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  • Edo posted the thread Structure of the nucleus (Structured Atom Model).

    The Structured Atom Model has been around for some years now and we made all kinds of explanations of how the structure actually correlates to physics (phenomenon). People often ask, where is the evidence?! Well first of all the evidence is in the fact…
  • Now that Q-balls have been verified by speculation in a theory paper, we need to extrapolate their potential properties to the fullest extent possible. Q-balls must have negative mass, form room temperature superconducting BEC's, involve electro-weak…
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  • […]

    This..... is where you go wrong in my mind.

    Gross generalization and untrue!

    Science is on the quest of understanding nuclear reactions and how to trigger them and make them useful. Current so called accepted MS science models! like QM with the…
  • Edo reacted with Like to Alan Smith’s post in the thread INFINITE ENERGY MAGZINE, Problems and Podcasts..

    As many of you have noticed, the Infinite Energy website has not been working properly for almost 3 weeks. It is either 'time travelling' back to the future with random snippets of old articles or completely '404'd'. Christy Frazier the long-serving…
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  • Edo reacted with Like to Ryoji Furui’s post in the thread The Design of Low Energy Nuclear Battery.

    Greetings members of the LENR-FORUM,

    I am Ryoji Furui, an independent researcher seeking to perform Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) experiments. As seen on a new post by Curbina, I recently completed a 4-page paper titled "Design of Low Energy Nuclear…
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