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    Replied to the thread New USPTO Patent Applications.
    New USPTO Patent Application - 20190019592 - Jan 17, 2019

    Method of Producing Energy from Condensed Hydrogen Clusters

    Abstract: A method of producing energy from condensed hydrogen clusters created from the desorption of hydrogen atoms from a…
  • Lou Pagnucco

    Replied to the thread Alfven eigenmodes .. plasmas...
    A new, possibly relevant item, explaining how magnetically driven, collapsing toroidal whirlpools generate the extreme heat in the sun's corona --

    New Findings Reveal the Behavior of Turbulence in the Exceptionally Hot Solar Corona

  • Lou Pagnucco

    Another USPTO patent application from Industrial Heat.

    United States Patent Application 20180374587 Dec-27-2018

    Methods and Apparatus for Triggering Exothermic Reactions

    ABSTRACT: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for triggering and…
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    Replied to the thread Alfven eigenmodes .. plasmas...
    A couple of items, perhaps related and possibly of interest --

    "Tangled magnetic fields power cosmic particle accelerators"

    "Particle acceleration by ion-acoustic solitons in plasma"
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    A speculative afterthought - The above results seem to resemble those in the following preprints.

    "X-ray and neutron emissions by shock waves"


    "Acoustically driven x-ray emission and matter collapse in lead"
  • Lou Pagnucco

    Refs[21-26] of the paper describe the experimental procedure.
    I assume that a magnetic rail gun would provide the cleanest result.
    For anyone interested, here are a couple of more references by the authors --

    "The Collective Radioactive Decay of Atomic…
  • The following paper describes relatively low velocity impacts of iron projectiles on bismuth targets that result in the transmutation 209Bi --> 198Pt +11B and the isotopic change 209Bi --> 198Bi + 11 neutrons ---

    "Physics of the transmutation of…