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    Problem with people like Coyaud is that gets obsessed with the topic and can start harassing people as she has done in the past with Carpintieri and Cardone.

    So that we are on the same page: the article was written by Leonid Schneider, who caught wind of the story from Sylvie Coyaud.

    That said, this Schneider unfortunately is very good at going for the jugular. Maybe too good? In reading the piece, it came across to me that he tried so hard being a smart ass, the CF funding became secondary. LENR is used to hit men like him, and I doubt it will have any impact on the HERMES/CleanHME teams. Surely they knew this was coming, and were prepared.

    I thought it was petty, and unprofessional the way he treated Celani, and Pekka Peljo. No reason for it, as they both have solid credentials. Yes, they believe in CF, but so what? He could have made his case without the personal attack IMO. Then to criticize them for having no female scientists on the team. Like how many are there in all of LENR...maybe 2, and he dings them for that!

    And if you are reading this Leonid: believing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquie, and D3 work against COVID does not make one (MFMP) a conspiracy nut. There are plenty of studies to back that up. Now get over it. The money has been allotted, and there is nothing you can do about it. May as well join the rest of us in wishing the 2 teams success,

    I strongly doubt that Musk is nervous about these little vehicles. I doubt that the market in the US would be any greater than that for Smart Cars, which appeal to a pretty limited audience. They do better in Europe. But a tiny electric car with a 75-mile range is not going to whet many appetites on this side of the pond.

    With so many huge gas guzzlers on US roads, I would be scared to death to drive one of these tin cans. An F150 could roll over one and not even notice.

    Mother of all HCQ meta-analysis:

    Not sure who is behind this website, but here is their summary:

    Early treatment. 100% of early treatment studies
    report a positive effect, with an estimated reduction of
    63% in the effect measured
    (death, hospitalization, etc.) from the random effects meta-analysis, RR

    Late treatment. Late treatment studies are
    mixed, with 73% showing positive
    effects, and an estimated reduction of
    26% in the random effects
    meta-analysis. Negative studies mostly fall into the following categories:
    they show evidence of significant unadjusted confounding, including
    confounding by indication; usage is extremely late; or they use an excessively
    high dosage.

    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. 79% of PrEP studies show positive
    effects, with an estimated reduction of
    45% in the random effects
    meta-analysis. Negative studies are all studies of systemic autoimmune disease
    patients which either do not adjust for the different baseline risk of these
    patients at all, or do not adjust for the highly variable risk within these

    Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. 100% of PEP studies report positive
    effects, with an estimated reduction of
    36% in the random effects

    but the patents of Quasarwave tell me a completely different story, this is a quite sophisticated system to produce H by means of cavitation and other mechanical effects, nothing to do with efficient electrolysis.

    Sure, having a patent gives them credibility. Looking forward to hearing more from them, although it has been almost a year since unveiling their grand plans. Understandable though...if they are the real deal, as many LENR upstarts can attest to. Although, if they have cracked the H2O splitting code, they are far closer to saving the planet than LENR.

    The 'fools' I referred to are the politicians, not the people in nursing homes, although that was unclear in my post.

    But if you want to argue that "it has nothing to do with red/blue, or politics", you need to come up with a good alternative explanation for these two charts:

    If you want to debate personal behavior, and political decisions from a red/blue perspective, I am just not interested. Take it on a case by case basis, state by state, country by country, or culture by culture, then I may be. Hard to be objective when starting from a political bias.

    If someone really wants to help, use data. For example, some interesting statistics here which show

    - no elderly increase in mortality % during peak

    - little change in deaths once reduced deaths from other causes is taken…-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19

    I'd like to see the original data.

    Looks like that study has become a casualty of the cancel culture:…-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19

    "Editor’s Note: After The News-Letter published this article on Nov. 22, it was brought to our attention that our coverage of Genevieve Briand’s presentation “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data” has been used to support dangerous inaccuracies that minimize the impact of the pandemic.

    We decided on Nov. 26 to retract this article to stop the spread of misinformation, as we noted on social media."'

    They do go on to give more scientific grounds for the retraction.

    I am digging into this. Corresponding with him right now, and insists the website is legitimate, and that there must be some misunderstanding. It is always best to give someone the benefit of the doubt IMO while the facts are being sorted out.

    We shall see though. Everyone stand by.

    Nope. By coincidence, the pandemic happened to hit New York first, before the doctors and public health experts learned how to deal with it.

    I have never been into pointing fingers at people getting infected, and shaming them because they happen to live in a blue state, or red state. Most of those dying are old and feeble, and under the care of others.They could not help it. So it has nothing to do with red/blue, or politics...but all about the virus to me.

    I was only trying to make that point to Zeus.

    Those of us convinced this is a scam, discussed last year how Rossi would finish this up. One of the ideas was he would do "the slow fade". Keep dragging it out, and most of his followers would slowly, and quietly fade away. The few hard core who hang on, will keep his name, and story alive when he disappears.

    Looks like that is what he is doing.

    This is statistics, people are quite satisfied with the car in general although they have these build problems if you ask them. The interesting thing about tesla is the technology, I am following the FSD beta program and are amazed by the technology they will reach level 4 capacity quite soon with the speed they improve. Also it is evident that they will produce a car that is much safer than a normal driver in the end. The new battery technology is really cool as we are within a couple of years to cut the cost of batteries per kWh by around 50% also less energy to produce the batteries and much cleaner, if that happens you EV's will take over as they are then much more cost effective and clean than ICE cars.

    Just bought a new car with my insurance settlement, after my last was totaled. Looked at hybrids, and EV's, but settled instead on a 39 MPG ICE. The way I drive, I am getting 42, so that is as efficient as the lower end hybrids...without the hassle/worry about battery life.

    EV's to me, are just not practical yet because I like to take long road trips without having to plan my trip to accomadate charging stations.

    For my type driving, ICE's are still best, and probably easier on the planet's resources. Not knocking this transition period to fully EV, but right now high MPG ICE is better.

    Now would you mind replacing my post please? I think I've covered everything controversial. Yes, I made up the part about being nervous to cross the borders, as, as far as I can tell, everything is legal (as long as they only sell to accredited investors). I'm just not convinced by the risk reward ratio on offer, or that they will find many punters.

    No, I will not. They are operating within the law, and that is as far as this discussion will go. He is not here to solicit investors, but only to participate in discussing other topics. If he steps over that line, we will deal with it then. Until then, we would be at legal risk by allowing it to go any further. You have been here long enough to understand that.

    Now let it go, and let's keep this COVID related.

    I do not see anything different with the website Mizunotech. Last time we talked about this in May, I checked with Mizuno's business manager, and he said they did the bare minimum on it. Their priority was on patents, research and investors. The one reactor photo was genuine, while the others were from stock, so competitors would not see their equipment.