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    The the way you explain this, Alain, seems to me the same as potential energy. So vacuum has some energy in excess to its crowded and full of particles surrounding area. If mass is energy, than I would say that vacuum has a lot less energy than matter. It seems not right to me. But:
    Assume a black hole. In the centre the mass density is infinite, when looking at it from our universe. Looking at it from the other side, there will be a totally empty space at the same vicinity point. Maybe the more empty vacuum is the nearer you are at the black hole and the more energy there is. How do you think about this view?

    The principles of operation on which you describe in your latest patent the system should work seem comparable to the [lexicon]Widom-Larsen theory[/lexicon]. Why didn'n you refer to that theory as well?
    Do you believe that electron capture is the only principle that should be applied to LENR?

    I just scanned the document, but it is clear to me that this peer reviewed report contributes to the high pile of documents showing that there is a phenomenon that should further be studied: LENR.
    It is a pity that the authors did not take the opportunity to investigate the by-products of LENR like transmutations and the release of Helium. That would have made the document even more valuable.

    Hi Wizkid,

    The graphs look interesting, but can you explain a bit more:
    What does 'sensor' mean in the first graph?
    What did you do to cause the big temperature spikes?
    Is there any sign of SSM?
    You seem to have a dual reactor. Is the second used as a reference? I do not see any temperature details of that.
    Thanks, Gerard

    Andrea, Thomas and Hank, you all made quite an effort for analysing the Lugano test results and I thank you for doing that. It should have been done before the Lugano report was issued, but maybe no qualified scientists could be found.
    Now the status of the Lugano document is very dubious and should be withdrawn, unless the autors come with clear new details or a proper response.
    I still believe that the found isotope shift is something to concentrate on. I fully agree that only many samples would allow a quantitative calculation with regards to mass-loss and energy release. The few samples they took were probably not representative.
    Mabe it is true what Axil Axil suggests, where he assumes that the hot cat is being used as a 'mouse' which uses uses radiation and/or particles to stimulate the E-cats, positioned around it. The problem I have got with that hypothesis it that no radiation was found.
    The good thing is that there is no need to go to 1300 degrees for testing. 800-900 degrees will be sufficient for showing some LENR effect. :D

    Andrew, these are very interesting tests. Thank you for sharing that with us! I have some questions:
    1. Did you try it also with nickel (not with titanium)?
    2. Can you provide some electrical information: What frequency, power and current do you use for this induction heater? Can you control all these values in lineary or are you using on-off control?
    3. Rossi has found electrical discharge or build-up of an electrostatic field while having LENR. Did you observe that also?
    4. Do you believe this is a more efficient way to initiate LENR than using a heating coil?
    5. Do you intend to heat the stainless steel tube with the induction heater or the tablet inside?

    It is interesting to see that Santilli is also moving forward and having success.
    Would the more interesting company Thunder Fusion corp. be out of focus?
    I had some discussions with him in the past, but when I asked him whether or not it his theories could explain Cold Fusion, he immediately dropped my name in the spam box. ;)
    I liked his theories about the oval shaped electron orbits around the atoms.

    Lattice Energy LLC - US Government Labs Reported Clear-cut Neutron Capture Data from P&F Cells in Oct 1989 - May 13 2015…s-in-oct-1989-may-13-2015

    It seems to me that the W-L theory and Axil's theory seem to look quite the same. Axil also refers to teleportation of energy of entangled particles as well as surface Polaritron Plasmons, so I would welcome his opinion about this.

    Nice device!

    Maybe Gerard should wait before investing any time or money before Alex has tested the rossi reactor with chemical heating.

    The spectrum analyzer in the lugano report showed no chopped rectangular dc like parkhomov was using so probably the reactions can run without external em pulses. Although maybe not as optimized.

    Marjorana, I an not sure that the currents measured in Lugano were sinusoidal, in fact I believe they were not. I will continue with my approach to get a prototype. It can at least help to understand what is important for LENR.

    Today I've attended LENRG Conference...
    Manythings were discussed (business proposal, scientific programs, collaborations, business model) and I'll have to work to make few articles...

    However to explain the concept of collective Quantum…

    Being an electrical engineer, it seems to me that while the metronomes are asynchronous, their collective energy is minimal. When they are synchronized due to ancommon base (the bottom on which they are attached is not fully damped and can move), then their energy becomes massive with an high Q-factor which combines the energy of alle thee indivudual metronomes. It is like a resonating flute, where all the individual air molecules combine together to produce a tone, or speaking in the electrical metafore a 'L-C resonator'. An undaped resonator can reach enormous powers and I assume that Luca Gamberale thinks that that may be the 'force' behind LENR. It is like Axil's vortex which does th same.

    Sad news, but I believe it will work next time!

    Can somebody show/tell me connection of the heater? Maybe using variac is not the best method. You can control the input power with for example triac - there are finished PCBs from ebay for even $3 that are able to handle 2000W.

    The difficulty is that it is not easy to make a resister coil such that it exactly suits all requirements: Maximum available voltage and current (mains supply)
    Maximum required power. Maximum and minimum currents that can be controlled with the temperature controller. It is difficult to adjust those with the wire diameters that are available and the power you want to deliver to the small area of the heater coil. 8)

    Disappointing information: The test showed no excess heat! ;(
    But due to the power supply Alan Goldwater was not able to get more than 900°C.
    So he was not able to get the same conditions Parkhomov and Lugano had.

    I wonder why that was not discovered when they did the fuel-less test... ?(

    Quote: “<b>The Committtee of ICCF19 decided not to give voice to the Open Science Research in Italy! And We of Open Power.</b>

    As you can see in Our newsletter of April, in PDF attachment, the Committtee of ICCF19 decided not to give voice to the Open Science…

    I do not know the Open Power Association but I assume they are focussed to LENR. What can be the reason for ICCF to leave them out?