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    Interesting, and encouraging for several reasons. Nice of these LENR insiders to step up to the plate and put their beliefs to the public test. Surely, it would take a lot of courage to do this were they limited to what information we bottom dwellers scrounge up on the net? I would *hope*, they are tapped into better, more credible, information than we are privy to here? If not, whoa boy, they are really sticking their necks out! But again, I applaud this new development...caveats and all. A gutsy, needed move. Good on them.

    I also like how Lewan calls out the scientific community for their "aggressive criticisms" against LENR in general, and how that can be detrimental to it's development. Along with throwing out a challenge to scientific journals, and "other media" to do get on board in reporting this. Maybe that will embarrass some into doing their jobs and actually investigating. Get out there and start asking some probing questions of the Rossi's, Godes, Piantelli's, Mileys, Swartz's of the commercial "LENR+" developers. Had they been doing their duty the past 5 years, they would have either uncovered the scams, or confirmed their legitimacy by now I would think?

    Good also to see yet another two more new organizations; "Two more partners that I’m proud to present are the future-focused Swedish research and management consulting firm Kairos Future, and the London based global non-profit Network Society Research Ltd." jump on the LENR bandwagon. It is a growing, diverse list for sure. Quite promising.


    The only thing in your post that make sense to me was the part about "denial". To me that is really the only way... other than the Ecat being for real, to explain Rossi's reply to H=Gs *sham* offer, to sell to H-Gs FAKE company, heat only. Doing so, if the Ecat were simply a space heater -as you skeps are "certain" of, would have put a quick end to this little saga. Rossi would have bankrupted himself and maybe Leonardo, and instead of being famous as he hoped, gone down in consumer product fraud history as a complete dufus.

    Chalking this all up to denial does have it's problems though. That (denial) can carry you so far with a product that doesn't work, but this far? Maybe so. He has a decent amount of DDs under his belt and you can only fool yourself so long, but fooling others that long...I don't know?

    Not a fan of Rossi, but some the "soft science" metadata lends him some support.

    After a minor mail exchange he offered to supply an E-Cat container to our factory (without me asking for it). We would only have to pay for the heat delivered. This must have been around 2011 when he was going to start the 1 MW installation in Greece.


    My gosh, all he wanted was for you to pay the heat generated by the 1MW to this FAKE company you SCAMMED (ironic) him into believing you represented! Sounds very fair of him if you ask me. Sure doesn't sound very shifty to just sell the heat.

    A true scammer, it seems to me, would have asked you to buy the plant outright at list ($1.5 mil) and run. Even at that, would 1.5 mil pay off his investment in building the scam up to that point...assuming your company would have put word out they got a piece of junk? Just building that contraption, transporting it, employee salaries, patent lawyers would have chewed up a few mil by 2011 easily.

    But no, he offered to sell only the heat delivered... so where is the scam, the payoff, in that?

    By the way, before [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] bought in, there was another such heat delivery deal close to completion in Europe. I think it was Hydrofusion that was involved. They had narrowed down the customer, the factory, and worked out the specs...the whole bit, then it was canceled.


    We go back quite a ways and have established somewhat a truce. In honor of that, I withdraw my comment and leave it to the others; skeps, and believers alike, to make their own conclusions from what you and I said.

    That said, trust me, I was a pain in the ass to my own. You really don't know me.

    Dr. Ahern,

    Thank you for your posting. Yours is one of the very few, sadly, I have seen of a primary LENR inside players, account. We LENR defenders on the net, with our limited access, need more of your, and others equally connected, input. Actually the public needs to hear that also, but first things first.

    It just baffles me how so few that do the research, see the effect, choose to stay silent. Yes, I am very much aware of the professional ramifications of speaking out, but as a professional myself, and having spoken out myself many a time to my professional detriment, I am at a loss to explain what I see. If you believe it, then you just have to defend it, fight for it...or at least in my world. Honestly, I see that same fight in you by your post. Irish obviously by your name, so in your heritage. Clearly so to come here to confront the skeps. Good on you.

    Good of you to speak about Parkomov, and his lack of replication. Except it seems in Russia... away from prying eyes. His behavior alone with Bob Greenyer in Moscow and Padua, should have disqualified him from serious consideration. Or at least to me and it appears to you also? Lugano...well again good of you to comment. Appears, as you admit, to have been poorly executed. As Thomas says.

    Again, thank you. And by the way; ignore Mary Yugo, you dig down a little with him, and you will find little of substance.


    On top of what Eric said, may I suggest you get on LENR-CANR, and spend some time there. No particular focus...just read. When/if you do, may I suggest you keep both believer/skeptic arguments in mind.

    Curious what you conclude?

    I can see both sides here and it may come as some surprise, but find myself with a tent in each camp. I actually believe that LENR is a very real phenomenon

    Welcome to the addiction Randy! That said...if you believe "LENR is a very real phenomenon", well then you don't have: "a tent in each camp".
    You are a me. :) Thomas tried that approach too from the skep side, and you see what he did?

    So skeps are your enemy. Very simple formula. Come on, admit it. No middle ground.

    Not that believers want it this way, as they have reached out to the skeps since 1989, as they have here, but the skeps have opted to slap the offered hand away and fight. The literature is filled with such examples.

    Thomas, you are obviously a genius, sitting high above established professors with a long history. As only one example you are superior of this guy:

    Can I kiss your feets please? :crazy:


    I saw this DR. Kowalski make a post on EGOOUT yesterday. First I'd heard of him and got to wondering who he was. A quick search on LENR-CANR shows he has been involved in CF/LENR almost from the beginning. Has done the research, and became somewhat the historian as he chronicles the inside story for the ICCFs over the years. I found this one pretty comprehensive and most interesting:

    Describes correlation between excess heat and the "nuclear signature". Problems with replications (Letts I believe) after switching Pd batches (same as FPs). Fluent in Russian, and sheds light on their significant (Russian science) -in particular Alexander Karabut, contribution to LENR. Something I didn't know too...those Russian scientists whom pursued LENR were as maligned and tormented by their "mainstream scientists" as those in the west have. Had their very own Parks after them. Called it "voodoo science". LOLs.

    Sheds a little more light on the first US government panel of scientists convened, named ERAB (Energy Research Advisory Board), and headed by John Huizenga, in 1989. Also talks about a common theme (rejection of research) all too prevalent since 1989.

    Good read if anyone has the time. And to Dr. Kowalski...thank you for your many contributions!


    We believers think the heightened PR will hasten the development of this wonderful new tech, while the skeptics think it will finally put an end to LENR, once and for all.

    So yes, both sides see this as a good thing.


    One other point: the profs were reported by Lewan last winter (3-4 months after Lugano was published and after e became an issue) to have sent out a sample of the alumina for an evaluation, which I guessed to mean the actual e value at high temps. A little later Lewan stated the profs were putting the final finishes on the report as if this would answer the submitted questions.

    Then everything went quiet until later when the rumor surfaced of them heading to their labs. Think there is a picture of Levi with his Lugano reactor look-alike somewhere.

    It would be nice if the profs would speak up. If not that, then Lewan could shed a little light on the matter if he wanted.


    If they were sure of their methodology, comfortable with their conclusions, then it would seem a waste of their time to try a Lugano do-over on their own dime and time? I can't help but feel that after their reading the critiques by Higgins/GSVIT (Thomas' came much later) maybe even Joshua's too, read the submitted questions, they realized they blew it. Did they blow it enough to completely invalidate the results, or just somewhat still remains a question mark. Thomas has it down to a COP 1.07, Higgins 1.2 (after initially recalculating to 2.1) while GSVIT didn't venture a guess. Note: Dr. McKubre weighed in but confessed little knowledge of thermography.

    Along those lines, I would think that trying their own replication, as was rumored, is a desperation move to save face. Of course, that is only my opinion. But nonetheless, from a pure scientific standpoint, it is now null and void. A useless piece of paper without the authors commitment to defend it.

    Perhaps they are under NDA and not permitted to correspond on the topic?


    Maybe so, but after the reports release they (professors) said they would answer to questions through Elforsk's website *after* the emissivity controversy erupted. They never did follow through on their word by answering the submitted questions.

    Word is that they then took to their labs to try themselves to build their own Lugano replica, then test it.


    Surprised no has responded yet. I will be the first.

    Thank you for what you do. As do you, I also think LENR is sorely in need of public discussion. You provide that avenue with LENR-Forum.

    It is a thankless job as I am sure you will attest. But necessary. If the LENR researchers are willing to risk their careers to pursue their findings, then certainly offering a *censor free* site to discuss their findings, is exemplary at the least.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    I love re-posting this from Rossi' site. It makes Mary go bonkers!

    The man is allowed his say. After all it was his life nearly ruined. This has been beaten to death, and I don't want to make much of a deal about...but it should be noted that Rossi traveled freely between the US and Italy for the duration of his legal battles. Not including his 8 months or so in jail of course. He was also still allowed to do work under his Leonardo Corp. with the U.S Defense Dept.

    Rosssi has hinted on a couple occasions the role of the Mafia in Italy's waste disposal industry. When he claims "pressure on the government", no doubt he means that pressure came from them (Mafia).

    And last...Gary Wright and his "shutdownrossi" site are a joke. I read his stuff and it always, and I mean always, fell far short of facts, while heavy on innuendo. He simply failed time after time to deliver, after making very splashy headlines. As you may recall, he posted briefly on ECNs, and in no time at all threatened to sue me if I did not retract something I said. He is a flake, and don't forget...he's a big proponent of LENR.


    Rossi hasn't hidden from his past. From his website, this is his "readers digest" (more detailed accounts are available) version of the PetrolDragon affair:

    The Patent Office Cicogna of Milan granted a patent on Rossi’s technology 1978. Rossi’s invention of transforming organic waste into oil was indeed a huge success. The major customers for his product Refluopetrolio were refineries, which found the synthetic oil especially useful and affordable for their processes. They used this fuel to produce fuel oils and solvents. All of this, however, was about to change. The fossil fuel industry took note of the fact that his company Petroldragon was manufacturing biodiesel. This made a huge industry take notice of Rossi’s efforts, and pressure on the Italian government began. The government suddenly classified everything that Petroldragon processed as toxic waste.

    Interestingly enough, the waste that was being stored in Rossi’s factories suddenly had to be disposed of. The disposal company was paid much more to transport the “waste” from Rossi’s holding tanks, and the material was either burned or dumped in Campania, located in Southern Italy. There, the legally dumped toxic waste polluted the groundwater and soil. The governmental process of accepting bids and awarding waste disposal contracts usually takes several months, sometimes, years, to accomplish. However, in this instance, it only took days to complete the process.

    Destroying Petroldragon was not enough, though. Rossi was immediately castigated in the public media for dumping toxic waste – the very same waste that had been fuel and biodiesel just a few weeks ago. The same waste that had been constantly tested by the Finance Ministry for years. Rossi was publicly accused of running unlicensed waste treatment plants. Tax evasion was added to the list of felonies, even though he had been constantly monitored for years by the Finance Ministry, which assessed all taxes.

    However, the result of this was that any customers who had purchased fuel from Petroldragon had to hire waste disposal companies to remove it. Warehouses full of Refluopetrolio were condemned, and the owners held liable for dumping toxic waste – safely in barrels, of course, but dumping, nonetheless. Omar and the rest of Rossi’s plants were shut down. Over a period of 17 years, Rossi was detained several times. In each of these cases, he was acquitted. Five of the accusations of the charges had convictions. Those convictions were for failing to be in compliance with the suddenly changed permit laws. Although he has been vindicated over and over again, the damage to Petroldragon was fatal, and it was time to move on.


    This, I take it, from the Pomp critique. I'm having a hard time placing this in the timeline, as the nickel isotopes were clearly in abnormal ratios in the Elforsk test.

    Yes, that is from the Pomp critique. Although I am not a scientist, even a layperson can see the timeline for ash analysis is hard to put in order. That is because Rossi has not been forthcoming all along. Surely a time or two he has been honest, but as one can see from his response to Pomp, he is not above shenanigans when it suits his purpose.

    As Storms, Lomax, Rothwell and others have said, from a scientific standpoint Rossi offers nothing of value to the LENR debate. If anything, he has been almost detrimental to the field as he sends well intentioned replicators on these wild goose chases. Only good thing he has done is to bring on more interest and that could really backfire if his 1MW test turns out "negative".

    Almost everything he has said, whether that be the reactor materials, fuels, fuel ashes, operating temps/fail safe, he seems to contradict later on.


    In the fall of Oct 2014, shortly after Elforsk released the Lugano results, Prof. Pomp of Uppsalla Univ and three of his colleagues wrote a blistering critique of the report. Rossi flipped out on JONP and responded specifically to the various allegations. Here is one that pertains to the fuel ash (Rossi uses CAPS when excited):

    Pomp: The result of this time showed that the nickel contained in both the “fuel” and “ash” had the natural distribution of isotopes of nickel, that is, no isotope change of nickel which could be observed. It then alleged reaction product of copper occurred additionally in separate flakes of “ashes”, not mixed in nickel flakes which should have been the case if nuclear transformations occurred. Therefore, one can suspect that Rossi did not hesitate to provide the testing with researchers manipulated the material. Without a rigorous and documented inspection, one can not draw any conclusions regarding Ecatens function based on the fuel analyzes presented.


    If you go to the Rossi Blog Reader, starting in Oct 2014, you can see this exchange, along with others where Rossi gives his arguments against the various points the critics make. Many of the same you make here.

    I think it important to remember that BLP is not just Mills anymore. From their website:

    Currently, the Company has twenty employees and fourteen consultants. The majority of employees are scientists and engineers, including six Ph.D.s.

    Not that BLP is alone in this regard, as many of the present, and past, LENR pioneers were part of a team. In most cases they were part of large organizations with layers of overseers above them... whether that be governmental, university, or private institutions. It is not like these guys are loners working in their garages as Thomas and Joshua would have us believe. Attack one, and you really are attacking many others.

    I have wondered for some time about DGT (Defkalion). It bothered me that Peter Gluck and Axil seemed to ignore their (DGTs) very public disgrace, as they were accused, and the evidence seemed to support, their rigging the water inflow on their DGT Europe "coming out" test.

    There were no reasonable excuses put forth by any party afterwards in their defense, regarding those accusations against. Shortly thereafter, DGT quietly disbanded. Yet, it was if, to some, they were still around developing their 8th generation Hyperion.

    At ICCF19 this past spring in Padua this was said about them (DGT):

    "Chongen Huang and four others from Xiamen University reported on two approaches to replicating the experiments and results published about two years ago by Defkalion Green Technologies. Both Defkalion and the Chinese group used gas discharge systems containing nickel and hydrogen. Two set-ups were described in the ICCF19 poster. A spark plug cell, similar to what Defkalion used, gave no excess heat for a range of pressures and temperatures. However, a high voltage cell produced 20 W of excess heat with a H2 pressure of 0.2 MPa. That represented 14% of the input power. When D2 was used instead of H2, “heat after death” was observed. The performance of these experiments was not reproducible"