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    I predict the demo will be on Thursday, November 23, 2 pm CST and broadcast for 1/2 hour. Oceanside, Miami Beach, FL. An E-CAT-X roasted Turkey and dressing and all the fixinz included.

    I thought MFMP & Co were going to begin experiments with me356s' black box LENR device today. Am I early, late or mistaken?



    Don't think I'd call SKINR'S efforts a replication attempt. What is their effort an attempt to do?

    definition of
    verb: replicate; 3rd person present: replicates; past tense: replicated; past participle: replicated; gerund or present participle: replicating
    make an exact copy of; reproduce.
    "it might be impractical to replicate eastern culture in the west"
    synonyms:copy, reproduce, duplicate, recreate, repeat,

    via google translate...

    week, the public has become aware of a major breakthrough in the
    low-energy nuclear energy (LENR), a technology that has the potential to
    provide cheap energy without limits 24/7. Fuel (hydrogen) is essentially inexhaustible and can provide thermal or electrical energy to the public. There is no pollution and unlike traditional nuclear power, there is
    no radioactive waste, no concerns about weapons proliferation.

    Originally called "cold fusion", this type of energy was at the headlines in the 1980s, but failed to keep its promise. However,
    last week on Capitol Hill (USA), it was announced that during the past
    25 years, scientists have developed various new technologies such as
    Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR), the Q-Pulse which now makes the actual LENR.

    the public has learned now is that the Brillouin Energy Company based
    in California has actually developed a working prototype that was
    successfully tested at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute
    (SRI). In
    fact, Dr. Michael McKubre, director of SRI's Energy Research Center,
    was available at the announcement at the US Capitol with a report on the
    test results. As
    he stated, "it is very clear that something on the order of four times
    and potentially more power gain (and therefore the end of the energy
    account) was made an impressive operating temperature and industrially significant of approximately 640 ° C. To my knowledge, this has never been done before in the LENR field. " Interestingly, Dr. Banning Garrett, a retired Strategic Foresight
    Senior Fellow (senior Officer of Strategic Foresight?) At the Atlantic
    Council, was also available with an impressive report detailing the
    current status of LENR field and credibility of statements Brillouin.

    LENR breakthrough in the US is a change trigger, not just for America
    in terms of cheap energy for American consumers, but also for national
    security. Here,
    America is fortunate to lead internationally American ingenuity, not
    only reduce, but never eliminate totally and the need to rely on foreign
    sources of energy. Even
    when the US purchase of energy to the alleged friendly Arab countries, a
    percentage almost always ends up funding terrorism to some degree. LENR made America has the capacity to deprive terrorists once and for all to the ability to finance terrorism with energy. The LENR made in America has the capacity to deprive terrorists once
    and for all to the ability to finance terrorism with energy.

    Interestingly, America's allies are taking note. Japan, for example, has set its own funds to the Cold Fusion / LENR. And it has not gone unnoticed internationally as Bill Gates now has a real interest in LENR.

    Conservatives actually love the LENR because of strong implications for
    the national security of America, while the Liberals should love his
    clean energy aspects. This can be one of those rare cases in American politics today where
    the two sides can work together to do what is right for America.

    So where is the Ministry of Energy of the USA? The military has a name for it - Absent without leave (AWOL). It
    is time now for the DoE to get involved with the LENR, do the tests
    necessary, and evaluate and validate the recent breakthrough observed by
    the IRS and others. The Ministry of Defence should also be involved to exploit this technology for the needs of national security of America. And
    strongly recommend to contact your member of Congress to ensure that
    the DoE and DoD evolve trigger this change of technology "Made in


    My speculation is that given the amount of Mn in the fuel, Parkhomov tried to increaslattice.e the amount of lithium by including material from the core of a Lithium Ion battery.

    The Russian are very resourceful.


    I'm just wondering at what point Li came into the materials/fuel mix and how others were able to get >1 COP without it or littlte Li . I thought that when Rossi teamed up with Siemens breifly, they , supposedly introduced Rossi to LiAlOH4 as a means to introduce H into the reaction chamber and do away with the H2 gas bottle. Everyone was commenting that LiAlOH4 melts at ~250C and releases H to be absorbed into the Ni lattice. Not much mentioned about Li at that time, or I completely missed it. ?( :huh: :sleeping:

    That might be because there was LiAlH4 in there... Perhaps? ;)

    IiRC three or four years ago in one of the early demonstrations, there was a bottle of H2 gas attached to the reactor. No mention of LI or LiAlH4. At that time the Li component could have been thought to be the catalyst instead of a reactant and thus the 'secret catalyst'. (if they were still trying to understand what was really happening.?? ) ?( maybe?

    By the way, Rossi commented few minutes ago, that pure Ni-H fuel never produced excess heat in his case. This mean that Lithium will help a lot, especially pure lithium.

    It makes me wonder how Parkamov and those Chinese folks replicated so robustly without pure lithium in their feul mixture.

    Dear all,

    send messages to nuclear physicists at universities in your home country and tell them about the report of Songsheng Jiang and ask them what they think about it.

    This is the first time we really have the chance to raise awareness

    We haven't even had 1 successful Parkomov replication, yet. Not eveen an attempt (including MFMP) at exact replication AFAIK. Everybody seems to want to try this, or that. Maybe that'll work. Don't recall if Parkamov has replicated his own work. I agree with Dr. Mikes assessment on how LENR proof could be achieved.