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    Your proclamations belie a sycophant who wants to gain favor from those who you imagine holds LENR in contempt even if not in fact but in you own deranged imagination though you have no idea what LENR is. You have no time to understand LENR, you only…
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    Yes, well Steorn was tested by "seven universities" and "it worked every time" and Rossi's non-existent thermoelectric device was tested at the Univ of NH except that nobody there ever wrote about it that can be found and of course, not to…
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    as promised I am sharing at least some data from the sample from which I have posted SEM photos.
    At the moment I can share just EDX from the single area - from area of the photo T3/T4.
    This is good example of how reaction is happening relatively…
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    That is ridiculous. You have gotten a lot of positive attention on LF. You have many of your own dedicated threads starting from 1 1/2 years ago. The vast majority of the comments were supportive, informative, and interactive. I…