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    But the system of double shot with a femtosecond laser igniting the reaction and another laser producing a huge magnetic field by MHD effect is very complicated. It is very interesting as an experimental device, but it is questionable as an industrial…
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    Ooo, a schedule change.
    Sheng Hu is talking about Hydrogen Isotope Separation. This is a peripheral topic to LENR. He is enhancing protons transporting through thin, 2d material like graphene. Driving protons through a membrane, he is using this to…
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  • Hi all!
    Today I completed the tests on the control devices, measuring voltages and currents with hydrogen instead of air. The results were almost the same:
    • Open circuit voltage: 0 mV +- 0.025 mV, independently from metals and pressure used
    • Current @ +-60V:
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