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    Reclassify him? Why, he's always the same of before.

    In case of positive demo? Positive demo result is already sure before! :D As ever in the past, see old presentations, 1MW Plant shows, Hot-Cat, TPRs...

    Have you read Alans posts in the past? He himself is capable to judge the equipment or to ask the right questions about the equipment used in the demonstration. Experts skilled in thermal and electrical measurement wont add any information to the infos we get from Alan. They could add information if they were allowed to test the E-cat with their own equipment. But that is never going to happen - not in a Rossi demo. I think with Alan as a "watchman on the wall" we have all we could ask for.

    Alan is a great friend of the most Italian supporter of Rossi. I never read by him technical criticisms about the flawed tests of Rossi (on the contrar other fusionists have done), so do not confuse a good and independent engineer (really skilled) with a simple cheering role of who is already convinced.

    I'm going with a real academic heavyweight...

    Again, it needs only people that really understand of thermodynamics, skilled and expert of thermal and electrical measurement able to perform a good MFC, this means good professional engineers, not other professors, academics... moreover people not already convinced like some fusionists,

    Ask to Rossi if he would like these persons and accept to demo in front of them his "miracle-masterpiece"!:D


    hope to use the opportunity to organise an 'impossible physics' university symposium on LENR and EmDrive with demos sometime in 2018

    Still chatters and promises of fusionists, do a demo right now if you really have something in hand (I don't believe).

    The King of Hoax in Miami never allowed any demo run by an independent and reputable party, 100% free by his control and abracadabra.

    He has fear to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar. :D

    Well, GSVIT put out their Mizuno report 4 days ago. It was scathing, and too personal for my taste, but they seemed to bring up valid points. So what happens now: Does someone give Mizuno a copy so he can defend himself, or just pretend it never happened?

    Obviously it never happened... being that the best Tech-watcher of fusionists has immediately defined here that report as: "Tahakashi Mizuno published astounding results" ;)


    If we can work with this kind of team and instrument, it could be solved in few years

    Solved (working with you :D ) in few years what ?

    AlainCo leave these scientists do their job, they are studying real research fields, not phantomatic or alleged claims of XH and unproven nuclear reactions.

    Oi oi, Mizuno san


    4 - Conclusion

    The document which at first glance may seem exhaustive and well documented (although written in English quite broken) contains many inconsistencies and errors theoretical, computational and experimental. All this suggests that as a result of all these errors (the most sensational flow measurement fan equal to twice the range with free air flow stated by the manufacturer) the author has measured excess heat but is not.

    As the author states at the end of the document that the continuous laboratory survey, suggest to abandon the methodology of measurement of the supposed excess heat used to here and follow the simple rules described in ' Appendix D .

    "Pre-order" farce is an old act already online since 2011-2012...., "Smith" is another puppet of the Boss of Hoax at work.

    Dear BoH, can you invent something new (more funny), baloney like at least... "a robotized pre-order list"? :) :) :)

    No problem, what he repeated many times it's irrational simply because it's a long time bluff.

    That example is for Science (not clownery and trickery by AR), Five-sigma meaning applicable to the BoH (boss of hoax) is:

    Five-sigma corresponds to a probability of 3x10^-7, or about 1 in 3.5 million (normal distribution).

    This is not the probability that the e-Cat exists or doesn't exist; rather it is the probability that the e-Cat is not a hoax and the "masterpiece" (he claimed) could be true, getting the confidence of 99.9997% that e-Cat is a hoax.

    Naive buyers beware, he's still seeking for chickens to be plucked. :D