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    How do you know what Rossi does through his private philanthropy? Some say that anonymous giving is the most noble type of giving.

    Really he did or is another speculation of believer?

    I bet you cannot prove it... ah, maybe he donated 10M$ to cure cancer of children but like an anonymous donator.

    Some good natured people have charitable aspirations, You can't fault a man for that. What are you some kind of conservative?

    As said I hate the charlatans and who promises even if having no “charitable aspirations”.

    Smoke into the eyes and lies only good for believers.

    There is no fraud involved in making some investments in real estate, or don't you beleive that? What are you some kind of communist?

    Communist? No, simply I love who really spends his money to cure children affected by cancer and I hate charlatans that used that argument in a “says” of his blog to get sympathy.

    You still do not make any sense. This new purported fraud predated the mention of a quality program. Please be more logical in your slanders, such claims offends our intelligence.

    Like your speculations do.

    Money and houses are proven facts, even you like to ignore.

    Your mode of thinking shows a marked lack of sense. Why in the world would a con man institute a quality program or even lie about doing so. Such a deduction is lamebrained.

    Why? We saw why.... the reason is a dozen of houses in Florida and 11M$ in his pocket.

    Rossi has learned from his past mistakes and has instituted a regime of testing to insure his product is reliable.

    To be clear he has only instituited a regime of no independent testing at all, to insure that his hoax could appear real to his believers and the play will continue.


    Worth pointing out that the event on the 24th has only ever been described as a demonstration by Rossi. Zero 'official' claims have been made (AFAIK) about anything more. Who knows what it will lead to? many more arguments and cold-confusion for sure, possibly to somebody serious taking him on again. Though there does seem to be another partner in the wings, for uncertain values of 'seem'.

    Maybe the purpose of this is merely to prove that AR is alive and kicking still? Where there is life, there is always hope. No way am I expecting to see anything like ultimate, or even partial proof of a 'miracle' - in fact it would be ridiculous to expect it on such a short acquaintance with something apparently totally radical presented by a great showman.

    @ AS

    only ever been descried as a demonstration...

    A demonstration of the famous paramount Rossi's masterpiece, the Quark-X. No?

    Zero 'official' claim...?

    Not counting dozens of claims on JoNP (his official blog) during these years.

    Maybe the purpose of this is merely to prove that AR is alive and kicking still?

    His daily "says" on JoNP more than enough in order to prove this.

    Henry. You are just looking for an argument, contributing nothing as per usual. I suggest you go away for a while, before you are sent.

    On the contrary, I think to have clarified some fusionists' arguments. Your opinion is different, however this fine "advice" shows cleary your play. About trolling there is someone else do it (a supporter, see above) but obviously it seems doesn’t matter to you.

    Good day.

    And what you would concluded? If he win the Nobel prize the e-cat will never appear on the shelves?

    Good point Ahlfors.

    Alan spreads that Marconi was a brilliant Italian product of the University of Bologna! LOL, this is another falsity from Smith.

    Marconi collected 16 degree honoris causa also in US, Brazil ...

    Henry. You are really trolling now. And your comments on Nobel Prizes show your total ignorance of the topic - both science and how it works, and in particular Nobel Prizes are awarded. Marconi was a brilliant Italian product of the University of Bologna, but he got his Nobel for theory, not for his commercial nous. Even though Tesla always claimed that he was 'sirst'.

    Alain who said that Marconi received the Nobel for his commercial nous ? Me?

    I said that the two things (Nobel and commercialization) are not in conflict.

    Read better what it has been written before talk of trolling or give ignorant to anyone.


    No commercial products yet, although the fundamental work for which they were awarded the prize was performed 40 years ago.

    It can happen, where is the news?

    As usual l you are wrong Marconi was credited with inventing radio and developing it.

    He got the Nobel prize for that not his commercial operation of it.

    As usual you don't know the hystory. He invented and he was a pioneer of wireless telegraphy, (you wrote radio) exactly the same field of Nobel quotation.


    "The Nobel Prize in Physics 1909 was awarded jointly to Guglielmo Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun "in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy"

    Jointly with another makes some difference? is it not a Nobel to him?

    The Nobel Prize is not about the commercialisation of anything.

    The Nobel Prize is not about commercialisation...the inventor(s) of the machine that you are typing on was never awarded the Nobel Prize

    False that Nobel prize conflicts with commercialization! it's a your fairy tale you spread.

    For example Guglielmo Marconi received Nobel prize in Physics 1909 "in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy".

    He was a famous inventor, he founded a large company: Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company Limited or Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd that commercialized a lot of transmission equipments under his patents.

    Good grief! Enough already. We get it. You will only accept results from a device you have hand carried to the lab as everybody else are lying idiots.

    Really AA you get? It seems you are sure and you know him very good.

    So if you don't trust of me you can talk with him asking to make available a working device for the next prize at Stockholm. :D

    Henry (exposed here)"

    I'm looking forward to when Henry Truth publishes his mainstream science on Kindle

    When bocijn?

    When I will see a Nobel prize assigned to the e-cat inventor and e-cat available on the shelves at any supermarket. :D :D

    Holmlid is completely open and will demonstrate his methods and results to all who are interested.

    Now I'm not interested to contact Holmlid. Maybe after the test.

    Sorry again, I asked to you because you wrote here the claim. Can you make available a device that produces XH or not ?

    Holm;od uses the same mechanism to activate the ultra dense hydrogen into LENR active behavior. That signal is the low powered laser pulse. The signal generates a state change in the LENR active element via the KERR effect.

    see post

    me356: Photos of AURA control unit

    Sorry but I asked to you to show a verifiable proof (it means a working device that produces XH), an "activated" device following your claim of above. Can you show and make available this?

    The LERN reaction is active in LENR fuel but unless it is activated, it does not produce excess heat. What Rossi has discovered is the activation signal to fire up the LENR reaction so that the fuel will generate excess heat, light, and electrons. That signal is a high tension electrostatic field in the range between 50 and 100 Kilovolts. Rossi has patented this signal.

    OK, OK... have you in hand verifiable proofs to demonstrate to scientific community what you said ?

    A very active LENR reaction need not produce excess heat. The LENR fuel that both the ECCO reactor and ME356 has produced amazing LENR transmutation results without producing any excess heat. If you know what you are seeing, this type of fuel and how it behaves will demonstrate 1000% LENR functionality.

    No more XH by a LENR reaction? No more clean energy?

    I'm a bit deluded... thus you confirm that Rossi's claims (of these years) about energy produced are totally false.


    Look at Henry’s unjustified criticism of Alan Smith providing experimental apparatus and the negative responses he has received from academia

    Still excuses... Show me and make available a reactor that produces XH as you claim and I will submit it to an int. standard accredited Lab of Metrology for energy measurements. If it really works I pay the costs, if it doesn't work you pay all costs.

    it makes very little sense to blame people for being curious and doing research in thia field or even supplying people with the Equipment which is thought to be necessary to do research.

    Hans Moog

    Curiousity and researches can be OK, but when these people from thirty years still continue to rise claims of "excess heat" results (or alleged nuclear fusions never seen), these claims must be scientifically proven in front of the world scientific community (of GAS) otherwise it's only cold fusionist's propaganda for their affairs.

    Following your principle being no final proof that the purple dragon is not real, I could not say that it does not exist and I should give trust and money to who are researching on it (because claimed had seen one in own cellar) until the end of time. Sorry but the method of Science is completely different thing.

    This is what I think.