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  • This thread has been completely derailed, and I am partially guilty for responding to off-topic posts. It is time to either straighten out the flow of discussion or simply close the thread (at least from my point of view).

    There is only one person here…
  • Z_Losonc Commented on the event CSER Symposium on Futurology Free online attendance.

    Thanks for the invitation, but this is not for me, and here is why. I was looking really hard for a clear explanation exactly what it is all about, because the event description is masterfully vague. Then these fragments explained everything:

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  • (Quote from bayak)

    Thank you Bayak, mathematics is certainly a valuable tool in Physics and engineering, as long as it remains only a tool, and not an aim in itself.

    The theory of Physics supposed to be built up based on observations and measurements, and…
  • (Quote from gerold.s)

    Thanks Gerold, I will take a look. I was not aware of the document, I have recently joined this forum.
  • (Quote from Z_Losonc)

    Hello Zoltan,

    Maybe you are aware of this paper published by Wyttenbach on LF
    a short while ago?
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  • (Quote from Alan Smith)

    Thanks Alan, I will check it out and see what he wrote about his aether concepts. Although, when I see DARPA, I tend to run in the opposite direction. No money is worth selling one's soul to the (d)evil...

    Also, as mentioned…
  • You might like the work of Mike McCulloch, an acquaintance of mine on 'Quantised Inertia' He has a $2M grant from Darpa to study emdrives, based on his aether-related theories about the importance of Unruh Radiation.

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  • (Quote from PhysicsForDummies)

    Thanks for the link, it certainly tickles the “interesting button”, and I hope the researchers involved will pursue the subject honestly, without a hidden agenda to force something that does not really work, or disprove…
  • (Quote from Cydonia)

    OK, no problem, if you like string theory then enjoy it. But don’t expect others to share your enthusiasm, especially not form me.

    The criteria of a theory being good is that first of all it must be practically useful, it must offer…
  • (Quote from Andras)

    I appreciate all efforts to improve physics and science in general, but new theories supposed to be well grounded in practicality. Most of them (like the string theory) are a lot more speculative than practically useful. I hope yours…
  • (Quote from Zephir_AWT)


    The key sentence form the abstract is:
    "Measurements didn’t confirm the existence of such a reactionless thrust."

    The papers you referred to are interesting, but none of them belong to the very simple realm of…
  • Z_Losonc Replied to the thread A Fundamental Contradiction at the Roots of Physics.

    The feeling and hope that a major breakthrough is just around the corner was hanging in the air for decades now, but it still didn't happen.

    The reason we feel optimistic is that there are people who are sincerely working on it, and because of the…
  • The slogan “Trust the Science!” has been hammered into people’s minds a lot lately, mainly in connection with the Covid and jabs. The propaganda implies that we must trust the mainstream narrative blindly like a religion, because the mainstream…