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    THHuxleynew ,
    The PCE photo came with 2 others, all of which I had not seen before, and definitely match the December Test, right down to the gloves next to the metal case and a red probe or pen in the same place on the table. The watch is in the same…
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    As always, thanks for your terrier-like pursuit of technical data. I was not aware of that image: you are right, it is revealing.

    In the interests of accuracy I'm going to disagree with part of what you say, though not the overall…
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    (Quote from JedRothwell)

    I tripped over this while walking down memory lane. Note the date on the watch, showing that it is during the second day of the December Test, 2011. The display shows the ecat slurping back 1.82 kWh when it is supposedly using…