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    That is an interesting question to explore whether there are any synergies between Hydrogen producing photo-electrodes and LENR.

    By the way: after slandering Martin Fleischman on camera in '89, Nathan Lewis went on to collect funding for exactly this type…
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    Replied to the thread Book reviewers wanted.
    Robert: yes, the papers which are on pages 76 - 128 of JCMNS vol 25 are important foundation of the book. Looking at these papers already gives you an idea about two chapters in the book.

    The mathematical complexity varies across chapters. It is of course…
  • (Quote from Zephir_AWT)

    It is a very good point that ultra-dense hydrogen can't have lower energy state than ground state hydrogen, otherwise it would become the new ground state.
    However: if a metastable state catalyzes nuclear reactions (e.g. fusion),…
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    Posted the thread Book reviewers wanted.
    I am looking for max 3 reviewers for the second edition of our book: "Maxwell-Dirac Theory and Occam’s Razor: Unified Field, Elementary Particles, and Nuclear Interactions".
    The theory part of the book answers those questions which you always wanted to…