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    Also, there might be an error in figure 24 of this document. According to the text, this figure should show an input power of 100W. Figure 24 appears to show an input power of 50W. If this is indeed an error, this entire paper, and all prior research by this organization, is , in my opinion only, possibly invalid due to errors in record keeping, measurements, and presentation. I'll finish my review of this document for more errors when I have more time.

    LOL. Still with this Mizuno's claim....


    If you are looking for big errors in Mizuno's test and paper for example read the relevant deep critical analysis already highlighted here months ago but in a whisper so as not to disturb the fusionists' dreams. :D :D :D



    At first glance the report may seem exhaustive and well documented, but it contains many inconsistencies and theoretical, computational and experimental errors. All this suggests that, as a result of all these errors (the most sensational is the measurement of the fan flow equal to twice the maximum value declared by the manufacturer), the Author has measured an inexistent heat excess.

    Since the laboratory investigation is proceeding, we suggest a simpler measurement method in Appendix D.

    The claim "2018" refers to "days" :D :D :D

    (approx 5.5 years) It means not before the year 2023...


    I heard long ago from another licensee that Roger Green sold his license back due to some serious concerns over his health. I know no more than that.

    LOL! Roger Green had in his hands a license to sell the millennium invention (with earn of billion of USD) but due to "serious concerns over his health" he sold it back and by, by.

    I should believe that he had none like a brother or a son or a partner or a friend or... someone to which to give this incredible and unique opportunity...

    Only a gullible Rossi's fan and supporter can believe to this kind of stories.

    A very good target this time... COP=1 is the only goal that can be really reached by the hoax of Quark-X.

    :D :D :D


    there is a current ... below, which is not ours

    Yes, the AC current (he says) has a cycle of 60Hz in US and 50Hz in EU :D :D :D

    let say.... to switch you need to open the box, not as fast as you say :D

    2:31:08 Fabiani is telling to Rossi: LO SWITCH (the switch)

    This is the ridiculous excuse invented now by the King of Hoax :D :D :D

    • Andrea Rossi November 26, 2017 at 9:45 AM


      I checked what you say, it is between the time 2h 30′ and 2h 31′.

      I opened an air window to help the air circulation since when the E-Cat has been tiurned off the cooling system was disconnected. After 2 hours of work and after the operation of the spectrometer without cooling circulation in the heat exchanger I wanted to help the hot air out.

      This has nothing to do with the measurements we were making.

      Warm Regards,


    can and Paradigmnoia

    IMHO it’s quite clear that the “two tones” (Fabiani spoke) were the sinusoidal signals: the carrier having period of about 10 microsecond (100kHz) and the modulation signal, the carrier was deeply AM modulated by the modulation sinusoidal signal having time period of about 50-100 microsecond (10-20kHz).

    The original YouTube video at link:


    has been removed. Now they have fear after the trick discovered.

    Anyway before that point Rossi seems to search power switch switch for real (for fraud they would have practiced it carefully).

    Simply the power switch?

    Look well from 2:30:58 to 2:31:02 he opened the top cover of the box and disconnected or swapped a connection :D :D :D

    and this happened after QX switch-off and before the verification by means of the SC and the 800 ohm resistor. ROTFL

    (Fulvio was in front of the table covering the view with his body... Mats was chattering... and Alan the expert that "be able to see obvious flaws from a distance": boh... beer...)

    Not necessary, someone else has already drunk for all instead of giving answers to your technical questions of before.

    The QX is stated to have near zero resistance. Which tends to suggest it has near zero impedance. Though after 5 beers I am not looking for an argument about that. Have at it.

    This's all: it's stated... 5 beers...

    Same I can say. even if I did not move from my house.


    How do you know what Rossi does through his private philanthropy? Some say that anonymous giving is the most noble type of giving.

    Really he did or is another speculation of believer?

    I bet you cannot prove it... ah, maybe he donated 10M$ to cure cancer of children but like an anonymous donator.

    Some good natured people have charitable aspirations, You can't fault a man for that. What are you some kind of conservative?

    As said I hate the charlatans and who promises even if having no “charitable aspirations”.

    Smoke into the eyes and lies only good for believers.

    There is no fraud involved in making some investments in real estate, or don't you beleive that? What are you some kind of communist?

    Communist? No, simply I love who really spends his money to cure children affected by cancer and I hate charlatans that used that argument in a “says” of his blog to get sympathy.

    You still do not make any sense. This new purported fraud predated the mention of a quality program. Please be more logical in your slanders, such claims offends our intelligence.

    Like your speculations do.

    Money and houses are proven facts, even you like to ignore.