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  • Arun Luthra

    Hydrogen flow through metals is exceedingly relevant to LENR.

    Is there a concise reference that lays out the fundamental equations and concepts (solubility, partial differential equation for diffusion in metal, etc.) and some engineering equations (I want…
  • Arun Luthra

    So actually there are all kinds of commerical gas feedthroughs that exist and my real problem is lack of knowledge and comfort with VCO, VCR, swagelok, etc. tube connections. I probably want to weld a tube to my anode that can be VCR-connected (or…
  • Arun Luthra

    So your method is somewhat plug and play because you only have to chip away/drill out the epoxy that is on the surface if you want to put a different electrode there.

    I think a more plug-and-play method might be an "airlock" type connection. For example,…
  • Hi Arun.

    It's not too difficult to make the 'plug and play' electrode system. I have a version of it in my own plasma rig which I suspect is similar to yours. The electrodes here are on threaded rods -if they were bored internally they would also act as…
  • Arun Luthra

    So, your metal electrodes are attached to metal threaded rods, and those are threaded directly into female threaded holes in the acrylic walls? It sounds like it would be leaky. Do you use teflon tape with it? Any special choice of threads per inch (or…
  • Hello,

    I'm working on a SAFIRE analog experiment. Components:
    - Large glass bell jar with steel baseplate and gasket. Evacuated with backing pump, and turbomolecular pump as needed.
    - There will be a gas tube to feed hydrogen to a hollow anode. Pressure: on…