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    I've made a number of purchases now and always been very good service. I've been able to build a dogbone type reactor for around $60. I had issues getting ceramic tubes for reasonable price from China, a lot of suppliers have a minimum order amount and it was out of my budget. I was able to get what i wanted from you guys as well as advice for free to get up and running. Thanks for allowing that to happen.

    Very soon i will be trying out the Nickel Hydrogenated powder i just received from you. I hope others will benefit and make use of your services, best of luck!

    Congratulation! The white light indicates that the interior of the bubbles have reached solar temperature. At this temperature there must be some level of hydrogen fusion. It would be interesting to look at the electrode surface with SEM at intervals leading to the 1 hour initiation.

    Good warning to heed about the hazards related to ingesting thorium. Cerium salt in the welding electrodes was introduced because of much lower radioactivity. The spark ignition welders don't need ionizing radiation from the electrode to help initiate striking the arc.

    Thanks ogfusionist, i was not sure if any fusion was taking place other than it looked the same as i have seen in other videos. It raised the heirs on the back of my neck. I don't have a SEM (i wish i did) . I have only a 40x microscope :(

    Heed taken, about thorium. I wear gloves and use a fan but forgot to check that.

    Thanks Longhorn for your interest, suggestions and advice. I now know i can do the same thing in under 10 minutes from cold by increasing the power faster. I only have a 3A power supply and before was raising the power too slowly. I now lower the anode as the water warms up and the Amps fall i can then turn up the voltage. When the reaction happens it draws less than 400mA. One issue now is i can only do short runs due to the heat. I'm working on a monitor with some friends to log DC voltage and AC voltage as well as temperature inside the vessel and outside. We are limited in funds so have to use what we have or can get cheap so it's a slow process. Safety is also a concern. I use a fan at all times but no geiger counter yet just to make sure, that would put my mind at rest.

    I weighed the water before but not afterwards that time, i forgot in the excitement. I was surprised it worked and to see the Amps drop as reported by so many already was just a delight. The 2nd time I lost 1.2 gm of water. I'm now using stainless steel as the cathode and also replacing the thoriated tungsten with Nitinol. I plan to do more controlled experiments outside once i get the chance and will do a better video. So many more things to try as well as your suggestions. I will be posting short vids of those on youtube then post it here if it's anything new.

    It is my first LENR experiment. I'm using NaOH solution with Tig Welding Tungsten Electrodes Red (Thoriated Tungstens). Reaction happens at over 200v DC after 1 hour. In my 2nd experiment the cathode was spilt in to two and now waiting for new electrodes plus logging and tracking sensors to provide better data. I;m new to this and any advice or data parameters i should be logging please let me know.