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  • Gerald

    (Quote from Rigel)

    A reason I can't give, but why is every pacer document a scan of a paper and why does every patent look like it's typed on an old typewriter?
    I guess some profesions didn't enter the digital age yet.

    Regarding rs-232. If you look at…
  • Gerald

    (Quote from Shane D.)

    Mr wong was the first that i read off that had knowledge of thermodinamics. I don't like it making fun off him. He didn't say nothing in favour of Rossi or IH, he just gave his opinion. 1MW could easy be dispurged from this…
  • Gerald

    Point 3 indeed should be seen. Good point.

    (Quote from JedRothwell)

    A steady water flow by it self could be normal. Depends on how effeicient the plant must be and how much control you have. 1 constant is could be usefull, but indeed if you have an…
  • Gerald

    (Quote from ele)

    In my memory there was an VPN connection to login to the controll system and the watermeter numbers from the water company was manual written down every night at 22:00. I know I had my thinkings about it back then(4/5 years ago). Later…
  • Gerald

    (Quote from THHuxleynew)

    Agreed, no way you loose this kind of heat that way. If the air was taken in on the ground floor and you were not in warm florida you could make the ground floor acceptable for humans. Radiation from pipes is minor and warm and…