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    First instruction on how to replicate...


    This is quite easy to replicate with copy paste.

    Question is, why is it there?

    I believe that Dr. Parkhomov needed to hide something that is not necessarily needed to show. Maybe some sensor failed, maybe he tried something. But for presentation you want to show clear results.
    If you want to falsify something, you are taking extra care, but Dr. Parkhomov do not need to pay extra care as he is sure with his results.
    Moreover, if you are in hurry, additional mistakes can occur.

    I plan to build own reactor based on work of Dr. Parkhomov.

    Parts are relatively very cheap and available. First from all I want to build heater that will work for longer periods.
    Heater must be driven with electronics.

    I plan to build control system based on PI(D) regulation with microcontroller so it can work without any additional stuff.
    Maybe I will try DC with pulse width modulation to control temperature so it can work from a different power sources.

    Heater Wire: I will start with Kanthal A1 wire or hopefully I can get Super Kanthal that is able to stand even 1900°C continuously.
    Heater Ceramic tube: 1x ceramic with min. 99,7% Al2O3 - ∅D = 16mm, ∅d = 12mm, L = 80mm, Tmax = 1800°C
    Reactor Ceramic tube: 1x ceramic with min. 99,7% Al2O3 - ∅D = 10mm, ∅d = 5mm, L = 290mm, Tmax = 1800°C
    Reactor Ceramic filings: 2x ceramic with min. 99,7% Al2O3 - ∅D = 5mm, L = 100mm, Tmax = 1800°C
    Thermocouple: unknown yet, maybe R, S or B?

    Do you think that diameters of 10/5mm are fine? What do you suggest?

    Thank you Dr. Parkhomov for perfect work, I hope you will continue!
    Sharing your findings can make our world much better.

    I think that such demonstration are not so necessary.
    At the moment, we have just indications that LENR will work as expected.

    So we must be perfectly sure it will really work in various conditions.
    Immediately after it will be succesfully replicated and all data available without any restriction, companies will be working on it to get between customers.

    I believe that we can see such devices finished in one year, at least for testing.
    I think that lot of energy companies are interested in this phenomenon and will invest in their research as soon as possible.

    But in case that these things will be hidden for some reason even after it is ready, then demonstration should occur.