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    Considering your position now, I offer one word of advice I have learned after a 35 year career of being in a leadership position...always pick up the tab for your crew/team. I joke you not. No matter how expensive, trust me, it is worth the price. They will follow you to the ends of the world, and forever be grateful, when you do. But from the few pics of you I have seen at the ICCF's, I think you already do that. :)…ons-all-frauds-and-scams/

    Gary Wright at his "Free Energy Scams" I link to here...which was morphed/carried over from his earlier, more in-depth "ShutRossiDown" (SDR), still has some good info as you can see. His links to his old SDR website he refers you to for more detail, unfortunately, are dead ends now, which I assume is for legal reasons?

    Here is another section from his relatively new site that provides a wealth of info...none flattering of the Rossi:…eat-llc-sales-rd-factory/


    Thanks for clarifying your role even further. That and your job description I posted above, definitely adds some weight to your words. In your position, I think it very unlikely you would say the things about Rossi; the "GPT", Lugano, paint, plumbing, his history, etc you have said, if you could not back it up with solid proof. Not that I needed more confirmation of Rossi's character...or lack of, but it is good to hear it from an inside source nonetheless.

    Looks like IH is the LENR way forward. With McKubre's exit from scene as the unofficial spokesman, IMO the field needs someone, or something, to take his place and more, and looks like IH is perfectly suited to get the job done. And sounds like you are doing just that...good on you, and your team.

    You mentioned "summary judgement" also. It baffles me that IH has not yet requested one, based on what is almost certainly a fact that Rossi lied about JMP, his role in it, production, customer...all that. I know Rossi denied those allegations in his response, but he has not provided any proof to back his assertions, so I wonder if he is telling the judge verbally he has proof, will show it at trial, and she is accepting him on his word? That is the only reason I can think of why this has not been tossed yet, or IH has not submitted the SJ. Or maybe they are about to do that? Confusing, but hey, I am not Abd. :)

    Thanks for the work you guys are doing. Most of us are all pulling for you.

    As everyone knows, Dewey Weaver is Deep Water Ventures (DRV). Nothing wrong with that BTW...just pointing it out for background. IH contracted him as a consultant in May 2013. This IH description of his duties from the just released document 143, shows why he has been running all over the world:

    DRV agrees to perform the following Scope of Work:

    maintaining relationships with inventors and others in the field commonly known
    as low energy nuclear reactions (the “Field”), identifying investment and strategic
    partnership opportunities in the Field, staying abreast of all new developments in
    the Field and routinely reporting such developments to Company management,
    assisting with overall business, intellectual property and commercialization
    strategy, and providing assistance in other capacities as requested by the Company .

    DRV agrees in pertinent part:

    to perform . . . all acts deemed necessary or desirable by the Company to permit
    and assist it . . . in obtaining, maintaining, defending and enforcing patents, patent
    rights, copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights or any other rights in
    connection with such Developments . . . . Such acts may include, but are not
    limited to, execution of documents and assistance or cooperation in legal
    proceedings. Consultant hereby irrevocably designates and appoints the Company
    and its duly authorized officers and agents, as Consultant’s agents and attorney-infact
    to act for and on its behalf and instead of it, to execute and file any documents,
    applications or related findings and to do all other lawfully permitted acts to further
    the purposes set forth in this subsection [], including . . . the perfection of assignment and the prosecution and issuance of patents, patent applications,
    copyright applications and registrations, trademark applications and registrations or
    other rights in connection with such Developments and improvements thereto with
    the same legal force and effect as if executed by Consultant.

    Dewey is an interesting guy. Shows up at ICCFs, gives speeches, lunches with the players (picks up the tab I hope?). Runs around Europe with a pocket full of cash to hand out to LENR hopefuls, confirms IH has not yet committed to hosting ICCF21 in important guy, and LENR player no doubt. Yet he posts here and you just can not read his immature posts and envision him as someone of importance, but he is. Go figure. This LENR story has been unusual since I got involved, so I am getting used to the surprises.

    That said, Dewey seems more perturbed than usual the last few days. I hope it is not because he thinks Rossi may have maneuvered IH into settling? That IMO, as many have said, no matter ones stance, would be bad, very bad.


    Funny to read that now, knowing Rossi was the customer. I rephrased a part of it to reflect that:

    Besides all this, there is the master Gauge, which is actually my manufacturing plant since I am actually the customer, hehehe...BTW do not tell IH that!, anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, customers plant ;) , which needs 1 MWh/h of thermal energy carried by steam: if I receive this energy, I then pay myself for the plant, provided I give myself the granted COP, otherwise I do not pay myself. I think that is how it works?...I feel a headache coming on. Oh well, I also measure with my own instrumentation under the customer guise, the amount and quality of the steam, but most of everything, I check the amount and the quality of my production, or at least pretend to since there is no production (how could there)!...again do not tell IH, and compare my costs as customer, using the E-Cat VS to my other costs with the traditional heaters. My 1MW plant I rented from the marks, ahem, I mean IH, in my customer role, who in turn bought it (plant) from me for $1.5 million years before -for which monies I bought some nice Miami condos, :) , is the universal gauge and is, under a commercial point of view, the only one that really counts. So far, as the Customer, or am I now Rossi again?...feel another headache coming on, I am very satisfied with the services I provided myself...a magnificance! Nevertheless, I have to add that it is soon to assume final considerations and we are aware of the fact that within the end of the year the results will be very confusing, but nonetheless IH will have to pay me $89 million, and my partners, and I will be filthy rich.

    Warm Regards,


    Speaking of the Swedes, I listened to Lewans interview the other day, and he says at 16:00 minutes that he is still in contact with them, and they are still trying to replicate Lugano. I do not see why they would not take a call from MFMP and compare notes? About time they come out of their self imposed exile, and contribute what they have learned.

    Lewan said something else interesting too when questioned about what he thought of the QuarkX and Rossi's claim it can directly produce electricity....Lewan replied at 26.45 that there were earlier testimonies where it was reported Rossi devices gave an electrical shock when touched.

    I changed it does it sound now?

    I also find it funny Rossi is still claiming the "Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences" performed Lugano:

    "Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences performed tests on a
    single E-Cat reactor constructed by Defendants at their North Carolina facility and that such
    scientists concluded that the reactor produced a positive COP. Plaintiffs further state that the
    “Lugano Report” speak for itself."

    I do not think they would like having their name drug into this!

    Couple of interesting tidbits -do not know if new, or I missed/forgot, from the new batch of court documents:

    IH hired Jones Day in August 2015, because of disputes arising with Leonardo/Rossi with respect to the licence agreement. Probably not a coincidence that Rossi refused Murray entry to Doral the month prior (July), and the next month they lawyer-up.

    Rossi also claims IH hired APCO to "provide mantras" for him to use on his JONP in response to his own "posed questions" regarding his relationship with IH. In other words, Rossi is claiming APCO wanted him to play sockpuppet, and fed him the answers...all part of the plan. ;)


    Gary Wright, who ran "ShutRossiDown", that later morphed into "Freee energy scams" had all those DOD/TE's cost numbers. The guy was OCD, and did great, although extremely biased (he is actually an LENR advocate himself), in depth investigations on everything Rossi. Unfortunately, almost all of his research is gone from the net, with little of worth transferred to his new site. Probably due legal reasons, as he pissed off many, and there were some threats.

    Looking back on it, he was most likely right about Rossi. Sorry Gary I took you to task, except for your threats against me. ;)

    You seem to have some means, we here do not, to find out who he is... maybe you could look him up? A wealth of info if you find him for sure.


    Yes, I know that, but others have argued that FPL's figures are for the whole building, while Penon/Fabiani's power data are separate and *only* what into the 1MW plant. Plus, I am talking mainly about your graphs. They do not show clear proof, or at least, not without better commentary. You guys went to great lengths to make a very good comparison, but even the best chart is only as good as it is explained. I know you are right, but all I am saying is that you have to make it simple enough for even the most ardent Rossi supporters, including ECW, and Peter to admit it.

    Take care.


    I suppose the JoNP mW Plant comments vs kWh and water meter timeline can begin to see if there is any excitement to be had there...


    To be honest, I have been waiting for this power data to be presented so that it is obvious to all. It does not yet appear to be ready for that...or am I wrong? I have looked at the exhibits myself as you would expect, and could not piece anything together that even remotely looked like a "smoking gun". And I have also followed you and the few others parsing of the evidence IH presented, and to be honest, I did not think you were ready for prime time yet. Even others better suited to understand, seem to be awaiting the far.

    Pretend we here are the typical jury, and you are IH's lawyer, and try to convince us that the FPL/FP/FF data proves the 1MW was rigged.

    But allegedly he put the money into real-estate.

    To me that is very telling behaviour. He finally has some serious money and the most important thing he can do with it is sink it into real-estate. Like REALLY!!!


    No doubt IH was doing a WTF, just like many of us at the time. It sure was not a good sign, and only the most loyal Rossites could find an innocent explanation for it. I bet not a penny of it went to the children with cancer, like he promised.…i-on-the-safety-of-cop-6/

    Rossi said this in the interview:

    "You have correctly said that when we made the first experiments we had a COP: 200; we were working with powers of some hundreds of watts. We were working at an absolutely experimental situation. Now we are making products that have to be sold to industries at the moment (because the domestic have not been certified for safety).

    It is right to make a Forumula 1 car to race, and to push to the extreme an engine, to learn how to make normal engines, and to make a car that has to be driven by normal people like me. To go to a COP 200 is extremely dangerous, and when I worked at those powers it happened that we had some escape of neutrons, in some situation. For obvious reasons this is very dangerous. This is why we had to reduce to 6, and this is why we have to limit the self-sustain mode . . . we must stay within the absolutely sure safety limits, this is very important."

    Of course, Rossi seems to have overcome the early R/D problem with neutron emissions at high COP's, as he ran the 1MW at Doral at COP's up to 183.

    Shane - I'm not sure how many reactors were in Lugano. It is my understanding that Rossi jumped in and unexpectedly cut the power in the temp run-up in the Lugano control test. Maybe there was a logical explanation for that but we ended up with no adequate control data as a result for the Lugano test.

    My opinion is that Levi got caught up in the excitement of Rossi and drafted along as a good soldier. It appears that he was involved in numerous controversial matters under Rossi's direction and his actions may be impairing the reputations of many scientists who have yet to distance themselves from this controversy. Right now, I'd to like to eave it at th

    Thx Dewey. I do hope Levi was just duped like so many others. He seems such a nice person. Retired with a pension, successful career, there was no need for him to willingly participate in a scam. Same goes for the rest of the Italian/Swedish scientists caught up in this. Can not find it now, but I remember a comment from someone...prosecutor or Mayor, in the PetrolDragon affair, who said Rossi has an unique ability to get scientists and engineers to believe in him. Maybe that is the case here.


    Levi justified his decision not to run a full calibration with the dummy at the dismay of the science minded, mainly because he feared breaking the fragile "ceramic body", and that was the only one which he had to work with. I am many reactors did IH give him access to...Just the one?

    Hate to gang up on the guy, especially since it bothers the English moderator, but he (Levi) seems to be working his way into IH's cross-hairs, and there are some legitimate questions regarding his role in this. One could even argue, that without his "successes" in verifying both the Ecat in Jan 2011, and the Hotcats in 2013/2014, Rossi would have failed in attracting IH.

    I personally think Dr. Levi is trustworthy -- although I've never met him in person. Over the years I've only heard good things about him -- except for various accusations on this forum and a few other places on the net. Do I think he is infallible? Of course not. But I think the chance that he would intentionally deceive anyone about performance of an E-Cat or analysis of a sample is extremely low.


    Dewey dropped a bombshell on us last night when he told us that the Lugano reactor IH built, was painted after being shipped from their NC facility. That of course was not noted in Levi's Lugano report. If true, of course this would reflect very badly on Levi, but to be fair, at this point Dewey's remark can be classified as hearsay. Same goes for his other bombshell last night, that Boeing tested the Ecat for/with IH, and it did not work for them either.

    There were other Lugano controversies though, regarding some decisions Levi made as the leader of the testing team. The e issue has been beaten to death of course, but Jed above mentioned the other major one, and that is his decision *not* to run a full power calibration on the unfueled reactor (dummy). Almost as soon as Lugano's release in Oct 2014, many declared it DOA just for this alone. The e came along a little later as it was a little more complex. Anyways, I am interested in your opinion. This is from the report itself, and describes Levi's considerations for running the dummy at half power:

    The first phase of the test was dedicated to measuring the “dummy reactor”, i.e. the E-Cat operating without its internal charge. Conservation of energy dictates that all power supplied to the dummy reactor from the electric power line be dissipated as thermal energy to the environment by means of radiation and convection. Therefore, by comparing power input, as measured by the two power analyzers, to power output as measured by us, we were able to ascertain that no overestimation had occurred. In other words, the data relevant to the dummy reactor served the purpose of checking the method used. However, it was not meant to compare the operation of the loaded reactor to the dummy run. In fact, such a procedure would have required that the same amount of power be supplied to the dummy and to the reactor. Moreover, at the start of the measurements, there was no way of knowing what input power the loaded reactor would have absorbed. In fact, it is well known that some Inconel cables have a crystalline structure that is modified by temperature, and are capable of withstanding high currents only if they are operated at the appropriate temperature. If these conditions are not met, microscopic melt spots are liable to occur in the cables. So, there was some fear of fracturing the ceramic body, due to the lower temperature of the thermal generators with respect to the loaded reactor. For these reasons, power to the dummy reactor was held at below 500 W, in order to avoid any possible damage to the apparatus

    This one is not hard folks.

    Well Dewey, I am struggling. Sorry. Maybe you could provide another clue...Or better yet, just come out with it? And I would try and think harder, but then again, there have been too many times when I have (thought harder), only to come to find it was the questioner that needed to think harder.

    Since no one bit on the Lugano reactors question - they were made by IH in Raleigh with Durapot 810, which per Cotronics, has between 75% and 85% alumina powder in the cement, batch dependent. You then get to factor in another tidbit - the Lugano reactor was apparently painted in Lugano by either Rossi or one of the testers. Specific paint color, make and model unknown


    I think you may be mixing something up. Levi and team conducted 2 tests: Ferrara (March 2013), and Lugano in 2014. Actually there was another Ferrara in Dec 2012, but only Levi/Rossi were present and the Hotcat reportedly melted. Anyways, it was the Hotcat in the March 2013 Ferrara test that was painted, so doubtful IH built it as this took place *before* the IH/Rossi Validation Test on April 30 2013. Here is the wording from Levi's report:

    The outer surface of the E-Cat HT2 and one side of the flange are coated with black paint, different from that used for the previous test. The emissivity of this coating, a Macota® enamel paint capable of withstanding temperatures up to 800°C, is not known; moreover, it was not sprayed uniformly on the device,

    I looked through the Lugano report, and did not see anything about painting. In fact, Levi sent out a sample of the housing for analysis after the test was completed, and it came back 99% alumina. This is from the Lugano report:

    In the course of the year following the previous tests, the E-Cat’s technology was transferred to Industrial Heat LLC, United States, where it was replicated and improved. The present E-Cat reactor is therefore an improved version running at higher temperature than the one used in the March 2013 experiment.
    Therefore, in the course of the test, we set the camera software to emissivity values valid for several alumina thermal ranges. However, in order to acquire from the literature a more adequate emissivity vs. temperature trend, it was necessary to know some of the characteristics of the material the reactor was made of, such as its composition and degree of purity. For this purpose, upon completion of the test, we took a sample of the material constituting the reactor; subsequently, Prof. Ennio Bonetti (Bologna) subjected it to X-Ray spectroscopy. The results confirmed that it was indeed alumina, with a purity of at least 99%.

    An interesting aside for IHFB....In reading the Ferrara report, I noticed this description about that "on/off switch" the Lugano team failed to use:

    In the ON/OFF phase, the resistor coils were powered up and powered down by the control system at
    observed regular intervals of about two minutes for the ON state and four minutes for the OFF
    state. This operating mode was kept more or less unchanged for all the remaining hours of the
    test. During the OFF state, it was possible to observe – by means of the video displays connected
    to the IR cameras (see below) – that the temperature of the device continued to rise for a
    limited amount of time

    As with most complex situations, the details are far more nuanced.

    For those not familiar with this type of lifestyle, it is easy to assign the label of criminal. What often looks criminal is merely hard-driven entrepreneurs out to ruffle some feathers and change the world.


    I never read of a story so complex as this that would pass for "nuanced". Could you provide an example? And yes, I am not familiar with this type lifestyle obviously, so maybe you could explain how an "entrepreneur" could have been so unlucky as to have been involved with so many major scandals.

    And be honest, these are NOT your run of the mill petty scandals, Each is a major crime. They even mention his "criminal gang" affiliation too. Not a member of a gang, but the leader! I have lived a very full lfe, yet never had a prosecutor accuse me of THAT.

    Forty two,

    Good catch. How did you even think to search for that? Whatever, the web tightens. First there was the JMP/Diane Annesser (wife of Rossi's lawyer) connection, now Fabiani/Diane. Rossi's personal lawyer, and fake company JMP's president Johnson, is also Fabiani's USQL corporate lawyer. This Annesser also switched lawfirms to stay as Rossi's counsel.

    Fabiani in the Siberian Gulag...or was that Russia? What a story! :)

    We are talking Italy, waste disposal, gold smuggling, *criminal gangs*, tax evasion, yet getting off with a slap on the hand for all. Innocents may have had no choice, just collateral damage. This is pretty complex. Everything is on the table.

    Assuming the likely scenario that Rossi never had a workingtechnology it would perhaps be worth revisiting the earlier embodiments ofRossi’s reactors in particular the small bench mounted ones. In all likelihood the1MW was a scaled up version the same trick, so how was the original magic performed?


    Possible, but while the 1MW shipped down to Doral from IH's facility in North Carolina was the same 1MW Rossi sold to IH -and the very same he had been shopping around since Oct. 2011, IH was involved with some upgrades on it in NC....correct Dewey? If so, they *probably* would have noticed such an obvious trick. That said, I agree that however he rigged it up, it has to be something simple, and slight of hand (magic trick) more the "magnificence" he refers to, than the actual mechanics of it.

    And in order for his simple trick to work on such a large machine, he needed help...unless he built it all by himself, which I doubt. And he also needed a partner...probably partners, in crime to help when demonstrating to a mark. We first saw this on the 28 Oct 2011 "military customer acceptance test", when Rossi introduced the "NATO Colonel". I almost have to laugh at that one, especially so when the 1MW that day was down rated to 500kw due some Ecats having technical difficulties, and then the test was deemed a success as it produced 500kw, all the while a 500kw Genset was attached and running. You really can not make this stuff up! It was so ridiculous that many bought it however. In some strange way...maybe even me for short time.

    We know now too that IH has accused the 3rd Parties of being partners in crime. If this is a scam as I think it is, Rossi needed their help to carry this out. No way around that. With Penon suspiciously staying in Italy, and Fabiani moving to Siberia or Russia (I forget which :) ) . that plays into that narrative. I also may add, that while Alan does not like mention of this, the judge has allowed IH's request for Rossi to provide them his correspondence with Levi and his Lugano team. Just saying, not accusing....

    Along those lines, maybe I had blinders on back then, but I do not recall Rossi and this gold running thing. Thx Rigel/Dewey for opening my eyes even more on this rat. Basically he had a criminal gang that helped him with that operation too. Patterns are important. Especially with criminals.

    Overall, fish may benefit from global warming. Coral is dying off but those fish are going to have a lot more real estate. Such as Florida.

    That is hitting below the belt, and who said I live in Florida..oh yeah, that damn profile. Got to do something about that. :)

    Yes, trust me, I do worry. That is why I am here, as are us all. Amazing, considering I will be dead anywhere from now, and 30 years from now.

    I was an early GW warrior. Pissed off a lot of people in my passion. Then came to the realization that human nature will not change, and there was nothing I could do to help, other than fly my airplane efficiently to make a difference, For which I was awarded among the 12 best -of 11,000, AA pilots for fuel efficiency. Made me proud, but all it got was me a free lunch...really. Saved swimming pools of jet fuel per year, and my reward was a $5 meal, and a great thank you speech. But get this, I was the curse of my union brothers...go figure!

    Oh, and my degree was in Ichthyology...well Marine Biology, but there was no program for that at the time, so I do know something about the topic.

    Too late Zephir, you and Jed are partially responsible when Trump starts allowing more offshore oil-drilling. Fish do as well on oil-rig structures, as they do on sunken cars, and aircraft carriers.