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    With prototypes when something breaks it's more like a setback. James Dyson had 5127 "failures" before his bag-less vacuum cleaner worked properly. ME356 invited strangers into his home to test his invention, you have to be pretty confident about it's performance to do that. To us it was four guys doing a test, but to him must have been like...


    ME356 - It appears to be unfortunate timing, which happens in life sometimes. Can you confirm if you will be inviting MFMP back to test a more prepared/completed/advanced device at some point in the future? I'm sure we would all be just as keen (if not more so) to see the results of this test setup on a fully working Aura.

    I watched a number of the garden shed e-cat replication attempts over the years, and it's been exciting to see the process evolve. Without those tests ME356 would probably not have attempted his, so I applaud all those "replicators" whose shoulders ME356 and MFMP now stand.

    Now on with the show : )

    The reality is that LENR products wouldn't be released onto the market until they are certified safe so enough of the scare-mongering already.

    At the moment the technology is in the most Interesting discovery phase, and the patient (educated) trial and error, then refinement approach of ME356 seems to have payed off for him. And we should all be very glad about that and encourage him in any direction he wishes to proceed (his instincts have served him well so far).

    It would be fantastic if ME356 published everything for anyone with a remote garage and a couple of grand spare to replicate. If he chooses not to at this moment then I trust that he has good reasons. If I were in his position I think I would be just as keen to keep experimenting to see where I can take the tech rather than spend my time chatting to other people. I would be addicted to experimenting and how I could push the tech further. It must be an incredibly exciting time for him.

    ME356, I know it's not high on your agenda right now but would you be able to release a video of the effect when you turn the effect on/then off/then on again? I have read so many words over the past 5 years and your short video showing the effect creeping along the reactor tube was a nice visual surprise. To see that being controlled at will would be inspirational.

    All the best,

    With the utmost respect for Francesco Celani, I believe most (if not all) members of this forum have spent a great deal of personal time following LENR for years and is craving more information (not less) at this very exciting time. And from what I have seen there is an abundance of time during the experiments for communication : )

    1.11 doesn't sound a lot but as more information is coming in, from Rossi patents and other replication info, it is significant. All the negative results of the past replication attempts would have been expected if we were party then to the information we have now. It also adds credibility to the open and accurate reporting that is being done in the LENR field.

    So what does this mean? He will not give some hints to the replicators? They already know everything?


    I think Rossi means that there will be no point in attempting garage-style replications (that are years behind his current tech level) because once his customer testing/acceptance is completed and he starts the process of bulk sales the world will then have this tech readily available. I think he regards these attempts to replicate his tech as unneccesary (he was probably doing the same tests over and over again 7 years ago).