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    This thread is slow, but the effort to attract replicators is not. I am aware of another replication attempt brewing, in addition to the one mentioned previously. Frank Gordon is asking the team to use the forum to interact, so that others can learn. That prevents "reinventing the wheel", as often happens in LENR, and ups the chances of success. All we can do is hope they accept.

    There have already been some clarifications to the initial instructions which Gordon has mentioned privately, and I believe he will be posting those here soon. is understandable for those who want to maintain some distance, so that their results are seen as "independent", but the quickest road to success is full open source so nothing is missed.

    To that end, we continue to privately ask our qualified researchers if they will step up to the plate. If we get any takers, we are willing to fund raise in support of their work.

    We are off to a good start. One replication is underway, with this newest one being planned. Both are high quality teams, and if they succeed, it will be big news.

    The article makes the assumption that comprehensive lockdowns work better than what they call "lockdown lights". That Germany got complacent after shutting everything down last spring, and by easing those restrictions they are now suffering the consequences.

    Is the NYT's premise correct though...that a lockdown works better than lockdown light, or even no shutdown at all?

    Thank goodness they are back to the high power levels.

    As I noted in my presentation in India, Mizuno provided the cell and did most of the material preparation in the first round of experiments. That does not mean the results are suspect, but it does mean the know-how may not have been transferred. I hope Muto did most of the work this time around. I don't know what the situation is. I have not heard from them since I sent a draft of the presentation a few weeks before I gave it.

    One of Muto"s grad students. Don't know if Mizuno helped him. Hopefully we will be authorized to pass on more details.

    Latest on Mizuno replications, is that 2 weeks ago Muto was reporting 1kW in/3 kW out using incubator style calorimetry. Just today he is seeing 2.4 COP.

    Mizuno's wife is seeking experimetal cancer treatment outside Japan...made much more difficult by travel restrictions, which understandably has made it difficult for he and his business manager to keep the LENR community informed. Their apologies.

    Might want to go through this thread: Team Google wants your opinion: "What is the highest priority experiment the LENR community wants to see conducted?" Plenty of good info in there.

    I am very busy with my own experiments and all the discussions occuring in numerous places, so I usually don't get here. However, after reading a few comments, I thought that giving my own results will clarify the situation

    Thank you Jean Paul. Your post was timed perfectly, as a few hours ago we sent out the newsletter to officially start the Frank Gordon Replication (FGR) effort. We were going to put out something on this thread, but after seeing your post decided we did not want to overshadow what you said.

    There is already much activity behind the scenes to get as much talent onto this as we can muster. The staff has been excited about this for at least a week, and when Frank gave our newsletter (writtenn by Curbina) the go-ahead today, we jumped right on it.

    Now comes the hard part...getting people to invest the time to build, then test the device. That may seem easy, as we have so much experience represented among our members. But unfortunately, many are burned out after tackling other replications that did not go so well, and in some cases were instigated by imposters.

    This is so different though, we have high hopes. Frank is as excited as we are, and has committed to assisting volunteers through the process. That is a first. Plus, the cost is minimal, and he has already been replicated by 2 other very experienced scientists.

    There were some very promising things said n the demo. The one that most caught my attention was Mills saying the tech is ready right now. That if an OEM signed today, they should have something on the market in 1 year. And that the Suncell is tough and they don't know how to break it. That should be big news, but it appears so far that this demo has just created more suspicion instead.

    So what is wrong?...IMO it is the BLP message. Mills has been around too may years, and those tuned in have learned to ignore him when he talks. To his credit, I think he realizes that, as he has tried to counter by bringing others along to his demos to add credibilty. This time it was Nansteel with his first hand testimonial.

    It seems that may not be enough however. Were I a new potential investor, my first condition would be for him to hire a professional business team, with a PR department. Let them be the front men from now on, and keep him in the lab.

    It is not unusual for someone with a great new invention to lack the talent, or personality to turn it into a successful business. I do believe there are others at BLP who feel the same.

    You did not say "mafia" one time. Are you feeling okay?

    I ask because I recall him saying that a meeting with them was ‘fun’, but not ‘funny’.

    Is this the event you’re referring to?…%20-%20Final%20Public.pdf

    That was it. This is what Schenkel had to say:

    “Fun event, very nice presentations and discussions. I'd be happy to be part of follow ups if there

    is interest (e. g. ideas for next experiments, cross checks, etc). Also an interesting example of a

    targeted workshop in the "new normal" of no or hardly any travel, which we might be stuck in for

    a while.”

    Thomas Schenkel, Ph.D. (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

    Understandable that Ahlfors interpreted "fun" as "funny". English can be tricky.

    Thanks. In addition to the demo supposedly coinciding with a Nature paper, according to the comments:

    -Not public, but invitation only private demo. Sounds like BLP investors mostly who received invites.

    -being held in a building near the White House in Washington, D.C.

    -hosted by 2 investment firms

    Will see if any of that holds up.

    Does anyone have any information about tomorrow's (Feb 4) public demo? BLP's chiron message is a bit confusing. It says public viewing by invitation...which IMO is not really public if an invitation is required, then says it will be live streamed by popular demand.

    If anyone can say anything, no matter how outrageous and unscientific, without even saying where the nonsense came from, then we falling down Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes of conspiracy theories and "alternative reality."

    IMO, if you and Wytten would stop fighting/insulting each other, you would have a more favorable opinion as to the quality of this thread. The rest of us are enjoying it, and think it is productive and very informative...not unscientific, or alternative reality the way you see it

    Have you considered setting a rule that people should not be allowed to post blatant lies, or at least, they should cite sources for these lies? Why is it okay to fill this forum with false nonsense?

    A better rule would be to ban members from calling each other blatant liars. I have not seen one person here purposely lie. They make mistakes yes, are often wrong, misquote, misinterpret, but generally don't intend to deceive.

    Very nasty day on the COVID thread. It is becoming a race to the bottom to see who can be more insulting. Since we are in such a difficult political position trying to moderate this particular discussion, I would urge members to at least try and show some restraint.

    Will give it another day, and if still bad we can talk about closing the thread for a 2 day break to let the passions die down a bit. Worked last time...for awhile at least.

    I missed where on the BLP site they finalized the public demo? I believe that was going to happen later this month.