verdict.


    That sounds very much like encouragement of legal action against those speaking against Rossi. Bad boy! You guys must be really desperate to stoop so low.

    I have been on these talk forums for 20 years. That is an often used strategy to shut down conversation. Sometimes it works too, unfortunately. Not with me though, and doubtful with anyone else here. And Dewey will be on the stand soon testifying against Rossi...maybe Annesser can take advantage and throw in a libel charge against him for the nasty things he has said against Rossi here on LF.

    Anyways...I just lost a lot of respect for you.


    Is our Fulvio Fabiani an "analytical chemist"? I posted his bio from a Lewan interview, and it says nothing about him being a chemist, or anything related. You, nor anyone else bothered to comment on the discrepancy. If he is not an Analytical Chemist, then the Fabiani on the UU link is not our guy. That simple.

    As to the "visiting" part of visiting professor; I thought you were telling me it had been changed/dropped *after* I made my post...hence my comments later. Does not matter anyways. Our Fabiani just moved to Russia several months ago. He did his deposition from there. If, since his depo, he decided to apply for, and get accepted as a chemistry prof at UU, then fine. But I do not think that the Fabiani that Ahlfors linked to is the same guy.

    As to your position that I spun Rossi's popularity, or lack thereof, with those close to him, you are wrong. I actually made a very neutral observation by starting off with "it is a mixed bag", and it is! I pointed out examples of those who stayed with him, and those who have not.

    Look, I see the concerted effort lately to cover for Rossi, and fend off his detractors. Nothing wrong with that I guess, as that is what these forums are for. But it does not serve you well when you ignore his glaring dishonest/criminal deeds. And I am only talking about the ones from this one case between IH/Rossi. I would give you a chapter and verse, but you guys have desensitized yourselves to his a waste of time.

    No matter how you guys spin it, or try to make it politically incorrect to talk of Rossi's dishonesty, it will not work. Rossi deserves all the bad said about him.

    People that know Andrea Rossi well, stay on his side. No matter what.


    That is a mixed bag. Yes, some like Levi, the Annessers, Penon, Fabiani, his handy man, have remained loyal. Swedes?...well we do not know, because they are pretty tight lipped. Lewan is exceptionally loyal, but he has also admitted that Rossi is very difficult to work with. Jed at one time seemed on decent terms with him, but now is strong against.

    Then there are those like his old friend Marianne Macy of Infinite Energy Magazine, who along with her husband, and longtime LENR researcher Letts, cut ties with Rossi in an article after the suit started.

    That Annesser has this Rossi family connection illuminates some things, but we are left with the Annesser move from Silver Law coincicent with this case.


    Annesser moved from the Silver Law group, over to the Perleman group last summer I believe. Then we found out yesterday that he resigned from Perlman, and is now on his own now, along with Chaiken.

    I doubt that it's common for a litigator to make two lateral moves within a short period of time.

    Yes, and more uncommon is for "litigators" employer (Perlman Law in this case) to petition a judge, to the effect that there was misconduct committed within his firm. And also, that said litigator has resigned, and started his own law firm?

    I don't think there's enough information to be forced into a negative interpretation yet.

    Oh you scientists are too...well cautious. We free spirits, not so much. :)

    This Annesser is intricately involved in this story, and by that I mean not just as Rossi's defense attorney. He was involved before that. Vaughn alluded to that in his deposition. Annesser left the "Silver Group" law firm, or maybe not left, and attached himself to Perlman's group to pursue this, and now it sounds very much like he was forced to resign. Why is this guy so loyal to Rossi?

    If that were not enough to convince, Dewey did not just happen to show up today because he was bored...don't you think?