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    Liked Shane D.’s post in the thread COLD FUSION NOW!.
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    (Quote from Shane D.)

    IMO Carl Page could not have come onto the scene at a better time. There appears to me to be a need for leadership in the field. He has the background, and is well positioned to accomplish that. Not a divide and conquer type, but a…
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    (Hey all! I am new to the forum.)

    I recently made a small investment in Brillouin (please don't worry about my finances, I only invested an amount I was ready to lose) and had some contact with David Firshein (CFO), Fran Tanzella (formerly from SRI,…
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    (Quote from seven_of_twenty)

    You will find Russel Targ's recently-released documentary ("Third Eye Spies") to be quite interesting, I expect. They obtained CIA clearance to release previously-classified material and interviews with key CIA personnel…