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    From progress report #6
    see comments @ http://lenrexplained.com/2015/09/progress-report-6/

    Hi Me,

    You get it.

    Looking at Rossi's patent one can see that the key part of the reactor is the wafer.

    The heating resistor is situated in the plane of symmetry of the wafer, exactly in the middle of the fuel.
    That way, all the input power is directed to the fuel with a 100% efficiency ! No lost to the environnement.
    Compared to the current dog bones the needed power is divided by 2, to the advantage of the COP !
    As a consequence the size of the resistor can be reduced.

    Also the resistor is protected from oxydation for a longer life time.
    Beeing at about the same temperature as the fuel the resistor has a faster response for temperature control.

    Really a masterpiece .

    That should not be too difficult to design an inverted dog bone...

    Do you plan to measure and record internal pressure?
    IMO, it would be good to regulate power not only in regard to temperature but also for keeping pressure below 5-10 bars, the time for Hydrogen to be adsorbed by Ni.
    My idea is that a too high pressure could possibly refrain smooth diffusion in the lattice??
    A.Parkhomov used an analog manometer connected with a long pipe well suited to reduce pressure and to damper variations.

    Can somebody share tips for wrapping kanthal wire on the ceramic tube?

    It should be done very precisely to avoid local overheating.

    I would suggest to make the coil on the ceramic with 2 wires all together in close contact. The kantal one and a dummy cooper the dia of which will precisely set the pitch of the coil.
    Then remove the cooper one.

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