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  • Simon Brink Reacted with Like to Curbina’s post in the thread ARPA-E LENR Workshop Oct 21-22 2021.

    I noticed this last night:

    3:00 to 5:00 PMOne-on-one meetings10-minute one-on-one meetings with ARPA-E team
    (please contact [email protected]
    to request an appointment)

    I think this would be the best shot to get a chance of getting involved in the…
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  • Simon Brink Reacted with Like to axil’s post in the thread Simon Brink "Subtle Atomics" Discussion Thread.

    When any hydride including pure deuterium and protium or any metal is compressed by pressures in the order of millions of atmospheres within the depths of most celestial bodies, these materials will initiate and support the LENR reaction. This natural…
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  • I really like the name 'subtle atomics' because most of recent particle physics research appears to be anything but subtle-based on smashing particles together at every increasing energies. In one of our threads we've been discussing what the last 30…
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