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    You guys ever notice that whenever one of you say something the rest go against it even if they are on that side. Why would any of the people arguing it does not work want to come to this site 50 times a day just to counter argue someone's idea of how it may work. Really stupid if you ask me and kind of getting tired of trying to find new info just to scroll and scroll through a bunch of b s . Seriously why not just let the person believe it works and go argue somewhere else. I keep returning hopeing to see something from me356 but bout to give up on that to. Go outside and build something get off the internet you are clogging it up like a toilet. Happy new year :D

    I play around with catalytic converters a lot always cutting them open and playing with insides. Hho is pretty cool to inject into it but gets incredibly hot to fast and flashbacks happen every time blowing up your generator for the Hho. I told Robert Greenyer once about a time I soaked a piece in hydrogen peroxide hoping to load with hydrogen for several hours until the bubbling slowed down then wrapped it in open air with heater wire then put it in the middle of the garage floor on top of a dinner plate I had out there. I applied 120 volt ac to it switching it on and off as needed to keep the small amount of wire from burning up when all of the sudden out of nowhere the dinner plate exploded into a bunch of pieces. Robert thought that it was probably the heat expanding the plate stressing it to break but sometimes I wonder, must not have been bad I am still alive. still strange to me that the plate blew apart I put those things in the microwave for 30 mins before no problem

    How come nobody anywhere is talking about this undeniable test Robert greenyer has comeing up in a few weeks. Only small section on it at ecatworld towards the bottom of the 100 % reliable thread. Have I missed something yesterday the comments were only a few hours old

    Could it be that lenr is similar to a double slit expierement with single electrons,they do one thing until you try to watch what they are doing then they do something else.sounds like lenr hundreds of people have made it happen you just can't watch it happen. Sounds like no calimetry will work if this is the case,may need to put the calimetry in a black box so lenr can't see it. Sounds dumb but so does watching electrons not doing what they do when you are not watching.

    @ Eros are you sure what you are experiencing is RF and not more dangerousness types of radiation? I have read your posts and sounds kind of scarey. Do you have anything set up for someone to follow what you are doing or are you keeping things quiet for now would be nice if you guys could at least tell a tinkering take everything apart guy like me what not to do.

    We are floating around 105 F right now in az. Kind of chilly can you do rush orders, got use to 118 F. Any specials going on could use one for the car too, maybe buy one get one free!

    @me356 I was just reading some stuff on candolumenescence,the phenomenom will cease to exist in the preasance of hydrocarbons is the same true for lenr reactions? can you confirm with a test? I am also interested in the fact that materials that exhibit it seem to be brighter at lower preasures sounds framiliar. when a reactor works and then doesn't work could it have contaminated itself with hydrocarbons somehow stopping the reaction? archive/Files/11_2_MIAMI2_04-67_0540.pdf

    @ me 356 also I have a really nice gasifier I made for my generator I was asking about the coils because the gasifier breaks down wood at about 700 c and I have had it to 1200 c inside. It would be an ideal source of heat and the byproduct the controlled uncombusted wood is carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas, seems like a perfect atmosphere for lenr expierements I am adding a port on the side for easy access to install and retrieve reactor

    @ Dewey weaver I don't get it if you are an inside guy of ih why are you on this forum makes no sense, and the way you talk on here if you are inside you must be a secretary and have no actual info of the process. Kind of stupid that everyone actually thinks you are ih, if you were why wouldn't you share more about how it works. I am getting tired of it