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    The paper "Investigation of Deuterium Loaded Materials Subject to X-Ray Exposure," with the lower-energy photon flux, looks like it might be LENR.…

    I thought it was the other way around? Anyways, it is very easy to get confused between the two NASA papers. I think that comes from their numbering classification. Then revisions on top of that.

    Titles of the reports are clearly different though. So whichever paper you assign to the low, or high energy regime, the authors are the same on both, and that is good as some are from the oldguard of LENR researchers. Then, there is also this new LENR superstar Pine on both reports, whom NASA has evoked national security to ensure his continuing participation.

    At least one of the papers is LENR based, and that is the one they (NASA) based their USPTO application on.

    Thank you H-G.

    Lewan is a braver man than I! In reading the website, it appears that Rossi is largely the reason for the symposium. Not surprising, as the earlier symposium was scheduled in June 2016, in anticipation of the "successful" completion of the now defunct/obsolete 1MW, as it was debuting at Doral. Lewan canceled that symposium when the litigation started. Rossi was to be a guest speaker then, however he is not listed as one now...

    That is the good part. The bad is that the symposiums website whitewashes both Doral, and the DPS. Hard to imagine a serious meeting like this based mostly on Rossisays, in light of his questionable behavior, and lousy science. In Lewan's defense though, he at least lists BLP, BEC and UGC as other potentials on the website.

    It would not hurt IMO, to also list NASA among the hopefuls, and start now minimizing Rossi's role. But what do I know.

    If you knew what you were talking about it would help. Nobody here knows what the problems were with the 1 MW plant,just that there were many.

    You are so pessimistic you would set the doomsday clock forward another three minutes to reach midnight.

    I have to give it to you, that last sentence was funny.

    And of course I do not know what I am talking about regard the engineering. I admitted that, and left it up to you to teach me something I did not, are there companies that could automate what Rossi claimed he did manually. That is still a question unanswered BTW.

    Another thing you could show me so I can learn something, is where in the Penon report these many problems with the 1MW would reveal themselves in the data? Yes, I know Rossi manually compensated for those problems, but he admitted to only being there 16 hours a day. So that leaves 8 hrs/day when he was gone. I know Fabiani took over then, but maybe instead of operating the thing manually like Rossi, he just turned on the automated system controller he designed? :)

    He obviously had many different problems with the Tigers in the 1 MW plant or he wouldn't have had to live there every day. Contrary to what he said at the start they were clearly not good enough for commercial sale. Fixable? Who knows?


    Breaking the Rossi addiction is a slow process and takes a lot of little baby steps. I will consider this your first step. :) While you do not come out and say he lied, you imply it.

    And, again I am not an engineer, but if Rossi had to manually control the 1MW as he claims, are there not many companies that could easily tailor a controller to automate what he is doing? Anyway, I thought Fabiani was there to do just that, but what do I know.

    You state positively that it is"false hope." You don't have any proof that it is, only your belief that LENR is impossible. If you had written "Maybe it is false hope" it would be different, but you armchair critics are so certain. Beats me why you haven't developed LENR and had it on the market in 12 months if you know so much.


    After Rossi/IH settled, and he got his Ecat IP, and 1MW plant back...if he had then gone on to market the LT Ecat versions, then I would say there is hope. Since, instead, he promptly dismantled his 1MW, announced on his JONP that they were obsolete and not for sale, he is a false hope.

    No one outside Rossi's group knows for sure but the indications were that he couldn't control the early E-Cats well enough.


    If Rossi had control problems at Doral, then the Penon report is wrong. If the Penon report is right, then Rossi had no control problems. It is either one or the other, yet you seem to believe both, depending on which argument du jour you put forth.

    According to the data Penon recorded in his final report, the 1MW worked remarkably well 24/7, for 1 year. It looked almost flawless as the temps/pressure/pump output remained almost constant. That to me says Rossi had *very* good control of the I correct?

    Or maybe I am wrong. You are the engineer, so maybe you could tell me where in Penon's report, poor control issues would manifest themselves?

    Dig deeper Shane, believe in your own reasearch outside what NASA hands out before you make a judgement.


    I am pretty well versed in the history of LENR, so not sure what my digging deeper will do. NASA first got involved with CF a few months after FPs announcement, are heavily involved today as their recent breakthrough Arxiv paper, and USPTO application show, and in between have worked quietly with many in the field to advance the research. So it baffles me how anyone that believes in LENR, or follows it, would see them as anything other than a friend? LENR has few friends as it is, and picking fights with one of it's few benefactors does not seem a very smart move IMO.

    Of course, if anyone would know if NASA is friend or foe, it would be Jed. If he says foe, then I will start singing a different tune. Until then...thank you NASA for carrying the torch when few others in the mainstream would.

    Because NASA is governmental agency and its intention could be to cover and fudge cold fusion research history?

    Is NASA's LENR endorsement merely a spin cycle to attempt to clean their hands of past suppression?

    That is a horrible article by Hank Mills and Sterling back in 2012. They make the case that NASA suppressed LENR, and only jumped on board to save face after Rossi left them no choice. I can make a much better argument that NASA has been one of the few scientific institutions to have kept it on life support all these years. They are the hero in the CF story, and not the villain.

    "What is wrong is that you do not have a clue what you are talking about. You have never even been close to it"

    But Siffer, you have been close to it. The action I mean. You are more an insider than any others here, yet you never communicate what you have seen, that we have not. Something convincing that may go a long way towards softening some of this anti-Rossi sentiment.

    Think about it; all we know is from what is publicly available, and maybe a few insider snippets from Mr. Tight Lips. The vast majority of which is damning to Rossi. So what would you have us do? We just follow the facts at our disposal, and those paint a very bad picture of Rossi.

    Now, there is something constructive you could do to change attitudes, and that is to talk, talk, and talk some more. You would be doing Rossi a great favor, and by so doing, increase the value of your Hydrofusion. Yet you refuse, choosing instead to attack, attack, attack, and that is not going to change a thing.

    Welcome back Siffer! And yes, we do want, and need hope. Probably all come here because we are seeking some glimmer of hope. Certainly I and you do. We hope LENR is real, and if so, be useful to mankind. But notice I said "false hope". That is where you get into trouble peddling that stuff. And sorry, but holding Rossi out as a savior of sorts, is giving false hope.

    Did you see how the author of the Aftenpost article threw in towards the end, the Petroldragon mess? Good of him to do that, and even though it was kind of downplayed, at least the reader is forewarned, and if so inclined, research a little further. They are informed at least by the author. But really, Rossi's LENR history is equally worthy -probably even more so since the QX is LENR related, of being added to the story...don't you think? Can the public make a sound judgement without being told it?

    Well, no they can not. So by leaving that part out, the readers are being given false hope. Should they take the trouble to read here, and inform themselves about Rossi, they will probably be turned off to anything LENR forever. Guilt by association. Rossi=LENR=false hope. That is not good for the science...if there is actually a science.

    English version is now available too:…ous-potential-10899b.html

    I applaud any magazine that reports on alternative energy, no matter how remote the possibility of it being real. But when they do, they should include everything in their story so as not to give the public false hope. And in this case Aftenposten fails to do that.

    They start the article off as if Rossi just popped up on the scene last month with this neat little plasma machine, that if real could save the planet, but neglect to mention that he has been around 6 years now in the pubic eye. 10 if you count when he first approached Focardi. During which time, he has repeatedly lied about customers, factories, his Leonardo Corp, employees, salted fuel samples, screwed his licensees, and set up a sting operation in Doral to bilk his partner IH out of $89 million.

    Then, after settling with IH, proceeded to dismantle, and abandon an even better developed, planet saving 1MW device that had been "successfully" run for 1 year at COP80, was already "industrially certified"....declaring it "obsolete", because nobody wanted to but it. They also fail to note that at the DPS, the controller was very big, and that it consumed exactly, maybe even a little more, than the QX output.

    Yes, Rossi's QX sounds somewhat attractive the way they wrote it, but include "the rest of the story" as Paul Roberts used to say, and it does not look so good anymore. In fact, do that and it looks more like a con artist at work, rather than an honest inventor stumbling onto a great invention.

    On another note, they do interview Hoistad, and by the sounds of it, he does not appear very gung-ho Ecat anymore. He still has not been able to replicate, and urges Rossi to reveal more info so he and others can do so. With that, I am surprised he even attended the DPS.

    A good laugh before bedtime:

    1. Frank Acland December 13, 2017 at 6:42 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Very interesting.

      1. It sounds to me like you have had a large increase in workers — am I right?

      2. Is your team working on one or two continents?

      3. So far, how do you rate the progress of the increased team?

      4. Do you have the funds at your disposal to achieve your goal of first product introduction in 2018?

      Thank you very much,

      Frank Acland

    2. Andrea Rossi December 13, 2017 at 9:39 PM

      Frank Acland:

      1- not yet, but soon yes

      2- two

      3- enough

      4- enough

      Warm Regards,



    This is from RGs website:

    "Eco Global Fuels PTY LTD is the Ecat Agent for the region of Australasia which comprises the following territories.

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Pacific Islands
    • Papua New Guinea (PNG)
    • East Timor Islands

    For inquiries for the 1 MW (warm) Ecat and for business collaborations, joint ventures, commercialization of the Ecat products and any other areas of development


    Roger Green, Director

    [email protected]

    All inquiries will be handled with confidentiality. We will usually request a NDA for further discussion of the Ecat purchase and any Business opportunities

    We are looking forward to providing the above countries with clean renewable Ecat Thermal Heat for all of their industrial processes."

    Roger Green • a day ago]

    'The Ecat Licensees for Africa, India, Japan, Korea, SE Asia and Spain - wish Andrea good luck with the upcoming demo, and eagerly await a independent validation in the near future. We have supported Andrea now for many years thru thick and thin, and wish him the best- he deserves it !'

    This is interesting. Roger Green (Ecat Australia/Ecat licensee) sent the above "best of luck" message to Rossi right before the DPS. But Rossi had this to say today (weeks later) on his propaganda site:

    Dear Dr Rossi

    Thank you for the demo the other day it is always exciting to see the ecats out and about. Is Roger Green still your commercial licensee in Australia?

    Thank you

    Andrea Rossi December 13, 2017 at 8:09 AM

    Manuel Cilia:

    Thank you for your attention to our work.

    We do not have licensees in Australia.

    Warm Regards,


    So has Rossi thrown another licensee under the bus? Obviously there is some difference of opinion between them. Green thinks he is still a licensee, and Rossi thinks he is not. My guess is that Rossi is using another sockpuppet to send a message to Green. I would also think Green is trying to stay in the picture just in case Rossi has something, and ready with a lawsuit if he does (have something).

    Please Dottore Rossi, do not ever allow an independent test. I do not want this to end.

    No idea, though I doubt they are a fake company.

    I was wondering if their device can be used to produce electricity with nickle or more energetic materials via LENR. The ideal is to utilize alpha particles for direct electrical production.


    Maybe someone actually took them up on their offer to test their device, and they did not really want that? Hardly anything on their website now like you said. There goes another hopeful as far as I am concerned. The commercial side of LENR seems chock full of these type companies. Like a desert mirage; they look so enticing from afar, but disappear when you get close enough for a good look.


    OK, I will go along with you about LENR researchers being "explorers", "tip of the arrow" types, in the sense Shoulders means, but damned if I will include Rossi in with them. Let him act like a real scientist first, then maybe.

    Real scientists BTW do not do what he did at Doral...even to save IP! Nor do they trick their friends and supporters by salting fuel ash samples (Kullander), or throw their partners under the bus (HF). They also do not throw away perfectly good, ready for market technology, that could have saved the world, and start all over again.

    If he has arrows in his back, well then, he deserves every single one of them. The others in the field do not.

    The only Ecats that rusted were the LT's, and now they, along with the HT, are obsolete. So hardly worth a debate now, as to whether it was the secret catalyst. Rossi is leaving those rusty days behind, as he moves on to smaller and Sigma 5 things. Smart of him, as his customers do not want those old rust buckets anymore, and instead await the coming of the QX that outputs what it's controller inputs. Plasma does not rust thank goodness....or does it?

    Buying into free energy breakthroughs must be a genetic thing. If you believe one of these people (which I suppose might turn out to be sensible), then you believe all of them (which cannot possibly be.)

    On the bright side; we always wake up happy because this is the day! :)

    Mills said last week he is trying to get an update out by the end of Dec. Not sure if this is what he had in mind? I got the impression it would be about the SunCell development, and not another experiment result. If so, we shall see how it (Suncell) is coming along.

    Understandable there is doubt, and suspicion. Mills brought that on himself. One year ago he was close to market with the PVC SC. Jan 1 he opened the New Year with a promising CNN International segment. A few months later he indicated the PVC SC was encountering some engineering problems, and went back to the thermal model. Then, in a May interview he claimed the first product was to be introduced by summer (2 months). Then he got some more financing, and slipped into his presentation to the engineers in Denver that it is back on a 2 year cycle.

    Were this the first time he has promised and not delivered, it might be understandable and not raise suspicion. But this is the third time in 20 or so years, and it is starting to be a troubling pattern.

    Google notifications coughed up an article in an obscure rag, written by Adrian Ashfield . Not one claim, not one single solitary claim, in this report is correct. That's quite an accomplishment, Adrien! It reminds me of the excellent athlete who was offered a scholarship if he could pass a simple spelling test. All he had to do was to spell the name of the most common breakfast beverage. And all he had to get was one letter correct! Painstakingly he wrote out: K A W P H Y.

    AA's letter to the editor will likely do LENR more harm than good. You surely do not want to attract attention to LENR by emphasizing Rossi's "accomplishments", misrepresent the facts about Doral, and the QX DPS. Any interested reader will likely do a quick search, find the author mislead them, and forever associate LENR with Rossi.

    And in doing so, you even stole "Andrew Palfryman"s "joke" about playing a physicist on TV. Nice one.

    Oh no, is he really still around? So funny. I gave up reading Moletrap because of "Annndddreeew" back when I was a Rossite on ECNs. :)

    Couple of other comments on some other posts:

    Mary, I think Lewan took a sabbatical leave from NYTeknic, and was not fired. You may be confusing him with Mark Gibbs, the Forbes Magazine Science Reporter who *was* fired for his Rossi infatuation.

    Tony, TC was not anonymous. That actually was his problem, we all knew who he was. So of course, Siffer and a few of his buddies decided to use that against him with his employer. So he had no choice but to erase everything, and vanish...sort of. BTW, I get the strong impression you really are not very familiar with the story, but pretend to be so. Just having some fun stirring the pot.

    Dewey, I do not think Tony is Siffer. He may be Swedish though, although his English is perfect. Hmmm...but then so was Siffer's. :) No, can't be, because Siffer erupts at least once every day, but Tony has not even come close, and appears good natured. Good to see you back BTW. I won't ask you if IH is still involved with LENR, because you never answer my questions anyway. Take care.


    Other than TC, there were others with the skills needed whom all concluded the same thing about Lugano. That the E was wrong, as the testers used total, and not the spectral emissivity. When corrected for that, their values differed slightly from TC's, but basically about the same. To be fair, some of them felt a positive COP was still achieved, but only on the order of 15-30%, not 300%, I believe.Those others were Bob Higgins, MFMP, GSVIT, Paradigmnoia, and Andrea Calaone(?).

    In addition, they, and many others also concluded Lugano was fatally flawed because Levi's team ran their dummy (no fuel) to half power, instead of full power. Lugano is dead...get over it.


    Some of your arguments may have had some merit before the court documents became available. Now though, we have hundreds of pages of contracts, emails, letters, memos, depositions, technical analysis by experts on both sides, drawings, diagrams, and schematics. There is little, or no more speculation taking place as there is more than enough information for us to make a firm opinion on Rossi's character, the Doral operation, and yes, the Penon report . Or for that matter....make a case against Darden as you and a few others have done, or are trying to do.

    Personally, when it comes to Darden I see him as a friend of LENR, and it needs all the friends it can get. So I am not too willing to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak. Those such as yourself who instead need him as a foe, versus friend, so as to keep your faith in Rossi alive, have at him. There are only a few of you, your arguments are not at all a threat to him (certainly nothing worse than what he has already seen), so I doubt -if he is still interested in LENR, you will run him off.

    Rossi could have sold dozens if not hundreds of ANY version of the ecat simply for research purposes. He could have sold millions, maybe BILLIONS, of any version which could make thermal energy so that they could be used as space heaters. The market for a simple, low cost, incredibly fuel efficient space heater is virtually limitless. The necessary certifications could have been done by a number of companies instead of Rossi's mystical and evasive "certificators" which he has been writing about for six years.


    I blame the companies for this. Rossi wanted to sell the 1MW, but his customers told him they wanted to wait for the QX. What was he to do without people ready to buy...Build them anyway, and watch them rust in the factory? Problem going forward is whether customers will refuse to buy the QX when it is ready for market, because they want to wait for Rossi's next, newest gadget? Imagine that; 10 years from now, the QX finally has a controller that does not overheat, it is ready for market, and Rossi is told again that they do not want it!

    Sheesh, what is wrong with businesses nowadays? Here they had an opportunity to buy the 1MW, and in so doing instantly address all the worlds energy concerns, stop GW in it's tracks, make a fortune, and they refuse to buy the damn thing...all because they told Rossi it was obsolete.



    Thx for providing that. What I read before was an article about the sordid affair, not a report. And it did not focus on the Cherokee subsidiary, or Darden. so much as the rotten government angle. Do you have a link?

    Not saying I am going to look too hard into this, as I already agree that IH/Cherokee bungled their handling of Rossi. Not so much in the beginning (Bologna Validation Test), when they felt throwing $11.5 million at Rossi (even after he refused to let one of the big testing companies participate) was worth losing to find out if he had something, but later on at Doral.