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    I don’t see them going for the nuclear remediation only, they are clearly saying they want to produce energy while remediating nuclear waste and producing rare earth materials. Within the SAFIRE reactor you can get energy from those wastes (that become fuel) and turn those wastes in stable and valuable materials. This is what I see them proposing. Not one or the other, but both together and at the same time.

    I just wonder if their process works better at a higher COP if radioactive materials are being added. I’ve asked them directly why not focus on energy production only and Michel Clarage then answered he thought (in my words:) ‘that it is easier to introduce because its a more acceptable approach’. My feeling at that time was that he thought that producing energy might be obstructed somehow (by governments, science, big oil ?).

    Quote from Alan Smith

    I think Garret Model's presentation will be the most interesting.

    Alan is surely right.

    I believe that what Garret Moddel has found is very important.

    Professor Garret Moddel found that extracting the energy from vacuum, as he believes he does, can be as much as 70W/m2. Theoretically it could mean a energy density of >70MW/m3, (assuming energy generating layers of 1 micrometer thickness).

    An important issue in his presentation is the question if extracting the Zero Point Energy violates the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics. An interesting analysis.

    I recommend to watch the full video:

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    I agree that ULTR must be investigated further, but i’m not sure it will lead us to the main destiny: of our search for a new and abundant energy source. I must say that I haven’t studied all video’s yet, but as far as I know large amounts of excess energy isn’t being produced. I’m sure that ARPA scientists would be much more interested if that were the case.

    Electric Fusion Systems Claims it has Cracked the Code for Practical Fusion, Describes its Fusion Reactor a “Monstrous Leap in Clean Energy Technology”


    This is another research group exploring plasma/arc physics for fusion energy. I hope the process they found is simple. They are looking for millions to speed-up research and bringing their process to the market.

    Discussed here Electric Fusion Systems

    I have just been looking to the nice interview of Ruby and Alan with Francesco Celani. Well done and interesting to hear Also Francesco makes progress!

    Also good to hear that he believes Cold Fusion/LENR is being taken more seriously now. If his LENR process with hydrogen and Constantan wire with high voltage/current pulses indeed produces a lot of excess heat and this can be replicated, then mainstream science will surely be interested and hopefully the EU provides him with more money for his important work. I hope to hear more of him soon.

    Thanks Alan and Ruby for this interview.

    Thank you, Ruby and Alan for this interview with Sveinn Ólaffson! Maybe next time Leif Holmlid?

    I hope Sveinn will be able to further deepen his knowledge in the field of UHD hydrogen soon. Unfortunately the brand new apparatus shown were not really clear to me how this all should function and what interactions cause the huge energy, particles seem to get. I would expect though that the university would have at some location an Electron Microscope with EDX-SEM (Alan’s question) for analysis of (transmuted) elements. I thought you have one Alan? Maybe offer him to do some analysis?

    Go on with these interviews. Good work! :thumbup:

    Which is why I suggest the Safire team not write off publication. - I'm not buying that disclosure of breakthrough experimental results would put their business model in jeopardy. It isn't the idea folks, it is building mindshare in the world and growing your team that is hard. Revealing they can create transmutations isn't a new finding anyway.

    The Safire Project revealed much more then just transmutation. It in fact demonstrated that what happens in the Sun’s corona is an electric process that can cause things like:

    1. Forming heavy elements

    2. Transmutation

    3. Fusion

    4. Production of energy

    5. Disintegration of matter

    6. Stabilizing unstable elements

    And interestingly they were able to show/confirm that in a reactor on earth, without extreme conditions (like in ITER) which the nuclear physicists say is necessary, the produced elements are more or less the same as what astro physicists have found in the corona of the sun. They do not pretend that they understand what they unexpectedly found, but they bravely published some of the data.

    If you see what they have built you can understand that it required serious money and they had to underwrite contracts with their lenders to protect their gained knowledge. Especially now that knowledge has proven to be extremely valuable and they have decided to exploit it in a newly formed company Aureon, this knowledge may not soon be published, but perhaps until patents are received.

    Regarding David Nygren’s slide of BrLP 2020/08/16:

    What I’m missing is the energy generation level of it: How much protium is converted to hydrino/dark matter (and to what level according the above instruments) and did it really generate the energy based on these measurements. That looks to me a relatively simple verification.

    From Director:


    Also, there is one form of Invar that has added chromium. This is called Super Invar. This allowing further inhibits thermal expansion which is one of the beneficial properties that might make the SAFIRE Project want to use invar in addition to the elemental composition. For example, this could inhibit the metal hollow sphere from expanding under high temperature and breaking the weld.

    Last presentation on their site If you look to the element analysis of the anode after the ’catalytic event’ then the elements Fe, Ni and also Cr are missing, whereas other elements that could have polluted the measurement and used in the reactor like Al and Si are indicated. I understand that they do not really want to uncover their secrets before their patents are filed, but this is falsifying the research results. I didn’t check if they said that some elements were left out purposely for NDA or such reasons.

    To avoid these discussions about thermal inertia, it would have been better to log only end temperatures where the temperature is stabilized in time at a given input power. The same can be done with the active run. Calculate a curve through the calibrated points (temp. Vs power) and use this equation to calculate the power at the logged active points temperatures and subtract that from the input power in the active points. The result are excess power points that can be plotted against input power or temperature. It is a bit more work, but a lot more clear to show.

    I am looking forward to this demo, although I do not expect that tomorrow LENR will be different than now.

    Rossi will not prove it. I hope he will get many customers and his production will explode. If in one year time he only has satisfied customers, then I believe LENR is proven.

    Maybe one of us has a industrial process that needs a MegaWatt of heat. Just order heating at and tell us your experiences.

    Let us wait and see. Maybe we will see something new tomorrow!

    It is interesting to see that the work of the eminent Japanese LENR researchers finally reached the financial centre of Nikkei. Hopefully it will attract capital to intensify the LENR reseach in Japan. That will no doubt inspire investers elsewhere and the LENR ball will finally gain momentum.

    Despite of what many write here on LENR forum, I believe that the main issue that an independent test group is nearly ready to verify a LENR device openly and hopefully life!

    Really this is unique and a milestone in LENR history. When it is proven that the claimants figures are true, than LENR is real and we all will know.

    Obviously I would have preferred the disclosure of the ME356 technology, but at the other hand this guy spend a lot of money in the development and wants something back. I am sure that in a few years we will know how it works, if ME356 has something.

    For now let us wait and see and hope it works.

    "The source was determined to be due to the transition of H to the lower-energy hydrogen or hydrino state H(1/4) whose emissionmatches that observed wherein alternative sources were eliminated."

    I wonder if Mills has ever checked on transmutations, fusion products Iike deuterium, tritium and helium, to exclude that this may be the cause of EUV and gamma radiation.

    My understanding is that Rule 4-1.16 Declining or Terminating Representation is not necessarilly invoked due to misconduct. As Eric pointed out, it can simply be that the other attorneys were not involved in the case, so their invoking this may simply rest on the opening clause, which permits withdrawal if: "withdrawal can be accomplished without material adverse effect on the interests of the client" (without any of the misconduct reasons following, because there is an 'OR' preceding that list.)

    I agree. My guess is that the bulk of the work is now done and that these litigators who did most of the paperwork are now withdrawn of the case. Just housekeeping as Eric said.