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    So is there a problem with that?

    Sounds to me like Woodford went into the investment mainly for Rossi, and Rossi never came through. I miss where in that e-mail they blame IH for that? Looks to me, like many others before them, Woodford is now another victim of Rossi. Of course, a few here think that is another feather in his cap. ;)

    Maybe he is hard to corner because he is not as evil or fraudulent as being portrayed by many. And indeed, i admire him for his perseverance in fighting for his cause. He is not only hard to corner, he switches easily from defense to attack and fights back with everything he has. Too few admire him for that. Or should i say, he keeps being underestimated. There is more fighting to come and his opponents better be alert.


    Well, kind of hard *not* to conclude Rossi is a low-down, lying, crook with what evidence has already been submitted . He has admittedly destroyed equipment, deleted e-mails, set up a fake company, and lied about customers and factories. Were that not enough, he has a well proven track record of lying and deceit pre-IH, starting back in the spring of 2011 when he gave Kullander a salted sample of fuel ash to be analyzed.

    Lots more examples of his "perseverance in fighting his cause" after that, as you well know. And so as not to get side-tracked, I left out his previous run-ins with the law in Italy. So sorry, I will remain one of the many who do not admire him...thank you.


    Good to see you back. Here is what Wong said in his deposition (264-07, 147-148), had there been no upstairs heat exchanger:

    20 Q. My question to you is, if the heat

    21 exchanger didn't exist, wouldn't that warehouse have

    22 become unbearably hot?

    23 MR. EVANS: Object to the form.

    24 THE WITNESS: The reactor reacts,

    25 generates heat, even though it's insulated.

    Page 148

    1 Dr. Rossi did tell me it was 1,500 degrees

    2 centigrade inside, at least in one spot. But

    3 the control room, I believe, is where -- the

    4 one that was padlocked was there, human beings

    5 would sit, including Dr. Rossi, to take data,

    6 is probably air conditioned.

    7 That reactor room would be the hottest.

    8 BY MR. PACE:

    9 Q. The reactor room would be the hottest and

    10 then it would go out to the rest of the warehouse?

    11 A. Whoever would be in the reactor room would

    12 be dead first, if it's not in the control room.

    13 Q. Sorry. Say that for me again.

    14 A. Somebody in the reactor would be suffering

    Wow, 2 hours set for tomorrows hearing (265). Called a Special Set hearing:

    "A term used in Florida state-court litigation to refer to a hearing requiring more than five minutes that is set on the judge's calendar for a specific date, time, and duration.Special set hearings are individual reservations with the judge that begin and end at a specific time."


    So now you are talking to yourself, just like Rossi. :) The one exchange with yourself, where you point out Rossi buying platinum sponge from Johnson Matthey, is at best a Rossisays. Rossisays in his deposition, that he started with some sponge he brought over from Italy. He rambles on the sponge thing a bit, which is a sure sign he is lying his arse off. Then he rambles on about graphene, never saying clearly that he actually did something with it, and then back again to say he talked with Matthey about some sponge. At best, he put a tiny bit in one of the serpentine pipes for plausible deniability...along the lines of your post a few weeks ago that he often weaves a tiny truth into his massive lies.

    Bass believed there was sponge in the black box serpentine pipes, but only because Rossi and Johnson led him to believe that. In Johnson's depo, he admitted never having seen any sponge. How Bass convinced himself that a few sponges in those 4 pipes could absorb 1MW 24/7, without ever being changed out...well, that is why I think he is guilty as sin too. He is like the get-away car driver, who claims he was just giving his buddy a ride to the bank, and thought the mask and gun were for a Halloween party his buddy was going to after making a withdrawal.

    Lest we forget, the reason there is so much controversy about the engineering of the plant, and how, or if, it would work, is because Rossi dismantled/destroyed most of the piping... including a steam trap Penon can not seem remember being there, between the Leonardo and JMP sides -retaining only the black boxes internal plumbing. From what is left, everyone, including Rossi's own expert Dr. Wong, have had to guess, or go by Rossisays, in piecing it back together. And even though we know there was no upstairs heat exchanger, on the remote chance Rossi had a little something up there...he destroyed that too.

    In addition, the diagram Jed provided shows none of the details one would expect...just a basic schematic. It does not even show the upstairs HE! You might think that there would be more, and better information provided by Penon/Rossi for such an important test, but nope, that is it. To make matters worse, the data collection by Rossi/Penon/Fabiani is very confusing. In the depositions, it is obvious that JDs lawyers struggle to sort out Rossisays, vs Penonsays, vs Fabianisays about who does what, collects what from where, as each often contradicts the others. Even after hours of questioning, I would not be surprised if JD are still confused, as we all are. Judging from the latest documents, I would say too that Rossi planned it that way.

    Not surprising that Penon refuses to step foot on US soil, and Fabiani fled to Russia. They are up to their armpits in this muck. Tomorrow is a big day. If the judge does not recommend MJS to the presiding judge, I would be shocked. Just the spoliation alone is overwhelming, and if allowed to go on to trial, would encourage future scammers to do the same.

    Then there is the blatant deceit of JMP, that is as damaging to Rossi as his spoliation. If you read Rossi's deposition (Rossi through JMP), you just have to laugh, or if a Rossi supporter...cry. My guess is that tomorrow...with the uncontested accounts of spoliation, data corruption, data destruction, and JMP, will be the beginning of the end for Rossi.

    Did anyone notice? I've made my way up the ranks from Beginner to Student to Intermediate, even though my Likes-to-Post ratio (LTP) has fallen below 1.0000 ?

    EdIt : and that IS my real name!

    That's great Alan. Congratulations! Just think, in another year you may be a real "professional", big man on me. :) Gosh, and to think I was just a Zoology major, and never thought it would get me this far!

    BTW. if you want to up your ratio of likes, do not say anything positive about Rossi.

    I do not think IH will get much mileage out of their counter-suit about the VT, and being ripped off. Clearly, TD says he "felt" they were taken advantage of, but neither he, nor Vaughn understood, or knew, exactly how so. Pleading in their defense, that they did not have good engineering advice available to them at the time, will not not get them far in a court of law. Especially so when they are asking that Rossi return their $10m based on that.

    But who knows, after the jury sees the incriminating evidence against Rossi, they may throw IH a bone, and at the least TD/Vaughn will have some Miami Beach condos to party in for their troubles.

    He has learned the hard way how cut throat and unfair things can be and has become both defensive, and too aggressive with perhaps ill advised counter measures as a result. To a large degree your scientific community has made him who he is, but who he is now may just give him the brass to prevail where others have succumbed to the pressure.

    Oh give me a break. That is so lame.

    But I think it would be ill-advised to put on blinders to all evidence because of it. Don't just take in the evidence that appears damaging to Rossi. I would encourage you to take in all of the evidence.


    Could you please point out this evidence you think we should consider (please not those damn pipes again :) ), and also how said evidence would justify Rossi's destroying equipment, deleting emails, or JMP?

    BTW, you seemed upset the jury will hear of the JMP ruse.

    The main reason I separate BLP from the overunity pack and hold out some hope for them, is that they have a long list of quality scientists/engineers backing their technology. FTR, yes, some were paid, but others, to their credit, were not. I am curious...does anyone know of someone else with such an extraordinary claim, backed by as many independent validations, where it turned out to be nothing, or a scam?

    This is where I think you misunderstand. There is wide gulf between recognizing and highlighting evidence for something, and embracing something as true. Evidence comes in a wide variety flavors, weights, significance, etc. I would like to think that all here are weighing the evidence and letting that guide their thoughts.


    You make it sound like this is some heated debate over something nuanced, but what we know already shows it to be nothing of the sort. Nothing nuanced, weighted, or flavored about it...Rossi made up a fake company, dismantled equipment and lied on multiple occasions, all to which he tacitly admits to doing in his own testimony. So are we supposed to sugar coat that, so as not to ruffle feathers?

    It is as if we have a photo of Rossi over the body, bloody knife in hand, and you want us to consider that the photo does not show him actually stabbing the victim, or that perhaps the victim was not such a good person either.

    The Great Energy Transition: Another Milestone for the SunCell

    APRIL 14, 2017 4:47 PM0 COMMENTS

    By Tom Whipple

    Brilliant Light Power recently posted an update to their website describing a significant milestone they have reached on developing their SunCell power generation system into a commercially viable device. As some of you will recall, the SunCell, which uses only water as a fuel and emits no dangerous waste, has been under development for several years. The company plans to have prototypes ready for testing by potential customers and partners later this year.

    Until recently SunCells could only be operated under manual control with technicians monitoring the device and making adjustments to keep the reaction stable. In the manual mode, the carbide sphere in which the reaction takes place could not be sealed thereby allowing it to operate for only 15 minutes or less during which the streams of liquid silver used as electrodes would vaporize and escape from the device depleting the silver supply.

    To turn the early prototype of the SunCell into a commercially viable device which could be made available for outside testing, it was necessary to automate the cell’s operation so that it did not require constant monitoring and the device could be sealed preventing the escape of the silver inside. Once the reaction was taking place in a sealed chamber, the device could, in theory, run for extended periods unattended. The announcement that the firm has achieved automated control of the molten silver levels in the reservoirs and automated control of the SunCell’s thermal profile indicates that a major developmental goal has been reached and that an energy-producing device can now be operated continuously.

    In the posting, no mention was made of extended trials; however, Brilliant Light did say that the company is optimizing designs and integrating this new technology into the first “thermal field trial” unit that is currently being built. The use of the word “thermal” in the announcement suggests that engineering of the photovoltaic cells and the accompanying photovoltaic temperature control system is not yet ready for installation on the device. Giving the large amounts of energy that will be radiated from the reaction inside the carbide blackbody sphere, control of temperatures is critical to keeping the device operating for extended periods.

    At least in the initial prototypes, only a small percentage of the energy created by the reaction can be converted into electricity by the photovoltaic cells and removed from the device as electrical energy. The remainder must be carried away by an elaborate cooling system and radiator somewhat akin to what is used to cool an automobile engine. Without a properly engineered system, an operating SunCell would overheat and fail.

    However, the recent posting indicates that the company is still on track to begin sending out prototypes for field testing by outside laboratories in the second half of 2017. While some may deride the SunCell technology until it is producing the electrical energy it was designed to produce, the laboratories that are likely to be testing the new devices certainly will be able to appreciate the potential of the technological breakthrough they are testing even if it is not as yet complete. Concentrated photovoltaics is already a well-understood technology and adapting it to produce electricity for a SunCell pales in comparison with the importance of the underlying science and technology that allows unprecedented amounts of energy to be created in a volume the size of a teacup.

    Brilliant Light’s technology is simply too innovative to be accepted as valid by the scientific community, governments, or the mainstream media without considerable outside testing and verification, but this could change within the next year or so. The recent announcement and the prospect that prototypes will soon be undergoing testing by respected independent laboratories suggest that a paradigm shift in the way earth produces its energy may not be far away.

    In either case this is a risky strategy because having spent money on all the lawyer time to sift through Rossi's case it would seem IH have done most of the work needed for their own case against Rossi. Maybe this is why Rossi is reluctant to furnish evidence.


    Rossi has already destroyed the most important evidence; pipes, heat exchanger, steam trap, emails to Penon, so not sure he has much more he could furnish. Big mistake too, as had he kept everything intact, they would no doubt prove his innocence :) If he does have something else up his sleeve, whatever it may be would probably be more incriminating to him, than helpful. His whole case seems purposely built on him a fighting chance with a jury I suppose, and other than the ERV's data, nothing concrete. So I am guessing that what we see already, is all we will see.

    But your post brings up the good question of where Rossi is getting all his lawyer money? Hard to imagine any lawyer taking this on a %, contingency basis, so odds are he is paying/hour. Is that in the court documents? Anyways, Annesser is his main attorney, whom is another story altogether. Annesser, and his wife, were heavily involved with Rossi/JMP well before the suit. I think it was Vaughn who made a snide remark about that in his deposition. Also, a few months after the suit was filed, Annesser even switched law firms to stay on the case. Maybe he took the case for free? Lots of weird ties going back to the old country (Italy), in this nothing would surprise me.


    I am a nobody in LENR, and if BrLP, BEC, BH, MFMP, me356 or Suhas do not come through soon, I am out of here. That puts me in a unique position to be a little blunt, in saying what I think needs saying:

    Abd's permanent ban, was due the fallout from the power struggle to become the new voice of LENR going forward. Very necessary for someone, something to fill in the gap, considering the old guards retiring (McKubre), or about to (Nagel), and especially so with Rossi being exposed as a scammer. LF is rapidly establishing themselves as that new collective voice, and Abd was here vying for, and fighting against, for that same leadership role. Not good to do when it is not your forum.

    Abd's being booted, IMHO, was LF taking him by the collar, pointing him towards the door and telling him -"if you want to run the show, do it elsewhere". So he set up CFCommunity. End of story.

    In his deposition, Rossi claimed that he told IH before the test that he would running the JMP plant. I have made the case in a previous post that Rossi's emails stated the the plant he said he was gonna run was clearly the 1MW plant.

    Rossi had a good memory of that 1 email, as he goes almost overboard in saying a couple of times in his deposition. To me, as a Rossi oppressor, ;) this is just another example of his advance planning to ensnare IH in his sting operation.

    In selling IH on Doral, he had to invent a customer, with a product that needed steam. After he successfully accomplished that, he had to slip something into official communications that would appear to IH as benign, that he later could twist, with not too much effort, to his advantage.

    The guy is a pro at this.

    Happy Easter Shane. So, do we have all of Bass' deposition? On quick glance, it appears we only have a limited number of excerpts. But I like your train of thought. Since we've had many people inside the warehouse, who could have looked up and observed a steam pipe going into the mezzanine, perhaps that should have been asked of everyone. Strange that it wasn't. Smith included an image grab from a video that shows the top part of the door to the mezzanine, but conveniently leaves out the lower section, so unfortunately, can't make any kind of conclusion from that. Perhaps dozens of people visited from the front, or at least took a gander around the front, and would have been able to hear some airflow coming out the front window, wouldn't you think? Wonder why we haven't seen that question asked of the many participants in this affair. Could it be that we have only been made privy to certain portions of the depositions. Is more to come out at trial?


    Maybe someone should write a book: "Rossi supporters are from Venus, Rossi skeptics are from Mars"? :) Just amazing how we take the same set of facts and see them so differently. I say that in all sincerity, as you guys do not seem to just be playing devils really believe everything you propose!

    Here, you think the lack of questioning witnesses about air blowing out a window, or visual observations from visitors inside, may indicate there is more to come out in the depositions, that you presume may exonerate Rossi. That may be true, there will obviously will be more to come...although I doubt it will get Rossi out of the hole he dug, but nonetheless, I conclude differently than you (what a surprise)...that the lack of eyewitness accounts of an upstairs HE, or indirect observations of any affects of a HE (singed hair while walking through the front door), are due to the fact there was *NO* HE.

    Thanks anyways, at least I do not have to attend church tomorrow. :)

    (Damn, why I'm even wasting time for this BS)


    LOLs. That damn heat exchanger has nine lives. Seemed even the Rossi faithful had given it a proper burial, until E48 popped back up out of nowhere, dug the damn thing back up, and breathed new life into it. Makes me wonder about him...oh, well, enough of the wondering. :)

    If all the other engineering, window, spoliation stuff does not convince the faithful, then surely this will not either: Next to Rossi, the one person who would know all about this supposed HE, would be Bass. After all, he was the JMP engineer and spent quite a bit of time around the black box (BB). He specialized in the filter system, and helped Rossi put up some of the insulated "serpentine piping", with the "heat strips", you see inside the BB.

    So what does Bass say about the upstairs HE? Well nothing actually. In his deposition (207-48, pgs 38-39) he is asked how the steam is turned back into water:

    "It's mostly converted into water or a mix of water and steam inside the serpentine area". Note: that is the BB serpentine area he is talking about.

    Then he is asked how, if the pipes are insulated, did "you turn that steam into water":

    "With an endothermic process", and a few lines later Bass claims the endothermic process he was talking about "in the beginning it was platinum sponge", and later on admits he never saw any PS, but was led to believe there was PS involved by Rossi and Johnson.

    Now, don't you think that were there 200m piping exiting the BB going upstairs, he (Bass) would have mentioned it under oath? Oh please Lord, silence their tongues, and let this one die the death it deserves! Grant my wish, and I promise to attend church tomorrow.


    Someone had to eventually partner up with Rossi for his tech to go anywhere. As far as we can gather, before the IH partnership, he had no office, no warehouse, no lab, only one employee (the handyman). His corporate office was his Miami Beach condo where he first met Darden. His official website was, and still is hosted...not by him, but by HydroFusion -his one remaining loyal partner. We also know now from testimony, that before IH came along, he never had a single customer, never had a DD done for a potential customer, has nothing going on now, and nothing planned for the future. It is safe to say that before IH came along, he was going nowhere, content making up stories on his JONP.

    Most would, and do, give them (IH) credit for doing what many others refused to his 1MW, enter an agreement with him considering his checkered past, do so knowing he had more suitable investment partners available in the energy industry, yet chose them...a real estate venture firm, and still offer him $100 million if he were to prove that his tech worked.

    But instead of giving credit where due, those like you revile them for doing something that had to be done, that few others were willing to risk. Very confusing.

    Rossi's actions certainly contain an element of "strangely transparent" duplicity, which IMHO opinion belies the assertion that he attempted in fact to hide much of anything. Perhaps he was just imitating IH's convoluted shell game with investors to try and lend more credibility to the positive outcome of the test by having a "so called", customer for validation.

    That's a good one Rion! Bet we see that phrase "transparent duplicity" on JONP soon. :)

    The "closed windows" discussion is hitting someone's nerves.

    From JONP:

    Damn, the Google street-view car apparently just drove by when Rossi closed the window for a moment

    One of Rossi's best sockpuppet comments yet! So funny. We always knew he read these blogs to cue in on what he may have missed, and this one pretty much proves it. Pretty sure also, the blogs are where he learned that he needed to come up with a better way to get rid of all that heat....hence the upstairs heat exchanger came to be.

    Unfortunately for we outsiders, the evidence is still highly clouded, and therefore quite difficult to draw any kind of sound conclusions.


    On that we will have to agree to disagree. I may tend to agree with you on some contractual issues, but when it comes to the heart of the matter -does his tech work as he claimed to IH, in his patents, and was Doral legit, to me it is a very clear and resounding *no* on all counts.

    There is a section in 254 I have to review later when I have time, but Rossi, in his defense, appears to say his own technology has always been in dispute, and not yet validated.


    IH's bringing potential investors to Doral, even after TD/Vaughn developed strong concerns that Rossi may be up to something bad, has always been a weak link in their defense that I did not see them adequately address in their testimony. Rossi has been hammering on that since the beginning.

    254 lays out Rossi's defense, and offense, and answers a lot of questions we have had about his actions. Particularly with JMP; where he makes the case that IH showed little interest as to who the customer was, or even if they were real, having done almost no DD...which Rossi took as their wink/nod approval. All IH cared about were results he claimed, and the data shows he lived up to his end of the deal.

    Asserts also that he had told them (IH) he was JMP's director early on. That there was a product he, as JMP, sold to himself as Leonardo, proving there was a need for steam. He purposely represented his 3 selves (Rossi/Leonardo/JMP) in communications, as distinct from each other because he felt doing so was necessary.

    Made a good case for estoppel, I think, for calling Doral the GPT. Showed weakness though, with AEG not signing IMO. Muddles the VT issue (Italian law) enough so that it may be mute. Rossi says almost nothing about the test in terms of performance, as he has so speaks for itself. He will leave that one alone in court, and when challenged he has Wong to back him up.

    Ignores the spoliation, but says the 1MW plant was incomplete after arriving in Doral, so he had to put it back together. And that he had a right by the contract to do that as he felt necessary. Denied taking off the steam trap.

    These are my overall impressions after a reading. Lots more in there. I think this will rally Rossi's supporters, as it is what they have been arguing all along. More of the same for the rest of us. As for me, I see in 254 Rossi springing the trap on the mark. He chose the right investors for the sting. A save the planet type, with access to lots of money, that knew his background, knew the science was unverified, yet still ready to do business without much oversight. TD admittedly gave Rossi free reign, and much latitude to do what he wanted, even when he suspected all along that Rossi may be defrauding him, and his carelessness just may end up costing him.

    Perhaps Rossi addressed this problem with new 6 inch ductwork to the roof vent on the South side of the warehouse

    according to Engineer 48 on ECW disqus just now


    I know you just relayed E48's latest attempt to help Rossi get rid of all that heat, so this is for him: until Rossisays in sworn testimony that he sent the heat up that pipe, to the roof, can you please stick with the upstairs heat exchanger? TTH has enough on his plate doing the math for that alone, plus we anti-Rossiites are reeling from IHFB's star child (from the mouth of babes!) witness wrecking our carefully constructed window argument, so back to the drawing board. ;)

    According to his own testimony, upstairs is where all the condensing took place, not anywhere else...including inside the black box, or via any other apparatus. So Rossi has made his bed, and it is upstairs.