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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following post has been submitted by Steve H Compliments to Wikipedia, Engineer48 and Mats Lewan – for the following contents and bringing it to our attention. Frank – I thought you may like to post this as a separate item as it appears to explain the under-lying theory behind AR’s QuarkX and it’s production […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following is a comment made by Chapman on the previous thread. As I said back in MAY! ——————— Chapman May 4, 2016 at 7:16 PM Dear Mr. Rossi, Folks seem to be having a hard time visualizing what is actually happening in an E-Cat. Please allow me to put forth this visual model in […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']While we don’t have very much detail on the issues involved, Andrea Rossi has been reporting on the Journal of Nuclear Physics on some problems that have come up in testing the QuarkX reactor (the latest and smallest version of the E-Cat so far) There are two specific events he has referred to recently. The […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']There’s a new video by Alan Smith on the website in which he gives a demonstration of how thermite behaves under various conditions, and whether it might be used to ‘fake’ a LENR reaction. Some people have suspected that heat events that some researchers have reported may not really be LENR reactions, but simply […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The header article for :- Industrial Heat Amends Answer to Rossi’s Complaint on Aug 11th (Update #2 — Rossi: “The Heat Was Used, Not Vented Away”) quotes IH’s amended answer :- ‘82. … Murray also recognized that the building in which the Plant was located had no method to ventilate the heat that would be […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following post has been submitted by Engineer48 Guys, OK time to come clean Don’t really know why but until today I had never read Mat’s book. More fool I. Can tell you there are pure GOLD nuggets in that book, so much so that I have decided to toss my hat into the ring. […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']There are a couple of new posts from Engineer48 that provide a new way of looking at possible COP from the Doral E-Cat Plant that I thought were worthy of a new post. To further show the COP = 1 claim is not correct, we can see the 24 computer controlled pumps that are set […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']I asked Rossi about a topic he had brought up some weeks ago, to find out what his current thinking/plans were for district heating: Frank Acland August 17, 2016 at 1:36 PM Dear Andrea, A few weeks ago you said you thought the first commercial application for the industrial E-Cat plants would be in the […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Thanks to Ged for pointing out the following entry in the Rossi vs. Leonardo court docket about a new attorney representing Leonardo Corporation: NOTICE of Attorney Appearance by Brian W. Chaiken on behalf of Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi. Attorney Brian W. Chaiken added to party Leonardo Corporation. Mr. Chaiken is a partner at the Florida […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']An article in the Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Prichards looks at the current state of energy storage technologies and predicts that the next energy revolution is only 5-10 years away. He reports about how the US Department of Energy funding 75 different energy storage technologies. Article is here:…battery-technology-smash/ From the article: There are plans for […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Here’s an interesting and unusual Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics. jackie August 15, 2016 at 4:49 AM Dear Mr. Rossi, would you be kind enough to state the words below for us people of a spiritual nature. I have great faith in good beliefs and it would be comforting if you would take […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Here are a couple of exchanges from the Journal of Nuclear Physics that give us something of Rossi’s case in regard to the E-Cat customer’s use of the heat from the 1MW plant during the one year test. Q: When you say that the Customer “used the heat” does this mean that the manufacturing process […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Here are a couple of exchanges from the Journal of Nuclear Physics that give us something of Rossi’s case in regard to the E-Cat customer’s use of the heat from the 1MW plant during the one year test. Q: When you say that the Customer “used the heat” does this mean that the manufacturing process […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Thanks to Chapman for noticing that there are amended complaints and counterclaims in the court docket with new documents submitted yesterday, August 11 2016. I have not downloaded or seen the files so far. But the list of documents can be seen here:…ossi_et_al_v_Darden_et_al[/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Andrea Rossi responded to a suggestion on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Gerard McEk that Rossi do a black box test of an E-Cat plant with a well known testing company to shoe convincing proof that the E-Cat is real, and open up the large scale commercial market. Rossi responded: Andrea Rossi August 12, […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Some people have asked for this, so I though it might be interesting to put a poll out regarding readers’ current thoughts on the E-Cat as a commercially viable technology. For myself, the whole reason for following this story along its many twists and turns is because if real, the E-Cat would represent a very […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting a link to a Patent application published on the USPTO website filed by Airbus for “Energy Generating Apparatus and Energy Generating Method and Control Assembly and Reaction Vessel Therefore”. It looks like this is the US version of a European patent that was pubished in 2013 — see here. […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Thanks to Peter Gluck on his latest comment on the Ego Out site for pointing out an article by British researcher Richard Wayte that I hadn’t yet see, but is an interesting contribution to the body of LENR research. The article is titled “A Technique for Making Nuclear Fusion in Solids”. The author has done […][/feedquote]

    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills Andrea Rossi has previously stated on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, that the customer utilizing the heat provided by his 1MW plant during the year long test was affiliated with a company based in the UK with factories across Europe. This was verified by […][/feedquote]