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    Soon we will finish construction of the 2nd floor


    Construction of the laboratory center "Synthestech" has already been realized by 60%. Internal technical systems for installation are prepared. In the nearest future we will begin the interior decoration. In November, a fully-fledged work on the project will be launched in the laboratory center. However, even now the work in the analytical laboratory, that we have created, does not stop. The analysis of the elemental composition of the substance obtained as a result of cold synthesis is carried out.

    We remind you that project tokens, allowing you to receive income from the implementation of "Synthestech"project in the future, can be purchased with a 33% discount. Thus, a project token with a discount costs 1 USD.

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    Переустановил мазилу, спасибо Максу!

    Вот закончился отпуск, поправил здоровье, поставил два стенда на коронарные сосуды в Астане. Побывал опять на ЭКСПО 17, людей совсем мало уже приходит... Потом уехал в Киргизию на озеро Иссык-Куль, в санатории прошел реабилитацию, вроде все нормально.

    Our local press worked well, even traffic jams showed in the city, here the people and should demand that new energy would look for, my generator of Tarasenko helped to create, and that all show off, so much money spent, the central roads more or less good anew asphalted, and in residential districts of a hole and remained... Well it is already good, in residential districts in general to stop by it is necessary to forbid, only according to the reference or by bicycle, tell them put there and in Astana stand, itself saw... But bicycle paths unfortunately aren't present!!!! But the advantage of the summit of course is, the world heard about our city of Aktau-sea of a collar of Kazakhstan! But on it only tankers with oil float, them it is well visible on the horizon.... These are blood-suckers floating!!! But my city without oil will become empty at once, will eat not that and black caviar together with belugas poisoned hydrogen sulfide!!!! And say that poachers blocked all sea networks and they are guilty of everything!…sammit.-kak-eto-bylo.html

    Electrocategories in formation fluids, pressure in 15 days fell to 5 atmospheres, the reactor holds 150 atmospheres. It is necessary of course more, these are 200-250 atm., such pressure on a face of a field of Zhetybay in the conditions of whom the spherical concretions which came to a surface near Karatau, Mangistau were formed. On the left rated sportsman there was a luminescence minute somewhere, it is necessary today to try to remove still this a plasma luminescence. I got mice as categories will influence mice, but the tree small near an entrance to a shed dried... can from a heat.

    Who will prompt where to get such cylindrical condensers on the power of 50 kJ., I want to make the geophysical device on an intensification of inflow to a well, pulse and plasma influence, on the basis of cold nuclear synthesis. In wells it will be possible to create processes of cold nuclear synthesis! foto.

    What does it take to become a New Energy (LENR) producer?

    Might asbestos be a prime LENR ingredient? Just a thought.…0161128-dl.compressed.pdf

    Yes! You can help me with creation of model of the planet Earth. Geospheres of the planet rub the friend about the friend just as brake shoes. I saw you in and gave you the invitation to contact. write me to my subject Generator Tarasenko based on the model of the planet Earth

    My theses as well as where it is possible to take the collection of theses!!!

    Review of G. V. Tarasenko and E.A.Demichevoy's work "Geological aspects

    cold nuclear synthesis and electrocategories in crust".

    This work certainly shouldn't be printed in UFN as scope of this work to treat, generally geology, but not physics. The physics in it contains only in a type of chaotic statements for "cold nuclear synthesis". Transformation "lead in gold and nickel in silver" is mentioned as that. Even if to believe that similar transformations of elements and it was observed in some experiments, these transformations have nothing in common neither with cold nor with a hot thermonuclear reaction.

    Отзыв о работе Г.В.Тарасенко и Е.А.Демичевой « Геологические аспекты

    холодного ядерного синтеза и электроразрядов в земной коре».

    Эту работу безусловно не следует печатать в УФН, поскольку тематика данной работы относиться, в основном к геологии, а не к физике. Физика в ней содержится лишь в виде сумбурных заявлений о «холодном ядерном синтезе». В качестве такового упоминается превращение “свинца в золото и никеля в серебро”. Если даже поверить, что подобные превращения элементов и наблюдалось в каких-то экспериментах, то эти превращения не имеют ничего общего ни с холодным ни с горячим термоядом.

    It is possible to tell that water in a cloak and a kernel turns into plasma of cold nuclear synthesis at the expense of high voltage! Plasma possesses high density as well as iron, here seismologists and made a kernel iron!!! And there in a kernel plasma of cold nuclear synthesis like a fireball! so it is time to receive a fireball in sheeted, deep conditions. In a subsoil of the earth there is no high temperature and pressure and it is constant as in a live organism, and water serves for radiator effect - heat removal from friction and HYaS!…ing-of-earths-mantle.html

    This academic year ended! In University there is an introduction of a new educational program of the program, at last in the program the Internet takes important place in training! So all rushed in the Internet, but it is necessary not to sit in FB, and to do the subjects at various forums on the subjects, as at me here!…er-core-interactions.html

    All this explains tectonics of plates, but global climate change happens due to pumping out (production) of oil and water. They serve the planet Earth as greasing and cooling of cold nuclear synthesis in crust planet Oil-blood Earth! For this purpose I help physics to find new energy, the quicker, the better for mankind!

    Parkhomov dreams to warm Siberia in Russia! I told it that it not that energy which will warm Russia. This process goes in crust in volcanoes but as you know volcanoes aren't eternal, means and this energy isn't eternal! На фото Криница, ХТЯ и ШМ, Россия.

    Studying of planets it is good, but let's learn the planet Earth, it at us under feet, and we don't know as it is arranged. We should make planet model in vitro and we will receive the electricity generator on fireballs. Having energy we will construct spaceships and we will depart to Jupiter, Pluto and dwarf planets.... And so on a photo it is possible "to open" many theories! I can only tell one that spherical concretions it is a planet structure prototype Earth and all of them differ from each other.

    It is necessary to change approaches to cold synthesis, it is necessary to study the nature, has these processes but as a thermonuclear reaction, and as receiving electricity there. An example is the planet model Earth!