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    What makes you think I am a Rossi fan?

    Oh it's quite simple: by means of your comments, where you confuse "fantasy" and "your hopes" with real facts to support Rossi here and in other threads. :D

    It's fairly simple: the building is real, and JMC and Rossi are separate legal entities. As for Mr Brass, he was just rubbed up the wrong way, and will probably be reflecting on his predicament.

    Really simple? legal terms are not enough you forgot to say the main consequence, the used factory it's a dummy, better it's fake.

    As Rossi's supporter you would like that Brass retracts, sorry leave out your hope, his written emails still remain :D

    And it was certainly advertised as being vacant and available before AR moved in.

    being vacant before and after (you and zeus46 said) is JMC Products factory a fake or not?
    Who was the alleged Rossi's Customer? Himself?
    Is mr. Brass another Rossi's puppet?

    How you can support the claim that "1MW masterpiece" reduce the energy costs of a Customer (it means compared with the absence of 1MW Plant but doing exactly the same working) if the factory is vacant and factory does nothing for months before and after this "demonstration" test?

    Henry, you've been missing out on the fun!

    LENR Calendar, it's incredible that after this kind of email it has been showed in front of Court, someone here (having at least the five human senses working) can still believe to Rossi's says and claims!

    Fans have to be blind or under a deep spell.

    Also, recently published e-mails have shown that Rossi was controlling JMP behind the scenes. I haven't seen anyone here deny that, Rossi fanboys or planet IH alike.

    You are suggesting that JMC Products (the industrial company, the Rossi's Customer of infinite says on jonp) is a ghost or a fake, a company not reliable, it's not a real factory that produced regulary something.

    Well this is another lie of the "inventor" of masterpiece.

    A false factory means no independent and reliable witness and it allows false results.

    Just keep the pressure around 0.25 bar, and the water will boil itself!

    Right! at so low pressures boiling point of water occurs also at ambient temperature... funny the ultra-stable pressure was measured and reported at one decimal point:

    0.0 bar :)


    I also note Henry didn't answer my comment directly, preferring an attempt to change the subject.

    Maybe a pair of good glasses can help you zeus46.

    If you didn't understand I repeat using more simpler words:
    you invented a story, the first excuse you have ("location was not being used") a complete nonsense, giving none evidence of what you wrote.,
    Simple gossip, so what you need?

    Nice idea, it's a funny possibility in order to collect from 1 MW Plant the alleged so large steam quantity using a small size of pipes, keeping it every days at stable pressure of exactly 0 bar. :)


    Hey we are on the same side on Rossi.

    Very well, I hope you are completely from Science side, the true one based on due galilean evidences, not voodoo nor philosophy or chatter.


    We are barbarians in the US.

    I'm sorry, the native americans (they lived there before white men invasion) were much better.


    Alan was largely working on his own and had his hands more than full, and the ethos was much more laissez faire, so there wasn't any precedent to go with. That whole altercation would not last long now.

    If there is a skeptic instead of Sifferkol... from Platoon movie: Excuses are like the "mouth", everybody got one.


    Oh henry, I liked Eric's post

    Oh rigel, your last comment is just a like to Eric's post (you could still use the upvote) :-) but the discussion where is?

    It does not matter...


    So you still can express your opinions.

    Well Rigel, but opinions doesn't mean chatter based on faith or replaced by gossip about the daily "says" on jonp of the "inventor".

    Just to start and to stay on ground where are the scientific, verifiable and independent evidences about and after ten years of Rossi's claims and promises?


    TC felt compelled to leave because of harassment by Sifferkol

    Ah, and zealous LF moderators where were? Not attended promptly to stop the harassment ongoing by the believer?


    This place is a refreshing oasis of skeptical thought.

    Another claim: if it was/is really "an oasis of skeptical thought and of skeptics" (your definition) why TC left?


    You will then be forced to engage here in actual reasoned discussion

    Forced to engage? It sounds like a duress, I will discuss with you when you give the due scientific evidences as required, starting from Rossi's claims.


    In Colorado we are used to a frontier life and brutal agreement with evil-doers and criminals without flinching.

    Probably it was better to stay in Arkansas, if this is the situation at your country.

    It seems you live in the wild west, a land under control of criminality. I'm more lucky because I live in a civil place.


    Are you seriously asking why the electricity bill was lower when the location was not being used?

    "So daft" is your comment, dear.

    You are saying now that this famous "JM Chemical Products Corp" (the location) it was not a real factory (an industry) but a dummy that exists and used just to support Rossi show.

    It's really fun to read as a comic story, you are able to invent any nonsense in order to support him.

    You showed me enough of your scientific smarts to make me aware that you can (if pushed) do better than 'blah blah'. Sadly, you show no inclination to do so.

    Alan, what of scientific should I debate?

    I read here mainly discussions of Rossi's supporters about his daily "says" and claims, none of scientific, absolutely missing of any verifiable and independent evidences like I required many, many times. An example, none of Forum believers noted the most simple data, the JMCP electric bills (the bills of the "Customer", "the famous working factory", that Rossi's miraculous machine - his "masterpiece" - promised to reduce), the bills has increased just

    in coincidence with the so-called "1MW Plant, one year test" Februray 2015-end of Februrary 2016, it has not reduced. :D , before and after the one year test the "working factory" consumed and paid a lot less.

    Once again another evidence that discussion here has as only objective to support Rossi and that we are in front of smoke, made like perpetual support to E-Cat hoax.

    It seems that your friend from Arkansas ("the US moderator") has an aim: censure my posts or ban me. I feel incoming another "Thomas Clarke treatment".


    it really is time you shaped up and justified your stance with proper scientific arguments.

    Alan, IMO this is a wrong position. The Science (not only me) requires to the Rossi's believers give "proper scientific arguments" scientific, verifiable and independent evidences, not faith, assumptions, infinite chatters, daily speculations, guesses like I believe in, and so on...

    This Forum is becoming just the house of Rossi's fans and supporters.

    In private (under your test) i gave you a short example of my scientific background, so now you must show to mainstream scientific community at least one independent scientific and impeccable evidence of your claims and of Rossi's miracle. Are you in the position to do or spend your time as "warden" of skeptics?


    For your info I read the posts and I gave a lot of like (not just dislike) without the need of any "justification".


    Abuse it and lose it.

    When I had quick my opinions flagged using just the vote system (not in line with your faith) it has been considered an abuse here ?


    if the technology works like Rossi has claimed

    If, if, if, ... always the same conjecture, what it would happen IF it worked blah, blah...

    After ten years of chatters, guesses, speculations, "says" none verifiable, scientific and independent evidence exists.

    Still usual fantasy of believers, it seems that they do not know how true Science works.


    What is it with Henry downvoting so many posts. LOL. I mean, downvote posts that are filled with insults or simply beyond the pale, but does a post with a sincere opinion really need to be downvoted?

    After the whimper your impartial friends "the moderators" immediately deleted the downvote possibility from selection.

    Are you happy now and the E-Cat works?