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    I don't want to defend him at all costs but you're making assumptions. I'd like as anyone else to read a serious book about the Petroldragon story, I mean something based on documents&facts and not headlines&suppositions.


    However, it still remains that he claimed to have a great system that would produce oil from waste but he did not deliver on the promise

    How do you know? I don't have facts-based info regarding this.


    There does not seem to be any proof that he made a single drop of oil

    Again, did you read the trial files? I didn't and I don't know.


    He took the money but the factory is left rotting. If he had what he claimed why not make it work?

    It seems he lost everything with the trials and bankruptcy, he left Italy broke and with no one daring to touch him with a 10 meter pole.


    Then there are his claims of the super efficient thermoelectric device. He claimed them 20% efficient but when tested by third parties 19 gave no electrical signal at all and the other 8 only produced around 1 W of the claimed 800-1000W

    If I remember correctly the claim was that single manually crafted device worked but that it wasn't possible to scale production, making them too expensive. Also I note that they continued to work with him, and the Ampenergo guy have continued praising him.

    I'm not trying to defend Rossi, I'm extremely tired of the always evading conclusion but I want facts while I see only a fragmented puzzle with a lot of missing pieces.

    Google Streetview (45°44'54.23"N, 9°25'59.98"E) or this foto documentary…oldragon-airuno/#lightbox[group]/21/
    may give an impression about what the "Sheik of Brianza" left behind and is still visible after 30 years.

    It must be noted that the link too says that in the end Rossi had been fully acquitted in 3 different trials from all the environmental crime charges. So it's hard to tell what actually happened until someone digs into the official records (unlike relying on the news headlines at the time of his arrest)

    This steamy (forgive the pun) discussion seems getting nowhere. I have some questions for mr. Weaver that maybe he has already answered but have since get lost in the confusion. Or maybe he can't answer yet, because of the lawsuit. Anyway this is just a small part of the list of questions that any reasonable person would like to see answered in due course.

    1) Did IH engineers built the components for the Lugano tests and for the 1MW plant? Were they shipped and/or installed without testing?
    2) Why did IH filled a patent for a device with a cop of 11, with Rossi as co-inventor, if the previous work had never been substantiated?
    3) Why was it an international patent? Isn’t that beyond its license area?
    4) Mr. Weaver has strongly hinted that Rossi tampered with various measurements but it’s not clear what role Fabio Penon had in such scenario. According to IH was Penon
    in cahoots with Rossi? Or was he deceived by Rossi? Or was he just negligent or incompetent? Or he actually uncovered Rossi’s action and advised IH of it?
    5) Mr. Weaver has strongly hinted that IH found something wrong with the customer. Was the customer's real identity kept secret or revealed to IH at the time the agreement was signed? Had IH reservations about the customer from the beginning? Or did IH became suspicious at a later time?
    6) Mr. Weaver wrote that Rossi prevented IH engineers from accessing the plant and offered no collaboration, etc… does this include Barry West and Fulvio Fabiani that, according to the agreement, should have been IH eyes on the site?
    7) Who is Barry West and does IH trust him?
    8 ) Why did IH agreed to pay Fulvio Fabiani as an IH observer, though he had been Rossi’s employee until then? Does IH trust him?
    9) Did people from Woodford visit the 1MW plant? If so, did IH explain the validation issues encountered?