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    Even though automated translation to Russian is kind of crooked, I think that main idea of the question is clear to Alexander Grigorievich Parkhomov: What if we bypass electric means of heating the reactor all together and use black coal instead, as one example, to heat the reactor, would it be possible to jump start the reaction process this way? The main purpose here is not to have electromagnetic field present in the area of reaction.
    My personal comment is that I can’t readily see how black coal can easily be used in a lab environment to heat up the tube with Nickel/Lithium Aluminum Hydride powder, but other non-electric means, using chemical reaction, as another example, could be used to predictably heat-up the reactor to target temperatures and heat input and outputs can then be measured with high degree of precision.

    Несмотря на то что автоматический перевод с английского выглядид как ломанный русский язык, я думаю, что основная идея вопроса ясна Александру Григориьевичу Пархомову: Что если мы поытаемся избежать электрических способов нагрева реактора и используем каменный уголь, как один из способов нагрева, сможет ли такой способ стартовать реакцию? Главная задача здесь избавиться от электромагнитного поля в районе реакции.
    Мой личный комментарий по этому поводу – я не вижу как каменный уголь может быть легко использован в лабораторных условиях для нагрева и запуска реакции, но другие не-электрические способы, как например химическая реакция, могут быть использованы в этих целях с возможностью достаточно точного замера потребленного и выделенного тепла.

    Я хотел(а) бы задать вопрос Александру Пархомову, если он по-прежнему принимает участие в этом форуме:

    В своем последнем эксперименте вы использовали прямой ток для подачи на катушку нагревателя, т.е. таким образом вы доказали что Росси был неправ, когда он говорил что "определенные электромагнитные импульсы" описанные в Lugano Paper необходимы для запуска реакции. Таким образом, считаете ли вы, что было бы возможно сгенерировать статическое магнитное поле с помощью постоянного магнита и изолировать реактор таким образом чтобы он мог работать без внешней подачи электричества. Это выглядело бы горзадо более убедительно.

    Большое спасибо!

    New LENR related article was published today in a Russian Business Daily newspaper VZGLIAD (Взгляд) VZ.RU. This was by one of the analysts, Vasily Kaltashov, I have provided an overview of one of his video interviews in the earlier posts. Here is the link to the original article:

    Here is translation that I did using translate service at and then redacting the automatic translation making sure it is more readable in English than "translation robots" could produce.

    Vasily Kaltashov: Who Owns the Energy Owns the World
    March 12, 2015

    E-Cat generators are preparing to hit the market. Whatever the secrecy of the process, the experts will know everything. Now Russia must have a ready answer to the new generation of technologies from USA.

    I am not at all surprised that Andrea Rossi began to appear in the photo with the American flag pin on the lapel of his jacket. USA gave the inventor of the E-Cat (energy generator of entirely new type) the opportunity to come close to the industrial application of this invention.

    On October 8, 2014 in Los Alamos electronic publications archive ( <author probably means Cornell University Library of electronic archives> was published the next report of the independent scientific panel on the test operation of the heat generator E-Cat. Six prominent professors from Italy and Sweden were testing out the installation for 32 days. This was done without participation of A. Rossi.

    The parameters of the E-Cat reactor’s work were measured. Six months were spent on the processing of the results and analysis. Conclusion surprised many who were skeptical about the work of the Italian scientist.

    Member of the International Representative Committee on the problem of Cold Nuclear Transmutation of (CNT), nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov described the result: "the Generator was working and producing an incredible amount of heat - energy density millions of times greater than the combustion of any organic fuel of the same weight and 3.7 times greater than consumed energy.

    Within the device the changed the isotopic composition of "combustible" materials (H, Ni, Li, Al) was also observed, i.e., it was the nuclear reactions that produced this heat." And no nuclear radiation was detected anywhere near the installation, which is very important.

    In the recent years there were a lot of accusations of Rossi for "excessive secrecy". These are hardly fair. Scientist relied on commercial exploitation of E-Cat that was the only option that could provide personal guarantees for the pioneer. The business had to understand first how to work with his invention.

    Of course, Rossi took into account the sad experience of Nikola Tesla, who tried to convince the capitalists in the use of science for the good of mankind. Rossi seems to have found understanding of his approach in the United States. This did not happen immediately: the first E-Cat was demonstrated publicly in January of 2015 in Bologna. There the experts and the press saw the reactor’s operation with power output of 12.5 kW.

    Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi - two Italians who managed to find the key to cold nuclear fusion, discovered by Martin Fleishmann and Steven Ponce in 1989. For discoverers themselves it all ended up in scandal.

    They failed to make the correct measurements and came under fire of merciless critics, who were especially zealous after seeing what type hype their statements created in the American press. Rossi did not talk much. But already in October 2011 he introduced his first one megawatt reactor for his first client, as well as scientists and engineers that were checking his work.

    Some problems existed. But his installation produced 470 kW of continuous power during 5.5 hours of operation in self-sustained mode. It consisted of 100 reactor modules, each with three reaction compartments in them, making it in total 300 reaction chambers.

    “Orthodox” physicists all over the world then ignored Rossi again.

    Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Anri Rukhadze, described the incident: "According to all canons of physics such thing could not exist: nuclear boiler on the table? The delivery of energy with a factor of order of 10 - pure nonsense! And only a handful of "heretics" from science, engaged in so-called Cold Nuclear Fusion (CNF), supported him.

    Rossi behaved unpredictably, but not the way as you would expect from a rogue and a charlatan, that he was accused of being by the “orthodox” scientists. He asked no one for money; on the contrary, he sold his house to jumpstart his research. Scientist avoided the interviews. He was showing the work of e-Cat mostly to businessmen".

    Bazhutov notes that Rossi was not eager to engage in dialogue with preachers of traditional nuclear physics. The inventor said: "the best proof that I was right all along will be a commercial device available on the market!

    "And the hard work did pay off. His commercial approach to the solution of the problem also helped. Rossi has not promised to mankind a free flow of energy, and business liked that approach.

    "The attempts to catch Rossi in fraud have failed. There were no additional energy sources connected to his device" stressed Alexander Karabut, employee of research company Luch and the state agency Rosatom. Gradually the attitude toward the scientist began to change". That's why NASA has opened its arms for Rossi and he did not refuse to be embraced by them.

    Rossi ended up in the United States. It was not only lucrative move for him, but also gave him a greater personal security. Rukhadze believes that "the United States intends to take complete control of a new source of energy as the one country that owns it, will come out far ahead in the technology race and get rid of the carbohydrate dependency. NASA, therefore, is only a part of the American "cold fusion" project.

    The United States hope to not only continue to lock financial flows down on itself , but also on the basis of new technologies – a nearly free, clean, limitless energy to carry out a new industrialization of the country focused on exports. This will throw the other countries back if they won’t start the change process as well.

    We can expect the rapid development of Cold Nuclear Transmutation of (CNT is a new and more correct name for this phenomenon as compared to CNF, Cold Nuclear Fusion). We already have seen and we can expect more breakthroughs, both theoretical and experimental.

    Recently in Russia appeared a news release that probably was not too pleasant for our American counterparts. We had successfully tested the antigravity engine by Vladimir Leonov. Karabut said: "Attempts to keep the invention of Rossi under the lock and key in the United Sates are going to fail. There are dozens of laboratories around the world where scientists are now trying to uncover the secret of the "silent Italian", to find the principles of work of his catalytic reactor and to create a theory of the process".

    At the same time market is being prepared for the arrival of E-Cat generators. No matter how secretive is this process; the experts will eventually know everything. In Russia we only need a more favorable attitude by the state toward the science, to have a ready answer for the new generation of American technologies.

    When in September of last year (before the Nobel <probably author means Lugano paper> verification of E-Cat) we talked with Bazhutov, we came to an important conclusion: the US is already betting on the revolution in energy and may soon start to begin to see some payback. It is known in advance – the overall payback is going to be huge. However, Russia is among the leading countries in the research of CNT even in the complete absence of the dedicated funding.

    In our country we have a Coordination Council on problems of CNT, annual conference and monthly seminars, and this is despite the resistance from “orthodox” nuclear physicists. Our country only needs to evaluate and to prepare the technological response to the challenge by the United States.

    We have about a dozen of patents in our country that are based on the CNT principles and are aimed at obtaining additional energy. Some researchers have been able to get small investment financing for their work.However, some scientists, unfortunately, are forced to work abroad. Meanwhile, Rossi works hard, and his stand-alone generators of electricity are prepared to change the industry in the United States. This will definitely happen, and we should be ready for it.

    "The Sanctions War" against Russia by the will of Washington may go far. The USA sees our country not as a partner, but as a threat to their dominance in Europe. The success of Rossi gives US a chance to retain the role of global financial and industrial center, undermining the position of other strong players.

    But the long-term decline of prices in the oil market will not necessarily spell disaster for the Russian economy. American politicians have to be careful and be aware that by no coincidence our scientists have made so many discoveries in the twentieth century.

    There were two comments on this article in this business news internet publication called Business Capital (Деловая Столица) in Russian language from Kiev, Ukraine. One comment from Alain stating that interview was a fake and one from the author, Tatiana Gromova, who said that she had a phone interview with Mr. Celani of Frascati Lab in the middle of February of this year. Since this was a phone interview, it would be more difficult to confirm authenticity of a person that author spoke to or even the fact that interview took place. Let's leave it on the author's conscience if this indeed was a real interview or something lesser than that. As a general observation, mass media environment has not been the healthiest in Ukraine since the events of February of last year. Outside of the fact that Ukraine has prohibited all of Russian TV channels under threat of persecution for broadcasting or even setting up satellite system to view Russian TV (except for one TV station Dozhd' belonging to Russian opposition), within the media in that country, supporting just one side of the story, there is a much greater propensity for publishing all kinds of fakes that propagate as an avalanche when one publication releases an article referring to non-existent or greatly distorted article in some of the more reputable world media outlets and the other ones reprint from that publication. That situation got the point that there is even one of the well known Ukrainian journalists, Anatoliy Shariy (Анатолий Шарий) who asked and received political asylum in one of the Western countries, and who is posting daily videos that are exposing those fakes, here is the link to the channel for those interested. I don't want to cast a shadow on this publication,, since I don't know them well, but to my great disappointment, from a country with significant degree of press freedom in 2013, Ukraine has turned into a state where journalists and media outlets are persecuted both, by government and the neo-nazi mob for the differing opinions.

    Russian Ministry of Natural Resources is proposing to permit increase in the foreign ownership in oil fields (except for "strategic" ones) for up to 49%. Chinese investors are a specific target for this change in foreign ownership rules. Does this signal that Russian government is also understanding that carbohydrate based economic model is coming to an end? (sorry, news in Russian only, but it was published by several media outlets in RF overtime, so it seems to be a reliable piece of information)

    I watched the entire video and here are comments:

    - This video is a fragment of one of the installments of popular science program on Russian TV called "Black holes. White Spots". This particular program was broadcasted on 02/26/15 and showed footage of the CNF seminar in the Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow on 01/29/15
    - Most of the things discussed there are a common knowledge for the participants of the LENR-FORUM, so I see no need for a complete translation, but I can highlight few moments:
    1. TV crew of the Culture Channel (Телеканал Культура) was there for the filming of the seminar and they showed interviews with Parkhomov, Prosvirnov and Samsonenko - three well known proponents if the CNF/LENR among Russian scientific community. An interesting moment came out of the interview with Samsonenko, who said that sometimes ago he was offered a research topic and funding by academic Baraboshkin to disprove the CNF theory. After two years of experimentation (done still in the Soviet Union) he and his group came to conclusion that the CNF phenomenon is real. There was also footage of Filimonenko, probably the most prominent Russian scientist (deceased in 2013) in the CNF field where narrator explains the lack of success of Filimonenko in promoting this direction in Soviet science by potential disruption of the carbohydrate based economy, uselessness of this discovery for the nuclear weapons and also the fact that this was a very strange, inexplicable nuclear physics.
    2. Another moment worth highlighting was that interest of Bill Gates and his foundation in the LENR research was also mentioned, however there they said that Bill Gates is betting on the LENR devices based on deuterium and palladium. However, program says that patent for the deuterium-palladium heat producing reactor is with Siberian scientist Vitaliy Kirkinskiy

    Yes, Alain, I agree - regarding the Current Science Journal from India, just a sheer volume of articles they plan to publish on the subject of LENR, suggests that those could not have been written specifically for this journal, especially just for one issues. Looks like they'll be reprinting "an editor's selection" of previously published articles, that I hope they got permissions from the authors to reprint. Nonetheless, this seems like a good collection of the articles in one place (and all in readable English!) that are also downloadable in PDF format. Amongst those there is also one interesting article by a Russian scientist Y.N. Bazhutov, that basically provides a good bibliography on the LENR-CNF related research in USSR and Russia/Ukraine over the past 40 years or so.

    Current Science Journal (India) is planning a special issue dedicated to LENR. They have made available articles accepted by journal for publication, but uncorrected and unformatted, for a preview on their web site. From the initial glance appears like a very good collection of the articles on the LENR subjects ranging from theoretical and practical reviews, to the cataloguing of LENR/CNF efforts and publications previously done.

    Here is the link to the page with article listing with links for download:

    Hmm, what do you think guys, is this readable? I read both versions, English and Russian, for comparison. I guess automatic translation gives a general sense of the article's content, but many sentences, even some paragraphs are completely botched. Based on the content, this is not what I would call a "seminal" article, so I don't think I need to spend time here to make the translation make more sense, but when David or some one else will post another Russian language article where more of the new or important ideas will be put forth, I don't mind to spend time to help Google Translate and bring the correct meaning for the participants of this forum. If you want clarifications around some sections of the article, such as why Sun's work may not be based on the nuclear fusion principle as desribed in traditional science, for example - let me know. is a Russian on-line publication (not sure if there is a paper version of it) that publishes articles about high-tech developments around the world. This article is a brief recap of Parkhomov replication experiment that also mentions seminar that took place in Moscow on the 27 of January this year. Couple of points to highlight:
    - according to this publication Parkhomov described his experiment as a simplified replication of the Rossi's E-Cat based on publicly available description, he also emphasizes that he did not invent anything to make this replication successful
    - Parkhomov admits that his replica reactors last up to 90 minutes maximum, unlike 32 days we learned from Lugano Paper regarding latest published E-Cat test results

    Here are couple of additions to the list with LENR players in Russian Federation:

    1. A.G. Parkhomov, of course, with his now famous in-home-lab e-Cat replication experiment. Based on the available information, Mr. Parkhomov is now retired, but still maintains afflation with Chronos Institute, part of Moscow State University
    2. There is another group in Russia that claims to have understood the operational principles of LENR based reactor, they claim to have built the prototype of the Current Impulse Hydride Reactor (they named it TIGR - Toko-Impul'snyi Gidridnyi Reactor). Here is their web site in Russian language:

    Wanted to see, if there'll be any type of reaction to the "explosive end" of the MFMP attempt at replication of the Rossi E-Cat generator effect. Neah, I don't see any market reaction one way or the other. This is a coin for the piggybank of the skeptics of the oil price linkage to the LENR progress.

    Новая статья на с попыткой объяснить трансмутацию ядер теорией микроакселерации
    New article on with an attempt to explain nuclear transmutation phenomena with the theory of the microacceleration

    This video is not as much about E-Cat or LENR, but about world oil prices and the fact that we are probably not going to see the oil prices at $100 or above... It further discusses the possibility that new cheap or nearly free energy opens up to various countries and says that countries with more developed economies and lesser populations will benefits from these developments more. Interviewed analyst Kaltashov argues that a significant portion of the manufacturing may come back to US from China, as cheap energy makes it more feasible use of the robotics as compared to manual labor in countries like China.

    Excellent article! It touches lightly only in a few words on all the recent developments and uncertainties. Rossi's statement that "we are too far advanced and are about to go massively commercial so nobody can catch us" seems to be a bit of a bravado. Parkhomov's success and openness about his replication and all the details of the experiment is one of those wild cards on which Andrea Rossi himself and people who invested heavily in his research did not count.

    Its very rare to find a native English speaker that is proficient in Russian language nearly to the same degree as native Russian speakers... Not sure why is that, but I guess, Russian is like Japanese - it is not for the "faint of heart" and what complicates the learning process are the inflections of the words depending on the gender (all words have gender, just like in Latin based languages) and the situation of the word in a sentence in relation to the subject, modifier, predicate etc. This is not to discourage people to learn Russian, but I'm speaking from a 30 year experience being part of both worlds, English and Russian speaking. Scientific texts are a different matter, since many of the terms are an actual transliteration of the English terms or, common Latin and Greek terms, used in science, so learning alphabet, will certainly help to get some idea about what they talk about. Here is another site for those who want to learn alphabet, it is easier than Greek, as phonetic rules on pronouncing written characters in Russian are straightforward. http://www.russianforeveryone.…ion/Alphabet/Alphabet.htm