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    Liked Bob#2’s post in the thread Clearance Items.
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    (Quote from Wyttenbach)

    This is quite disappointing as it is clear that you have no basis for your accusations and cannot see clearly the issues.

    #1 - I am no sock puppet. Do you even know what that means? Please inquire privately to Shane and Alan…
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    What a sad state of affairs this has become.

    The number of posters seems to be declining and no wonder.
    When someone such as THH provides reasonable critique, all of which he provides a logical and often mathematical basis to, he is often scorned with
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    While it may not be apparent, you are well respected here. Those who you spar with in the science arena...sometimes making it a little too personal, would sorely miss your leaving. Your role here is vital, and has even drawn support from the likes…