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    A&I Power Group is actively pursuing licenses for their Patent.

    Our experience, and that of others we know of, is the difficulty of attracting financial support.

    In my own case, that is largely the result of vicious rants by an arrogant individual who for years called himself a Physics Review Board. For that story see The Fake Physics Review Board on our website.

    Revolutionary science, as LENR amply demonstrates, is dismissed and attacked by most scientists and engineers at first..

    When it calls into question long accepted dogma, it takes a brave and unusual Angel to add that risk to the usual extreme hazard of investing in a startup. Venture Capital firms are rarely really venturesome. The industry follows the leaders. And understandably they look for seasoned teams which are usually lacking in the case of breakthrough inventions.

    As demonstration prototypes become available - we expect to have one this month - the task may become slightly easier.

    Once generators are easily obtained in the market - an exponential curve can change the story.

    Then the opposition will be the major problem - and it may well include established wind and solar energy players.

    Self-powered generators are 24/7. As they enter the market they will be an inexpensive, much faster to implement, alternative to intermittent wind and photovoltaics.

    See, for example the website of A&I Power Group: a& They make no such claim - but it is an obvious application.

    A handful of competing self-powered generators are in development. The modern version of the Hubbard is one we are developing.

    Other 24/7 breakthrough technologies have already demonstrated high power. One in China claims to produce 10 mW of heat. A Stirling engine converts the output into electricity. Developed at a University, details are lacking as COVID & repressive actions by the regime close off contact.

    Bill McKibben and others believe the next 9 years are critical to avoid climate tipping points.

    Wind & PV may be displaced by cost-competitive 24/7/365 alternatives IF (and it is a big IF) they find sufficient support early enough - and production moves toward the 24/7 achievement attained during WWII - as would seem to be required by the Climate Emergency.

    Drgenek, See The Pandora Paradox - attached A new edition of this is in process. I'll post it when it becomes available.

    The inventor of the modern version of Hubbard's self-powered generator has done the math. For proprietary reasons that cannot be shared at present.

    Cyril Smith has published a couple of recent papers that detail hos self-powered generators with a moving part function. I have combined them and will attach the document in a separate reply below as I can apparently only Attach a single file here.

    This recent Comment of mine in the NY Times may be of interest.

    General Motors Is Counting on Your Loving Electric Cars

    Times Pick (There were 286 Comments and 9 Times Picks)

    GM & all Electric Vehicle manufacturers will soon be able to offer unlimited range. And the ability to have vehicles sell substantial electricity, or power buildings, when suitably parked.

    A self-powered generator was recently patented and is being licensed by A&I Power Group in Florida. It has no moving parts and after a starting impulse from a battery, needs no external power.

    The first self-powered generator was invented by young Alfred Hubbard about 100 years ago. He ran an 18' electric boat without batteries in a public demonstration on a lake in Seattle. Next Hubbard converted a car.

    Having no moving parts and needing only a starting pulse the generator baffled scientists. Sadly, it did not go into production. Had it done so, fossil fuels might not have powered our planet.

    A few such generators are now in development worldwide. Some have a moving part. One is a modern version of Hubbard's invention. The science is now understood by a growing number of interested parties. As generators emerge in markets they will cause a revolution in physics.

    An introduction to the science can be found in The Pandora Paradox at Much additional information can be found on the same site.

    Autonomous generators can function 24/7/365. They will prove an inexpensive, much simpler and faster to implement alternative to intermittent wind and photovoltaics.

    The market for EVs will grow exponentially. Imagine the impact on jobs, the economy and the climate emergency.

    Energy storage has been largely chemical. Charge clusters in vacuum provide an electronic alternative. 100x the energy density of Lithium Ion. FreeL Tech, a Luxembourg firm with laboratories in France has pioneered this application of the remarkable work of the late Ken Shoulders.

    See the Attachment for their recent Presentation.

    They would like to have a Subsidiary in the U.S. Anyone who might help with that, please contact me: [email protected]

    Interested Observer: I have been evaluating such claims for more than 40 years. Most are inventors delusion. Some are scams. You can count on the fingers of your hands those that are genuine.

    Magic Sound: As you note, no patent attorney wishing to see a patent granted would be foolish enough to mention self-power. However, I assure you we have had such patents granted.

    Our knowledge of magnetism is remarkably dogmatic, as is true of the physics that underlie LENR. It takes brave souls to challenge long established belief that is embedded in textbooks. Fortunately, a few such individuals have illuminated incredible ignorance in institutions that should know better. Dogma and arrogance have burdened the planet and threatened the survival of civilization with fossil fuels that might have been left behind a Century ago.

    Magic Sound The generator is self-powered. That makes possible on-site & on-board electrolysis to produce Hydrogen without fuel. It and a handful of other self-powered generators can achieve what many pursuing LENR have been aiming at: inherently inexpensive electric power for every application.

    The direct link to the A&I Patent US 10,770,937 is:…,770,937&RS=PN/10,770,937

    The statement concerning fake references is absurd. There are none.

    The Tesla car story is excellent but controversial. It has never, to my knowledge been verified.

    Alfred Hubbard's generator ran his electric car in Everett, WA a while after his electric boat demonstration.

    The Hubbard story has an interesting connection to LENR. Hubbard was later employed by the Radium Corporation. When an invention similar to his Coil surfaced while he was working there, he said the secret was the inclusion of Radium in the generator. That was believed by a couple of later inventors, but they could never get their generators to function. Current knowledge indicates it was simply not true.

    Self powered generators are capable of replacing fossil fuels much more rapidly than current technologies. They are inherently inexpensive and will function 24//7/365.

    There is no vaccine for the climate emergency, but this growing group of technologies may prove to be the best approximation.

    Compact replacement for rooftop solar, solar farms and wind. Capable of providing every type of EV with unlimited range. Cars, trucks and buses can sell substantial electricity when suitably parked - a new source of income on top of ending fuel costs.

    Highly improbable, hard to believe, but very real self-powered generators have been invented. The first one was created by Alfred Hubbard about 100 years ago. He publicly demonstrated one of his units powering a 25 Hp electric boat without batteries on a lake in Seattle. Later, he installed one to create an electric car in Everett, WA. The technology never made it into production and it has baffled interested scientists for a century. A modern version has been invented but not yet prototyped.

    Two other self-powered generators now exist. One was recently issued a U.S. Patent and the other has patents pending worldwide, some have issued.

    Details are provided in the attached file titled: MOVING BEYOND OIL. An introduction to this work in the other attached file: AESOP PERSPECTIVES.

    The Radium story was apparently to please his employer and not true. There are a few articles to that effect.

    The inventor of the modern version discounts any need for Radium or any nuclear component.

    A new prototype is in the works and is likely to close the door on that issue.

    There was also a story that his patent application was the subject of a Patent Office Secrecy Order that closed the door to his ability to discuss his invention.

    Hubbard went on to be considered the father of the use of LSD.

    100 years ago Alfred Hubbard, a young friend of Nikola Tesla, invented an inexpensive generator that, had it been mass produced, could have avoided the growth of fossil fuels. He demonstrated it powering a 35hp electric boat without batteries.

    A modern version of his remarkable achievement is under development and will provide power 24/7/365. This will be one of a few parallel alternatives to intermittent solar and wind.

    Attached is the segment from the website titled MOVING BEYOND OIL. Scroll down to page 8 to see 3 of the original newspaper articles about Hubbard's invention.

    Sorry to have missed seeing several posts about the Waters turbine on the earlier thread. I was under the impression the conversation would continue on this thread. The discussion on that thread about food was all I noticed earlier. An automatic email notification a short while ago filled me in.

    The turbine has been dormant for some years, as Waters has been preoccupied with even more promising 24/7 generation technologies. We recently decided to revive it. Once the project begins all the previous data will be reviewed. It seems like a promising project. The prospect of a Biden victory is expected to open the possibility of building 10,000 new wind generators. I appreciate the comments and questions, but do not see further discussion as fruitful as this time as other technologies of greater urgency demand our attention. Before the project is launched. the questions regarding viability will, of course, be addressed.

    I attempted to upload Rauen's Presentation to the Society for Scientific Exploration which is similar to his Presentations at 3 AAAS Meetings on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. However, the file is too big. Anyone who would like a copy, drop me an email: [email protected]

    The Super Stirling is a more recent development than the engines in the Presentation which discusses designs intended to run on ambient heat.

    The latest Super Stirling design requires a heat source. As mentioned earlier, it may prove of interest for converting the heat developed by LENR into electricity.

    An initial potential customer has developed a heat source that supplies about 300 degrees C. They are currently using a Stirling engine and are unhappy with the complexity and efficiency. The Super Stirling is simpler and is expected to exceed Carnot. The prototype will tell the story.