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    Back in March I predicted that Rossi would not release the ERV report, but I did not know how he could refuse.

    Much to his credit, he filed a law suit to give him several more years mischief.

    He has attracted a loyal following of hopefuls who ignore every clue to Rossi's criminal behavior.

    Rossi has never allowed a test that he did not control. He will not do it now. Repeating my prediction: Penon will not be deposed. He will not attend any deposition hearings.

    Rossi will have a 'bag of excuses'. My favorite excuse is: The PTB secretly ruined everything.

    People are assumming this LENR is a nuclear system.. There is just about as much data to support this as UFOs.

    I think LENR is real, but probably a Mills-like reaction. The 1995 Thermacore report was the hgih water mark until Rossi showed up.
    I think Rossi is nt real.

    Everyone is giving Rossi the enefit of the doubt. He has done nothing to deserve this trust.
    I think the simplest solution for explaining the poor performance by the Swedes and Levi is that the were unduly influenced by Rossi. He may have mastered hypnotic techniques and selected only those who seemed 'most suggestible'.

    Levi was either duped or is a co-conspirator. I believe in the former.

    I have just posted a thread on the psychology of Andrea Rossi and others.

    Occam's Razor suggests that the simplest solution is most often right. That may be applied to both Rossi and Randall Mills.

    They are both charismatic and very persuasive. They select their followers after in dpth meetings where the unwitting are hypnotized.. Those that cannot be hypnotized are de=selected from demonstrations and testing. for example' Levi's rediculous performance at Lugano is best explained by this form of undue influence.

    Mills generally subjects potential investors to lengthy presentations. Donald Trump freely admits that he uses these techniques to make sales. Forbes magazine has an article how he is using these subliminal tactics to garner support for his election.

    I submit that this psychological expanation is a simple account of how the Lugano professors performed in such an inept manner in 2014.

    I am sure they have been embarassed and wonder how they had authored such a magnificently awful Luganp reprt.

    Mary Yugo's comments are not without merit. He may be right; I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic your looking for.

    We measured Battery voltage continuously for a week while the power supply developed an excess 30 watts with a 100 watt loss in the system components. Arthur had the unit running for nearly 2 years when I showed up.

    I was the first one to make rigorous measurements that seemed to confirm an energy gain. There are many ways to dispute that measurement, but the HOBO thermistor measurements were revolutionary. Four thermistors were mounted around the trunk with one of them mounted on top of the ferrite billet.

    To our great surprise that thermistor ran 5-7 degrees COLDER than ambient for the entire week.I do not understand any of the thermodynamic mechanisms, but heat must have been flowing in an unaccustomed manner.

    I expected that I would have many years to learn the approach needed to optimize this heat flow. Arthur contacted me on September 23, 2015 and told me he was turning it over to me and my band oftechnologists. He had a major Aneuryzm on September 25, 2015 and never recovered.

    I have his equipment and I am seeking help from LENR folks to figure it out.

    I recommend reading Norman Ramsey's 1956 physical Review article on Negative ABSOLUTE TEMPERATURES
    I met Norman and discussed this work in 1995

    I began a replication of Arata in early 2009 under sponsorship of EPRI. I completed that work with a report dated August 2012. It was a collaborative effort among 6-8 LENR experts.

    We found excess energy in 14 consecutive experiments, but the power output was only on the order of 100-200 milliwatts. This result was real, but it was dwarfed by Rossi's claims. At that time Rossi had failed in over ten consecutive experiments to demonstrate his claims.

    The Lugano effort was the Mount Everest of bad Science. I and others demanded that the Lugano test not use optical pyrometry. Levi and his noble band did us one better by refusing to use thermocouples to corroborate their own data.

    I had abandoned all hope of the Rossi claims when Parkhomov announced his replication of Lugano. I dropped everything and began my own replication since I had all the equipment set up from the EPRI experience.

    I found no excess energy in 7 consecutive experiments. Then I learned that Parkhomov had trouble replicating his own claims. This followed with a Chinese claim, but that too was withdrawn.

    At the end of my EPRI study I discussed adding high voltage pulses through the nanopowders to enhance energy output. I burned out the power supply and I was introduced to Arthur Manelas (Pelham NH) to fix the supply as he was an expert on high voltage pulsed power. He showed me a device that seemingly violated the First Law of Thermodynamics. He had an electric car powering itself with a supply based on Tesla and Floyd Sweet.

    I and two other talented engineers set out to make independent measurements of the performance. We found a large ferrite billet (1" x 4" x 6") weighing one kilogram. The billet was highly insulating. It was also ferromagnetic with unusual field characteristics.

    The billet was wound around each of its 3 axises with about 150 feet of magnet wire. High voltage pulses were sent in through two windings and power was extracted from the third winding to charge the battery pack of the car. We found an excess electrical power out put of 60 watts for the 6 days of the test. During this period the billet ran 5 degrees C below ambient.

    This is the first report of any transformer showing a Negative Hysterisis. This has caused us tobelieve that LENR has magnetism at it core.

    Arthur Manelas took the device apart to rebuild two new ones.In the interim he suffered a stroke and died without leaving a circuit diagram or notes on the operation. I remain baffled by the operation in 2011-2012 period and believe that the excess comes from a new magnetic interaction

    Here is a theory I would like to share in light of Parkhomov andQuantum Rabbit's transmutation claims.

    John Wallace's model has the potential for explaining a great deal of LENR. I am not certain that I understand it. I think he has the deuteron as a superposition of high energy quark wave functions . With 2 nucleons (PROTON + NEUTRON) each having 3 quarks. They can 'switch' into three particles with 2 quarks each (pions).

    During this crossover condition the charge 'winks out' and we have a neutral entity for a short period. During this time there is no Coulomb Repulsion and the nucleus may penetrate into other nuclei. Since this is a low energy entrance, it may restrict the release of high energy radiation.

    John treats the concept of charge as a complex entity with imaginary components. This generalization expands what can be expected from charge.

    What causes this 'winking' to happen when it does not happen under most circumstances?

    John maintains that vacancies can agglomerate into microvoids. These microvoids can collapse and excite electrons to moderately high energy. This in turn, induces large magnetic fields locally which can influence the pion behavior. Similarly, the arcing currents through molten lithium may explain the QR transmutations.

    The defect model with microvoids suggests that highly defective materials will show the most activity. People have intentionally induced defects and found more excess energy. Unfortunately, as the output increases the temperature increases and the defect anneal away shutting down the reactivity.

    That is why John favor liquid metal lattices where the defect density increases with increasing temperature. This has increased my curiosity with regard to liquid lithium in the Parkhomov and Rossi experiments. That also increases my curiosity with regard to the Quantum Rabbit claims of transmutation with liquid lithium and highly localized arcing currents.

    Three researchers are working in Acton MA Jeff Driscoll, Andrew Anselmo and Brian Ahern sealed two alumina tubes with Ni-255,

    Both tubes contained 1.0 grams of Ni-255. The second tube also had 0.1 grams of NaAlH2. This compound liquefies at a lower temperature than LiAlH4.

    The tubes are mounted side by side in a tube furnace with a 30mm ID. Thermocouples (K) mounted on the outside will give continuous reading similar to a DTA system. We will be able to detect phase changes by differentiating the TC output.

    We hope to run on Sunday.

    If we see something interesting, we will load a third tube with 0.1 grams of LiAlD4. That could result in a BANG!

    The internal volume will be on th eorder of 2ml.

    I will use an uncontrolled variac 120 V AC

    I am mounting the alumina tube inside a quartz tube and melting it closed with an acetylene torch. It will be hermetic, but capable of a large explosion.. I will do it inside an armored steel box of 1meter3 dimensions.

    I think Magentism is important, but it is unrelated to using the quartz tube.

    I do not understand the role of magnetism herein.

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