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  • Hi Gennadiy.

    Delighted to see that you are beginning to spend more time telling us about your work and ideas, and doing (perhaps) a little less posting long videos with very little explanation of what people are looking at. I suspect that this is the…
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  • Bjohnk Reacted with Like to PSK’s post in the thread The Totally Civil Covid Thread..

    Two easy read Insightful articles

    The Fatal Flaw in the UKHSA’s Inflated Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates

    [Will it be the duplicitous definition that "unjabbed" includes those jabbed in previous 14 to 21 days? Read on...]

    In last week’s post I mentioned…
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  • Bjohnk Reacted with Like to Alan Smith’s post in the thread The Totally Civil Covid Thread..

    It seems China is still very insistent on following a zero-Covid programme involving continuing city-wide lockdowns. They also have a relatively low percentage of vaccinated elderly citizens. Do they know something we don't?
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  • Thank you to everyone contributing to this discussion, which is yielding (for me at least) some interesting concepts as well as a sense that SM ultras will have to accept that all is not well with current models. As an experimenter rather than any kind…
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  • (Quote from THHuxleynew)

    Neutrino is not even real, smaller is just reaching and fantasizing. Do not throw flat earth in my face unless you want a storm coming. You are the zealot here throwing standard stuff in our face while the rest is trying to make…
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