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    Propensity score matching is a standard technique used to try to improve the robustness of observational data. Many, many studies use it. Unfortunately it suffers problems like any of the other similar techniques.

    Maybe you missed it, but RCTs also "suffer problems". Is there any human study methodology that is without it's drawbacks? After all, we are not as simple a species to study as rats in a cage.

    I have to wonder if you even looked closely at this Brazil study? It was extremely well done it appears to me. 113,000 volunteered to use Ivermectin vs 45,000 that refused. There was even a built-in bias against IVM, that had it been accounted for would have made the findings even more impressive.

    The many authors, and matter experts invited in to assist, clearly understood that their work would be harshly, and unfairly, reviewed due the politics, so went to great lengths to make sure they did everything "by the book". If not, they knew their very reputation, and possibly their jobs, would be in jeopardy.

    Perhaps the one thing they did not factor in was Confirmation Bias? That no matter how professionally they did their work, they would be judged more through the prism of personal politics, and bias, than the actual science.

    Posts #116 and 117 are interested in the term "lochon".

    This term is explained as follows in "A Theoretical Model for Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions in a Solid Matrix," published in Infinite Energy Magazine: The central idea of the model is that an electron, or electron pairs, located on the proton or deuteron and interacting with high frequency modes of the solid material (phonons or ionic plasmons) can acquire heavy effective mass, and the corresponding atoms or ions are squeezed to much smaller size. Such tightly bound electron pairs will have integral spin (S=0) and behave like local charged bosons (acronym "lochons"). The small ions can be called bosonic ions and the composite boson (electron pair) can pull towards it another proton or deuteron, overcoming Coulomb barrier and taking advantage of the attractive nuclear forces leading to fusion.

    Nice how you connect the past to the present, bringing it all together in the Mallove tradition.

    Hopefully our members are taking notice of what you say.

    Taking a page out of the communist playbook?

    As COVID misinformation spreads, Maine medical boards investigate doctors (

    A state licensing board’s decision this week to suspend an Ellsworth doctor is part of a growing national trend of disciplinary actions against medical professionals accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

    Public health officials contend that disinformation is a major obstacle to national vaccination efforts. Maine’s two medical licensing agencies, the Board of Licensure in Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Licensure, have launched two investigations into doctors in response to complaints about potential misinformation.

    On Wednesday, the Board of Licensure in Medicine released a lengthy list of allegations against Dr. Meryl Nass as part of the order temporarily suspending her ability to practice medicine in the state pending a deeper investigation.

    The board’s preliminary inquiry alleges Nass repeatedly failed to follow basic “standards of practice” during telemedicine appointments with COVID-19 patients and admitted to lying to a pharmacist to obtain drugs not authorized to treat the disease. The board also quoted 17 public statements from Nass questioning the safety of COVID vaccines and espousing conspiracy theories about the government’s pandemic response.

    Another physician, Dr. Paul Gosselin of Waterville, also had his license suspended last month by the osteopathic board over allegations of spreading misinformation and other potential misconduct. Because of confidentiality rules, however, it is unclear how many other COVID-related complaints regulators have received.

    But complaints against doctors have soared nationally during the pandemic. And more than 20 percent of state boards have taken disciplinary action against physicians for COVID-related issues, according to Lisa Robin, chief advocacy officer with the Federation of State Medical Boards.

    “We do know from our recent survey of the state boards that there has been quite an increase in the number of complaints against doctors and that that has really skyrocketed during COVID,” Robin said. “But what we really don’t know is the number of those that are currently under investigation. Because in most jurisdictions, that information is confidential.”

    Last July, the federation created a stir when it released a statement warning that doctors who spread or generate COVID misinformation risk license suspension, revocation or other disciplinary action. The statement said physicians must “share information that is factual, scientifically grounded and consensus-driven for the betterment of public health.”

    “But tragically we still have a small number of physicians and other health care professionals that are spreading disinformation,” Robin said. “And we are concerned that it is endangering lives and exacerbating this pandemic. We believe it is one of the largest threats in addition to the spread of the virus itself.”

    It is written by Kalman, and dated Jan 2022 so this is a good place for it. Rob Woudenberg started a thread about Kalman's papers:

    Understanding low energy nuclear reactions. An overview by Péter Kálmán, Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Physics - LENR Forum (

    I like reading him myself, so good find. He explains himself rather nicely IMO.

    A recent post indicates that about 40 copies of Professor Sinha's briefing charts were distributed as a technical note to scientists across the nation. This note is identified as NEPS-TN-003 dated November 18, 1999, and was distributed at that time, for example, to scientists in the DoD (DARPA, ONR, NRL, Army Research Office and Air Force Office of Scientific Research), SRI, LANL, the University of Illinois, and MIT, among others.

    And did anything come of this distribution of Sinha's briefing charts by NEPS?

    Which is why no-one likes me on this thread. Boo-hoo!


    Now stop making yourself out to be a victim. You have more reactions here than just about anyone else, and that is just under your latest pseudonym. Add them all up, and you are up there with the Rothwells...and you don't even believe in LENR. :)

    You seem to have very little confidence that I can think on my own, making me easy prey for some slick talking anti-vaxxer from Switzerland. :) That if I give a post a :thumbup: that I automatically agree with the posts author.

    That is just not how it works for me, and I am sure most others here. I have my own opinions, formed by what I learned here and elsewhere.

    Not sure what you are getting at about the vaccines. That does not make much sense to me the way you worded it. Maybe one day you should just ask me what my stance is, and compare to yours, instead of assuming we are totally at odds. You may find we agree on most.

    Where we clearly diverge though, is that I have turned "anti-establishment", and you are just the opposite. And for good reason... IMO it has been corrupted from top to bottom. I no longer trust *them*. Maybe it was like this before, and the pandemic made it too obvious to miss?...I do not know.

    Sure, there are plenty of good people trying to keep me alive, but the system as a whole has become such a juggernaut of special interests, money, revolving doors, narratives, back room dealing, political agendas, that fear of angering the "powers that be" is a bigger influencer on my care options, than what may really be best for me.

    I define antivaxxer stuff as rubbish lies and non-science - there is a lot posted here. Some of it claims to be science.

    Shane - not sure you can tell the difference

    Many claims during this pandemic that were once labeled rubbish, and non-scientific, have now been proven valid, or reopened for debate. Masks, PCR tests, herd immunity as policy, Wuhan lab leak, HCQ/IVM, deaths from COVID vs with COVID, vaccine efficacy, lockdowns, etc.

    Almost everything is back on the table, whereas only 6 months ago any dissenting opinions were quickly shouted down, reputations ruined, people fired, censored, and some even canceled. There was a mob mentality cultivated by the health care authorities, social media, legacy media, celebrities, politicians, and bureaucrats, that divided us into the good vs bad (anti-vaxxers/conspiracy theorists), and encouraged the good obedient masses to turn on their fellow man who did not publicly display their allegiance to the "vaccine mandate centric narrative".

    Antivaxxers come out to play,

    No-one here to check what you say...

    By your broad definition of the word, we may all soon be anti-vaxxers:

    Repeat Booster Shots Spur Europe Warning on Immune-System Risks (

    "European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible.

    Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries should leave more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, following the blueprint set out by influenza vaccination strategies, the agency said."

    The Israeli scientist laments on what will happen to the public’s trust in public health, science, and medicine if it comes out that a confluence of medical establishments, industry, government, and corporate media conspired to suppress science?

    Trash-talking Peers

    What about critical peers that sought at least alternatives? The “Barrington Declaration” comes to mind when over 60,000 scientists and medical professionals sought to pursue alternative, more common sensible, and science-based counters to the existing pandemic reasons.


    Interestingly, the patent was abandoned. No date on when. But as of 5 months ago it was being appealed by IH. Not sure if authors Murray, and Morris abandoned their patent, and then IH decided to intervene to save it?

    The appeals letter Ahlfors provided states "Ex parte Julie Moris and Joesph Murray". As I understand it, that means IH and the USPTO are dealing with each other, and the 2 authors (applicants/appellants) are not involved in the appeals process.

    And the appeals letter also states: "Appellant identifies IH IP Holdings as the real party in interest" which I believe means Murray/Morris identified IH as the real party in interest.

    Putting it together, it sounds like Murray/Morris abandoned their efforts to have their patent granted. IH was still interested in pursuing it however (must have funded the research), and is now appealing directly to the USPTO. Does that sound plausible?

    A side note; Murray/Morris have also been funded by Team Google on other research.

    Let us keep on track. This thread has been a refreshing break from the non-LENR discussions, so let us not spoil it. Yes, there was a personality clash, as we have had before.That is to be expected, and frankly IMO, it is to our credit we have not had more.

    Lately, moderating has become boring to me, mainly because there is so little conflict...let us keep it that way.

    Marathon Systems patent granted. Has this been presented here? Also. Is this the correct thread to post this on?

    This is the place Gregory. Surprised we missed this, if as say your search did not return a hit. These patents are hard to keep track of on a forum like this. It can become buried, and we too often find ourselves talking about something we already talked about.

    Rob Woudenberg started a thread recently to try and address this problem. Hopefully new patent applications, and those granted, will from now on be reported there.

    So can the management explain why the Covid-19 thread was closed so that there can be thousands of posts on the subject in the Playground? Is this supposed to convince anyone that the subject is not the most active one in the forum?

    To bury it out of view. Talk of Rossi, and the COVID thread are what we are most often told distracts us from our main goal of promoting LENR. Some claim they do not join, or participate, specifically because of that. On the other hand, we have many like yourself who want to talk about Rossi....and others COVID

    So we settled on a happy middle ground. For those who want to find Rossi, they know where to dig. Those against, can't complain if they find where those discussions are.

    Maybe an idea for our moderators (even if it’s the Playground here) to get rid of this boring posting style: install an analytic linguistic protection mode that automatically removes all sentences that are related to W‘s boring distinct Nazi language use… not so much would be left 😁

    And a recommendation for narcissistic children who are lacking basic skills in proper language use in Online Forums….

    Fascism started in Italy, and spread through Europe...including Germany (Nazi's), so it is a general term not targeting one country the way W used it in that post.

    Not long ago when it seemed every other post included "Nazi's" in some way or another, I asked that we give the German's a break (we have many German members/2 staffers), and spread the pain around to other countries/civilizations and use their dark past for analogy. Spread the pain so to speak. That seemed to work...for awhile at least.

    Carl Pages Anthropocene Institute, which recently launched the mentioned above, put together a very nice end of the year review:

    500: We've Run Into An Issue | Mailchimp

    Surprised, but thankful to see their emphasis on traditional nuclear. IMO, shunning nuclear was regrettable. Anthropocene are still big supporters and proponents of LENR of course, and make many mention of it in the newsletter, but it is always good to be pragmatic...just in case, and have a Plan B.

    Discussed here RE: What is the current state of LENR?