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    I have to agree. Very astute observations by Mike. His 1,2,3 seems to be exactly how you three in Essex are going about it. As to #3, I am starting to wonder if the old saying about "too many chefs in the kitchen", applies also to Open Science? I…
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    Liked mmckubre’s post in the thread Atom-Ecology.
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    (Quote from Shane D.)

    This is an important point and not specifically to guard against scam. A problem with solo researchers is the absence of orthogonal perspective. In a group of even two your assumptions and intuition-reinforcement is challenged…
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    Liked JedRothwell’s post in the thread Atom-Ecology.
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    (Quote from Alan Smith)

    That's ungracious. He is just expressing an opinion. I agree. I wouldn't go either, at this stage.

    (Quote from Alan Smith)

    If you are inviting people, you need to write an organized, convincing presentation for them. You cannot…