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  • Hi Arun.

    It's not too difficult to make the 'plug and play' electrode system. I have a version of it in my own plasma rig which I suspect is similar to yours. The electrodes here are on threaded rods -if they were bored internally they would also act as…
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    Last week I sourced and installed a new Inficon Capacitance Gauge. Other than sorting out a grounding issue, it works with the same DAQ interface as the Baratron it replaced. Leakage is much improved at about 0.5 Pa/hr or 12 Pa/day, into just 30 cc. This…
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    A new EU-funded LENR research project will start on August 1 (i.e. tomorrow). The project title is "Clean Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems" (CleanHME)
    The project will run for 4 years, and many pioneering European LENR researchers participate in it.
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    Liked Alan Smith’s post in the thread Plasma Fun.
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    In my home lab I have been - intermittently - playing with a plasma system. This has a hefty 15kV Neon transformer delivering AC power (at the moment) driven by an auto-transformer that can push this up to 20+kV if required. The vacuum equipment is not…