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In 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down, and Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons took a sledgehammer to Nuclear Physics. It remains to be seen which of these two events will have the greatest impact on the world, but science outlives even the fall of Empires. After 34 years the cold fusion story - now re-named the LENR story - is still a hot topic.
Despite thousands of positive experiments conducted by skilled scientists in the USA, Japan, China, Russia, Italy, France and more LENR is still controversial and the mainstream is in denial. Journalists - even those working for top newspapers - are afraid to write about it for fear of angering their boss.
If you want to learn about LENR, ask questions and join polite and informed plain-language discussions into how it can change what you know about science you have come to the right place.

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In LENR-forum you can read and learn about simple experiments - and some complicated ones - that demonstrate new ways of creating heat and electricity from readily available materials, that are zero-CO2 and can produce thousands of times more energy than chemistry ever could. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions aka LENR are a natural phenomenon as old as the universe, but we are only just beginning to understand their elegance, power, and promise.
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Comic Books

Discover Cold Fusion

By Ruby Carat and Matt Howarth

Based on true events, Discover Cold Fusion has text assembled by Ruby Carat and art by Matt Howarth. Research chemists and cold fusion scientists Michael McKubre and Melvin Miles consulted on historical and scientific elements.

FUNTIME with Atomic Energy Science

By Ruby Carat and Matt Howarth

Learn about Energy and Atomic Science using a puzzle and coloring book

Members Quotes

Cold fusion needs to be studied like a chemical process, using intuition and logic, not QM and mathematical description. But getting physicists to agree has proven to be impossible. We are not at the level where "proof" is possible. We have to be guided by common sense and logical relationships. We also have to be willing to change our minds as new behaviours are observed.
Ed Storms
Everybody doing research in the field of LENR is looking for a reliable theoretical model… LENR's biggest critics continue to neglect the existence of this kind of reactions by stating that there is no theoretical model which explains LENR.
Guido Parchi
A power company generator costs about $1400 per kilowatt. It is optimized for efficiency. An automobile engine costs $10 per kilowatt. It is optimized for low cost. Cold fusion engines will be optimized for low cost, because there is no point to making them efficient. So they will be roughly 140 times cheaper to manufacture. They will be cheaper to operate than an automobile engine because the fuel cost is zero.
Jed Rothwell

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Would you like to know more about LENR, aka 'cold fusion'? This is the real scientific discovery that won't go away.

One-third of a century of research by scientists in over a dozen countries has shown that LENR is both an exciting new science and a potentially important source of clean energy that can provide uniquely zero-carbon zero waste power to the poorest and the richest people in the world, it is the future of distributed energy.
To know more, LENR-Forum working with the ISCMNS can find expert speakers on this topic for your conference, anywhere in the world, simply click here to contact us.

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