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    So the first customer is ... drumroll ... [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]


    FDA rules and regulations. You cannot sell a machine that produces x-rays or gamma rays to anybody without FDA approval. You cannot use lead lining to mitigate the effect to get around the need for FDA approval. However if a customer is not really a customer it is your own company then you are not really selling the device to anyone. FDA rules and regulations. You can use a device to your heart's content as long as you do not sell it.

    Now [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] could step outside of the United States and do all of their business elsewhere and tell the FDA to blow. Let's look at their lucrative alternative options:

    1. Europe - a hodgepodge of different rules and regulations for each small country determined by their respective small and fractured health systems
    2. Asia - take your idea and run with it - this week we have seen evidence of how the Chinese invented this product first
    3. Everywhere else - third world market

    The US is the only single large huge cohesive market. For this reason the US market is the only one taken seriously by big corporations that will want to buy an invention like this out. For this very reason it is good business sense to put up with the FDA shenanigans and work within the FDA system.


    What better way to verify a product than to sell it to yourself and provide stellar reviews on yelp.

    I've been censored here before. But I may have gone a bit overboard:)

    There is something that should be said about some of these claims however. Given the nature of the beast the parties have a motive to lie. We are talking about an energy source that has a huge profound impact. Put yourself in their shoes. Say you are a Russian or Chinese official. You get wind of some Western European working with the Americans in secret on a cold fusion device. Chances are it is baloney but what if it comes out that it is for real. You will look pretty stupid. To come out and say it is there when it is a hoax will make you look foolish. So they find some obscure low level scientist to come out and say they replicated the effect. It is great insurance. If it is real then your country A) knew about it all along from the get go. B) do not need a patent because you invented it in the first place. If it is not real then your country A) disavows a rogue scientist who has since retired. B) had nothing to do with the matter

    These reports by Parkhomov and Jiang are a reaction by the big superpowers to Rossi's move. I would not read too much into them.

    PS it's Feb 2016, the report claims to be from May 2015, and Rossi was granted a US patent in August 2015

    Well they claim they found the trigger for the event. Ergo the event must follow. Be prepared for a hissy fit from a frustrated Frank Acland about why the ignorant and apathetic press is not covering this great discovery made by MFMP.

    Stop it. I work with xrays for imaging and the attenuated object being xrayed does not get hot or even slightly warm. High voltage required to produce xrays maybe but it is low amps so the wattage is not that high. 120V 15AMP standard US power plug will suffice to run an xray generator. If a nuclear mechanism is required to produce xrays then my dentist has a cold fusion device. The only evidence MFMP has comes down to "Defkalion and Rossi used a lead shield". So it comes down to they noticed xrays or gamma rays => Defkalion and Rossi use lead shields => Eureka ! note: => means leads to (plagiarized from the MFMP cookbook)

    This is not about experimental or theory. This is about leaps of faith. I looked at the Bob Greenyer video and it cleared up my question about what is going on. It appears that they did not find any significant heat, other than just a teensy weensy bit above what they were inputing. However they did see a flash of xray or gamma ray radiation. Since Defkalion's machine and since Rossi's machine had something to do with lead lining then this must be it. This must be the impetus for the reaction. The reaction that they were not able to see by the way. But they figure it must be out there. Since they are hard up to prove something anything they whipped out this attenuation chart. If you must have excess energy I suppose you can prove it by looking up how much radiation the lead lining absorbed. Never mind that it is only a flash that supposedly ignites the fire (which cannot be seen or verified).

    Even if I was willing I don't have millions. Rossi is talking about buying ABB robots. [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] probably does not have a single straight screwdriver in the shop. They are the ones trying to sell to some big company that comes along and wants to buy them out, not me.

    As for take it and do it, I am not a chemist. I don't think you need any special skills besides a basic knowledge of science to quickly realize that MFMP is not making a whole lot of sense. This also goes for Parkhomov. 1,000 forum entries out there about him "duplicating the effect" without one critical word about what it is exactly that he duplicated? You are told it is not heat it is something else. Well if it is not heat then what is it??? It's not electricity that will come later. Ok, I get that part. Is it gamma rays or xrays? Hardly proof in and of itself. I work with xrays and nobody has ever referred to an xray generator as a cold fusion device. So what exactly is it that they have discovered??? Sorry to be the kid who claims the emperor has no clothes.

    Hm? And there I was thinking I was a fool for being the gadfly on the forum. Feeling bad I told myself not to lament. I am in a no lose situation. If LENR is Rossi's scam bull then I was onto it all along. If it is real then I don't have to worry about how to heat my huge enormous ranch house in the winter. So I decided to look at what MFMP is presenting. It looks like a Hong Kong market. I asked my kid, a chemistry student in university, to look at it. Maybe he can make heads or tails of it. At first glance he looked confused but he will try to digest it with the help of his professor. I have this funny suspicious feeling that Rossi may have paid them off in some way. If his bull is replicated then someone might come along and offer him millions to buy him out.

    So I glanced at the jazz coming out of MFMP and I am sorry I just don't get it. There is talk of gamma rays and x-rays and zig-zag what not (difficult to say looking at the graphs) that appear to be generated by the test device. How does that convert or translate into energy? Can anybody explain so that a layperson can understand what is going on?

    Uh I am just trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. The announcer said it has something to do with both MFMP and Rossi. Why Rossi would have anything to do with MFMP is just as preposterous as him giving away the plant. Once you cross the border of what is rational and logical anything goes. That's my guess.

    The logic behind Rossi giving MFMP the plant actually comes out of Frank's Orbo show. Rossi probably was reading Franks posts and laughing his behind off. Then finally settled back and said "good idea glad I thought of it". Giving the old prototype to MFMP but withholding some key ingredient will buy him that much more time.

    These guys are not in the business of producing results. They're in the business of producing promises and time delayed fuses that go on and on and on and on... tick tick tick - this time the deadline is Wednesday, but only if you give $100.

    MFMP learns from OrboCube Orbo learns from Rossi Rossi now cross polinates MFMP and the show goes on

    Hey, say what you will e-catworld beats reading GreenTechMedia (boring yawn)

    SunPower announced that their solar panels have attained 23% efficiency. In the far west Antelope Valley where I have my ranch there are on average 300 days of sunshine without a cloud in the sky per year. 1400 watts per square meter at 23% = 322 watts/meter 6 hours per day = 2 kwh per square meter per day. So if Rossi's shipping container proves to be a total dud here is what we can do. Shipping container roof is 8 ft x 40 ft = roughly 30 square meters. 2kwh per square meter = 60kwh per day. Given that the average US household consumes approx 30 kwh per day then Rossi's shipping container roof covered with solar panels will supply much more energy than is required to power a US household. Inside the shipping container you can store your stuff and a Tesla power wall or two. Voila you have power for your home and maybe even a Tesla S model if it comes down in price sans Rossi's bull.

    In the Czech Republic because Eastern European women are top shelf. Anglo men go crazy for East European women. Look at Donald Trump's wives for example.

    Regarding this big announcement. The facebook page says it is a hybrid of MFMP and Rossi. I would be careful with this. My guess is Rossi told them they can have the prototype after he is finished with the test. Rossi gives and takes and never leaves you complete. He is an expert at punting. definition of punt: 9. Informal. to equivocate or delay: If they ask you for exact sales figures, you'll have to punt. If MFMP gets the plant it might just turn out to be a big Orbo cube. Some silly ingredient will be missing. It will take months if not a year or more to get it started. By that time Rossi will be promising to give them the XYZ cat version 2, much better. But they'll have to wait till .. <fill in the variable>.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    A water circulation pump uses approx. 10-25 watts of power. If he is talking water heaters, which is what you connect the circulation pump to, the hybrid electric type, running in energy efficient mode, use 500 watts of electricity. Hardly anything to get excited about. The electric range and dryer and HVAC are the big power hogs in a home.

    That said, one square meter of solar panel has the potential to generate 1400 watts of power. That's the max. possible theoretical. Panels typically harvest only 20% of that. In that light (he he) the soofa device puts the orbo to shame. I saw one connected to a bench at the North Hollywood Red Line metro station the other day. I thought gee what do we need the Orbo for when we have this production model soofa here and we know it works and look ma no 99 cent store cheap 9V batteries that need to be replaced inside.

    Gotta love Frank's Orbo testing spreadsheet. Labeled "U1 is closest to the monkey's skull" readings "L2 closest to the chin".

    Take a step back Frank my boy. Look at the big picture. There's a reason they made the device look like a monkey:)) Hint hint. Get the message?

    So you ask what does the 99 Cents Only store have to do with LENR?

    Good point unless you look at the latest Orbo video. You'll notice that the 9V batteries that they use are the same ones you buy at the 99 cents only store. No wonder Frank is having so much trouble getting juice out of his red skull!

    You guys are going about this all wrong. It's not a binary system. 0=false 1=true. This is a tertiary system. And option #3 is a sack with a hole in the bottom. You keep filling it. Paying 1200E just proves you're gullible. Now they will ask you for more to keep it going. Take a look at the Elio website. Click on 50% bonus offer. They have a 1-10-100-1000 pack it in deeper upgrade. Bottom line: I want to believe will cost you.


    Made you look:)

    Seriously people. You don't promise anything as specific as a date when something will ship to an actual customer that can test your box for real.

    I tried to reply to the Fabiani is back in the news thread but noticed it was closed.

    I was not insulting Fabiani. Exact opposite is true. The statement should be considered the sincerest form of flattery. I was making a statement about how Rossi treats his people and all people. Maybe just maybe Rossi will look in the mirror and ask himself "hey maybe I should throw my wingman a bone?"

    Here you have one of the greatest inventions of all time. He asks a buddy from Italy to work on it and become a key part of "the team". He offers the guy no equity in the project. I called him a mule because in the eyes of Rossi the guy is just to be used and then thrown out or discarded. Supposedly this is his "right hand man" and he claimed on this forum he is getting nothing to show for his work other than a middle class wage.

    This is a statement about how Rossi treats people. He treats us no better. He tells us that he cannot tell us anything because tests are going on for a very long time. Tests follow tests. Tests follow more tests. Finally a new product comes up and a reset is done. The new product now must be tested.

    Everyone around Rossi is a mule. Except maybe Darden who contributed funds to his little project and was able to force equity to be shared - take it or leave it or else. Darden does not come across as a scientific genius and yet he is listed as co-inventor on the patent forms.