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  • Steven Strogatz and Arthur Winfree have done significant mathematical work on Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in 3 dimensional fields. Describing spheromaks as toroidal plasmoids is probably a good first approximation, but it is likely that the dynamics of…
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    Regards and thanks for the thoughts. I am interested in the external POV, not internal. Obviously the spaceman would notice no change re. Einstein. Regardless of how "flat" it would be a non zero thickness at Black Hole advent. From an OUTSIDE observer,…
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    I have an off topic thought (question?) for anyone one this forum better versed in gravity maths. A black hole results from the collapse of a star to the point that the concentration of matter creates a gravitational field so strong that "light cannot…
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    Seems to me that BG should be marketing Hollywood blockbusters. While the argument that public funding means marketing has some merit, there is a tradeoff between sensationalism and broken promises which, in this case, is an unfortunate fact of Bob's …
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    Replied to the thread Negative Energy Generator.
    Franco, could you give just a faint insight into what your various devices do?

    Thank you