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    I don't think that Rossi has ever gone beyond the testing and demo phases.

    I would not like to open yet another discussion on the reliability of Andrea Rossi, please.

    Just trying to figure out if there are any invest funds that care about innovations in this area.

    Dan Bad
    January 11, 2017 at 11:06 AM
    Andrea said:Information will be given during and after the demo and you said: may be is the right time to make some leak of picture.
    To make you wait, here is a photo of Andrea:
    ” Andrea in front of his working desk ”
    Happy New Year 2017 to everybody!
    Dan Bad

    Andrea Rossi
    January 11, 2017 at 3:14 PM
    Dan Bad:
    Bad of name and bad of fact: the photo has something strange… ( he,he,he ). By the way: who is the guy behind the schematic of the misterious gadget ?
    Warm Regards,

    January 12, 2017 at 2:22 PM
    Dear Dr Rossi,

    Congratulations on the design of the quarkX cell, the use of printed circuits on ceramic is very clever since the reactor is supposed to work around 1000 °C, for heat exchanges it’s perfect!

    I can not help thinking of a Peltier effect when I see the photo of the “cell”. (Cold side, hot side)

    I look forward to seeing the official presentation, is it still scheduled for the beginning of this year?



    Andrea Rossi
    January 12, 2017 at 3:11 PM
    The drawing in that “photo” is just a joke of the Reader! It is a paste of the original photo, in which I was showing the diploma of the US Patent, with a drawing of a presumptive QuarkX design that has been totally invented by the Reader, just to joke with us…look well, you will see that the drawing contains the character of a cartoon, he,he,he…
    Speaking seriously: yes, this year the official presentation should be done.
    Warm Regards,

    Sito bilingue
    English / Italian
    Dr. Fulvio Frisone, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania, and/or Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sez. Catania

    His objective is "to make a theory of condensed matter, especially on the low-energy phenomenon called Cold Fusion or LERN."

    Il suo obiettivo è quello "di fare una teoria della materia condensata, in particolare sul fenomeno a bassa energia chiamato Cold Fusion (Fusione fredda) o LERN"

    Angelo. If it helps, I would be very happy to edit (from a 'native english speaker' point of view) and in total confidence any english text you send me, so long is isn't a whole novel. <img src="" alt=":)" /> Your written english is almost perfect, but there are the…

    Thanks a lot Alan
    I know my english is very limited and I use automatic translation to help and verify in both direction what I write. But this takes too match time to long texts and the result isn't a in good english.
    But I want to underline I can give only a very little contribute to LENR's world.
    I'm only a "fan": not a physicist or a scientist, nor an experimenter.
    In any case, if I think to have some good idea I'll send you my text before to post it

    Let me humbly suggest non-Newtonian in the last line. I believe it will more precisely communicate your intended meaning.

    Thanks for suggestion, but isn't a summary I made: I've just copied the first lines of text from the page "about" on the english version of spazionica site.

    Sito bilingue in italiano ed in inglese

    Articoli recenti: REATTORE C0 LENR (Test Preliminari)
    Recent Posts: REACTOR C0 LENR (Preliminary Tests)

    Siamo un gruppo di tecnici e ricercatori professionisti che da 25 anni dedica parte del tempo e investe proprie risorse nelle scienze di frontiera sia a livello sperimentale che a livello teorico.

    La nostra missione :

    Unificazione delle Scienze
    Individuazione nuove fonti di energia a basso costo : Fusione Fredda (LENR), conversione diretta materia in energia elettrica
    Sistemi di Propulsione Spaziale non Newtoniani


    We are a group of researchers and technical professionals who, for over 25 years, dedicating part of the time and invests its resources in frontier science both experimentally and theoretically.

    Our mission:

    Unification of Sciences
    Finding new sources of cheap energy: Cold Fusion (LENR), direct conversion material into electricity
    Non-Newtonian Space Propulsion Systems

    from: [url][/url]

    georgehants • 7 hours ago
    Morning to Bob Greenyer if watching.Bob do you have any update to your hoped for 100% demonstration, sorry to bother you but your announcement has me excited and waiting hopefully.

    Bob Greenyer • an hour ago (~16:10 PM 23, 2016 4:38 PM UTC +2)
    will speak about it during ICCF20.It needs cooperation of a party and for their claims to be true. But it will be 100% conclusive that LENR is real if these pre-requisites are met.

    georgehants • 31 minutes ago
    hanks Bob, fingers crossed.

    To stay in the spirit of the thread I started, I would ask one or two questions:

    Suppose a tycoon is one of the readers of this forum, fascinated by research on LENR wants to give an important economic contribution, let's say 10 million USD

    [What could be an amount, used in the best way, to give a strong acceleration to the research?]

    What would be the best way to use his money?

    • Finance at university level projects
    • Start a new scientific journal peer revied with open minds to the research on LENR or fund an existing one provided that proves not to be prejudiced.
    • Form a company that just try to replicate the experiments in progress
    • Establish an award for all researchers, rather two prizes, one for practice and one for theory in the LENR field.
    • Realize one or more independent laboratories for all disponbile measures for free or at low cost to anyone with the right requirements.
    • Finance the project MFMP demanding the utmost transparency in the exposition of results.
    • Finance a new project based on crowd sourced analysis
    • Convince Andrea Rossi to reveal his secrets or his lies.
    • Forget LENR and do charity in the manner they prefer.

    If not in the above list, what could be the best way to use his money?

    I apologize in advance if my interactions with your answers will be extremely limited.

    Ciao Ascoli65, thank you for your answer.
    I'm not qualified to be a lawyer of the believers in the potential of LENR.
    When the truth is not evident, in a debate, always wins who have more arguments, and you will definitely have a lot of technical arguments more than me.

    I am not sufficiently trained in thermodynamics to answer on the merits,
    I leave the answer to any others in this forum, I can only say that the errors, or omissions, even repeated, even if intentional for commercial end or scientific prestige, prove nothing, except that we cannot trust in the people who did it

    Cold fusion does not exist? Only the result of procedural errors, incorrect observations and measurements, amplified by psychological reasons?

    Or is there a real physical phenomenon to be investigated and understood?

    According to some people, money spent by the INFN (in Italy) in LENR research field, already represents a big waste, but I see it differently and I believe in the intellectual honesty of many who still work there.

    Opening this thread, my purpose was to suggest a possible way for those who want to invest in this area of research without compromising himself with the aura of negativity that surrounds it.

    Separate the experiment's heart from the performance review, but leaving the positive spirit of the investigator.

    If you can rule out the scam and the fraudulence than any anomaly implies that you have to better refine the measurement set or there is a strange phenomenon to be investigated.

    I'm quite happy my thread has generated an interesting epistemological debate beside many "on topic" answers (thanks to all).

    Somebody believes a room sized calorimeter a silly idea in the field of LENR research.
    Probably that's true.
    But I want to remember the full title of my thread:
    "A third part room sized calorimeter" and no one focused his answer on the first two words, "third part", and this is a key part of my "silly" idea.
    Maybe the correct thread's title was: "A third part measurement device" (could be the title of a new thread started by a forum administrator)
    The basis idea is to separate who conducts the experiment on who verifies the results greatly decreasing the costs sustained by the experimenters.
    The "third part" take care of calorimetric and power input measurements.
    The "third part" may also setup suitable equipments to detect radiations (for safety reason the room could be shielded) and also make a spectrum analysis.
    Finally the "third part" perform a chemical and isotopic analysis before and after the experiment.
    Pursuing in this naive idea the "third part" give the rules to follow to get access to the measurement device.
    The third part cannot be a known proponent of LENR research and at least one of his engineer (better not all) must be a known skeptic.
    Obviously the third part cannot be MFMP.
    Third part's analysis must be public as all details about the given experiment.
    But who can finance this measurement device?
    Simply every organization who has more than one million dollar to invest for for the sake of science.
    If my idea worth more than a penny the help of members of this forum is essential to get a little chance to be realized so I state here my idea is on the realm of public domain.

    For example Engineer48 could write a schema of a third part measurement device with an estimate of minimum costs. THHuxley could be one of the engineers of the "Third part". Etc

    But maybe it's only a naive idea of a profane feeling the due to share it.

    @Alan Smith Thanks Alan for the attention but don't misunderstand me, I respect your work, what are you doing here. I'm not a LENR expert and I'm not asking anybody for funds. And obviously I haven't answers to your questions. Maybe is only a misunderstanding due to my poor english.
    I hope the involvement of a large organization relates to the measurement and certification of experiments on LENR. then researchers should just focus on the experiment itself

    Alain Smith talks about a "good experiments" where "good" maybe means "always repeatable" but for the moment the state of the art of replicability is "often" or "sometimes" not always.
    According to Hank Mills, enough evidence has been provided to substantiate that something happen beyond a reasonable doubt, but evidently not enough to break mass media disinterest and mainstream science's ostracism.

    My idea about a "third part room sized calorimeter" (tprsc) wanted to be also a kind of Trojan horse to get funds

    A big organization or a tycoon could be scared from the negative aura around LENR researches, but a measuring device is something neutral, also valid for skeptics in case of negative evidence.

    Suppose this tprsc records a single positive experiment, well documented beyond a reasonable doubt. "Houston, We've Got a Problem" must think a skeptic also.

    In addition to the "anomalus heat generation" the case of study become the same "random replicability"

    If Andrea Rossi will not be able to market its E-Cat, LENR supporters must find a way to break the skepticism that still dominates much of mainstream science.

    Being said I'm not a technician or or a physical or nuclear scientist nor an engineer, I would like to launch an idea.

    I see that in most of the tests made by Andrea Rossi or replicas by other scientists, one of the main problems is the reliability of COP value. There are always doubts about the methodology used, especially about the correct use of a calorimeter and / or the lack of an independent third party validation.

    It would be technically possible a room equipped for calorimetric measurements managed by independent third part, available to LENR researchers?

    If you think this is possible my idea is to bring this idea through social media to the attention of giants such as Google or to wealthy tycoons like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, or even big statal organizations like NASA.
    They will have to support not only the economic and technical costs of the realization of this calorimeter room, but above all to certify the results.

    It is not necessary that the tested devices produce a high COP for a long period, as Rossi need to market its devices.

    The aim of these "third part room sized calorimeters" is simply is to establish, beyond all doubt, a heat generation not justified by chemical reactions.

    I hope people in this forum can give a more technical "dress" to this idea.