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    A very active LENR reaction need not produce excess heat. The LENR fuel that both the ECCO reactor and ME356 has produced amazing LENR transmutation results without producing any excess heat. If you know what you are seeing, this type of fuel and how it behaves will demonstrate 1000% LENR functionality.

    No more XH by a LENR reaction? No more clean energy?

    I'm a bit deluded... thus you confirm that Rossi's claims (of these years) about energy produced are totally false.


    Look at Henry’s unjustified criticism of Alan Smith providing experimental apparatus and the negative responses he has received from academia

    Still excuses... Show me and make available a reactor that produces XH as you claim and I will submit it to an int. standard accredited Lab of Metrology for energy measurements. If it really works I pay the costs, if it doesn't work you pay all costs.

    it makes very little sense to blame people for being curious and doing research in thia field or even supplying people with the Equipment which is thought to be necessary to do research.

    Hans Moog

    Curiousity and researches can be OK, but when these people from thirty years still continue to rise claims of "excess heat" results (or alleged nuclear fusions never seen), these claims must be scientifically proven in front of the world scientific community (of GAS) otherwise it's only cold fusionist's propaganda for their affairs.

    Following your principle being no final proof that the purple dragon is not real, I could not say that it does not exist and I should give trust and money to who are researching on it (because claimed had seen one in own cellar) until the end of time. Sorry but the method of Science is completely different thing.

    This is what I think.

    Yes Henry, and thank you for that. I think btw, you have done quite enough Trolling for today.

    Many thanks Alan for your answers to my questions, questions that were not "trolling" you attributed them but on the contrary they rose in order to understand and clear which is the real situation beyond the chatter.

    To quote my post above..

    " I have never ever claimed that LFH has or offers a system which produces XSH to order, we create inexpensive tools and provide hard to find materials for LENR researchers. Picks and shovels, not gold mines. You must be thinking of somebody else."

    I know that you are too much smart to write an affirmative sentence with the risk of complaint in case of negative results, anyway you offer (better, you sell) a system (you called it LENR test) for energy production that could produce XH, therefore I asked the above questions.

    Sorry if my questions were more of two. A "couple" it's a saying.


    a) None of your business, that question is never going to be answered.

    My business? The question was about yours.


    b I have no idea, it is an ongoing complaint of mine that customers almost never tell us what they are up to. On the other hand we have never received a complaint about quality or performance, on the contrary, many compliments and repeat business.

    Very strange that you haven't any info about a matter so important like XH production. Compliments don't produce XH.


    c) There is one such customer, reporting on ECW and collaborating with MFMP. Find him yourself.

    A "such customer" ? Who is? An unnamed man? I asked to you because you sold the reactors and should know who is "so lucky" getting XH. This fusionist (one or the alone claimed to have obtained XH) does not cooperate or exchange test results with you? Very odd.


    d) What customers do with our equipment is beyond my control, they buy it, it is theirs.

    Very, very strange again, IF something were working really producing XH you should be the first to be informed. It seems that you are interested and focused just to the business.


    e) No. And incidentally, your posts have never demonstrated that you have any scientific ability or interest whatsoever beyond a tendency towards total disbelief in the whole LENR field. It would be like asking someone who only ever ate bacon sandwiches to test pot noodle

    My scientific ability (that you think weak) does not matter and and your comparison is meanless, if necessary I know mainstream scientists, skilled engineers that are better of mine.

    You complained that scientific community ignores your claims but when an opportunity of contact it has been offered to you, you refuse proposed independent test so not complain anymore about that.

    It's logical to understand that the real reason is (as I suspected) you have nothing in hand that works to show.

    there is even one of lookingforheat.com's reactors making no claims of magic sitting in another European university that they have refused to power up because 'Elf and Safety' concerns

    Interesting Alan, let me ask a couple of questions about lookingforheat.com's reactors...

    a) How many reactors have you (Lookingforheat) sold?

    b) How many of these already sold proved (beyondg any dubts) an excess heat?

    c) IF at least one exists of these reactors able to prove XE, why who used it (with due precautions) didn't show this "no magic effect" to scientific community, getting a Nobel?

    d) IF at least one exists of these reactors able to prove XE, why You don't give the proves showing XH under an independent and scientific control? As skeptic I'm available to carry out an independent test (obviously performed in a scientific way) jointly with other mainstream experts and engineers.

    e) Are you available to submit a your reactor (a unit you measured a clear XH) to this independent test? (Few words, Yes or No) This month? The next? When?

    I think that it's not more time for chatters and any excuses now are superfluous, and to be clear I don't want to buy a reactors from Lookingforheat.com just to see IF that unit produces or not XH, I read "Looking For Heat is not in a position to guarantee positive results." but it needs a unit that already works, IF really exists.


    I hope the demo will answer, clearly. Jail or throne, I want a conclusion.

    And the game over?

    Nooo, also this time anyway the demo will be a paramount success, and this hoax will continue per saecula saeculorum.

    After sigma 5 will follow sigma 6, sigma 7, ... E-Cat Quark-Y, Quark-W, Quark-Z, ... the robotized factory... the market... a next masterpiece... another formidable partner... a new secret customer...

    So why blow it on developing the E-Cat X that, according to you, doesn't work?

    Perhaps he thinks actually getting the E-Cat X to the market is more important.

    Any new E-hoax stuff he "invents" replaces the previous "masterpiece" already ready for market. He says same stories about the "market" from at least six years.

    Four years ago he said: "in mercatu veritas"... never seen one of these masterpieces on market.


    As one of those who have libeled Rossi you should be thinking of a face saving comment.

    Well, the same is valid for who supported him when this hoax will end.


    Why would Rossi keep developing the E-Cat if it never worked? He could have retired several times with the money he has received and not spent the ~million dollars from the sale of his previous business to start the development if it didn't work.

    I think that a dozen of own houses in Florida and 11 million of USD (at least up to now) it's a good reason.


    The demo will be more for his partner and raising money

    If his claims were true the Nobel prize not convince any partner to invest a lot of money?

    Eric Walker

    I read and agreed with you but for this I say to who would like or will participate (if smart, not only "open mind") to require at least a real full check and controls (black box) of his claims about excess energy, in case of Rossi's denied it's better not participate to his show in order to avoid to be manipulated by him.

    I didn't suggest that any flaws would only be obvious ones. And what will be obvious to Alan would not necessarily be obvious to someone without a relevant background.

    In order to highlight flaws it's not required an "open mind" but people skilled to recognize flaws, how many flaws of fusionists (that other didn't found) he discovered in these years? Can you list?

    Alan is fair-minded and an independent thinker and has a relevant technical background. As far as I can tell, has not already made up his mind one way or the other about Rossi's claims and tech, but instead keeps an open mind (which is more than I can say for myself). He is most unlikely to be able to carry out the kinds of controls and checks needed to verify anything that Rossi says at the demo. But we can assume that he at least will be in a position to spot any obvious flaws from a distance.

    Really? Explain how he (Alan) will control, check and verify what Rossi says at the demo from "distance" recognizing the flaws (remember that the King of Hoax is expert of smoke in the eyes).

    Did he write, define a test document, impose a good test method and test protocol?

    Will he conduct the tests?

    Will he build the test set-up?

    Will he bring all the instruments?

    I think that if a mind is too much open the brain fly away because already convinced.