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    "Synthestech" - Why there is medicine in our plans?

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    Why there is medicine in our plans?


    In our recent newsletter, we reported that one of the directions of commercial implementation of “Synthestech” project would be medicine. Moreover, this direction is in our immediate plans - to use the elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation, to create biologically active additives. This information has caused a very big and positive interest among the public. At the same time, many questions, regarding the arguments of prospects of this direction, were received.

    In the material below we want to give information on various aspects, explaining our confidence in the medical direction. In the White Paper of “Synthestech” project, a part of the information on this topic was outlined. Then, in the articles posted on the project sites, other materials were also provided

    1. Using Cold Nuclear Transmutation Technology in Medicine

    Platinum in Healthcare industry

    But today we want to tell about the modern practice of using the elements obtained by Cold Synthesis of elements, as well as the scientific grounds of biological activity of the elements, obtained during Cold Transmutation. And thus we can argue the relevance of this direction.

    One example is the discovery of David Hudson. In 1975, Hudson, a large American landowner, accidentally received a certain amount of substance as a result of processing his land, in which an unknown reaction occurred. The performed tests gave a phenomenal result. The substance contained platinum metals - rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, iridium, osmium, platinum, as well as other elements, which were not found in the soil. This was the result of Cold Transmutation of Elements reaction, spontaneously arising on the soil. After a thorough study of the complex of obtained elements, Hudson discovered that these chemical elements have a number of new properties. Among these properties was found a powerful biological effect on living organisms.

    Hudson in his lectures describes the medical experiments, which he conducted in the 80s. First, tests were conducted on a hopelessly sick dog that was cured. Then HIV-infected people who are in serious condition, and then people with cancer, were cured.

    In his lecture, Hudson tells about it in this way: “Understand, that this is not anti something. This is not anti AIDS. This is not anti-cancer. This is for life. It is literally - the spirit. The material here is not to cure cancer. The material is not to cure AIDS. This material is aimed to perfect our bodies. He leads our bodies to the state in which they should be. It is our immune system that fights and cures the disease.”

    Thus, the elements, obtained by spontaneous Cold Transmutation, in fact, breathed life into the body's immune system, which led to a cure.

    Hudson continued his research and put forward a theoretical basis explaining properties of the elements, obtained during transmutation, and explaining mechanism of a powerful positive effect on a living organism. The state of a substance, obtained after transmutation, Hudson defined as “Orbitally Rearranged Mono-Atomic Elements (ORME)” (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) (also “ORMUS”). This theory is called “ORMUS”. Subsequently, a term was proposed that describes the state of elements atoms as “m-state”. According to Hudson and his follower’s theory, the "m-state" element is not an ordinary chemical element or isotope, it is atoms with an unusual (excited) state of the nucleus. These atoms are not detected by conventional physicochemical methods.

    "M-state" elements, according to the research and conclusions of "ORMUS" theorists, demonstrate a quantum physical model of behavior, superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling current (the phenomenon of flow of superconducting current through a thin layer of dielectric separating two superconductors). These "m-state" elements are also present in biological systems. They can enhance the flow of energy along the acupuncture meridians, and in microtubules inside each living cell.

    According to “ORMUS” theory, Cold transmutation processes constantly occur in the surrounding space. Therefore, microscopic impurities of atoms in the "m-state" state are present in the air, in the water, in organic substances.

    Accordingly, when a person finds himself where the intensity of natural processes of Cold Transmutation is higher, he feels an influx of energy and an improvement in well-being. This usually happens on the sea, in the mountains, especially not far from volcanoes. Fertility there, as we know, is exceptionally high.

    David Hudson, based on his discoveries in the 1990s, registered a number of patents. Hudson today has many followers developing the theory and practice of “ORMUS”. There is a lot of information about this in the net.

    However, the problem for the followers of “ORMUS” theory is that they did not set a goal to master the keys to Cold Synthesis of elements. They focused their efforts on isolating elements in the "m-state" state from water, air, etc. That is, - selection of elements - the results of natural Cold Transmutation from the environment, as well as attempts to carry out little dispersion of valuable elements. All this can not give some tangible number of active elements. Although this task today covered a lot of people in the world, followers of Hudson.

    We have cited a very brief summary of “ORMUS” theory. Some of its provisions seem to us to be clarified. However, we do not set a task to somehow disassemble it. We are interested in the main trend and fact, that this is quite modern theory and practice. They quite convincingly prove biological activity of the elements, obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation - the highest usefulness of these elements for the human body. The developers of “ORMUS” provide a rather convincing theoretical basis for understanding the mechanisms of action.

    “Synthestech” project, as already reported, will focus efforts in the medical field. There are reasons for this. In our opinion, this direction can give the fastest commercial effect. Of course, work in this direction will be carried out in compliance with all necessary security rules and measures. The elements, which will be used, will definitely receive safety certificates for the human organism. The first, who will test them themselves, will be the founders of the project.

    There is a certain confidence that this will give an effect and then a good result. This will be a real breakthrough.

    We want to highlight that the medical direction is only a part of the project. In the just constructed new Center, which we are now exploring, Cold fusion installations will be created and tested for all promising directions. We are moving in full accordance with the declared plans.

    News of project «Synthestech»

    Please, note, that project tokens can be purchased just now with a bonus of 44%. Project Token costs 1,5 USD, but today, given the provided bonus, you can buy it for a bit more than 1 USD. This is a temporary offer. So do not miss your chance!

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    Seminar BL # 128

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    "Synthestech" Video-stream

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    "Synthestech" Video-stream


    Good day,

    As it was previously announced, we will organize video-stream on Saturday, 01.12.2018 19-00 MSK (17-00 CET).

    Head of «Synthestech» Project Vladislav Karabanov will tell about the project development, prospects and answer questions.

    You will find link to video-stream below:

    (The language of translation is Russian.

    Translation in credits into English will be posted later.)

    Join our translation, we will be glad to answer all your questions.

    Online chat will be available on the link on our page.

    You can ask your questions online in the chat on our page (questions can be asked both in Russian and in English):

    News of project «Synthestech»

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    phone: +41 22 501-30-40 (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CET)

    e-mail: [email protected]


    Макс, я подал заявку на нейтрализации радиоактивных жидких отходов на БН-350 Казатомпром в бывшем Шевченко (теперь Актау, Мангистау) за счет электроразрядов, нужна твоя помощь в составлении проекта и самому участвовать с твоего согласия в проекте как иностранцу, в нашем универе это приветствуется, если все получится с проектом твое участие гарантируется! Ответь в моей теме если что, а то на английском, сам знаешь перевод гугла...:(


    1. Max, I applied for the neutralization of radioactive liquid waste at the BN-350 Kazatomprom in the former Shevchenko (now Aktau, Mangistau) at the expense of electrical discharges, I need your help in drafting the project and myself participating with your consent, if everything works out with the project, your participation is guaranteed! Answer in my topic if that, and then in English, you yourself know the translation of Google

    Среда, 28 ноября 2018, 15:33 +05:00 от Roman <[email protected]>:


    Scandium is under review by "Synthestech"


    As it is known, "Synthestech" project is engaged in developing the technology for obtaining valuable elements using Cold Nuclear Fusion. We are primarily focused on platinum metals. However, during experiments, other, no less interesting elements can be obtained.

    We conduct our experiences by diversifying conditions and impacts. Scandium was observed in our final samples in the last experiments. This is very good news widening the project prospects.

    The matter is that scandium is one of the most valuable chemical elements. Its cost is only 3-4 times lower than the cost of platinum metals. Scandium is a metal that is actively developing in various innovative technologies. Banks are willing to use scandium as a valuable asset, laying it in deposit in anticipation of currency turmoil.

    There is a number of important factors which are essential for a commercial result. The fact is, raw material for scandium, used in our experiments, is much cheaper than this for platinum metals. That’s why, a useful commercial coefficient may turn out to be significantly higher than one from other valuable elements. Besides, the regulation of the circulation of scandium in the world is much more liberal than of other valuable elements. There are no restrictions for its production even in Russia. On the basis of these factors, "Synthestech", on top of everything else, will direct efforts towards scandium obtaining.

    Regarding the scheduled video stream: apparently, we will be able to organize it on Saturday, December 1, at 19-00 Moscow time (17-00 CET). Constant rains and high humidity delay completion of some processes in our Center. We will give a link to the video stream in a special newsletter on Friday, and we also will post it on the Telegram news tape.

    News of project «Synthestech»

    Please, note, that project tokens can be purchased with a bonus of 45%. Project Token costs 1,5 USD, but today, given the provided bonus, you can buy it for a bit more than 1 USD. This is a temporary offer. So do not miss your chance!

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    It is necessary to help the Russian people

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    О проблеме вращения шаровой молнии

    13. В.В. Ботвиновский

    Обнаружение электродвижущей силы,

    генерируемой в плазме разрядного


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    A.V. Chistolinov

    About a problem of rotation of a fireball

    13. V. V. Botvinovsky

    Detection of the electromotive force,

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    Видео РКХТЯиШМ-25 от Альберта Красова

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    четвертый день, последний

    Презентации от Климова А.И. и коллективные фото от Герасимовой А.И.

    Презентации докладов

    Опубликовано 30 октября, 08:52

    The trap of charged particles defines Earth geosphere dipolnost, but not some exotic permanent magnet in the center of Earth, the form and which size else isn't thought out in any way. Quasicrystal orderliness of an interior of Earth defines need of existence for the center of Earth of a so-called black hole which space isn't inherent in an indissoluble sploshnost of real space at all. Figuratively speaking the black hole is "the Torricellian emptiness" in emptiness of real space. A form of a black hole in crystal structure of emptiness – the concave hexahedron resting the tops against the centers of sides of octahedral structural composition of real space. In this black hole the loaded elementary particles, forming the telluric closed motions of electric field on each side of quasicrystal structural compositions of Earth direct

    Не, как геолога я его не понял... Ядро состоит из плазмы холодного ядерного синтеза, там нет давления и больших температур, там пласт на пласт не давит-это СФЕРА в сфере, они вращаются и уравновешиваются наверное гравитацией, вот я и делаю модель планеты!

    Флюиды (нефть, газ, вода) это кровь планеты! Они служат как тосол (вода) в радиаторе и смазки (нефть) для вращения геосфер, а также диэлектриком в электроконденсаторе масляном.... Выкачивание нефти и воды и приводит к глобальному изменению климата, уменьшение гравитационного и электромагнитного поля Земли, мы сами себя убиваем!

    Опубликовано: 17 мар. 2017 г.

    Сергей Ивченко, Виктор Гребенщиков и Виктор Узлов на встрече с Джабраилом Базиевым. Разговор о единой теории физики и практике.

    Д. Х. Базиев. Основы единой теории физики. ISBN 5-02-009577-X. Москва.: Издательство Педагогика 1994г.

    Д. Х. Базиев. Электричество Земли. ISBN 5-86541-017-2. Москва.: Издательство «Коммерческие технологии» 1997г.

    Д. Х. Базиев. Заряд и масса фотона (экспериментальное доказательство). Второе переработанное издание. ISBN 5-900471-14-4. Москва,: Издательство Педагогика 2002г.

    Д. Х. Базиев. Уравнение для постоянной Планка и единая теория физики. ISBN 978-5-906830-04-3. Москва.: Издательство «БИБЛИО-ГЛОБУС» 2016г.

    Д. Х. Базиев. Завершённая система элементов Д.И. Менделеева. ISBN 978-5-906830-03-6. Москва.: Издательство «БИБЛИО-ГЛОБУС» 2016г.

    Хорошее знакомство с Бровкиным В.Г. привело меня к этому физику, надо его изучать, пишите кто что знает о Базиеве, главные его выводы.

    Questions to the Head of "Synthestech" Project

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    Questions to the Head of "Synthestech" Project


    Vladislav Karabanov, the project founder, answers the questions

    We are actually approaching the phase of production

    We receive some or other typical questions on the mail of "Synthestech" project . We decided to gather some most frequently asked questions and ask these questions to the project founder of "Synthestech" project Vladislav Karabanov.

    Vladislav, how will construction of the laboratory complex affect the development of the project?

    Our laboratory complex performs several key tasks. The main role is a tool in which we can solve technical issues of the project. We need to have the full range of equipment and tools for work. Without this, project development is delayed, and something is generally difficult to implement. We need a serious workshop to create the details of our installations. We need certain conditions for operation of our installations, - observance of temperature, air, energy, and so on. Having our own center greatly accelerates our work. And some problems in general can not be solved somewhere else, except in such a complex, which construction we are already finishing.

    That’s why, a laboratory center is a must have.

    After it will be possible to work in our center, the project will go very quickly forward and I hope there will be a quick result. We have no reason to postpone. By the way, the speed of construction proves this.

    What is the current state of the project?

    Understanding of natural principles, analytical laboratory and experimental base allow us to set and solve technical tasks. We have found several key solutions and the task is only to realize everything correctly. Here I want to add that not only platinum metals can turn out to be valuable elements. Other elements with valuable qualities and correspondingly demanded at very high prices can be obtained.

    Prospects are clear. Regarding development, we have a very great progress. We already have the tools and the base, which we did not have earlier. This is a project shift into a completely new quality. At the same time, at this stage, we gained additional knowledge. In fact, we are approaching the phase of production.

    Cold fusion has not yet received recognition of official science. How scientifically justified are works in the field of Cold Nuclear Transmutation?

    The recognition is already received and for a long time. Simply, it does not look like an application to the public with an official press release. But works in this field are already planned . On the other hand, when this recognition becomes universal, it will be senseless to engage in this field. When everyone acknowledged that the Earth was round, Columbus had already discovered America.

    In fact the question with Cold Transmutation of Nuclei was very interesting. Some clever men decided that as they did not want to see this point-blank, it does not exist . On the basis of Cold Synthesis all nature and life processes are built, but it was avoided to be seen. There is a reason to believe that the development of research on this topic was primarily hampered because of attempts to prevent the creation of power plants using the energy of Cold Synthesis. There were interested parties. They are still there. That’s why, by the way, we chose the path of obtaining valuable chemical elements, not energy.

    How will the project develop after the creation of a laboratory center?

    We will create a series of experimental installations for Cold fusion and within 3-4 months we will test them for effectiveness in obtaining target platinum elements as well as other elements.

    After this we will move in three directions in the process.

    First of all, we will produce a small number of elements for testing biological potential. That is for medicine. If our expectations are confirmed, we will find a manufacturer to produce dietary supplements based on our raw materials. This should work and this covers a huge market in billions of dollars.

    Secondly, we will observe what else we interesting will be obtained in the elements. There not quite the usual isotopic composition of elements may occur, and it can cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per gram.

    Thirdly, we will decide the precise issue of platinum production.

    Based on the received results in these areas, we will choose the most effective way.

    In any case, we will gradually grow into a large corporation. I suppose in a very huge one. Now we have such a period as earlier Google or Apple have - such a garage stage. But ahead expansion is awaiting us.

    What is the plan by which investors participating in the project can get a profit?

    Profit must be available from the start of production. But it is also formed as a result of the increased capitalization of the project as a result of the increased cost of the project, when our token cost will grow. This is also a profit. After all, the number of shares is limited, and the project, after receiving the first weight grams, will attract a lot of investors. We spend money very competently creating the material basis of the project. We already have serious assets - a building, an expensive analysis laboratory equipment. Assets exceed our liabilities. And we will go on so further.

    Time will sort things out. Those investors who are with us from the very beginning and join to us now, will receive serious bonuses.

    How dangerous in terms of environmental are installations and the process of Cold nuclear transmutation?

    Nuclear processes occur in all living organisms on Earth, at the cellular level. Living organisms exist and function thanks to them. That’s why, in our case, it is an ecologically absolutely safe process, safe installation. Otherwise, living cells would die. Cold transmutation is a process where stable elements are obtained from stable elements. They can produce excess heat energy, some other excess energy relatively to natural processes. But these processes are safe. Cold fusion installations are a step towards sustainable production.

    News of “Synthestech”

    We remind you that project tokens, allowing you to receive income from the implementation of "Synthestech" project in the future , can be purchased with a bonus of 50%. Project Token costs 1,5 USD, but today, given the provided bonus, you can buy it for 1 USD.

    This is a temporary offer. Do not miss your chance to use it.

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    Казахстан сможет сделать прорыв в поиске новой энергии на основе LENR! Для этого надо очень мало-хорошую высоковольтную лабораторию+электроразряды в пластовых флюидах! Вот пример шаровых молний, нам надо их получить, что бы создать генератор электричества на шаровых молниях! генератор электричества на шаровых молниях Generator Tarasenko based on the model of the planet Earth

    Предлагаю соединить усилия геологии и ядерной физики Казахстана и мы сможем получить экономический прорыв в мире, не упускайте такой шанс!

    Kazakhstan can make break in search of new energy on the basis of LENR! For this purpose it is necessary very small and good high-voltage laboratoriyu+elektrorazryada in formation fluids! Here an example of fireballs, we should receive them, what to create the electricity generator on fireballs! time_continue=8&v=g8sW0PnKs0Y the electricity generator on fireballs postID=95881#post95881…495644?platform=hootsuite…klrSciForbes#50d96a5333dd

    Thanks! I well know the academic theories, but they have one small mistake, they take plasma of cold nuclear synthesis for solid iron! Plasma possesses the same density as well as iron! There are publications where other spheres in a kernel find every time, as speaks about continuous change of density of a kernel! Rotation of a kernel from the moment of formation of the planet (Big Bang) assumes existence of a gas-and-dust fog which rotates and now in a kernel! Without rotation of a kernel our continents would stand still, but the theory of tectonics of plates proves their movement on GPS!

    This strange observation points to how LENR is produced naturally inside the earth

    See post

    What is the maximum energy that LENR can accumulate.


    Planet Earth itself produces energy by rotating the geospheres from the core to the surface (plate tectonics). The friction of the geospheres (layers) and gives electricity in the earth's crust. Capacity of the earth electric condenser 1 FARADA!

    Russians are mistaken, I know their works (Savatimov, Urutskoyev, Vysotsky)

    In planet crust Earth such processes happen constantly, still Faraday declared it!

    Synthestech - Finishing the laboratory complex construction

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    Finishing the laboratory complex construction


    We are glad to inform you that we start the last stage of the construction of our laboratory complex “Synthestech”.

    The launch of our laboratory center goes according to our roadmap.

    Within a month we will complete the interior decoration and begin there work on our laboratory and production program.

    News of “Synthestech”

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    Synthestech - Using Cold Nuclear Transmutation Technology in Medicine

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    Using Cold Nuclear Transmutation Technology in Medicine


    Experiments are still conducted, which will allow us to determine the methods for controlling Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements. At the same time, the roadmap of implementation of “Synthestech” project should take into account different aspects of development.

    Also, it is evident that large-scale production is difficult to organize fast, but to organize a small one is quite realistic. Especially, we would like to quickly reach results.

    It would be a mistake to assume that the obtained through cold transmutation valuable elements can be used only for one purpose - as analogues to unique precious metals in finance and industry.

    In fact, besides obtaining platinum elements for industry and finance there is a number of commercially promising areas for use of the produced through cold transmutation chemical elements.

    The fact is that chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold synthesis have some зpeculiar properties. Some of these properties are not yet known to us and we will only define them, but some of the properties may be quite expected, as well as the prospects for their use. Therefore, in the field of the use of chemical elements, we plan to move in several directions at once.

    And among them the most important role is assigned to the medical direction. And, perhaps, this direction will be so commercially effective that the rest will be only auxiliary.

    In the White paper of “Synthestech” project, we have devoted several paragraphs to the medical aspect.

    Now I want to stop on this in a bit more detail. In our opinion, chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation have a special biological potential. The presence of both historical information and modern knowledge of biological processes in living organisms allowed to make such conclusions.

    In the modern period, a number of outstanding researchers concluded that transmutation occurs in biological organisms and it is directly connected with the rhythms of life.

    In the XX century, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka (Dr.Hauschka) - a German chemist and doctor, the founder of a large pharmaceutical company Wala Heilmittel GmbH wrote on this: “The emergence of elementary substances is a daily process.” “Material atoms occur through the transformation of living motion” (“The Doctrine of Substance”)

    Paracelsus, creator of European medicine, treated people with drugs received through transmutation of one chemical element into another. He cured a number of seemingly incurable patients who had serious organic lesions.

    Professor, University of Chicago, Mircea Eliade, who taught at the Sorbonne in Paris, writes about historical healing methods in India: “Marco Polo, describing chugchi (yogis) who“ live for 150-200 years ”, writes:“ These people use a very strange drink: they mix a dose of silver and a dose of mercury and drink this mixture twice a month. According to them, it brings a long life; and they take such a drink since childhood. ” Polo, most likely, did not attach much importance to the yogin-alchemists. But Francois Vernier, who observed various groups of Indian ascetics, on the contrary, wrote a number of insightful pages about them, which until the beginning of the 19th century remained the main source of information on yogis and fakirs. He managed to notice the alchemical knowledge of the yogis: “There are others ... very strange people: they almost all the time wander from place to place; they make fun of everything that they will not meet with or worry about. These are people who possess secrets; as it is said they even know how to create gold and cook mercury - and they can do it so skillfully that one or two grains of the mixture, adopted in the morning, keep the body in perfect health and strengthen the stomach so that it perfectly digests food and is always in excellent condition. "

    Regarding the efficiency of chemical elements obtained as a result of transmutation, the ancient Chinese treatise Baopu-tzu states the following: “A hundred days ago, blind, having accepted it, will be able to see again, a hundred days the patient will be healed, gray hair will turn black again, new teeth will grow on the places of the dropped ones”

    Another interesting fact, already obtained in the “Synthestech” analysis laboratory, is the result of our research.

    In alternative medicine is known such organo-mineral remedy as mummy. It is a resinous substance of natural origin. It is actively used now and used in antiquity. Mumijo is a powerful adaptogen that stimulates the metabolism, improves health and prolongs youth. In ancient times, high-quality mumijo was considered when a fracture during its use healed in about a day. Today, mumijo is actively used in alternative medicine, although the principle of action remained unknown .. We decided to analyze this substance in order to understand the reason for such a biological potential of mumijo. A product from India, known for its quality, was taken. After a mass spectrometric analysis, the presence of gold in the mumijo was determined. Approximately 0.5 grams of gold per ton of mumijo. This is a significant amount in terms of natural distribution. Taking into account all factors of mumijo origin, we come to the conclusion (the probability is very high) that gold in its composition was formed as a result of a natural transmutation process. And this component, along with other elements of natural transmutation in its composition, plays a key role in the biological properties of the mumijo.

    So there is every reason to believe that use of chemical elements obtained through cold nuclear transmutation in medicine will give a serious effect.

    We are far from the assertion that the chemical elements obtained through Cold transmutation necessarily act as described in the above treatises. However, according to the totality of the data, there is reason to believe that the chemical elements thus obtained possess a powerful biological potential. The nature of this phenomenon should be further disassembled, but undoubtedly that one should try to use them in medicine.

    If it acts as intended, supplements with these elements will become the most sought-after drug.

    Therefore, we plan after receiving the first weight quantities of the elements to send them for medical tests. There are no difficulties with obtaining permits for such tests, since the substances will be introduced into already accepted and used forms. Only instead of simple chemical elements those elements obtained using Cold Transmutation will be injected.

    In this case, from 1 gram of such a chemical element 500-1 000 units of tablets can be obtained . One such gram, for example, gold or another element obtained as a result of transmutation in our production, will be offered at prices ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Taking into account the fact that gold in the composition of mumijo costs 500,000 $ -800,000 $, these are quite real prices. In addition, there is reason to believe that other chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation will have biological potential. Particularly strong prospects for platinum metals, which are our target elements. Already, medicine has discovered the outstanding properties of even ordinary platinum metals.

    In this situation, all who may need such supplements from the elements obtained using Cold Transmutation will become actively involved in the project. When focusing the project on medicine, our production task is greatly simplified, and with the same final financial results.

    We estimate the annual market for such supplements to be no less than $ 1-2 billion. Again, I emphasize that for rational conclusions, you need to wait for tests. Although internally, given the existing understanding of the processes, I have little doubt in the effectiveness of this tool.

    In any case, the medical direction is the use of additional options for the development of the project and does not contradict our target objective.

    News of “Synthestech”

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