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    Dear Andrea Rossi and Colleagues,

    I am really happy about the positive results of such, extremely long, test.
    My <span style="color: #0000FF"><b>CONGRATULATIONS</b></span> to Andrea: he was the real winner of 27 years long battle.
    My opinion is that, if all will go &quot;well&quot;, our world will change…

    I do appriciate this comment of Professor Celani. This new invention of Dr. Rossi comes also with great responsibility. I hope AR and [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] will pick up this responsibility and introduce LENR into the world with care.

    Ok, I can now confirm that Rossi will attend the New Energy World Symposium, not as a speaker but interviewed by me on stage.
    In connection to the symposium, at a separate event, he says he will have some important announcements to make. No date…

    Whatever happens Mats, I'll be there to shake hands with everybody or give you a comfortable shoulder to weep, when things go wrong after all, good luck Gerard! :thumbup:

    Congratulations Jeff! Very interesting results, looks very promising. I assume you protect yourself well against radiation? Although you mention you were using a calorie meter, I did not see details of excess heat. Did you measure any?
    Good luck with your future tests, and be careful!

    It is great that MFMP have now found the recipe for LENR, in fact Andrea's recipe. Soon other replicators will also show that it works. Now science has no excuse anymore and replicate also and, more importantly, build a proper theory. That will speed up LENR enormously!
    Great appreciation should be given to the very devoted MFMP team, who have now cleared the name of their inspirer: Martin Fleischmann. You gave the world the LENR recipe. It is now impossible to hide it for anyone or any entity. Thank you all!
    Also we should not forget the great Andrea Rossi, who's work and relentless devotion to LENR opened the the nearly harmless route to nuclear energy.
    Let us hope that humanity will use this new energy source with care and great respect!
    Regards, Gerard

    I surely hope Mats is right. What you at least can say is that Andrea calculated the fuel accurately. Maybe he should have put in a little bit more, just to overcome the full 400 days period. On the other hand, maybe the fuel would have lasted that period as well, but the test was simply finished?
    If the latter is the case, the 'customer' must have decided to continue the for him profitable situation, otherwise refueling would not be needed.

    If it is right what I think to see, than it looks very prommissing!

    It would be nice if S_Gray describes what exactly has been done:
    Fuel type Ni? LiAl H2? quantities?, destination materials, preparation etc. all details available.
    Reactor type: material, sizes, seals, use of vacuum, H2 gas, pressure control etc.
    Heater: Material, used wire core diameter, resistance, 1/3 phase
    Heater controller: type used, max. Voltage and Current and Power.

    Explain the graphs
    Why doe he think he succeeded?
    Thanks, Gerard

    For me it is not clear what you need to do to initiate/enhance the LENR effect. What I understood of DB's is e.g. that you need not perfect latices. It would be nice if the autor writes also an short document in lay termes that indicates what exactly enhances LENR.

    Valeriy, what you try to explain is not clear to me. In my view mass spectrometers are the ideal instruments to measure mass/charge ratio and I have never heard that (I guess - 1 electron?) ionized hydrogen, oxigen or carbon ions would give other than expected results for these ratios. So why had Wiens and Thomson measurements had a different outcome? (Maybe more than 1 electron ionized?)

    This is very promising! It is clear that he is still very careful to choose the sources of where he found LENR information and that Rossi has been left out of that.
    Clearly, that is a problem for Rossi, if he wants to bring his dream of a bright New Fire into the world. Andrea has still an image issue and I wonder what is needed to solve this, without giving up his right on payment to all his efforts. Maybe his main problem is that he wants to do everything himself and have it all patented. If he continues like that, we may never see any product of him on the market. He has his patent now for the Ecat. It is getting time he allows science to look into his invention. That would speeding-up the LENR development tremendously, which is for the good of the world.

    I just wonder why Yugo and Clarke tirelessly continue their constant sceptic replies to all people here on this blog. Why are they doing this? We know what their point of view is and if we are wrong they can say: 'we have told you over and over again'. If they were clever than it would suffice to copy just on every argument: 'I do not believe it' and do nice things for the rest of the day. It seems that they are not clever or that some other thing drives them. Maybe they just want to play the Devils Advocate? Or maybe they are payed for doing this? The latter would be stupid, because it serves no purpose. Especially being rude like Yugo often has a tendency for, is totally unproductive, so I would qualify Yugo just as being stupid. However, I like Clarke's arguments, because that keeps us sharp and we should be open for other views. Just some questions to Clarke: If at some day LENR proves to be true, would you admit? What kind of proof do you need to be convinced?

    HI Jeff, All interestng stuff and you seem to have proper equipment. Maybe you have said it above somewhere, but can you tell what coil material you use and what type of power controller? Besides that, I think it can be important that at temperatures above 1000C the Aluminia starts to conduct electricity, which than will also partly run through the fuel. For that reason a three phase system can make a huge difference, because there is a lot of voltage difference between the three heating coils, that should be wound in between each other (see Lugano test).

    I just wonder if [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and Andrea Rossi are compeating. Rossi said in the past that they were cooperating, but why would [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] invest in this patent, if they are cooperating?
    Besides that, would the patent be based on a device that was part of the deal between [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and AR where they transferred information, about which AR remarked that know how were sucessfully transferred to [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] who made a working device of their own?
    Would [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] be testing their own LENR reactors by now?
    Would AR also supply information to [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] about Ecat X and the tigers?
    I would love to know how [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and AR or the Leonardo Corp. relate to each other!

    Many control systems are prone to ocillations, especilly if they are badly damped or have phase shifts or time delays. Each system can be modeled and it is the task of the specialists to put the right parameters in the model. If you have an economist like Armstrong who had modeled the 'structural disign of economic changes' he will be able to find mathematically similar parametes for his model as what a physisist would find for a LENR model. So, I am not surprised with the findings of Armstrong, I would be more surprised if the mathematical models were completely different.
    Oscillation is a powerful system behaviour to enhance the output a system, but makes it possibly also more sensitive to unstable behaviour.