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    Simply to make a 5kVdc rated capacitor bank (this enabled a wider spark gap, that does not have to be tweaked so delicately to achieve a stable, low discharge voltage).

    Yes! I also added series inductors deliberately to have more oscillations.…
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    The EV drivers I know, such as my daughter, do not do that. They drive normally. I drive a Prius, which is an EV during startup from 0 to 15 mph. It performs much better at low speeds than ICE only car. I could do jackrabbit starts, but I never would.…
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  • The faster tire wear is kind of obvious if one knows the much higher torque of hub electric motors, and how the EV drivers like to use that characteristic for high speed up.
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    What is the point of the C1 and C2 being in series? Why not use a single capacitor of value (C1 + C2) / 2? It would be equivalent.


    Those look like transmission-line reflections. It seems that your load isn't impedance-matched to the impedance of…