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    (Quote from Alan Smith)

    There are other issues. Perhaps one of the most serious is that there are many parties that would like to do serious LENR research but don't have the funds to do so. However, I do think that inventor's syndrome is the number one…
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    (Quote from JedRothwell)

    That's incorrect. There have been huge leaps. Over the past hundred years, there have been inventors that have came up with amazing discoveries roughly related to what we refer to as LENR. Many of these have been in the…
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    Every time a huge leap is made inventor's syndrome blocks further progress. The result is that the claims are never universally accepted, the technology is never commercialized, and the world gets zero benefit.
  • I have a lot to talk about in this post.

    First, I'd like to say that I'm more pessimistic than ever about the future of LENR. Repeatedly, I notice that the most creative individuals who come up with unique ideas are also the most difficult to interact…
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    Replied to the thread How do you convince a skeptic?.
    I'll tell you how to convince all skeptics - or force them to admit the reality of LENR.

    First, develop a high powered LENR system utilizing the know how that's already floating around the community.

    Secondly, test the heck out of it - again and…
  • They will not be able to understand the true nature of strange radiation until the reality of the aether is admitted to. For example, after many experiments proving it's existence, most mainstream scientists deny that the magnetic vector potential…
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    Replied to the thread Clearance Items.
    (Quote from RussGeorge)

    I'd suggest you have everyone sign a lifetime NDA before they join your google group. You can't protect that technology enough, you know?
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    Replied to the thread Clearance Items.
    (Quote from RussGeorge)

    Spoken like another Patterson, Papp, T. Henry Moray, Rossi, or any of a long line of inventors who felt their technology was so "special" that to protect their future billions they have to start playing a twisted, convoluted game…
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    Replied to the thread Clearance Items.
    Patenting is not giving away IP. It's getting rights to the IP. Those who think they shouldn't give away knowledge in a patent because their technology is different or more important than other technologies will end up with nothing. In fact, I'd say the…
  • By the way, I found a talk by Randell Mills in which he explains the exact mechanism that enhances the rate of hydrino formation. He doesn't use the term, "negative resistance" but he speaks of how an arc discharge's current can go up as the voltage goes…
  • So what are the components of an LENR fuel in a system utilizing a NR.

    - Hydrogen or deuterium would seem to be required.
    - Argon or perhaps other noble gases could act as catalysts, help form EVOs, etc.
    - Lithium could act directly as a fuel via…
  • I have checked out the Chernetsky generator, the Papp Engine, Paulo Correa's Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge device, and several others. I too am very interested in overunity and LENR. If the SK and the BLP device both are tapping ZPE, I think that would…
  • Zephir,

    The biggest question in my mind is if the Suncell when tuned properly or running in self sustain mode truly needs a constant flow of hydrogen. If it doesn't need a flow of hydrogen, either the vacuum or LENR reactions are the source of power.…
  • (Quote from fabrice DAVID)

    Negative resistance is VERY common. It happens EVERY TIME that an electrical discharge transitions from a glow to a pure arc discharge. It is not always "explosive" in that it produces excess energy for a number of reasons,…
  • (Quote from Zephir_AWT)

    I'm not saying that I don't think energy from the vacuum is extracted. However, all space charge constructs with double layers (that naturally form during the transition to a pure arc discharge) naturally extract heat energy from…
  • (Quote from THHuxleynew)

    First, I don't know what you mean by "2103" designs. Do you mean the year 2013? They were indeed using plasma before 2013.…088/1367-2630/4/1/370/pdf

    The above is from 2002. They have been…
  • Interesting idea. I think it really depends on to what percentage of the exothermic reactions are between the nano-particles from the electrodes and hydrogen vs. the elements in the fuel that are vaporized. I suppose both H-Li and H-Pd-Ag reactions could…
  • Yes, he is testing a setup using gallium. At first, he did this because the silver based system was having problems because the systems that initially heat the silver were causing overheating in other components. However, now they have resolved the issue…

    Thanks for your great paper, Ed. Regarding this section, and in particular the bold text, my understanding is slightly different although your intent may be the same. I believe that Mills' key…

    So, finding a way to make the reaction without consuming the reactor was the challenge, and Mills made a leap forward in design by using molten silver as electrodes. They are vaporized on…