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David Nygren Sweden, Umea

Founder of LENR Forum and long-term LENR enthusiast.

In 2010 I came into contact with a fantastic gentleman named Peter Gluck. He explained to me that the LENR field needs a place for collaboration and conversation. The following year I founded the LENR forum.

The purpose of the LENR forum is to promote open science and collaborations for researchers and experts who have dived deep into materials science, electrochemistry, nanotechnology and plasma physics.

The goal is to increase legitimacy by replicating and validating the LENR technology and seeing a commercial device face the market.

Over the years, I have worked with business development in banking, insurance and e-commerce. Since 2016, I spend my time developing commercial properties.

My vision is that Innovative energy technology like LENR is the key to many of our biggest challenges such as climate, recycling and hunger. When the breakout is here, the market will call it a black swan.

To contact David, email david at or complete this form.

Alan Smith United Kingdom, London

Not so much a career as 'technical gun for hire'.

I started out as a bacteriology technician, moved on to human tissue culture, got involved in the UK nuclear fuel programme, worked on paints, sealants and adhesives as a polymer chemist and also as a precision engineer/product developer and cabinetmaker/designer. Sometime in the middle of that I worked as a University lecturer and factory manager, often all at the same time.

Almost 20 years ago I returned to science, my first love, and since then have collaborated with some of the more famous and also notorious scientists and engineers (hard to tell the difference) working on the places where the known meets the unknown.

Shane D. United States, Florida

BS Marine Zoology, 7 years as a US Navy/US Coast Guard pilot, retired from 29 year career as an airline pilot with TWA/AA.

Like almost everyone, I first took an interest in LENR with the FP's announcement. The story (and my enthusiasm) went cold shortly afterwards, but my interest returned when Rossi burst upon the scene. That is when my addiction started, and eventually lead me to this wonderful position at LF.

Diadon Acs United States, Pacific Northwest

Avid open source experimentalist in LENR and alternative energy technologies. Learned about Flieschmann & Pons in 2012 after exploring alternative energy systems and finding many that where “bad science” or scams.

Made the decision that there is no better way to get to the truth than to ask nature with experimentations.

Primary line of research and development is Electrolytic Hydrogen Plasma Reactors under the guidance of Taakaki Matsumoto.

Ruby Carat United States, California

Musician who managed to get a BA in Physics and MA in Math. After teaching basic skills math, she now works as an artist creating educational materials about nuclear science.

She is the author of Discover Cold Fusion, a comic book illustrated by Matt Howarth, describing the early controversy of cold fusion. Also with Matt Howarth, she produced the FUNTIME with Atomic Energy Science coloring and puzzle book to put nuclear power as the best alternative energy choice.

She has documented LENR with video interviews of top scientists in the field on the ColdFusionNow Youtube channel and is currently working on a historical documentary about the first years of cold fusion at Cold Fusion Now.

Curbina South America, Northern Chile

The 1989's announcement from Fleischmann and Pons captured the imagination of people all around the world, including me, a 15 years old Chilean that went on later to be an Agronomic Engineer and chose to live and work in the driest desert of the world in Northern Chile.

Never loosing sight of the development, and ensuing controversy about "cold fusion", later in life, knowing how important this technology could become for the world's fate, I decided to get involved in the promotion and study of the science of LENR, and also in its research.

There's nothing as exciting as seeing you can transmute elements with a desktop ultrasonic system, and as frustrating as knowing that very few people will deem it of any value, because all what "we know" says "its impossible".

AlainCo Villejuif, France

LENR Forum primal stone, tech-watcher and long-term LENR enthusiast.

Rends Germany

LENR Forum primal stone, tech-watcher and long-term LENR enthusiast.
UA/RU Specialist & MOD

Max Nozin Canada, Ottawa

LENR Forum primal stone, researcher and committed in all areas of the field.

Pete Darling United Kingdom, London

I vividly remember the excitement when Fleischmann and Pons made their announcement. Sadly, I was too young to fully understand why it was significant, and then it faded away. It wasn't until 2015 that I discovered LENR from Diadon Acs via an open science group, and I've been hooked ever since.

For the past 20 years or so, I've worked as a web software engineer and cloud infrastructure architect, building apps and web-based systems. I've mostly focused on e-commerce systems and AI for the past four years.

I volunteered to help the forum team maintain the forum software, apply updates, and make improvements for the forum members.

If you run into any technical issues while using the forum or unsure how to do something, create a new thread in the help forum.
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