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    I had a look at the basics of this method to derive transition energies a couple of years back. Refer to the paper ‘LENR catalyst identification model’ on the Subtle Atomics website.
    In recent times I have become more concerned about the discontinuity…
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    This concentrator thermophotovoltaic SunCell® (cTPV-SunCell) comprises a plasma cell that injects hydrogen and catalyst, and two electromagnetic pumps serve as electrodes by injecting intersecting molten tin streams from
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  • Cherepanov2020 started this thread, so on this basis is entitled to express his ideas.
    However if the intention here is disinformation and disruption of good ongoing discussions and research, this is not appropriate, and may be more about geopolitics not…
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    Since 2016, I have become a student of Kanarev Philip Mikhailovich ... It was he who showed me the following - there is no separate science "chemistry" and there is no separate science "physics"! What is there? And there is the…
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