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    I have estimated that the steam power generation cycle will be sustainable (without input from conventional energy) if COP > 5.0. this may require several years development. But, in near future, maybe within 5 years, a significant energy saving of…
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    I had heard a story about forty years ago that, the jet engine thrust can be increased if water was injected into the combustion chamber. this could also happen in gas turbine power system when water is injected into combustion chamber. Is this…
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    I think you are saying that that if a plasmoid survives combustion that the positive and negative charged particle in the plasmoid could be accelerated by MHD to increase specific impulse. By using fuel with higher specific impulse, a spacecraft…
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    this kind of so-called "radiation shield" has ever been considered by us when we feel something strange in energy balance during LENR and some strange results of SEM/EDX on the ruptured copper pipe. just wait and see with more test results.